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IREDELL and ALEXANDER CO NC                  (More about Alexander Co NC)

Alexander was formed in 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell and Wilkes.
Iredell County was formed in 1788 from Rowan County.

ELDER DNA Results:

ELDER Descendants - R1b
kit #16176 of Iredell Co NC - 23/25
#15696 of Alexander Co NC - 11/12
matching Franklin Co PA -
13 24 14 10 10 14 12 12 12 13 13 29
#114538 - Ancestor JOHN ELDER b. abt 1814 NC (67 markers) 
                 WorldConnect, by Catherine Hill


Rebecca BANGSUND wrote:
I went to the  Carson chapel there near Taylorsville and
the  cemetery has other Elder's there that are related.
Even the road behind the chapel is  called Elder road.
Andrew Elder (William S. Elder's brother)  stayed in NC.)

Haplogroup I= ISLES                                                    BALLYMONEY - Co ANTRIM - ELDER/STEWART
DNA results:
 STEWART kits #10016, 14556, #5830 -- 66/67
#6707 (64/67)
#6869 (35/37)
of Augusta Co NC/ to Iredell Co NC match
 ELDER kit #50076 of Spartanburg Co SC -

ELDER DNA kit #16176
1. JOHN,  d. 1822
  m. Mary Carson, daughter of Robert Carson of Iredell Co., NC.
  res. Iredell Co NC 1800
2. WILLIAM S., b 1825 Buncombe Co NC
3. ANDREW J., b 1850 Marion Co IA

Deed Book N: Page 349, Dated 8 Nov. 1828.
"John Elder to Andrew  Elder.
 For the sum of $1000, a tract of land lying on
 south fork of South Yadkin River,  containing 438 acres.
 Signed: John Elder. Witness: John W. McLelland
 and James  Thompson jurat.
 Proved Nov. 1828. registered 20 Dec. 1828."


ELDER DNA kit #15696
1. Andrew R.- March 15,1795 -July 1854 in
                         Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel Church
2. George W.- January 20 1833-October 24 1924 in
                        Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel
3. John Carson -1859-1934 in
                        Alexander County, NC at Carson Chapel
YESEARCH --Coded as "G5CPF"

Carson's Chapel United Methodist
4161 Rocky Springs Road
Hiddenite, NC 28636
828- 632-4810

Taylorsville to Carson's Chapel Church
Total Est. Time: 15 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 5.45 miles
Rebecca BANGSUND's relative, VIRGIL FREY.
Studied the CIVIL WAR papers from "JOHN W. ELDER" family of
WISCONSIN and KANSAS, who are related to ELDER of NC.
The "Indian lady" could be French-Canadian.

VIRGIL FREY of Delaware wrote:>>
> Insofar as I know, William was a missionary to the Indians
 and married an Indian Lady.
 His son John was a veteran of the Civil War.
 He was wounded, healed, discharged, reinlisted, wounded
 and disabled. George was a farmer, sheep herder, and barber.
 This is a quick over view of my Elders.
Mother, Mabel, was a house wife born in Spivey, Ks.
 and I was born in Newton, Ks.

RE: Virgil FREY writes about CIVIL WAR:
      >If you go on the net to Wisconsin Volunteer Army and check out the
7th regiment and companies C and H you'll find [JOHN W ELDER].                 CW Pension of "JOHN W. ELDER"
 In one case, the name appears to be spelled Eldor.
      >Also, there is a fine book called "The Iron Brigade" which tell of
the exploits of this fine army. Incidentally, they were the first to
spot The Army Of Virginia at Gettysburg. John was out then as he had
two enlistments. He had been in the battle of the Wilderness where he
received a chest wound and was subsequently discharged.
Was wounded again at Hatcher's Run a week before Appomattox.
Was disabled and the story is told that his chest wound never healed.
He died 30 years later.
    >If you ever go to Kansas, go to the Walnut Hill Cemetery in Kingman.
They have a soldier's circle there with about 30 vets so interred. In
the center is a marvelous statue with cannons and cannon balls. It is
a very impressive site. Unfortunately, their stones are wasting away
and if something isn't done, they will be illegible in another century.
 Cemetery marker photo for JOHN W. ELDER,
 Civil War Soldier in Wisconsin

ELDER Genforum
Posted by: Dennis Goodin
 Date: March 06, 2002 at 13:42:39
Am researching the family of ANDREW R. ELDER, born 1795 and died 1854 in Alexander County, NC.
Does anyone know if the JOHN ELDER in Iredell County, NC in 1794
was the father of ANDREW?
Some information states that JOHN may have come from Ireland.

     From: Karen Long <>
       Subject: Re: [ELDER] JOHN ELDER of NC
       Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 16:19:08 -0700
       My ancestor, John Elder, was a Captain in the Civil War.
       My great grandfather was Andrew Elder.
       This is what I  call coincidental. Karen

       Dennis & Selena Goodin wrote:
       > Does anyone have information on JOHN ELDER who lived in Iredell County, NC?
      He obtained land there 12-4-1794. I am looking for information on his family.
       I have researched the line of ANDREW ELDER, born 1795
        for some time and think this may be a relative of ANDREW'S.
       > Thank you,
       > Dennis Goodin

by Steve Peters
Descendants of Benjamin Bentley of Alexander County, NC.
ID: I030396
  Sex: M
  Birth: 15 MAR 1795 in NORTH CAROLINA
  Death: 11 JUL 1854
       1850 Alexander County, NC. census taken Aug. 7, 1850 household #93:
       Elder, Andrew 55 NC; Catherine 44 NC; George 17 NC; Margaret 15 NC; William 9 NC; John 7 NC;
       Catherine 5 NC; Andrew 1 NC; Dall?, Guilford 55 NC.

    2. MARGARET ELDER b: 1835
    3. WILLIAM C. ELDER b: 1841
    4. JOHN O. ELDER b: 1843
    5. CATHERINE ELDER b: 1845


Alexander was formed in 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell and Wilkes counties.
It was named in honor of William J. Alexander of Mecklenburg County,
several times a member of the Legislature and speaker of the House of Commons.
It is in the west central section of the state and is bounded by Iredell,
Caldwell, Catawba and Wilkes counties, all of which were once part of Rowan County.
County land area is 260.51 square miles and the 1996 population was 30,584
(source: NC Office of Planning).
Alexander County Cemetery Records, Vol. 7
Shiloh Lutheran Church,
Bethlehem Baptist Church,
Carson Chapel United Methodist Church,
Mt Herman Baptist Church

 May 13
 Researching Rev. William Elder b. 1776, and his wife Mary Stinson Elder.
They lived in Iredell County, NC around 1800-1824, possibly earlier.
They set out for Illinois sometime after 1824.
William lived in Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois for most of the rest of his life.
He died in 1880 at the age of 104. He had many children and probably 3 wives.
Many of his children moved on to Iowa then to Wisconsin.
Family names include Mary, John, Andrew, Elam, Frank, Jane, Hannah, Levina, James, Matilda.
Rev. William Elder's parents may have been John Elder and Mary Carson.
  -- R.Bangsund


RE: Research for STEWART
   "The James Stewart Family of the Cowpasture River Valley of Virginia"
Jacob L. Stewart, Sr.
According to tradition, James Stewart (Stuart) was born in Ulster, Ireland, about 1719.
He married Mary Ann Lafferty, sister of Ralph Lafferty, in Ireland, probably about 1738....
In 1850 --farm on Stuart's Run of the
               Cowpasture River in Augusta County (Bath Co VA) near Millboro, Virginia.
John b. ca. 1748.
On March 12, 1770, John Stewart made a bond to marry Margaret Potts
with Moses Potts signing with him.
John STEWART - died in Iredell County, NC after 1732.

Search: STEWART in
1870 Alexander Co NC
David W Stewart  Millers, Alexander, NC  abt 1846  North Carolina
David C D Stewart  Taylorsville, Alexander, NC  abt 1850  North Carolina
William C Stewart  Taylorsville, Alexander, NC  abt 1861  North Carolina


 The following are excerpts from
by Jeanette H. Kelly.
"In Iredell County, North Carolina, there is a high flat ridge
between Fourth Creek and Morrison Creek just north of Statesville,
North Carolina.
William Sharpe's Map of the Old Fourth Creek
Congregation,drawn in 1773, shows several families whose homes were
located on the two creeks along the trail leading from William
Morrison's Mill onThird Creek to Fort Dobbs.
Among these Scotch-Irish Presbyterian families lived John
Stewart, usually identified as John Stewart of Fourth Creek.
S. W. Stevenson included ...story in the History
of Concord Church written around the turn of the century...."

MAPQUEST MAP showing Eufola, Iredell Co NC,
and Taylorsville, Alexander Co NC
Total Est. Time:  41 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 21.59 miles
also Statesville, Iredell Co NC  - NE of Eufola

by Wayne Stewart
(must be Statesville, IREDELL CO, NC --very near other ELDER locations)

# ID: I514505515
# Name: William Wallace STEWART
# Given Name: William Wallace
# Surname: STEWART
# Sex: M
# Birth: 23 Apr 1831
# Death: 24 Dec 1922
# Note:
William Wallace Stewart was named for his mother's brother
William Wallace Allen.
His wife was known to have told others that James Ross Stewart and
his wife Elizabeth Allen Stewart named two sons
William Wallace Stewart, the first of which died. When asked why,
Sarah Clementine Stewart explained, "The name was important to us."
In further explanation, Sir William Wallace, the great Scottish
patriot who lived from 1272 - 1305, fought fiercely and courageously
for the freedom of Scotland.
In Iredell County, N.C. the Stewart and Wallace families were
The name of Sir William Wallace has been esteemed in Scotland for
more than 600 years and the people still talk and sing of him and of
Bonnie Prince Charlie.
William Wallace Stewart fought in the Civil War as did his four
brothers Closen, John, Jeptha, and Franklin. He was captured and
spent some months as a prisoner in New York City. Closen and John
were killed, and brothers Jeptha and Franklin were wounded. In his
later years William Wallace Stewart received a pension from the
government. With his first pension check, he purchased new
pulpitfurnature for New Bethany Church.
William Wallace Stewart listed his occupation as "miller" in the
1860 census. At the time of this census, he was living next door to
his wife Clemintine's family, Henry Stikeleather, in the Liberty Hill
Township of Iredell County, North Carolina.
Perhaps this was how his youngest son, Charles Atwell Stewart
was motivated to own and operate
the C. A. Stewart Flour Mill on the Buffalo Shoals Creek years
later.This was the location of the John Stewart of Fourth Creek farm.
William Wallace Stewart purchased a farm on the Lewis Ferry Road
in the Shiloh Community on June 11, 1885 from A J K Thomas and his
wife SA Thomas adjoining the lands of the Raymer Brothers, the
Thomas's, and others (Iredell County Deed Book B, page 470). This
farm was in the"Rock Cut" Township in the 1860 but is now the Shiloah
Township. "RockCut" was the name given for the location of the
railroad depot at what is now called Eufola, NC. He and his sons
farmed this land for his remaining years.


John ELDER b. abt 1814 NC to Macon Co IL (kit #114538)