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William Elder, Indian trader
William Henry Elder(s)  (b.c. 1699 - d. 1748)

"Almost nothing is known of his origins.
He was well regarded by the South Carolina and Georgia governments,
so we can be sure he was from England and not a pauper.                                     [or maybe SCOTLAND?]
 He worked in the Overhill villages of Great Tellico and Chatuga
(across from each other on the Tellico River).
He was associated with William Kelly, Ludovic Grant, Robert Gouedy,
John Watts, Thomas Nightingale and John Amory.
 Other associates were Samuel Benn and Anthony Dean.
Ludovic Grant was the trader at Great Tellico from 1726-c.1734.
  He then went to the Valley town of Tomatly (probably following his
father-in-law there as would be the custom.) Elder, Kelly and
Nightingale took over the Overhill trade, followed by Gouedy, Benn
and Dean.  (Watts and Amory were minor players in the trade.)

Cherokee children of  William Elder(s)  (b.c. 1699  d. 1748)

Children born at Great Tellico (in what is now Tennessee):
i.          unknown
ii.         Will Elder(s)  b.c.1740  d.bef 1794?
              Chickamauga warrior,  “Little Will”
               father of Moses Elder(s)  b.c.1780

Child born in South Carolina to Nana:
 iii.        Nani or Nancy (Jane?) Elder
              b. 1747   Keowee, Cherokee Nation  d.c. 1766 South Carolina
                  m.   John Emory (Hembree) (1744 ? 1809)



Early Cherokee Elders
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The Cherokee Elders

“And that his Honour be also desired to dispatch another Messenger
with a Letter to Mr. William Elder, and other Traders in the Cherokee
Nation, to acquaint us with their [= the Cherokees] Disposition, and
what Measures are most proper to be taken to secure their Fidelity to
us. And that such Messenger be agreed with to go constantly between
us and the Cherokees for the bringing of Intelligence.” South
Carolina Assembly to the Governor
[SC Commons Journal of 31 Jan 1740]

On 2 June 1746 William Elders and William Kelly spoke with Mr. John
Dobell of Georgia who sent a letter on that date to the Trustees of
"I met with in this Town two Indian Traders of the Cherokee Nation
viz. Henry Elders of great Tolicoa and Chatoogee, and William Kelly
of Tenneson, Chothee etc. (over the mountains) and very nigh the
French who told me that on the 26 or else on the 28th Day of March
last Two French Men with 21 Savannah Indians in the Interest of the
French came to the Chothee Town and made a Peace with the
head Men of all the above named towns. . ."

[Tenneson = Tanassee or Tennessee; Chothee = Chota, Savannah Indians
were the Shawnee.]
[Col Recs GA, Candler XXV 55,56]

Will Elder(s) b.c.1740 d.bef 1794?.
 Chickamauga warrior: “Little Will”.
 Son of William Henry Elder(s) b.c.1699 d.1748,
 Indian trader of the Overhill Cherokees.
This is probably “Will of Akoa” who signed the Treaty of Hopewell
(Keowee) in 1785, and perhaps the July 1791 Treaty of Holston.
 He is missing from records after that, perhaps he went with Richard
Fields to Texas in 1794. Father of Moses Elder(s) b.c.1780 and
probably William (below).

Moses Elders ? listed on the 1817 Reservation Roll in Georgia.
 On 27 Dec 1818 he, along with George Guess, John Murphy, John Watts,
and John Brown (Sr. & Jr.) had damage claims sustained by a judge for
losses they incurred in Georgia due to Creek attacks.
Moses went on the Trail of Tears in 1838. He was b.1780
and was the son of Will Elders,
a grandson of the trader William Elder (d.1748).
He was the father of William Elders b.c. 1820, who was part of tribal
leadership in Indian Territory.

William Elders ? listed on the 1817 Emigration Roll. Probably a
brother of Moses.
 He is an Arkansas Old Settler, meaning he was of a Chickamauga
family. Cherokee name Otterlifter, sometimes listed as Will
Otterlifter, Will Otter.

Nancy Ward genealogy:
Surname Index
    Charles (1905- ). . . Narrative
    George Cochran (1897-1918). . . Narrative
    George Whitlock (1847-1906). . . Narrative
    Thomas F. (1901-1988). . . Narrative
    William (1822-1852). . . Narrative, Narrative, Narrative
    William Penn (1895- ). . . Narrative

100. Catherine ROGERS26 was born about 1820 in ,,Cherokee Nation West
(now ,,AR).26 She died about 1844.26

Catherine ROGERS and William ELDERS were married about 1842.26
William ELDERS26 (son of Moses ELDERS and Elizabeth WOODARD) was born
in 1822 in probably ,,Cherokee Nation East.26 He died in 1852 in
probably ,Illinois District, Cherokee Nation, IT (now ,,OK).26
Nancy Ward genealogy:
528. Frances BRAND was born about 1829. She died about 1848.

Frances BRAND and William ELDERS were married.
William ELDERS26 (son of Moses ELDERS and Elizabeth WOODARD) was born
in 1822 in probably ,,Cherokee Nation East.26 He died in 1852 in
probably ,Illinois District, Cherokee Nation, IT (now ,,OK).26
Frances BRAND and William ELDERS had the following children:
i.George Whitlock ELDERS.
Nancy Ward genealogy:
First Generation
1. Photo Nan-ye-he GHI-GA-U was born about 1738 in Chota, Cherokee
Nation East (now ,Monroe, TN). She died in 1822 in Womakiller Ford,
Cherokee Nation East (now ,Polk, TN). She was buried in 1822 in Nancy
Ward's Grave, Benton, Polk, TN. She was a full blood Cherokee Indian.
Ghigau was a full blood Cherokee of the Wolf Clan, whose name have
been Na-ni. Her first husband, Kingfisher, of the Deer Clan, was the
father of her first two children--Catherine and Fivekiller.

In a battle with the Muskogees, Kingfisher was killed and his wife,
who had been laying behind a log chewing bullets so the they would
lacerate a victim more severely; picked up his rifle and fought as a
warrior throughout the rest of the skirmish. The Muskogees were
defeated and according to custom the captured spoils were divided
among the victors.

Kingfisher's widow was given a negro that had been captured from the
vanquished Muskogees and, in this manner, she became the first slave
owner among the Cherokees and by common consent she became Ghi-ga-u,
or Beloved Woman of the Cherokees. This lifetime distinction was only
granted as an extreme honor of valorous merit and carried with it the
right to speak, vote, and act in all of peace and war councils of the
Cherokees. It also vested her with the supreme pardoning power of the
tribe, a perogative that was not granted to any other, not even the
powerful peace or war chiefs.

Ghi-ga-u was described even after she was an old woman as a person of
remarkable beauty and poise, "with a queenly and commanding
presence." Her second husband was Bryan Ward, a white widower, who
had located in the Cherokee country as a trader. Ward had brought
with him his son John, whose deceased mother was a white woman. John
subsequently married Catherine McDaniel, a half breed Cherokee woman,
and became the ancestor of the numerous Ward family among the

Cherokee tribal rolls:

Old Settlers Rolls Results - Last name:  ELDERS
Total Records: 2  Family
        District         Last name
43  Illinois           Elders
187  Skin Bayou  Elders
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Dawes Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes (1898-1914)
Elders   Alsie       0   F      M1822             P
Elders  Alsie       31  F  FULL  2147  27403 BB
Elders  Charlie    R  1  M  3/4  M1822  1987 BRAGGS M
Elders  Fannie     0  F   2147      P
Elders  George    W  0  M   M1822      P
Elders  George     3  M  3/4  2147  27405  BB
Elders  George    W  52  M  1/2  2147  27402  BB
Elders  Jeff           0   M   4792    P
Elders  Letitia      0  F   4792    P
Elders  Thomas   F  1  M  3/4  2147  27406  BB
Elders  William   0  M   2147    P
Elders  William   5  M  3/4  2147  27404  BB

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Item: Enrollment for Cherokee Census Card M1822
Scope and Content Note:
Name: Alsie Elders Type: Parent   Sex: Female
Name: Charlie R Elders Type: Minor Age: 1
              Sex: Male Degree Indian Blood: 3/4 Roll Number: 1987
               City of Residence: Braggs
Name: George W Elders Type: Parent Sex: Male
Inclusive Start Date: 1793
Inclusive End Date: 1914
Access Restriction Status:Unrestricted
Use Restriction Status: Unrestricted
Record Group Number: 75

Cherokee tribal applications: Alsie ELDERS - card (from

"located on U.S. 74 West at Barkers Creek, is now open.

Owned and operated by Charles and DeWayne Elders,
the store offers Exxon gas and products as well  as groceries and feed.
For information, call 631-9270."
Facebook entry:

See Facebook Map for directions - expand to see 
Cherokee Reservation nearby to the north.


"Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation (officially known as the Qualla
Boundary) is located in western North Carolina, just south of Great
Smoky Mountains National Park.
The Qualla Boundary is essentially the reservation of the
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina,
 however, it is not a true "reservation" in the sense of the word,
but rather a "land trust" supervised by the Bureau of Indian

"The main part of the Qualla Boundary lies in eastern Swain County
and northern Jackson County, but there are many smaller
non-contiguous sections to the southwest in Cherokee County and
Graham County. A very small part of the main reservation even extends
eastward into Haywood County. The total land area of these parts is
213.934 kmę˜ (82.600 sq mi), with a 2000 census resident population of
8,092 persons."

1851 Old Settler roll: Illinois, 43 (1895 page 24)
1880 Census [CN]: Illinois, 641
1890 Census [CN]: Illinois, 1447
1894-96 O.S. payroll: Braggs, OK, page 24, 140, 156, 378
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 2147, roll# 27402
Blood: 1/2 Cherokee
Occupation: Bet. 1880 - 1890, Farmer
Starr's Notes: C110

   i. WILLIAM PENN9 ELDERS, b. September 15, 1895.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 2147, roll# 27404
Blood: 3/4 Cherokee
Starr's Notes: C108

   ii. GEORGE COCHRAN ELDERS, JR, b. November 06, 1897.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 2147, roll# 27405
Blood: 3/4 Cherokee
Starr's Notes: C110

   iii. THOMAS F ELDERS, b. August 1901.
1902-07 Dawes roll: card# 2147, roll# 27406
Blood: 3/4 Cherokee

   iv. CHARLES ELDERS, b. July 1905.

113.  vi. CHARLES ROGERS, JR, b. Abt. 1818, CNE; d. Abt. 1844.
   vii.JOHN ROGERS, b. Abt. 1820.
  More About JOHN ROGERS:
Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Nanye'hi)

   viii. CATHERINE ROGERS, b. Abt. 1824; m. WILLIAM ELDERS; b. 1820;
d. 1852.
Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Nanye'hi)

Starr shows Ghigau 1-1-7-1-1 Nancy Evaline Linder +George Elders.
Many other researchers agree that the correct name is William Elders,
the son of Moses Elders and Elizabeth Woodard.

1842 Claims: E229, Claim# 58 (1838), heirs of Moses Elder
1851 Old Settler roll: Illinois, 110 (1896 pg 140)
Note: born 3 months after the death of his father, Moses.
Residence: April 27, 1838, Arkansas



Elders, Alta Dona Davis
b. Oct. 25, 1911 d. Mar. 23, 2002  Watauga Baptist Church
Wife of Thurman C. Elders
Franklin (Macon County)
Macon County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Antha York
b. Feb. 3, 1921 d. Feb. 12, 2005  Mason Branch Cemetery (Al...
Swain County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Dallas Harding
b. Feb. 20, 1921 d. Dec. 25, 2005  Elders Cemetery
Jackson County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, David Columbus
b. Feb. 26, 1888 d. Oct. 25, 1940  Gibson Cemetery
Swain County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Elsie
b. Apr. 25, 1918 d. Jul. 25, 1919  Gibson Cemetery
Swain County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Corp Ernest Franklin
b. Mar. 8, 1947 d. Mar. 20, 1969  Ellis Chapel Baptist
Cleveland County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Fannie Mae Brooks
b. May 27, 1920 d. Jun. 23, 2005  Barkers Creek Cemetery
Jackson County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Flora Helen Coleman
b. 1926 d. Apr. 3, 2007  Barkers Creek Cemetery
Jackson County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, John
b. Jun. 20, 1946 d. Aug. 5, 2000  Mason Branch Cemetery
Swain County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Lily Pickens
b. Nov. 25, 1895 d. Aug. 15, 1986  Cowee Baptist Church Ceme...
Macon County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Maggie Denton
b. 1895 d. Jul. 25, 1919           Gibson Cemetery
Wife of David Columbus Elders
Swain County
North Carolina, USA

Elders, Thurman Columbus
b. Jun. 28, 1909 d. Dec. 29, 1999  Watauga Baptist Church
Franklin (Macon County)
Macon County
North Carolina, USA

1900 (
Name:   David C Elders
Home in 1900:  Charleston, Swain, North Carolina
Age:  11
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1889
Birthplace:  North Carolina
Relationship to head-of-house: Son
Parent's Name: Sylvina
Race:  White
Household Members:
Name  Age
Sylvina Elders  27  NC (1873)
John R Elders  13
David C Elders 11
George A Elders 7
George W Litter  26
Jane Litter  23
David H Litter
Source Citation: Year: 1900;
Census Place: Charleston, Swain, North Carolina;
 Roll: T623 1218; Page: 16A; Enumeration District: 104.

WorldConnect (not working)
by  Ruby Janzen
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# Name: David C. ELDERS
# Sex: M
# Birth: FEB 1889
# Reference Number: 15597

Father: David Fuller ELDERS b: 23 MAR 1858 in Jackson County, NC
Mother: Sylvanna JONES b: 1863 in NC

# ID: I01590
# Name: David Fuller ELDERS
# Sex: M
# Birth: 23 MAR 1858 in Jackson County, NC
# Death: 1 OCT 1947 in Jackson County, NC
# Reference Number: 1590

Father: John B. ELDERS b: JAN 1824 in Jackson County, NC
Mother: Elzina Nancy NATIONS b: 22 MAR 1827 in Haywood County, NC

Marriage 1 Dovey MOODY b: 18 MAR 1869
   1.  Hettie ELDERS
   2.  Jennie ELDERS
   3.  Linda ELDERS
   4.  Maggie ELDERS
   5.  Joseph R ELDERS b: 24 NOV 1891
   6.  Cora ELDERS b: 3 MAY 1892 in Dillsboro, Jackson County, NC
   7.  Rosa ELDERS b: 9 JUL 1906 in AR

Marriage 2 Sylvanna JONES b: 1863 in NC
    * Married: 15 SEP 1878 in Jackson County, NC
   1.  Marah ELDERS b: 1879
   2.  Jane ELDERS b: 1879
   3.  John R. ELDERS b: DEC 1886
   4.  David C. ELDERS b: FEB 1889
   5.  George Bryson ELDERS b: 6 DEC 1892 in NC
# ID: I12992
# Name: John B. ELDERS
# Sex: M
# Birth: JAN 1824 in Jackson County, NC
# Death: 11 FEB 1914 in Barker's Creek, Jackson County, NC
# Reference Number: 12995

Marriage 1 Elzina Nancy NATIONS b: 22 MAR 1827 in Haywood County, NC
   1.  Abraham Ervin ELDERS b: 15 JAN 1854 in Whittier, Jackson
County, NC
   2.  David Fuller ELDERS b: 23 MAR 1858 in Jackson County, NC
   3.  John W. S. ELDERS b: OCT 1860 in Jackson County, NC

Also see Michael Dean Canary's webpage

by Michael Canary
# ID: I16543
# Name: David Fuller Elders
# Given Name: David Fuller
# Surname: Elders
# Sex: M
# Birth: 23 Mar 1858 in Jackson County, North Carolina, USA
# Death: 1 Oct 1947 in Jackson County, North Carolina, USA
# Burial: Moody-Barkers Creek Cemetery, Jackson County, North Carolina, USA
# Note: Parents were John B. Elders and Elzina Nancy Nations

Marriage 1 Sylvanna Berren Jones b: Apr 1863 in Jackson County, North Carolina
    * Married: 15 Sep 1878 in Jackson County, North Carolina, USA
   1.  Morah Jane Elders b: Dec 1879 in North Carolina, USA
   2.  John Rufus Elders b: Dec 1886 in North Carolina, USA
   3.  David C. Elders b: Feb 1889 in North Carolina, USA
   4.  George Bryson Elders b: 6 Dec 1892 in North Carolina, USA


WorldConnect by David Keith Hampton

ID: I18255
Name: George Whitlock ELDERS
Birth: 27 DEC 1847 1
Death: 26 MAY 1906 in Braggs, Illinois District, Cherokee Nation, IT,
              now, Braggs, Muskogee, OK 2
Event: Dawes-Cher   Note: 27402
Father: William ELDERS b: 1822 in probably Cherokee Nation East
Mother: Frances BRAND b: ABT 1829 in probably, AR

Marriage 1 Alsie Jane COCHRAN b: 05 NOV 1867 in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, IT, now, OK   Married: 11 NOV 1894 1
    1.     William Penn ELDERS b: 15 SEP 1895 in IT, now, OK
    2.     George Cochran ELDERS b: 06 NOV 1897
    3.     Thomas F. ELDERS b: 25 AUG 1901 in IT, now, OK
    4.     Charlie ELDERS b: 03 JUL 1905 in Braggs, Illinois District, Cherokee Nation, IT, now, Braggs, Muskogee, OK
    1.    Title: Miscellaneous Notes on Cherokee Genealogy, circa 1900,
    2.    Roll: Microfilm publication AMD29
Abbrev: Starr Miscellaneous Notes
Publication: Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1985 Page: Book A, page 177
    3.    Title: Cherokee Per Capita Payment, 1912
Abbrev: Cherokee Per Capita 1912
    4.    Name: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Eastern Oklahoma Regional Office
    5.    Page: #16274

"The James Scrolls" - Re: Nancy MOYTOY
   "Nancy Moytoy of the Wolf Clan (born ca. 1683) was a member of the Cherokee/Shawnee Moytoy-Carpenter dynasty. She was the eldest daughter of the Cherokee chief Moytoy I of Chota and the mother of Attacullaculla...."



Social Sec. Death Index  (Ancestry)
Name:     Roger M. Elder
SSN:     414-92-2381
Last Residence:     37876  Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee
Born:     29 Sep 1960
Died:     12 Jun 2010
State (Year) SSN issued:
     Tennessee (1968)

Obituary (Ancestry database):
ELDER, ROGER M. - age 49, of Sevierville, passed away Saturday, June 12, 2010 at U.T. Medical Center. He was a member of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.
An avid outdoorsman with love for scuba diving, hiking, and camping.
 He was also active for many years in the Wildflower Pilgrimage and Wilderness Wildlife Week teaching Cherokee Folklore and Medicinal Plants.
Preceded in death by, great-grandparents, Dr. John Edward Elder and wife, Jennie, of Sevierville, Chief of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, John Alfred Tahquette and wife, Ann, of Cherokee, NC; grandparents, William Rogers Elder and wife, Viola Elder, of Sevierville, Mike H. and Emily Walkingstick, of Cherokee, NC; mother, Betty Elder, of Sevierville.
   Survivors: parents, Bill and Anna Lou Elder, of Pigeon Forge; sister and brother-in-law, Debra and Jim Catlett, of Sevierville; brother and sister-in-law, Jon and Jamie Beth Elder of Sevierville; nephew and niece, Justin and Meleah Catlett, of Sevierville; step-brothers, Mark Ogle and Jay Ogle and his wife, Karen, all of Pigeon Forge; special cousins, Dawnena and Shanna Darnall, and Audrey Walkingstick. Other survivors include, Cathy Lazarra and Linda Watson. A memorial service will be held at First Red Bank Baptist Church, 2120 Summerfield Lane, Sevierville, TN at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 15, 2010 with the Rev. Tom Compton and Pastor Bill Merritt officiating. The family will receive friends at the church from 6:00-7:00 p.m. prior to the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in his honor to Friends of The Smokies, P.O. Box 1660, Kodak, TN 37764. McCarty Funeral Directors, 607 Wall Street, Sevierville, 774-2950 in charge of arrangements.
Published in Knoxville News Sentinel on June 14, 201


ELDER in Red Bank Cemetery - Findagrave

Elder, Andrew Edward  47220745
b. Jul. 24, 1898 d. Apr. 22, 1985     Red Bank Cemetery
Richardson Cove, Sevier County, Tennessee, USA

Elder, Betty Walkingstick 10071600
b. Aug. 26, 1935 d. Feb. 23, 1997     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, Jennie Rogers 6294310
b. Apr. 26, 1866 d. Jul. 15, 1942     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, Dr John Edward 6294309
b. Jun. 8, 1862 d. Jun. 14, 1903     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, John William 47220524
b. unknown d. unknown     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, Mary M. 6294313
b. Dec. 31, 1891 d. Feb. 25, 1981     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, Mary Viola Williams 47220365
b. Feb. 1, 1905 d. Nov. 24, 1993     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, Ruth Fox 47221173
b. Jun. 7, 1910 d. Feb. 3, 1999     Red Bank Cemetery

Elder, William Rogers 6294312
b. 1896 d. 1975     Red Bank Cemetery


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