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History of Centre County, Pennsylvania              Father:   ROBERT ELDER of Franklin Co PA, Will of 1807
Page 308-9
Chapter LXXI. Half-Moon Township.
  Early Settlers.--Abraham ELDER, the first settler in the year 1784, migrated from Franklin County, and located upon a tract of land now lying near the village of Stormstown, and owned by J.A. Hunter, who married one of Abraham Elder's graddaughters.  Mr. Elder came probably to prospect more than anything else, for he came alone, considering, no doubt, that he had better get a taste of life in the woods before asking his family to share it.  He found an abandoned cabin, the earlier temporary home of some hunter, and making it his abiding place for the summer, made a small clearing and put in crops of turnips and wheat, so that by the time his family came there would be something in the way of subsistence for them to start upon.  Mr. Elder was a lonely tenant of an unbroken wilderness.
   An Indian path marked the way through the woods, but other thoroughfares there were none.  In the fall Mr. Elder returned to his family in Franklin County, reported the result of his mission, and announced that in the spring they would push forward to take possession of the new home in the woods, and make of it a permanent habitation.  Accordingly, in the spring Mr. Elder and his family, together with his brother David and family, set out upon horseback (conveyng also by that method their household effects) for Half-Moon valley.  Upon his previous visit Mr. Elder had selected for his brother David a tract now the home of G. Dorsey Green, in Patton township.  They went there for the purpose of preparing a home for David, but they had not begun when they received a visit from a fierce-looking Irishman (whose name has not been preserved), and from him the announcement that if they had come to stay they had better make up their minds to leave, for he lived, he said, only a mile removed (at the locality now known as Fillmore), and wanted no neighbors that near to him.  There was some discussion as to the advisability of abandoing the location at the whim of an unpleasantly-disposed Irishman, but calm judgment suggested that the Irishman might be troublesome, and it was therefore thought best to leave him in peace.  Mr. Elder found his old settlement undisturbed and his wheat crop promising.  He put his familly into the old hut, and set about making it more comfortable.  In a day or two David looked about for a site, and eventually settled upon the place later taken up by George Wilson, and now owned by John Wilson.  David did not take kindly to the situation, and after a not very satisfactory stay of a few years he moved into Huntingdon County.
   Abraham Elder built a new home of logs, a better and larger home than the hunter's hut.  Upon the same site he erected in 1808 a fine stone mansion, regarded in that day as an imposing structure.  In 1832 his son Robert put on a stone addition, and as thus completed the house still stands, and serves as the home of J.A. Hunter.  Abraham Elder was a man of energetic temperament and liberal enterprise.  He put up on the run near his house a saw-mill, carried on a distillery, and erected a grist-mill in Bald Eagle valley, near Port Matilda, on the site of the Woodring saw-mill.  He hauled his flour to Baltimore and brought back goods in exchange.  When the road to Pittsburgh was opened, Mr. Elder established a tavern in his house, and kept also for sale a small stock of goods for the accommodaition of his neighbors and the traveling public.  The tavern-stand, known far and near as "Elder's," was the first halting-place after leaving Bellefonte, and a place much patronized by freighter, haulers of iron, and other wayfarers.  It was on the direct route from Bellefonte to Pittsburgh, and bore for a time much traffic, especially by reason of the transportation of iron from Centre County and [westward] to Pittsburgh.  Mr. Elder maintained the tavern-stand about twenty-five years.  It was a favorite place for public meetings, general trainings, and similar gatherings, and rarely lacked for some enlivening incident. From his tavern Mr. Elder contructed a roadway over the Ridge into Bald Eagle valley, and by that route took in his supplies and held communication with his mill.  Soon after coming to the valley he bought not only the land upon which he originally located in 1784, but the tracts now owned by P.B. Waddle and Elijah Chambers, on Buffalo Run.  He used to say that when he settled in Half-Moon his nearest neighbor on the east was the unpleasant Irishman already alluded to, at what is now called Fillmore.
  The first public religious meetings in Half-Moon valley were held at Mr. Elders' house; not long after he built his log cabin the Presbyterians of the valley used to gather there occasionally for worship.  Mr. Elder filled considerable space in local history during his life in Half-Moon, and commanded high esteem as a man of more than ordinary prominence.  He died in the old stone mansion in July, 1827, aged seventy-three. Susan Elder, wife of Abraham, died in Half-Moon township May 7, 1831, aged seventy-two.  Her remains were placed in a coffin with the body of her deceased husband, which was disinterred agreeably to a wish expressed before his decease, and conveyed to the Presbyterian churchyard on Spruce Creek.
  Their children were three in number, and of them two were sons--James and
Robert.  James died on the homestead in 1854, leaving no children.  Robert grew to be one of the best-known and most popular citizens of Centre County.  When he came to Half-Moon valley, in 1785, he was but three weeks old, and rode in his mother's arms upon the back of a packhorse.  The cradle in which he was rocked during his babyhood was a hollowed gum log furnished with rude rockers.  That ancient but valued relic is now preserved among the treasures of Mr. John A. Hunter's family, as is the cradle in which all of Robert Elder's children were rocked.  Mr. Elder was conspicuously distinuished as a man of generous implulses and kindly disposition.  He was always ready to succor the needy, and a strong friend and support to such as deserved the assistance for which they asked.  He died in 1871, at the ripe age of eighty-six, upon the spot that had for that number of years been his home.  At his death he owned upwards of eight hundred acres of land.  His wife was one of George Wilson's daughters.  Of his six children, the living are Mrs. John A. Hunter, of Half-Moon; Mrs. Jacob Gray, of Patton; and George W. Elder, of Lewistown.

Franklin County PA Revolutionary soldiers:
Page 86-87:
Abraham Elder
Served 1777-79-81-82, under Capts. Noah Abraham and Thomas Askey.  He is probably the
Abraham Elder who mar. Susanna Ardery of Fannett Twp.; her sister Elizabeth mar. George
Armstrong.  Penna. Arch. 5th Ser. Vol. 6, p. 140, 383, 408, 423, 429, 441, 515.
David ELDER m. Jane Boggs, moved to Spruce Creek, Huntingdon Co,  had  5 sons and 3 dau


Abraham ELDER Chart by Louise Elder Gillispie


Abraham Elder's Gravesite, Graysville, Huntingdon Co PA - photos


Abraham Elder's Gravesite (from Find-a-grave website)

David's Bible photos:

Stormstown Real Estate 2003:
Half-moon Township, Centre Co PA:
6  STORMSTOWN: Abraham Elder settled what is now Stormstown in 1784. He'd be pretty surprised to see what a boomtown his little village has become. The village itself has a few pleasant streets of old frame homes and newer models, plus a community center, a large fruit farm and an herb farm. Well-kept dairy and horse farms lie all around the village. Stormstown is home to an all-inclusive retailer, Stormy Corners Country Store, with sandwiches, groceries, video rentals, crafts, gifts, antiques, and deli counter. The hundreds of families in the new developments south of town surely appreciate this last convenience stop before home.

National Register of Historic Places, Stormstown, Centre Co PA           Photo of Abraham Elder's Stone House
Elder, Abraham, Stone House (added 1977 - Building - #77001148)
Also known as Elder's
PA 550, Stormstown Historic Significance:  Architecture/Engineering, Person
Architect, builder, or engineer:  Unknown
Architectural Style:  No Style Listed
Historic Person:  Elder,Abraham,et al.
Significant Year:  1808, 1832
Area of Significance:  Commerce, Architecture
Period of Significance:  1800-1824, 1825-1849
Owner:  Private
Historic Function:  Commerce/Trade, Domestic
Historic Sub-function:  Restaurant, Secondary Structure, Single Dwelling
Current Function:  Domestic
Current Sub-function:  Secondary Structure, Single Dwelling
Samuel Elder of Annapolis, Maryland wrote in 2005:
  >"There is a stone with the names of Abraham and Susanna Elder
which I believe was near the back of the church, because the Elders
were members of the original congregation and probably the first to
be buried.
  >..."I remember that there is an extension of the cemetery back up on a hill,
which may be the part that Gordon [Lockwood] checked out.
   >"Somewhere I have a picture of Abraham's tombstone, which I will try to find.
Inscribed on the stone is the verse:
   Life is the time to serve the Lord, and while the lamp holds out to burn,
   As God together did us join, So did He part us for a time.
   But now we both in one grave lay, Waiting the Resurrection Day."

     A DAR tribute states that Abraham served as a Revolutionary War Soldier
from 1775-1783."

More about: "Upper Spruce Creek Presbyterian Churchyard" in
Huntingdon Co Atlas of 1873:
 Graysville and Pennsylvania Furnace are marked with names on this plat atlas for 1873,
 Pres. Church marked at both locations, in Franklin Township, Huntingdon Co.
Spruce Creek itself must run all the way to Penn Furnace,
and across the county border to Centre Co, with Half Moon Run
coming across the border, too.  Several Stewart names, didn't
find ELDER. David Elder is in the Franklin Twp. 1810 census.
Posted atlas here:
From Abraham ELDER, d. 1827 of Centre Co PA bio:
Abraham's grandson, was named there:
 "George ELDER, of Lewiston (Mifflin Co) PA

J. Clair Simler's book, pages about  ELDER of Centre Co and Mifflin Co PA:

George Wilson ELDER (Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA):

Find:   Mifflin Co Genweb entry for Lewistown 1877:
  "ELDER, George W. Attorney. PO Lewistown."

1920 Lewistown Mifflin Co PA Census
George W. Elder age 50  (b. abt 1870) PA PA PA
H. Ida age 50 (b. abt 1870) PA PA PA
Earl H. age 25 (b. abt 1895) PA PA PA
Kathryn A. age 13 (b. 1906) PA PA PA

1930 Lewistown Mifflin Co PA Census:
George W. 60
Kathryn A. dau 23

George W. ELDER, lawyer of Lewistown, arranging for soldier's payments,        
 and JEAN SULOFF 's name on the article about the 36th PA in the Civil War.
PDF File (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

NOAH ELDER, son of DAVID, from
Franklin Co PA, settled in Mifflin and Juniata Co's.  
Noah is found in the book titled:
"Genealogy of David ELDER and Margery Stewart" [of Franklin Co PA]
by Thomas A. ELDER, Wooster, Ohio, pub. 1905.
Purchased from Higginson Book Co. 2001.

David's son JOHN ELDER d. 1821 Hamilton Co OH

Mifflin Co PA Genforum, message by p Sue Barr:
From the "History of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys", published in the 1880's, Volume I, pages 471 and 472.
"George W. Elder,a native of Centre county.
After having graduated at Washington College, he entered the law office of the
Hon. Hugh N. McAllister, of Bellefonte, as a student, and, after completing his studies,
attended the Law Department of Harvard University. He was admitted to
practice at the bar of Mifflin County at January, 1849, and settled at
Lewistown, where he has been in continuous practice to the present time. He has
two sons engaged in the practice of law."
   "Rufus C. Elder, a son of George W. Elder, is a graduate of Princeton College.
Studied law with his father, and was admitted to the bar at April
term, 1877. He at once entered upon the practice of his profession with his father."
   "George R. Elder, is a son of George W. Elder; graduated at Princeton College,
after which he began the study of law under the instructions of his
father. He was admitted to the bar in August of 1878, and is now a
practicing lawyer at Leadville, Col."
In online 1930 census:
Rufus C. Elder, age 76 [b. abt 1853] Lawyer, Lewistown, Chestnut St.
  res with: Margaretta daughter, age 47 [b. abt 1883]

News: for Sept. 9, 1936, Rufus Elder died on Sunday.
During Spanish American War was Lt. Col., organizing
Company G 5th Regiment, PA volunteers at Lewistown

CALDWELL's History of Indiana County PA, p. 460, Published 1880.
  Grandfather: DAVID ELDER
    Great-grandfather:  ROBERT ELDER,  d. 1807, Path Valley, Fannett Township,  Franklin Co PA
Adobe Acrobat File for Caldwell's History, page 460:

ELDER DNA kit #78241 ordered Nov. 30, 2006
"Franklin Co PA" group
Ancestors: Robert ELDER (1730-1807) of Franklin Co PA
Abraham, b. 1755  (moved to Centre Co PA)
Robert, b. 1785 Fannett, Franklin Co PA  (moved to Centre Co PA)
Abram, b. 1817  ( Centre Co PA)
Robert Thomas Elder, b. 1852 (buried Grays Cem, Centre Co PA]

Source Citation: Newspaper: Capital, The; Publication Date: 30 Jul 2007; Publication Place: Annapolis , MD , Us..
Samuel Elder
Dr. Samuel Adams Elder, 78, a 63-year resident of Annapolis, retired Naval Academy faculty member and author,
died July 27 at his home after a lengthy illness with cancer.
A resident of Admiral Heights for 43 years, Dr. Elder also lived with his parents during his formative years in various

Annapolis neighborhoods, including on the grounds at the academy and Lafayette Avenue.
Born July 13, 1929, in Baltimore, he was the youngest of three sons of the late Navy Capt. Fred Kingsley Elder and Ethel Tait Elder.

He graduated from Annapolis High School in 1946 and received his bachelor of science degree in physics in 1950 from
Hampton-Sydney College where he was class valedictorian and elected to Phi Beta Kappa.
He earned a master's degree and then a doctorate in 1956 from Brown University. His work during that time included a scientific paper,

"Acoustic Streaming Near A Cavitation Bubble," a work still referenced in scientific and medical papers and journals.
In 1956 he began work at the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, and in 1964

he followed in his father's footsteps and became a physics professor at the Naval Academy, retiring in 2000.
A fellow of the Acoustical Society of America, Dr. Elder published numerous textbooks and scientific papers,
 including a ground-breaking work on hurricanes called "Acoustical original of rain bands in an ideal tropical hurricane"
which was delivered to the annual Acoustical Society of America meeting in Vancouver in 2005.
For more than 50 years, Dr. Elder was a teaching and ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church, a Bible teacher and counselor,

and served locally with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis where he was a founding member.
He was instrumental in organizing nine evangelical churches in the Annapolis area and surrounding counties.
He also was a former board member of the Annapolis Area Christian School. In 2007 he published a new book,
"The God Who Makes Things Happen - Physical Reality and the Word of God."
Surviving are his wife of 52 years, Sylvia Maynard Elder; six daughters, Susan E. Erikson of Escondido, Calif.,
 Sarah M. Elder and Kathleen M. Volz of Annapolis, S. Louise Chestnut of Arnold, Sharon E. Thayer of Sutton, Mass.,
and Lee W. Hethcox of Goldvein, Va.; two brothers, Dr. Fred Kingsley Elder Jr. of Rochester, N.Y.,  and Dr. James Tait Elder of Olympia, Wash.; 15 grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.  His daughter, Sheila J. Korzep, died in 2002.
Visitation is from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at Hardesty Funeral Home, 12 Ridgely Ave.

A memorial service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis.
Memorial contributions may be made to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Annapolis Missions Program,
710 Ridgely Ave., Annapolis, MD 21401.

Louise Gillispie McFarland sent me this page of photos from
Grays Cemetery in Centre Co PA.

  (More on Simler.htm)

Query - Find parents of  JOHN ELDER m. Margaret SCOTT (b. Northern Ireland)
Resided in  Centre Co PA and Clarion Co PA
 Son: John ELDER, b. 28 Jan 1821 Centre Co PA  m. Nancy K. McMUNN, b. 20 JAN 1826 Clarion Co PA
   Son:  Robert George ELDER b: 12 FEB 1860 in Clarion Co, Pa m. Cora Helen GROAT b: 30 MAY 1862 IOWA.
               Buried Asbury Cemetery, Clarion Co PA.