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Gravestone Rubbing Process - Goodfield Baptist Cemetery, Oct. 20, 2009

Don Bigelow,  Susan's husband, had previously melted 10 Big Wax Crayons together,
 to make one really big one.

At the cemetery,  he taped Pellon Cloth over the stone,
 and colored the whole cloth against the stone.

Don working on the stone, with Virginia Nelson watching

Don working on the stone, with Virginia and Gordon Nelson in background

Don bringing out the color and markings (their pretty little white dog is nearby)

Don's tape around back of stone  - closeup

Don begins work at the top of stone

Don almost finished with Robert's stone

Association for Gravestone Studies - Recommended process
   Farber, Jessie Lie, "Gravestone Rubbing for Beginners."
  Published by AGS, 30 Elm Street, Worcester, MA 01609. 
  "Instruction for getting started right, written with special concern for the gravestones being rubbed. Recommended for anyone unfamiliar with rubbing using rubbing wax or lumberman's chalk or crayon, especially teachers or group leaders planning to introduce gravestone rubbing to others. 6 pages. "