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SUSAN ELDER VALLEJO - photos taken Oct. 20, 2009

Virginia Knight Nelson and husband Gordon Nelson - meeting Susan to tour the Cemetery

Virginia and Susan - with Gravestones of  Mary, Robert, Sarah

Virginia - reading stones

Long view of Cemetery

Susan with TV

Gravestone of Robert Elder d. 1863

Gravestone of Sarah, wife of Robert

Gravestone of Mary, d. 1866 (2nd wife)

Gravestone of Ava Elder Cate, dau of Robert, with Daniel's stone to left

Unreadable stones


 Portrait of Robert ELDER, d. 1863 Meigs Co TN - listed on

Birth: Feb. 16, 1772  Jefferson County Tennessee, USA
Death: Aug. 6, 1863  Meigs County, Tennessee, USA
  "The United Baptist Church was organized on this spot in September of
1827. The deed for the church and cemetery was made by Canfield
Tillery on November 27, 1848. This cemetery is sometimes referred to
as the Upper Goodfield. In 1860 the church was moved to Decatur.
Robert S. Elder, son of Samuel Elder, was one of the first members of
the church. The cement cover on his grave has the following
inscription "Born on Dumplin Creek, Jefferson County, Tennessee,
1772. A pioneer." He married Sarah Moore on February 16, 1802 in
Jefferson Co., Tennessee.

Sarah Moore Elder  - listed on
Birth:     unknown
Death:     Sep. 26, 1840, Meigs County, Tennessee, USA
  "Sarah Moore Elder was the daughter of James and Hannah Moore.
 She was the wife of Robert S. Elder, they married February 16, 1802 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. "

Mary Witt ELDER - listed on
Birth:     Aug. 20, 1809, USA
Death:     Nov. 7, 1866, Meigs County, Tennessee, USA
   "Mary Witt Elder was the second wife of Robert S. Elder"

Ava Elder Cate - listed on
Birth:     Nov. 20, 1802,  Tennessee, USA
Death:     Jun. 22, 1867, Meigs County, Tennessee, USA
   "Ava Elder Cate was the daughter of Robert S. and Sarah Moore Elder.
     She was the wife of Daniel Cate, they married February 15, 1819 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. "

Gravestone Rubbing photos:

Gravestone Rubbing - Robert Elder (Oct. 20, 2009)

Gravestone Rubbing - Sarah Moore Elder (Oct. 20, 2009)

Miles Elder's photo of Robert Elder's gravestone in 1929 - also Sarah and dau Hannah

More Photos by Susan Vallejo in Dumplin Cemetery 2009