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Subject: Old Salem Elders                                                 Early Thomas  and Robert ELDER - History of Westmoreland Co PA
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 11:23:12 EDT
 Hi Nancy,
 If I have the correct cemetary, here is what I have.
We transcribed this last year. I enclosed the directions to the cemetary and
also notes that Coleen put in. This is the only Old Salem that I am aware of
at this time. Hope it helps.
Recorded September, 2000
by Linda Brewer, Pam George and Coleen Chambers
Traveling east from New Alexandria on Rt. #22, go right onto Rt. 982 South.
Continue until you see the church and cemetery on your left.   The church was
founded in 1786.  Older transcriptions have been made and we encourage you to
utilize those also.  We found some differences in dates and some stones that
had not previously been recorded but many stones have gone missing since
those transcriptions were made and, therefor, these older lists remain
invaluable for research.
Comments and/or unclear information is listed in [ ].  Many of the old stones
were quite difficult to read.

ELDER, Francis [H.], [unreadable date], [39] years [GAR marker]
ELDER, Frank N. [no dates] "Co. C. 53rd PA VOL, 4 year service"
ELDER, M. Nettie, 1862-1905 [with large family stone]
ELDER, Margaret H., 1/18/1890, 70 years 4 months 27 days "Wife of Thomas"
ELDER, Margaret H., 1870-1959 [with large family stone]
ELDER, Mary, 2/20/1823, 64 years
ELDER, Patsey M., 9/18/1820, 5 years
ELDER, Robert, 3/26/1832 [1837], 86 years 3 months [REV. WAR marker and Rev. war
metal marker]
ELDER, Thomas H., 1852-1931

Derry, Westmoreland Co PA CENSUS 1850
(Part 25)  (also see Part 13 Thomas 68; Part 14 Robert A. 33)
1343-1368  ELDER  Thomas       32
                                  Margarett    31
                                  Francis N     9
                                  James          5
                                  Martha A     3
                                  William F  6/12  [6 mo.]
Image #104,  4 July 1860,
Line 18, dwelling 840, family 818:
Thomas Elder, 44, m, farmer, 3000, 1000, b. Pa
Margaret     41, f, Pa
Frances      18
James         15
Martha        13
William       11
Thomas        9
Joseph          7
Mathew        3
Hanah        9/12

From Lee Elder's list (p.17 of printout 2000-10-13):
Robert ELDER [b.1751]or 1746  (f: David Elder, b. 1710; his f: Robert, b. 1679 m. Eleanor)
married  Mary Whiteside (d. 1823), Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co PA (her f: Thomas Whiteside)
buried Salem Pres.Churchyard

David Elder b. 1710, Paxtang, Dauphin, PA, ref: LDS-A537799, m. 1730 Hannah Anderson, b. 1716
Donegal, Ireland, d. 1811. Buried: Salem Pres. Ch Yar Westmoreland Co PA.
David died 1753, buried; Paxtang, Dauphin PA
Hannah: Thomas Anderson, brother of Hannah Anderson gave her 500 acres of land in Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co PA.

Son: Robert b. 1751, m. Mary Whiteside, d. 02-20-1823, Derry Twp, Westmoreland Co PA.
Buried Salem Pres. Ch Yard. Robert died 10-1837? Derry Township, Westmoreland Co PA,
buried: Salem Pres. Church Yard.
Robert: At the close of the War of the Revolution, Robert and his mother went to Westmoreland Co, where they settled.
Robin Bryson's WORLDCONNECT genealogy:
D: I34703
  Name: Robert ELDER
  Given Name: Robert
  Surname: Elder 1 2
  Sex: M
  Birth: Aug 1751 in Bart Twp., Lancaster Co., PA
  Death: Oct 1837 in New Alexandria, Westmoreland Co., PA
  Burial: Old Salem Churchyard, Salem, Westmoreland Co., PA 3
  Event: Property Abt 1783 Given 537 Acres In Derry By His Uncle Thomas
  Event: Military Bet 1771 and 1775 Rev.War-Capt. In Wm. Bell's Battalion Of Lancaster Co. Associators
  Event: Moved 1783 Property In Westmoreland Co. "Rich Lands"
  Education: 1766 Indentured To John Smilie For 6 Years To Be A Carpenter
  Census: 1800 Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA -1 Male Under 2, 3 Males Age 16-26, 2 Males Over 45, 1 Female
 Under 2, 1 Female 16-26, 1 Female 26-45, 1 Female Over 45
  Change Date: 1 Dec 2002 at 19:20

 Father: David ELDER b: 1710 in Renfrew, Scotland
 Mother: Hannah ANDERSON b: 1715 in Co. Donegal, Ireland
 Marriage 1 Mary WHITESIDE b: Abt 1755
       Married: 1778
    1. Hanna ELDER b: 23 Mar 1780 in Lancaster Co., PA
    2. Thomas ELDER b: 18 Jan 1782 in Paxtung, Lancaster Co., PA
    1.Abbrev: History of Westmoreland Co. p.533
       Title: History of Westmoreland Co. p.533
    2.Abbrev: The Anderson and Elder Families by John Calvin Elder
       Title: The Anderson and Elder Families by John Calvin Elder

RE: DNA STUDIES - June 12, 2003 -
Search ELDER, Search KINCAID
                           Getting closer to our PA locations in finding DNA studies.
                          KINCAID DNA study on,
                          including Westmoreland and Cumberland Co PA,
                         going back to Ireland and Scotland, and out to Australia...
                         Clan KINCAID webpage and contents page:

                         Looking at all the KINCAID Westmoreland Co PA entries there,
                          one with early ELDER witnesses posted:
                         Westmoreland County Wills, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, PA
                          John Kincaid's Will
                         In the name of God, Amen, I, John Kincaid of the township of Derry,
                         County of Westmoreland in the state of Pennsylvania...
                         Westmoreland County & before me the subscriber, Register in & for
                         said county came Robert Elder & Thomas Elder the subscribing
                         witnesses to .. 22nd day of March 1822
                                                  Robert Elder
                                                  Thomas Elder
                                                  Robert Montgomery
                                                  Recorded 22nd March 1822
                                                  Submitted by Norman Kincaide

Google search:

From: "Barbara Van Hout" <>
Subject: Re: [KINCAID] Kincaid and Elder in Westmoreland, PA
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 10:14:30 -0500
>There was another Rev. John Elder in Aghadowey, ...
 in the 1720's, according to the book
 "The People with No Name, Ireland's Ulster Scots" by
Patrick Griffin.
It appears that this Rev. John Elder remained in Ireland,
as he is listed in land records in 1765 for this area.

It was Rev. James McGregor of the Aghadowey Presbyterian Church who
organized the immigration of five ships of Ulster Scots from the Aghadowey area to Boston, MA in 1718.
 Not all of the ships' passengers are known, but
one of the ships was named "The Eagle's Wing."
The Scotch-Irish of Londonderry, NH were on one of
 Rev. McGregor's ships and he settled in Londonderry [NH].
ref sources:

Was Samuel Kinkead of Windham, NH on this ship from Aghadowey?
 I have seen the Aghadowey location also connected to Londonderry, Ireland in records.
--Barb Van Hout

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Subject: [KINCAID] Kincaid and Elder in Westmoreland, PA
> Norman,
> It was I who asked about the Robert and Thomas Elder
 who witnessed John Kincaid's will. Have you determined their relationship to John Kincaid of Derry Township?
> The following link mentions this will and the Kincaid DNA study, as well as more information about Robert Elder.
> Barb Van Hout

Nancy's notes:
Co. Londonderry, Ireland
...excerpts from the book Aghadowey
by Rev. Thomas H. Mullin, Belfast: Century Services, 1972.
Used by permission of the author
List of Tenants, 1765
Lanagivie: Upper part, Rev. Mr. Elder.
Lower part, Robt. Sheerley. Also includes Roehan Park.
"Mrs. Sarah Bryan's rent roll has in places different names,
and may reffect an earlier period.
 In this, Robt Shirla and Robt. Stewart have part of
Culcrow and Drumstaple and have Dickboy.
Robert Stewart and James Shirla are in Ree,
 with James Shirla having a bleach yard.
Lanagivey is held by Rev. John Elder, Rev. Robert Higginbotham and Thomas Ramadge,
Agivey is held by Rev. John Elder
 and Edmund GilIan has 1/2 of Agivey Ferry and some land.

See Ray ELDER's webpage:
Rev. JOHN ELDER, minister at Aghadowey, 1723-1773.