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Some Descendants of Giles SLOCUM

Fifth Generation

60. Ebenezer SLOCUM (Jonathan , Joseph , Giles , Giles ) was born 10 Jan 1766 in Warwick, Kings Co., Rhode Island. He died 25 Jul 1832.

Ebenezer married Sarah DAVIS, daughter of Joseph DAVIS and Obedience SPERRY, on 3 Dec 1790 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Sarah was born 3 Aug 1771. She died 1 Nov 1842.

They had the following children:

  76 F i
Ruth SLOCUM was born 13 Sep 1791 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
+ 77 M ii Sidney SLOCUM was born 17 Mar 1794 and died 20 Jan 1825.
  78 M iii
Ebenezer SLOCUM was born 6 Jun 1796 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  79 M iv
Benjamin SLOCUM was born 19 Jul 1798 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  80 M v
Joseph SLOCUM was born 15 Jul 1800 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  81 M vi
Samuel SLOCUM was born 13 May 1802 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  82 M vii
Thomas SLOCUM was born 21 May 1804 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  83 F viii
Sarah SLOCUM was born 24 Dec 1806 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  84 M ix
Charles Miner SLOCUM was born 24 Dec 1808 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  85 M x
William SLOCUM was born 20 Dec 1810 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  86 F xi
Mary SLOCUM was born 3 Dec 1812 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  87 F xii
Esther SLOCUM was born 20 Mar 1816 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
  88 M xiii
Giles SLOCUM was born 11 Dec 1820 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

67. Annice SLOCUM (Samuel , Samuel , Ebenezer , Giles ) was born 14 May 1734 in No. Kingstown, Kings Co., Rhode Island.

  Source: 500 First Families.

Annice married Gideon NORTHUP, son of Nicholas NORTHUP, on 26 Sep 1751. Gideon was born Jan 1728 in North Kingstown, Kings Co., Rhode Island. He died 30 Sep 1814.

Of  North Kingstown Tp., RI

  Sources: IGI; 500 First Families.
  IGI: Gideon Northup, born January 1728 at North Kingstown; died 30 Sept.
1815. Married Avis Slocum, 26 Sept. 1751.
  500: Gideon Northup, married Annice Slocum.

They had the following children:

  89 F i
Nancy NORTHUP was born 4 Nov 1755 in Kingstown, Washington, RI. She died 3 Oct 1825 in Pittsfield, MA.

  Source: 500 First Families.
Nancy married Caleb BENTLEY.

  Source: 500 First Families.

69. Capt. Samuel SLOCUM (Samuel , Samuel , Ebenezer , Giles ) was born 11 Feb 1738 in No. Kingstown, Kings Co., Rhode Island. He died after 23 Jan 1824 in Hopkinton, Washington Co., Rhode Island.

SLOCUMS IN AMERICA, by Charles Slocum, page 101 & 78.
    //was born in North Kingstown Township RI, 11 Feb 1738. He removed, when quite young, with his father to Canonicut Island, Jamestown Township, RI and he was there admitted freeman in 1760 and was married, March 11, 1760, to Hannah, dau. of William and Dean Tew. He married second, Sophia (ASTOR, name comes from other sources). He is recorded as a resident of Jamestown in the year 1774 with a household of eight hands; see note on page 75. He was a sea-captain for some years, then removed to Hopkinton Township, RI probably during the Rev. War, and there died about the year 1821.
    Child by first wife:
    Peleg, born 1661, mar, Anna, dau of John Dyer.

    Samuel Slocum, born North Kingstown Feb. 11, 1737/38, died bef July 5, 1825, Hopkinton, RI, married (1) Hannah Tew, daughter of William and Jane/Jean Carr Tew on March 11, 1760 at Jamestown. Hannah was born Aug. 6, 1743 at Jamestown and died after 1787 in Hopkinton. He married (2) Sophia Astor, who was, the genealogy says, the daughter of a whaling ship captain. She was still living in 1834. While he lived in Jamestown Samuel was a sea captain.

    Cook's PIONEER LEWIS FAMILIES, notes that he was a merchant in New London in 1780.  (Vera Main Robinson notes "I am unable to verify.) He purchased land in Hopkinton in 1785 and became a farmer. He was certainly was wealthy since he paid 1380 Sp[anish silver dollars for his land. (He was over charged!).

    1. To son Azeriah, all the land I own lying the west side of the road running by my house, also 30 acres of the south part of my house by the road running from thence easterly to the northwest corner of the little meadow east of my house, thence by the north side of said meadow to the northeast corner of said meadow, thence running easterly in such direction as will make the above quantity of 30 acres together with all buildings, privileges, and appurtedances thereto belonging except the west half of my house which I give to my wife , the improvement of during her widowhood to him the said Azariah, his heirs and assigns forever.
    2. I give to my wife Soffa Slocum, the improvement of a certain tract of land lying through the middle of my farm bounded as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of land belonging to Henry Lewis running west to highway thence southerly by said highway till it comes to the corner of land I have given to my son Azariah, thence easterly by said Azeriah's line till it comes to my east line thence northerly till it comes to Henry Lewis land, thence westerly and northerly by said Lewis land till it comes to first mentioned bound and my will is that my son Azariah impress and occupy the above described land for my siad wife to the halves as long as she remains my widow.
    Also I give her 2 cows and all the sheep and provisions that I have at my deceased along with household furniture which she brought me at the time of marriage - all which I give my wife in lieu of dower.
    3. I give son Ebenezer Slocum one silver dollar.
    4. I give my sons Richard and Wm. Slocum all the land that I have given my wife, the improvement of reference being had thereto for the bounderies thereof, which land I give to my two sons after my wife's widowhood shall cease.
    5. To my grandson Samuel Slocum all my land lying north of a stonewall running from the land of the heirs of Stephen Cole called the Lewis lot westerly to the highway to him forever.
   6. I give to my daughters Polly Crandall and to the representetives of my daughter Pamy Mory and to my daughter Nabby Maine and to my grandson Stephen Slocum all the remaining part of my land not hereto given away and is bounded westerly on highway, northerly on land I have given hereinto so my grandson Samuel Slocum, easterly on land of heirs of Stephen Cole, northerly partly on land of Henry Lewis, and partly on land I have given my wife the improvement of to them, their heirs forever.
   7. I give to my daughter Sally Lewis $50. - $10 a year until paid.
    8. I give to children of my daughter Ruth Lewis $1 each.
    9. I give to my son Azariah all the rest and residue of my personel property. Son Azeriah to be executor.
Wintesses: John Fry, Deborah Fry & Isaac Wilbur.

    SLOCUM: Samuel had wife Sophia and children Isaiah, Ebenezer, Rhichard, William, Polly, Nancy, Abigail, Sarah & Ruth ment his will dtd 23 Jan 1824 pvd Ho 5 Jul 1825 Ho 5:267.

Samuel married (1) Hannah TEW, daughter of William TEW and Dean, on 11 Mar 1760 in Jamestown, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Hannah died 1787.

They had the following children:

+ 90 M i Samuel Peleg SLOCUM was born 1761.
+ 91 M ii Azariah SLOCUM was born about 1772 and died before Sep 1824.
  92 M iii
Ebenezer SLOCUM was born about 1774.
+ 93 F iv Abigail SLOCUM was born 9 May 1776 and died 4 Sep 1837.
+ 94 M v Richard SLOCUM was born 16 Jul 1776 and died 7 Oct 1845.
+ 95 M vi John William SLOCUM was born 17 Aug 1780 and died 2 Sep 1844.
+ 96 F vii Mary Polly SLOCUM was born about 1782.
  97 F viii
Nancy SLOCUM was born in Hopkinton, Washington Co., Rhode Island.

1850 CENSUS OF CONN & RI., could not find Pamy or Nancy Slocum Mory.
        Nancy married Mr. MORY
+ 98 F ix Sarah SLOCUM.
  99 F x
Ruth SLOCUM was born in Hopkinton, Washington Co., Rhode Island.

    LEWIS: Mr. AND Ruth Slocum dec. of Samuel & Sophia mwd 1824 HO 5:267.

1850 CENSUS OF CONN & RI., could not find Ruth Slocum Lewis.
        Ruth married Mr. LEWIS

Samuel also married (2) Sophia ASTOR, daughter of Captain ASTOR and Miss.

    2nd wife of Samuel Slocum, daughter of a successful whaling Captain.

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