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Ancestors of Nancy Ann NORMAN

Twelfth Generation


3378. Rev. Thomas HOOKER was born 7 Jul 1586 in England. He died 7 Jul 1647 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Thomas married Susanna PYM. [Parents]

THE DINGHY, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1995, Second Boat Lineage from Janet J. Bitler, 449 Commercial St., Weymouth, MA 02188.
    Arrived on the Griffin in 1633.

THE DESCENDANTS OF REV. THOMAS HOOKER, HARTFORD, CONN. 1586-1908, by Edward Hooker, Commander, USN, Edited by Margaret Huntington Hooker and printed for her at Rochester, NY, 1909. Found in the Joseph Smith Library, Salt Lake City, UT. page 3.
    Rev. Thomas Hooker, son of Thomas Hooker, born in England, about 1586, he entered Emanuel College, Cambridge in 1604. He received the degree of B.A. in 1608, the degree of M.A. in 1611, and entering upon a divinity course, he was elected a Fellow of the College. He left the College before completing the first course and receiving the degree of B.D. There are many reasons for supposing that he went from the college direct to Chelmsford and remained there until being silenced, arrested and placed under bonds to appear before the Ecclesiastical Court; he fled to Holland. Came to New England on ship "Griffin" in 1633.
    The name of his first wife is unknown and nothing of the parentage of his second wife, whose name was Susanna _____.
    His second wife survived him, and though nothing is positively known about her, there are many reasons for believing that in later years she became the wife of Elder William Goodwin and died at Farmington, Conn. He died at Hartford, Conn, July 7, 1647, age 61.

3379. Susanna PYM.

THE DINGHY, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1995, Second Boat Lineage from Janet J. Bitler, 449 Commercial St., Weymouth, MA 02188.


3384. William HILTON.


3430. Samuel GORTON was born in Gorton, Lancashire, England and was christened 12 Feb 1592/1593 in Cathedral Church, Manchester, England. He died Dec 1677 in Warwick, Kings Co., Rhode Island. Samuel married Mary MAPLETT before 1629/1630. [Parents]

Samuel Gorton of RI and His Descendants, by Thomas Arthur Gorton, page 57.
    Arrived in Boston, MA, March 1636/7; removed first to Plymouth MA, then to Portsmouth, Providence, Cranston, and Warwick, RI.
    He was a President of the Providence Plantations in 1651 and founder of the town of Warwick. In the forefront of political reforms, he fought valiantly for the separation of church and state, played an important role in the movement to ban slavery, and stood for the rights of Indians, paying them for his lands when many other colonists merely appropriated their real estate. A lay minister, he was the author of numerous historical and religious volumes. One the mission back to England he was instrumental in obtaining a royal charter for Rhode Island and in defending its political independence from the threat of dominance by Massachusetts.

160 Allied Families, page 111, 112.
    Gorton, Lancaster Co., Eng. Plymouth MA, Providence, Warwick RI.
    His occupation in England had been that of a clothier.
    His family, he says, had been for many gererations at Gorton (a chapelry within the parish of Manchester).
    1635, 6, 8. He (called Samuel Gorton, of London, clothier), had released from John Dukenfield of Dukenfield, Chester County, England, of all sorts and causes of action "from the beginning of the world."
    1655. Freeman
    He died before December 10th of this year. (1677)

3431. Mary MAPLETT was christened 12 Mar 1608/1609 in Parish Church, St. Lawrence Jew, London, England. [Parents]

Gorton Genealogy, page 57.
    bap. Parish Church of St. Lawrence Jewry, London, Dau. of John & Mary Maplett.


3432. William EDDY was born about 1560 in Bristol, Gloucester, England. He died 23 Nov 1616 in England. William married Mary FOSTEN on 20 Nov 1587 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

160 Allied Families, page 87, 88, 89.
    Bristol, Gloucester Co., Cranbrook, Kent Co., Eng.
    He was educated at the University of Cambridge, in St. John's and Trinity Colleges, and received his degree of A.M. from the University.
    1591, 8. He became Vicar of St. Dunstan's Church, Cranbrook, and officiated there for about twenty-five years, and until his deceased. The Parish Register has eighty of its pages engrossed in his handwriting, and three title pages richly illuminated. Besides the records of births, baptisms, burials, etc., found in this book, there was also entered in his handwriting, his won marriage, which had occurred a few years previous to his coming to Cranbrook. "William Eddye, Vicar, to Mary Fosten, virgin. She was the daughter-in-law to Mr. Andrew Ruck." St. Dunstan's church is still standing, a strong, commodious building, with nave, side aisles, and chancel, and in the square embattled tower there is a ring of eight bells and set of musical chimes which play every their hour.
    In the time of Edward III (1327-77), the manufacture of broadcloth was introduced at Cranbrook, by the engagement of a body of Flemings, whom that monarch had brought to England to teach the art, but the industry disappeared long since, and now the chief traffic is in hops.

    Note by Miss Nellie B. Potter.
    Rev. William Eddy and wife Mary Fosten (dau. of John and Ellen (Munn) Fosten had tow sons, John & Samuel and two daughters, Anna & Abigail, who came to America in the Handmaid from Boxted, EN, Aug 10,1630. Samuel Married Elizabeth and lived in Plymouth, but in old age went to Swansea, where they both died and were buried.

3433. Mary FOSTEN was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England. She died 18 Jul 1611 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. [Parents]

160 Allied Families, page 89.


3438. Mr. DAVIES died 1635 in England. He married Margaret before 1626 in England.

3439. Margaret was born 1603 in England. She died 13 Sep 1669 in Braintree, Massachusetts.

160 Allied Families, page 83.
    1635. Margaret Davis aged thirty-two, and Children John, aged nine, Mary, aged four, and Elizabeth, aged one, came to Boston from London this year, in ship Elizabeth. She subsequently married Charles Grice.
    1650, 9, 29. The marriage of William Owen and Elizabeth Davies recorded at Braintree, Mass.
    1663, 11, 12. Will of Charles Grice proved at this date,


3544. George LAWTON was christened 23 Sep 1607 in Crandfield, Bedfordshire, England. He died 5 Oct 1693 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. George married Elizabeth HAZARD in Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI.

George was christened 23 Sep 1607 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. [Parents]

THE HAZARD FAMILY OF RHODE ISLAND, by Caroline E. Robinson, page 5.
    of Portsmouth RI. He was admitted an inhabitant of the island of Aquidneck in 1638. On April 30, 1639, he and twenty others signed the following compact: "We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge ourselves the legal subjects of his majesty King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politicke, unto his laws according to matters of justice."
    In 1648, he was a member of the Court of Trials.
    In 1665, '72, '75, '76, '79, '80, he was Deputy.
    Aug. 31, 1671, there was a meeting at his ourse of the Town Council, and Council of War of the two towns was ordered by the Assembly to be held on Sept.
5th, at 9:00 in the forenoon, "there and then to consider of some ways and means for securing the inhabitants and their estates in these times of imminent danger."
    In 1678 (Oct 30), there was ordered by the Assembly a meeting to be held at his house 13th of Jan. next, to adjudge and audit all accounts between towns of Newport and Portsmouth, relating to late Indian wars.
    Lawton died Oct 5, 1693, and was buried in his orchard in Portsmouth, RI.

Researching this line is Jean Reid, 106 Beal's Court, Tama, Iowa 52339
Researching this line is Nancyann Norman Marr at

  Sources: Babcock and Allied Families by Louis E. De Forest;
Potter-Richardson Memorial; Lawton Issues, Vol. 5, No. 4; Film 940,268; The
Hazard Family of Rhode Island; The Albro Family Histoy; Topographical
Dictionary; Ancestral Files Revised; Founders of Early American Families;
Genealogies of Rhode Island Families, v1, p476; A Witter Family History.

  Founders: George Lawton. Portsmouth, RI, 1638. Died there by 5 Oct. 1693.
Assistant. Deputy.
  De Forest: George Lawton, emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in or about
1634; died 5 Oct. 1693, Portsmouth, RI, and was buried in his orchard there.
He was admitted as an inhabitant of the Island of Aquidneck, RI, in 1638.
On 30 April 1639 he and 28 others incorporated Portsmouth. He was granted 40
acres "near his brother Thomas," 25 Jan. 1648. He was named a freeman in 1655.
He was deputy from Portsmouth to the General Assembly in 1665, 1672, 1675,
1676, 1679 and 1680. In 1671 and 1676 the General Assembly called on him to
help in planning defenses against the Indians. He as an assistant to the
governor from 1680 to 1686 and 1689 and 1690. He deeded his son Robert all his
real and personal property on 2 Jan. 1688.
  Hazard Family: George Lawton of Portsmouth, RI, admitted inhabitant of
Aquidneck Island in 1638. Same info re public service as above. Had 10
  Lawton Issues: George Lawton, son of George Lawton of Cranfield,
Bedfordshire, England. George Jr. had a brother Thomas.
  Memorial: George Lawton, baptized 23 Sept. 1607 in Bedfordshire, England. He
settled at Portsmouth in 1634 and in Newport in 1638.
  Dictionary: George Lawton, from Cranfield, Bedfordshire, to Newport, RI.
Info from the Banks Manuscript.
  Film: Capt. George Lawton, son of George Lawton of Lawton Hall, Chester;
married Elizabeth Hazard. He came to Aquidneck Island, RI, in 1638 and died in
  Ancestral Lines: George Lawton, born in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, and
baptized there 23 Sept. 1607; died 5 Oct 1693, Portsmouth, RI, and buried in
his orchard there; married Elizabeth Hazard, probably in Portsmouth. He arrived
in New England about 1633 and lived for a time in Roxbury, Massachusetts Bay
Colony. The Hazard family was in Boston in 1635. Admitted as an inhabitant of
Aquidneck (Rhode Island) and on 30 April he signed the compact reincorporating
Portsmouth. Member, Court of Trials 1648. One of the original settlers of
Westerly, RI, which was settled first in March 1661/2 and was a leader there in
times of trouble with Indians, from 1671 to 1676. The King Phillip's War was
in 1675 and 1676. Deputy from Westerly to the General Assembly six times and
served as an Assistant 1680-1686, 1689 and 1690. In 1676 he was named one of
the colony's 16 "most judicious inhabitants" asked to give the Assembly advice
on King Phillip's War. He had ten children, who lived in Westerly.
  Albro: George Lawton, was in Yorkshire, England. First Lawton to arrive in
America, 1634, and removed to Rhode Island; died 5 Oct. 1693, buried in own
orchard, Portsmouth, RI. Married Elizabeth Hazard. George Lawton was said to be
of an Armorial family in England. [Unlikely, if he didn't pay his Ship Money
tax and thereby lost his property.]
  Gens of RI Families: The R.I. Colony Assembly voted during King Philip's War
to seek the counsel "of the most judicious inhabitants", including George
Lawton and 14 others.

  Witter Family: George Lawton, baptized 23 Sept. 1607, Carnfield,
Bedfordshire. Died 5 Oct. 1693 at Portsmouth, R.I. Married Elizabeth Hazard (no
date). First lived in Roxbury, Mass.; in Aquidneck, R.I., by 1638. Signed
compact of 1639 at Portsmouth; original settler of Westerly 1661; a leader in
settling Indian problems, 1671-76; in King Philip's War; member of GeneralAssembly 1665-69; named as "one of the colony's most judicious inhabitants."

  [The majority of sources say he was from Bedfordshire. He would have been a
contemporary of Thomas and George Wheeler of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, born,
respectively, in 1602 and 1605. Three sources cite Bedfordshire, two Yorkshire
and one Chester.]

3545. Elizabeth HAZARD was born after 1635 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died 8 Nov 1711. [Parents]

THE HAZARD FAMILY OF RHODE ISLAND, by Caroline E. Robinson, page 5.
    Elizabeth, 2 (Thomas, 1). She married George Lawton, of Portsmouth RI.

RHODE ISLAND ROOTS, June 1986, by Mildred Mosher Chamberlain, 21.

Researching this line is Jean Reid, 106 Beal's Court, Tama, Iowa 52339
Researching this line is Nancyann Norman Marr at

  Sources: Babcock and Allied Families by Louis E. De Forest;
Potter-Richardson Memorial; Hazard Family of Rhode Island; The Albro Family
History; Ancestral Lines Revised; A Witter Family History.
  De Forest: Elizabeth Hazard, married George Lawton, who died 5 Oct. 1653,
Portsmouth, RI.
  Hazard Family and Memorial: Elizabeth Hazard.
  Albro: Elizabeth Hazard, daughter of Thomas and Martha Hazard.
  Ancestral Lines: Elizabeth Hazard, married George Lawton.
  Witter Family: Elizabeth Hazard, born about 1636. Married (1) George Lawton
Jr. and had 10 children; married (2) Henry Brightman.


3546. Matthew BOOMER was born in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. He married Eleanor.

of Newport RI and Fall River MA

3547. Eleanor.


3548. Robert DENNIS was christened 1617 in Yarmouth, England. He married Mary.

3549. Mary was born about 1621 in England. She died in Rhode Island.


3550. Henry HOWLAND was born about 1602 in England. He died 17 Jan 1671 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Henry married Mary NEWLANDS. [Parents]

Came to America in the "Fortune" in 1621 or the "Ann" in 1623.

Pioneers of MA by Charles Henry Pope, page 244.
    Herny, yoeman, Duxbury, taxed in 1632, from 1633, atba. 1643; town officer.
    His will dated 28 (9), prob. 8 March, 1670 beq. to wife Mary; ch. Zoeth, Joseph, John, Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary and Abigail. The widow made will 3 May, 1674, prob. 26 same month; beq to sons named above and to daugs.
Abigail Young, Mary Cudworth, Sarah Dennis and Elizabeth Allin.

3551. Mary NEWLANDS was born about 1603/1604 in England. She died 16 Aug 1674 in Duxbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. [Parents]


3584. Nicholas BROWNE was born 1601 in Inkberrow Parish, Worcestershire, England. He died 5 Apr 1673 in Reading, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Nicholas married Elizabeth LYDE.

Nicholas was christened 1601 in Inkberrow Parish, Worcestershire, England. [Parents]

     Sources: Brown Genealogy; Genealogical Dictionary of the First Families of New England by Savage; History of Lynn, Essex County, Mass.; Pioneers of Mass. by Pope; New England Colonial Families, Vol. 1; Genealogical and Biographical Record of New London County, Conn., by Beers; Ancestral File; NEHGR, Vols. 3, 33, 39, 44, 66 and 103; Founders of Early American Families; National Society, Daughters of Colonial Wars, Lineage Book V (973, D2dcw); A Witter Family History.

    Witter Family: Nicholas Brown, born about 1601, Inkborrow, Worchestershire. Died 5 April 1673, Reading, Mass.

  Pioneers of Massachusetts by Pope: Also says he was a mariner. Gives death date as 5 Apr 1673.

    New England Marriages Prior to 1700: A Nicholas Browne married after 1656 Frances Parker, the widow of George Parker, and they lived in Portsmouth, R.I. [This must be the R.I. Nicholas Browne, since our Nicholas lived most of his life and died in Lynn/Reading. Our Nicholas named wife Elizabeth in his will.]

     There are problems with the number and places of birth of Nicholas Browne's children in the Ancestral File/Archives record. Nicholas was in New England in 1628, 1630 or 1637, according to different sources. Pioneers of Mass. and New England Historical and Genealogical Register list seven children: Edward, Joseph, Sarah, John, Josiah, Cornelius and Elizabeth (excluding Thomas). Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England lists six (excluding Cornelius as well as Thomas). Ancestral File and an almost identical FHL archives record list a Jane, born about 1645; Mary, born 1653, and Mehitible, born about 1656 (the only child not reported as born in England). This would mean Elizabeth Brown had the last two at ages 48 and 51, respectively. It also would mean the family did not come to New England until after Mary's birth in 1653. Nicholas was listed in several sources as a freeman in 1638.

    (1) Those three were not daughters of Nicholas and Elizabeth.
    (2) Thomas, listed in most sources as a son born in England, was not reported as a child in Essex County records because of his English birth. The other seven were born in Lynn (became Reading in 1644) where birth information was found about them.
    (3) Since those seven were probably born in Lynn/Reading (Josiah the earliest about 1630), then a family of three, Nicholas, wife Elizabeth and son Thomas, came to New England in 1630 before the birth of Josiah. It is somewhat unlikely that a couple with 10 children would make an arduous sea journey. Also, Thomas was married in Lynn in 1652/1653.

    New England Colonial Families, Vol. 1, published 1981, (and just found, 3/8/91, in the Family History Libary), supports the above theory. It lists eight children, same names as above eight. Will go with this later record. The archives record goes back to the 1930s.

    Genealogical and Biographical Record of New London County, Conn.: Names Nicholas' father, wife, children. Says father Edward married Jane Lyde, daughter of Thomas. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 44, says the spelling is Lide.

    NEHGR, Vol. 44: Nicholas was one of the early "planters" of Lynn, receiving 210 acres from the town. He was made a freeman in 1638 and was a deputy to the General Court in 1641. Lynn and Reading then "joined each other even to the sea," and the latter was called Lynn Village, but in 1644 the name was changed to Reading and Nicholas moved there and had 200 acres of land granted to him. He owned other tracts of land in Reading and Lynn.
Deputy to the General Court again in 1655, '56 and '61 and was a selectman during those years. He sent his son John to England in 1660 to look after his maternal grandfather's property, which he had inherited as "next heir to the Lides," and gave him power of attorney to call one William Rand to account, "what of shops, houses, lands and monies he hath received for rents, profits and sheep-rent, heretofore and of late due, arising, growing and properly belonging unto the heirs of the said Lide."
(Quotes from History of Reading as cited in Vol. 44, NEHGR). Nicholas' will is at East Cambridge. His estate was valued at 1,232 pounds and 9 shillings, a large amount in those days.

    How much of this came from  grandfather? NEHGR, Vol. CIII cites an instrument filed in Inkberrow Oct. 24, 1649, in which "Nicholas Browne, husbandman, gave a power of attorney to Thomas Ardy, gentleman, and Richard Woodward of Benjoth, co. Worcester, to recover possession of tenements as per an ancient deed dated 1 January, 15 Henry VII [1500], in Morton Underhill, co. Worcester. (Aspinwall, p. 266). Also Nicholas "gave a power of his eldest son John Browne bound for England to call William Rand to account for the shops, houses and lands belonging to Nicholas as next heir of the Lides. Which Rand recovered by a former power of attorney from Nicholas Browne. 5 Oct. 1660. (Middlesex records). Somehow John was classed as the eldest son in these actions. Perhaps to give him more clout?

     Brown Genealogy: Nicholas' will mentions a brother Preserve Browne. This source spells his mother's name as Leids.

     A Lynn record says, "Nicholas Browne, Edward Taylor and others were fined 6d. for being late at town meeting."

     There is speculation that Nicholas came to Massachusetts as early as 1628, in 1630, in 1638 (named a freeman), and even later. Seven of his children were recorded as being born in Lynn, the first two in about 1630 and about 1632, and the third listed definitely in 1634. This indicates that the History of Lynn (below) is correct in saying he came with the Winthrop fleet.

     History of Lynn, Essex County, Mass.: Nicholas and his family were among 1,700 persons who sailed in 11 ships from Southampton, England, in early spring, 1630. They reached Salem in June. Nicholas, the book says, was a farmer who lived on Walnut Street in Saugus. He moved to Reading in 1644. His son Thomas remained in Lynn. Nicholas and three other men from the 1630 John Winthrop group moved to the Lynn area. They were Thomas Newhall, William Witter and William's father-in-law, Hugh Churchman. All were our ancestors. A fifth ancestor, Thomas Wheeler, came later to Lynn and subsequently oved to Stonington, Conn., with his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Josiah Witter, the son of William Witter. It appears most likely that the version above is the most accurate re Nicholas' voyage to New England.

      Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England by Savage: Puts Nicholas in Lynn about 1637 but says "Lewis" puts him there in 1630. It also says Inkberrow is about eight miles from Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. New England Historical and enealogical Record, v.66, p.99: Nicholas came to New England about 1635 from Inkberrow and settled in that part of Lynn which is now (1912) Saugus, afterwards moving to Lynn Village, the part now in Wakefield.

  Founders: Nicholas Browne. Lynn, MA, 1638. Reading 1644. Died there 5 April 1673. Planter. Freeman. Deputy.

  AF: One record says Nicholas died at Reading and was born in 1601. Beers puts birth at about 1600, others at 1601. He also says his mother's name was Jane Lyde. This is the only spellng for that name in book called "Origin of English Surnames." So I will go with that. Inkberrow is found on British map. Other spellings found in sources include Inkbarrow, Inkburrow, Inkborrow, and Inchboro.

  Colonial Wars: Nicholas Browne, born in England, died 5 April 1673 in Reading. Representative 1641, 1655, 1656 and 1661. Married Elizabeth ___. He was in Lynn in 1630 and moved to Reading in 1644.

IGI info: Batch #: 8100930, Sheet #: 77, Source Call #: 1260819
   [The Browne, with "e" spelling, goes down through Eleazer I with Beers and
through Thomas with The Brown Genealogy. I'll take it through Thomas.
Tombstone of Eleazer I in North Stonington says, "Eleazer Brown son of Thomas
Brown of Lynn, Mass.," but it was erected many years later by a descendant.]

3585. Elizabeth LYDE was born about 1605 in Malford, Worcestershire, England.

  Sources: Ancestral File; Genealogical and Biographical Record of New London County, Conn., by Beers; National Society, Daughers of Colonial Wars, Lineage Book V (973, D2dcw); IGI; A Witter Family History.

  Witter Family: Elizabeth ?Lide of Malford, Worchestershire. Had 11 children.

  AF: Elizabeth Lyde, born about 1605, Malford, Worcestershire. [The AF record cites several source books, one of which I can't find.]

  Two other AF records list different birth places and/or christening places. (All filed in Brown file.)

  Beers' Genealogical and Biographical Record of New London County, Conn.,
cites the Lyde spelling. Origin of English Surnames gives only that spelling,
so I'll use that also. However, other sources say Nicholas' mother was a Lide, so Nick's wife could have been from the same family. Other spellings include Lide, Leids and Leid.

  Colonial Wars: Calls her only Elizabeth.

  Batch #: C050291, Source Call #: 916809


3586. Thomas NEWHALL was born about 1600 in England. He died 25 May 1674. Thomas married Mary before 1624 in England.

THE BROWN GENEALOGY, by Cyrus Henry Brown, page 12.
    The Newhall family was prominent among the early settlers of Lynn, MA and came with Winthrop and company in 1630.
    Thomas Newhall, who came from England and landed at Salem with his brother Anthony, settled in Lynn soon after. Thomas was a farmer and owned all the lands on the eastern side of Federal Street, as far north as Marion. His stood on the east side of the former street, south of where the brook crosses. In the division of lands in Lynn in 1630 he received thirty acres. His was one of the fifty families in Lynn in 1630, there being but 5 in 1629.

3587. Mary was born about 1600 in England. She died 25 Sep 1665 in Reading, Essex Co, , Massachusetts.

  Sources: Family History Library archives record; Colonial Families of the
United States of America; NEHGR, v5, p340; A Witter Family History.
  NEHGR: Mary, died 25 Sept. 1665.
  Witter Family: Mary ?Jane ?Pendleton. Possible father: Edward Pendleton.
Said to have lived in Lynn but no record found.

  Different AF records call her Mary ______ and Jane Pendleton. Someone seems
to have put these together and come up with Mary Jane Pendleton in another


3592. Matthew RANDALL married Elizabeth MOORFORD. [Parents]

SWAMP YANKEE OF MYSTIC, by James H. Allyn, page 54.
    Nathaniel was a baker in Boston.

3593. Elizabeth MOORFORD.


3602. Thomas HATCH was born about 1596 in Wye, Co. Kent, England. He died before 14 Jun 1646 in Scituate, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Thomas married Lydia about 1622 in England. [Parents]

IMMIGRANT ANCESTORS, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, page 36.
Letter from: Joanne E. Woodward, 110 Gager Road, Bozrah, CT 06334.

3603. Lydia.


3648. William DENISON was born 1570 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England and was christened 3 Feb 1571 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. He died 25 Jan 1653 in Roxbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts and was buried in Old Eliot Steet Cemetery, Roxbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. William married Margaret CHANDLER on 7 Nov 1603 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertsfordshire, England. [Parents]

Denison Genealogy, by Denison, Peck & Jacobus, page xxi.
    William came to America on the Lion with his wife and 3 youngest sons; settled in Roxbury, MA 1631. John Eliot, Pastor of the First Church of Roxbury and Apostle to the Indians was a tutor of George, his youngest son. Eliot had arrived on the same ship. William was a merchant and must have been a man of means and good education. He was deacon in the First Church of Roxbury, and had a large influence in the Colony. One record states his wife did not unite with the church until some years later. William built a house in Roxbury MA which was still standing in 1882.

3649. Margaret CHANDLER was christened 13 Oct 1577 in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. She died 23 Feb 1645 in Roxbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. [Parents]

Denison Genealogy, by Denison, Peck & Jacobus, page xxi.


3650. John BORODELL was born 1585 in Cork, , Ireland. He died 1667. John married Anne BROUGHTON. [Parents]

3651. Anne BROUGHTON was born about 1593. [Parents]


3654. Arthur FENNER was born in Horley, Sussex, England. He died 1647 in Branford, Massachusetts. Arthur married Sarah BROWNE.

SWAMP YANKEE OF MYSTIC, by James H. Allyn, page 45.
    The Fenners were one of the earliest families in Rhode Island, but the first one Thomas Fenner settled in Branford CT. He and his family came from Atta Fenn Farm near Horley, Sussex. Thomas' son Arthur remained in EN for several years after the rest of the family came over, but when he arrived, both father and son moved to Providence. Thomas traded with the Indians, and in his old age moved back to Brandford where the family kept a trading post. When he died in 1647 he left an estate of some 60 Pounds, which included a boat, Dutch money, beaver skins and other trading goods.

    MEHITABLE-2, ca. 1630; d. Providence ca. 1682; m. ca. 1649
         Capt. Arthur Fenner, son of Arthur and Sarah (Browne) Fenner.

3655. Sarah BROWNE.

    MEHITABLE-2, ca. 1630; d. Providence ca. 1682; m. ca. 1649
         Capt. Arthur Fenner, son of Arthur and Sarah (Browne) Fenner.


3656. Thomas STANTON was born 1585 in Wolverton, Warwick, England. He married Katherine WASHINGTON in , , EN. [Parents]


3657. Katherine WASHINGTON was born in Radway, Warwick, England. [Parents]

NEW ENGLAND REGISTER, Vol. 43, page 398,420.
                     Vol. 45, page 62.
                     Vol. 47, page 267-271.
    Katherine, daughter of Walter and Alice (Morden) Washington, married Thomas Stanton, son and heir of Thomas Stanton of Woolverton, Warwickshire.


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