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Some Descendants of Joseph ECCLESTON son of Bigot Eggleston

Second Generation

3. Joseph ECCLESTON (Joseph ) was born about 1677. He died Sep 1767 in Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut.

    This Joseph Is probably a son of Joseph, son of Bigot, due to his age at the time of birth of his children. He married a daughter of Gershom and Mary (--) Mott and is left a legacy by Gershom Mott.
    According to research done by Vera Main Robinson, in land evidences: Joseph Eaglestone of South Kingstown, RI bought 100 acres of land on "Wahaquadok" Brook, June 28, 1723 (SLE Vol 3:428); (SLE Vol 5:34) March 25, 1737, Joseph Eaglestone deeded land to Son-in-law David Nichols and wife Sara--land by "Wetequatuck" Brook; (SLE Vol 6:148) 1748, Joseph Eggleston, Jr. bought land next to his father; (SLE Vol 8:218-19) September 5, 1767 in 3 quitclaim deeds Ichabod, Joseph and Isaac divided up land owned by their father, Joseph Eaglestone, deceased. These records indicate that Joseph Eggleston, Sr., was alive in 1748 and deceased by 1767.

RHODE ISLAND VITAL RECORDS, NEW SERIES, VOL. 5, WASHINGTON CO., RI, 1685-1860 Compiled by Alden Gamaliel Beaman, Ph.D, Published by the compiler, Princeton, MA 1978 FROM PROBRATE RECORDS.
    EAGLESTONE, Joseph AND Miss Mott of Gersham & Mary mpr 1720 NK 6:15.

RHODE ISLAND IN THE  COLONIAL WAR SERVICEMEN, 1740-1762, by Howard Chapin, edited by James Flint, Providence, RI: The Society, 1920.
    EGGLESTON, Joseph, Old Frence & Indian War, served in campaign of 1762.
    EGGLESTON, Hezekiah, Old French & Indian War, servied on Privateer George of Newport in 1757.

    The son of Thomas-4 Wait, that is, John-3 Wright, on 27 Mar. 1772 sold land to "my uncle John Wait (4) of Tiverton", and in this deed the nephew is consistently named John Wait. But on 26 Sept. 1774, the uncle, John-4 Wait, bought land from Joseph Eagleton (near which the writer owns a small parcel), and is refered to as John Rite and "John Right of Richmondton" (Land Evidence, Book 2, page 498).
This reference thanks to Anita Smith

An explaination and lots of Credit.
    Mrs. Dorothy Stewart typed and compiled land records for the North Stonington area. These records are kept in the Stephen Main Homestead owned by the North Stonington Historical Society. The land records used for the Eccleston family are photo copied from her work. I would also like to thank Gladys Chase for opening the center on her day off and staying with me for hours while I copied the records. Then when I need additional records she would copy them and send them to me.
   To keep the generations and names straight I have used a system that each number is a generation. The 10 child is an "a". Each number within the generation is the order of birth. Joseph Eggleston, Sr. is indicated by being the first child of Joseph Egglestone son of Bigot.  In the Land Records he will be refered to as #11. (Joseph-1, Joseph-11. Example: Joseph-11 second child would be Isaac-112. Third generation, second child, of the first son of the second generation of Joseph-1. I am not using Bigot as the first generation, but his son Joseph who are the descendants we are interested in.
    Also I would like to thank a Eccleston cousin Teri Eccleston Kulka for photographing many grave stones of the Eccleston family. And to all the people who donated pictures. Family faces are like a magic mirror. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, the present and the future.
    If you have any lines of Joseph Eccleston (especially female lines) that you would like to add please get in touch with me. If you have any contrary evidence and would like me to correct something please send it to me. I know I have made mistakes, I know there are more children somewhere, I just can not find them. If they are in your line please tell me. I would like to make this as complete as I can. I have used e-mail addresses for people who have contributed lines. I welcome all constructive openions.
      Nancy Ann Norman

JUNE 28, 1723, VOL. 3, PAGE 428.  #1
    Francis and Elizabeth Robinson to Joseph-11 Eaglestone of South Kingstown, RI, dated June 28, 1723, Vol. 3, pages 428 and 429, 100 acres in Stonington -- beginning chestnut tree marked standing by a run of water called Wahaquadock Brook which is northwest corner, from thence extending on a straight course E10N 108 rods to stake and stones about it, from thence S7W 165 rods to stake with stones about it, from thence W8N 108 rods to ye aforesaid Brook to ye middle stream there of, and bounded thereby to ye first mentioned bound.

AUG. 26, 1734, VOL. 4, PAGE 545. #2
    Joseph-11 Eagleston to Thomas Wilcox dated Aug. 26, 1734, Vol. 4, page 545, 1 acre -- beginning at a chestnut stump standing upon a rock with stones about it standing by a run of water called Wadaquadock Brook, which is ye northwest corner, from thence extending E10N 14 rods to a black oak bush marked on two sides with stones about it, from thence  S7W 11.5 rods to a stake and stones about it, thence W 14 rods to a stake with stones about it standing within 3 feet of ye before named brook or run of water; thence N to ye first named bound on said rock. Witnessed by Joshua Palmeter and Rachel Hadfall.

MARCH 21, 1736/7, VOL. 5, PAGE 34. #3
    Joseph Egleston for love and affection for son-in-law David Nockols and wife Sarah of Westerly, dated Mar. 21, 1736/7, Vol. 5, page 34, six acres -- beginning at a stake standing by a brook called Wetequatuck Brook which is Thomas Wilcox's southwest bound, thence extending E 13.5 rods by land of Thomas Wilcox to a stake with stones about it, from thence N by land partly of said Thomas Wilcox and partly by land of Daniel Wilcox 30 rods to a  stake and stones about it, thence extending S 30 rods to a stake and stones about it, thence extending S 30 rods to a white oak tree marked on two sides, thence extending W a straight line 38 rods to the first mentioned brook, to a stake, and so bounded by the middle streem of said brook to the first mentioned bound.

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
    BIRTH: Some records give Windsor, Conn as birthplace, however the will of Bygod Eggleston indicates his son Joseph had left Windsor before 1674, therefore Joseph's son Joseph could not have been born there. Records of Orson H. Eggleston have Mr. Eggleston born abt 1700 of New York, his relationship 3rd great grandson. Donald Eggleston has Joseph born before 1680 probably in Rhode Island. Archive record has birth of all children in this family in North Stonington. Stonington was divided in 1717 to form North Stonington.
    MARRIAGE: Evidence of Joseph's marriage originated with a probate record for Gershom Mott who left a legacy to Joseph Eaglestone in 1720. (North Kingstown Probate records vol 6 p. 15 LDS film (0972) [E61]This original record does not indicate the relationship between Gershom Mott and Joseph Egglestone. Rhode Island Vital Records Vol. 5 Washington County Marriage from Probate Records p. 126 and p.237 [E4], lists a marriage of Joseph Eggleston to Miss Mott, daughter of Gershom and Mary based on that probate record. (Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island p. 347 [974.5 D26a] also lists Joseph as recipient oa legacy from the will of Gershom Mott.) [E59]
    DEATH: Donald Eggleston has death about September 1767. Sep 5 1767 his sons Joseph, Isaac and Ichabod divided up his land. Donald Eggleston lists children of Joseph II: Joseph, Sarah, Isaac, Ichabod, Dorcas, Mary, David and Eunice.

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Joseph married 1 Sarah MOTT, daughter of Gershom MOTT and Mary CLAYTON, about 1715 in Kings Co., Rhode Island. Sarah was born about 1696 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died 2 after 1720 in Kingston, Kings Co., Rhode Island.

(Gershom-3-2, Adam-1)
From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.
    BIRTH: Records of Orson H. Eggleston have Mrs. Eggleston born abt 1702-5 of New York, his relationship 3rd great grandson.
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They had the following children:

+ 5 F i Sarah ECCLESTON was born 1713.
+ 6 M ii Joseph ECCLESTON Jr. was born about 1713 and died before 17 Nov 1815.
+ 7 M iii Isaac ECCLESTON was born about 1715 and died before 17 Nov 1787.
+ 8 M iv Ichabod ECCLESTON was born 2 Jul 1716 and died before 5 Nov 1793.
+ 9 F v Dorcas ECCLESTON was born 1718.
+ 10 F vi Mary ECCLESTON was born 17 Sep 1719 and died before 1779.
+ 11 F vii Elizabeth ECCLESTON was born about 1720 and died 1782/1786.

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