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Some Descendants of Elder John CRANDALL

First Generation

1. Elder John CRANDALL [scrapbook] was christened 15 Feb 1617 in Westerlieigh, Gloucestershire, England. He died 29 Nov 1676 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island and was buried in Rhode Island Historical Cemetery #15, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.

    I was saddened to see you have the undocumented stuff there about a Sir John Crandall marrying an Elizabeth Drake
    That has been shown to be spurious, and we at the Crandall Family Associeation have been doing our darndest to fight this particular lineage.
    Recent research in England has been done and Elder John has been found, we believe, christened in Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England, in 1817.
    Our web site has several pages that deal with this, and I hope you will go and visit and then think about deleting all the material you have on Elder John's ancestry.!wyatt1599/cfa/lineage.html
Sincerely, Earl P. Crandall, CFA genealogist

    First Baptist Elder, Deputy Commissioner, and statesman of Newport and Westerly RI, was born in Monmouthshire, EN on the line between England and Wales in 1612. His mother is supposed to have been a Scotch lady. He came to Boston within a very few years after the landing of the Pilgrims, in 1634.
    The first valid doc. account of John in New England shows him to have been activiely identified with the Baptish Church in Newport, July 21, 1651. His name next is found, with that of Matthew West in a Freeman's list of Newport, 1655. John Crandall was the first Baptist Elder in Westerly. He took an active part in the border difficulties between MA and CT and sub. bet. CT and RI.

Source: Immigrants to America Before 1750.
  Immigrants: Rev. John Crandall, a Seventh Day Baptist minister.

Researching this line is Nancyann Norman Marr at
Researching this line is Donna in RI at

John married (1) Mary OPP on Mar 1649 in Newport Co., Rhode Island. Mary was born about 1625 in England. She died 20 Aug 1669 in Westerly, King Co., Rhode Island and was buried in the Homestead, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.

Crandall Genealogy, page 3.
    Mildred Small of Etna, PA states that she found in the records in Washington, D.C. that the first wife of Elder John was Mary Opp who died 20 Aug. 1669.

Researching this line is Nancyann Norman at

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John CRANDALL was born about 1649 and died before 14 Aug 1704.
+ 3 M ii James CRANDALL was born about 1651 and died after 1681.
+ 4 F iii Jane CRANDALL was born about 1653 and died before 1715.
+ 5 F iv Sarah CRANDALL was born about 1654.
+ 6 M v Rev. Joseph CRANDALL was born 1661 and died 12 Sep 1737.
+ 7 M vi Samuel CRANDALL was born 1663 and died 19 May 1736.
+ 8 M vii Peter CRANDALL was born 1665 and died 1734.

John also married (2) Hannah GAYLORD, daughter of William John Nicholas GAYLORD and Ann PORTER, about 1670 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Hannah was born 30 Jan 1647 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. She died 3 Aug 1678 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island and was buried in the Homestead, Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.

They had the following children:

+ 9 M viii Jeremiah CRANDALL was born Aug 1673 and died 1718.
+ 10 M ix Eber CRANDALL was born 1676 and died 1727.

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