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Heinrich Zachmann

On March 19, 1887 Heinrich  wed Elisabetha Egerter, listing their address as 242 East 94 Street, New York City.  From their marriage certificate we learn that Elisabetha was from the town of Bordelshausen, in Wurtenburg, Germany. Her parents were Jacob Egerter and Margarete Rieker. (The town in Baden that Heinrich was born in is illegible, however I later learned that it was Noettingen, Baden, Germany.)

Heinrich and Elisabetha soon began to raise a family. In January 1889 a daughter, Anne K. was born, however, she died in infancy on August 31, 1890. On January 9, 1891 their son Henry Philip was born. On January 10, 1893 their son George "Gus" was born. On January 18, 1894 a daughter Henrietta was born.

Gus and Henry were apparently, orphaned when parents, Henry and Elizabeth, died within several months of each other, in about 1905. Their maternal uncle, George Egerter, then cared for the children,  (The New York City directory for 1900-1901 lists a George Egerter, a smith, residing at 29 West 112th Street.)  and reportedly allowed a sixteen year old Henry to enlist in the US Army. Gus apparently remained in New York City, and later began a family of his own.

A death certificate for Henry Zachmann, who passed away at his residence located at 2844 Broadway, New York, New York, on January 26, 1905, listed his occupation as housesmith, and his age as 38 years, 9 months, (1867).

Philip Zachmann

Long after I began my research I uncovered documents which indicated that my known ancestors, Heinrich and Gustave, had a brother Philip. His existance is based solely on documents uncovered at the New York City Archive.

Philip was born in 1868 in Germany. He later arrived in the US and eventually married Theresa Kaufmann, who was also born in Germany. As of this writing I am aware that they had one child, Lena Zachmann born October 19, 1905 at 783-785 East 171 Street, Bronx, NYC.

Philip died of Cancer in the Bronx, in 1931. Theresa died in the Bronx in 1935.

Margaret Zachmann

The last of the 'original' Zachmanns that I was able to locate was Margaret Zachmann who apparently wed the brother of Heinrich's wife Elisabetha. An email from a newly discovered family member in early 2001, (Egerter ancestry)  informed me of Margaret's existance and of the marriage to George Egerter.  On April 17, 1897 Margaret wed George Egerter at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Yorkville, Manhattan. They reportedly had nine children, but at this time I could only locate