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The first recorded Sarsfields to arrive in England were Norman knights, in the years following the victory of William the Conqueror over King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 when England fell under Norman rule. Their family name was 'de Sarsfield' and the name eventually anglicised to just Sarsfield. They arrived in Ireland in the late 12th century. There are a number of variations in spelling, such as Saresfield and Sarchfield. While it is known they arrived in Ireland in the late 12th century, the precise family origins are not yet known.

I)  Sarsfield ancestors and descendants: We have found it necessary to limit our collection of information to persons born prior to 1900 and to descendants through the male line for two reasons: 
a) The sheer volume of data that would be otherwise produced, only a fraction of which would be pertinent, and...
b) Our intention to link as many Sarsfields as possible back to the two main families. Female Sarsfields are only of interest to us as children of Sarsfield families, because once they marry and have offspring of their own they become a link to another descendant tree and essentially part of someone else's research.. 
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Thank you for visiting this History.  We welcome any data concerning any Sarsfield individuals and families and will respect the wishes of anyone providing such data.  For information about the other existing family trees, or any Sarsfield-related matters, please contact us. We have other Sarsfield-related web pages you may wish to visit and these are:

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Norman and Brian Sarsfield

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