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Alexander Kaye Ogilvie
2nd Leutenant 278th Aero Squadron AEF USMA?
b. July 15, 1889 Kenosha, WI
d. November 29, 1918
buried at
St. Miehle
American Cemetery Thiaucourt-Regnieville
in Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

Removed to
Crown Hill Cememtery Indianapolis Ind.
in 1921


This piece is dedicated to a man that.
I never had the pleasure to have known.
Though the blood of his forefathers
mingles with my own.


A man just reaching his prime
A man who left this world
Long before his time.


Did he have a girl?
Yes he did,
but a life they would never share.
he also had a Loving family
Oh! And they loved him so!


He did his duty
did what he thought to be right.
He toiled
and labored in freedoms mighty fight.
To his family he gave great pride.


It was on November 12, 1918
I am not sure if it was early or late,
when he was to take his last flight.
I don't know if he ever knew that Victory
had been proclaimed on the previous day
....for he may have been in the
air over France.

He lost his wings on that day...
and on November 29, 1918
he lost is life on foreign soil...
with his family so very far away.


This Dear man was my Grand Uncle,
An Uncle that would never know the joy
of his own children.
A man that would never
hold his nieces and nephews in his lap.
He may never have seen
his Sisters or Brother married.


His mother wrote this of him,
in words that only a mother can;

"... Is it needful to speak of the dear one
Who made the supreme sacrifice;
For the love of mankind and his country
He journeyed and paid the big price.
We laid him to rest in God's acre
In Crown Hill on the Government lot,
Which will always be tenderly cared for
And his mem'ry will ne're be forgot.
But our hearts are so sad and so lonely,
For his face we shall never see more
Till the time when our labors are ended
And we meet on eternity's shore.......

Barbara Jane Kaye OGILVIE
written in July, 1924


At this writing this family is at last,
each and everyone
with their hero and beloved one...
Sisters and brother, Mom and Dad alike.


I take my hat off to him and
all the rest whether an early grave,
in which they found their rest,
or those that Marched on
and lived these memories daily...
and in some way preserved the
memories of those that have been lost,
for you and I at such a great cost.

Julia K. Hogston
Feburary 19, 2000

Son why must you fly?
"Mother it's like no feeling that you've ever felt before...

Son but it gives your mother so much strife!

It's like you're free for the first time in your life...

But Son why can't you stay on the ground ?
like you hold the reigns and no one else
between you and the world, there is only air
it's like you have wings without having wings
there's no feeling like it anywhere on the planet
Son it was the birds that were meant to fly not man!
I felt at one with nature and God
it's like I was flying high with him
you won't know what it feels like until you do it
it can't be described
Son you now truly have wings and can soar!
But Son why did you fly?
And leave your mother behind to cry?
March 30, 2002

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