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Estes/McKinney Cemetery

This cemetery is located off of Independence Ridge Road in Breeding. You turn off of the main road in Breeding onto Independence RIdge Road (go past Fudge Cemetery, Greenbriar Road and continue) right past Wells Chapel there will be a gravel road the vears off to the right take that gravel road till you come to another gravel road on the right (next to Glenn Stotts home) that road has been named Estes/McKinney Cemetery Road.. you can see the cemetery from the road and it has a good road all of the way up to the cemetery.  There is a new chain link fence around the cemetery with a flag flying high.

Submitted by Roberta "Bert" Dooley

1st (Front Row)

1. Reserved Glen Stotts (son of Irvin Stotts)
2. Reserved Glen Stotts wife
3. Miller Stotts, b: 2/18/1886 d: 10/10/1970
4. Zella Stotts b: 7/29/1909 d: 3/14/1988
5. Dian Smith b: 6/7/1965 d: 6/7/1965 (Daughter of Gordon & Carlin McKinney Smith and granddaughter to James "Cohen" & Josie Stotts McKinney)
6. Reserved for Inis Pearl McKinney (daughter of James "Cohen" and Josie Stotts McKinney)
7. James "Cohen" McKinney b: 8/26/1919 d: 9/1/1993 (son of Elroy "ER" and Onie Pink Pierce)
8. Josephine "Josie" Stotts McKinney b: 5/28/1925 d: 11/13/1956 (daughter of Miller & Zella Stotts and wife of James "Cohen" McKinney)
9. Alvey Stotts b: 1/9/1879 d: 9/26/1967
10. Lular A. Estes Stotts b: 2/24/1880 d: 11/20/1947 (daughter of Warfield Jr "Dude" and Susan Campbell Estes and wife of Alvey Stotts)
11. Lulie Roe (Rowe correct spelling) b: 10/1/1903 d: 2/12/1929
12. Virgil Rowe (probably Lulieís son and brother to Verige Rowe that married John Furkins)
13. Gobel Stotts b: 7/30/1900 d: 5/16/1988
14. Sarah Wright Stotts b: 11/22/1899 d: 6/30/1971

2nd (Second Row)

1. Reserved for Ruel Stotts (s/o of Zella and Miller Stotts)
2. Reserved for Ruelís wife
3. Reserved for Donald McKinney (son of William Alvin McKinney and grandson to Elroy "ER" & Onie Pink Pierce)
4. Joe Miller Williams b: 1878 d: 1950 (son of William Nelson and Mary Jain Estes Williams McKinney)
5. Gertrue/Gertrude Estes Williams b: 1877 d: 1949 (wife of the late Joe Miller Williams and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Furkins Estes)
6. Mary Stotts (Alvey and Lularís daughter from front row)
7. Mary Stotts child (Mary ran into a fence when she was 9 months pregnant baby was born stillborn)
8. Unknown Grave (this grave is probably Granville Estes [b: 5/5/1844] son of Warfield and Mary Ann McKinney Estes and the husband of Alice Keeton she is not buried in this cemetery???)

There are spaces in this row and space between 2 and 3 for another grave..

3rd (Third Row)

1. Lillie May McKinney b: 5/3/1910 d: 3/20/1934 (d/o Elroy and Onie)
2. Deering McKinney b: 5/17/1927 d: 9/4/1932 (s/o Elroy and Onie)
3. Virgil R. McKinney b: 7/6/1924 d: 11/9/1927 (s/o Elroy and Onie)
4. Elroy "ER" McKinney b: 5/6/1886 d: 9/13/1957 (s/o John and Mary Jain)
5. Onie Pink Pierce McKinney b: 5/5/1888 d: 5/30/1927 (1st wife of Elroy "ER" McKinney)
6. Louise McKinney b: 5/1/1922 d: 8/22/1922 (d/o Elroy and Onie)
7. John McKinney b: 2/17/1864 d: 9/6/1932 (father of Elory "ER" McKinney)
8. Mary Jain Estes Williams McKinney b: 5/30/1846 d: 1/5/1912 (1st wife of William Nelson Williams (mother of Joe Miller, William Curtis, Emily J., Mahelia and Mary Elizabeth), 2nd wife of John McKinney (and mother of Elroy "ER" McKinney) and d/o Warfield and Mary Ann McKinney Estes)
9. Warfield "Dude" Estes Jr. b: 9/21/1859 d: 11/30 or 12/1/1923 (s/o Warfield and Mary Ann McKinney Estes)
10. Susan Campbell Estes b: abt 1858 (wife of Dude Estes)
11. Warfield Estes Sr b: 9/5/1821 d: 9/1897
12. Mary Ann McKinney Estes b: 6/20/1817 d: 6/20/1898 (wife of Warfield Estes Sr)

9-12 graves are marked with rock, but think they are in this order, mom remembers her daddy talking of the headstones in this way.  Warfield and Mary Ann McKinney Estes are probably the first ones to be buried in this cemetery that is where it got the name from.

4th (Fourth Row)

1. Reserved for an Elroy "ER" McKinney family member (per Jessaphine McKinney Donan).
2. Reserved for Bradley Scott Briles (s/o Roberta Jean Grant Briles Dooley and grandson to Joseph and Jessaphine McKinney Donan)
3. Joseph Donan b: 9/12/1931 d: 12/4/2000
4. Reserved for Jessaphine McKinney Donan (wife of the late Joseph Donan and the d/o of Elroy "ER" McKinney and Vergie Mae Hawkins Cawthorn McKinney (2nd wife of Elroy)
5. Johnnie McKinney b: 6/17/1938 d: 11/20/1986 (s/o Elroy "ER" McKinney and 2nd wife Vergie Mae Hawkins Cawthorn McKinney)
6. Reserved for Fallis Dean McKinney (youngest child of Elroy "ER" McKinney and 2nd wife Vergie Mae Hawkins Cawthorn McKinney)
7. Reserved for Sue Johnson McKinney (wife of Fallis Dean McKinney)

Space in this row for graves.. the flag pole is in this row and a foot marker next to it?????

5th (Fifth Row)

1. Gill Wright b: 6/24/1874 d: 3/11/1955
2. G.S. Wright b: 3/12/1866 d: 11/23/1943
3. George R. Wright b: 8/10/1911 d: 12/30/1932
4. Thomas M. Wright b: 7/10/1914 d: 5/15/1931
5. Chester Thurman b: 5/26/1924 d: 8/25/1924 (Jessaphine Thurman Stotts twin brother) Jessaphine Thurman Stotts family up to this point in this row..
6. Reserved for James Murphy (grandson of James "Cohen" McKinney and son of Inis Pearl McKinney)
7. Reserved for wife of James Murphy - Kim Fishback Murphy.
8. Ervin Stotts b: July 2, 1917 d: August 7, 2002
9. Clarice Gadberry Stotts b: Nov 16, 1920 d: Sept 29, 2002

there is a foot marker that is behind 4 and 5 not sure if it goes there or not, it is the only one in that row..



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