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Descendants of John Coomer
One of Two Coomer Families in Adair Co., KY
I have relives in both families reports.
Carlis B. Wilson, Researcher.

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There are four generations in this report. I have tried to post only deceased members on this site, If by chance there is a error and some one is listed that should not be here or if you have a update to list, please write the webmaster  with your request.


Descendants of John Coomer

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 COOMER1 was born 1796 in Stokes Co., NC..  He married NANCY UNKNOWN.  She was born 1803.

Notes for JOHN COOMER:
Note 1850 Adair County census, has these names in household of John Coomer and Nancy.
JAMES HEWITT  born 1945.  grandson
MARY ANN born 1846 granddaughter
GEORGE A. born 1849  VA.

    1850 Adair County census
    John Coomer 1796 N.C. Nancy 1803 N.C.
    Viletta 27
    Amon 25
    Mary Ann (1830)
    James Hewitt 5 grandson
    Mary Ann 4 granddaughter
    George A. 1 Va. (1849)
    Source: 1850 Adair County census.
    Per Margie Coffey

Researchers notes: it is thought that the two grand children with John and Nancy belong to their daughter  VILETTA (Letty) However there is a conflict in dated between the 1860 and 1850 census, some Comer researchers say Viletta's oldest child was Mary Ann.

        Children of JOHN COOMER and NANCY UNKNOWN are:
        2. i. VILETTA2 COOOMER, b. 1823.
        3. ii. AMON COOMER, b. 1825.
        4. iii. MARY ANN COOMER, b. 1830.

Generation No. 2

    2.  VILETTA2 COOOMER (JOHN1 COOMER) was born 1823.  She married UNKNOWN.

        Notes for VILETTA COOOMER:
        More about VILETTA COOMER,  is listed in the 1870 Adair Co., census as the head of the house with no husband               listed.
        She is listed in the 1880 census Viletta was living with Mary A. and Mack Coomer.
        She is buried about a mile down Hwy. 80 beside the road.
        Since her husband is unknown I am listing her children as Coomer until more information is

        Children of VILETTA COOOMER and UNKNOWN are:
        5. i. MARY ANN3 COOMER, b. June 16, 1840; d. March 17, 1919, Adair Co, Ky..
        6. ii. GRIFFEN COOMER, b. 1858.
        7. iii. WILLIAM GRADY COOMER, b. 1858.
        8. iv. NELSON COOMER, b. 1860; d. 1949.
        HEWITT COOMER, b. 1863.

    3.  AMON2 COOMER (JOHN1) was born 1825.  He married SARA JANES, daughter of JONATHAN JONES and ELIZABETH KING.

    Notes for AMON COOMER:

    1880 Adair Co. census

    Ammon Coomer 40
    Sara E. 33
    James W. Jones 12
    Lenuel Coomer 9
    Celementine 9
    Lesley 6
    Volonie 4
    Vanoa 1

    Lemuel and Celementine were twins. Lemuel, married Nancy Bell Tabor.
    Lemuel, better known as Lem, was a Spanish American War Veteran of Company E, 8th Infantry. He died July
    17, 1910.
     Per Margie Coffey

    Notes for SARA JANES:
     SARA has a son before she married AMMON, His name was JAMES W. JONES.
     Per Margie Coffey

        Children of AMON COOMER and SARA JANES are:
         i. JAMES W.3 JONES, b. 1868.
         ii. CELEMENTINE COOMER, b. 1871.
        9. iii. LEMUEL COOMER, b. 1871; d. July 17, 1910.
         iv. LESLEY COOMER, b. 1874.
         v. VOLONIE COOMER, b. 1876.
         vi. VANOA COOMER, b. 1879.

    4.  MARY ANN2 COOMER (JOHN1)2 was born 1830.  She married LINDER COOMER2 June 1856 in Adair Co., KY.  He was born 1826.

    More About MARY ANN COOMER:

    Notes for LINDER COOMER:
    Leander Coomer Jr. of Adair County, 30 single to Mary Ann Coomer of Adair County, 27, single on 26 of
    June 1856 by Leftwich, surety William Bennett
    Per Margie Coffey

   1860 Adair County census.
    Lee Coomer 33 (1827)
     Mary Ann, 29(1831)
    Albert (Tolbert) 5(1855)
    Nancy A., 2 (1858)
    Amon 5/12 (1860)
    Per Margie Coffey

    1880 census Adair County

    Lee Andrew Coomer 52
    Mary Ann 50
    Albert Tolbert 25
    Ammon 18
    Polly J. 16
    Mary E. 14
    John 85 (father -in-law)
    Willie 1/12 grandson
    Per Margie Coffey

    Other thought to be Children of :

         i. VIETTA COOMER.
        ii. TALBERT COOMER. may be ALBERT
        iii. MOLLY COOMER.

    Leander Coomer of Adair County, 30 single to Mary Ann Coomer of Adair County, 27 single on 26 of
    June 1856. by Leftwich, surety William Bennett.
    Source: 1850 Adair County marriage records
    Per Margie Coffey

        Children of MARY COOMER and LINDER COOMER are:
         ii. NANCY COOMER, b. 1858.
        10. iii. AMERICAN AMMON COOMER, b. 1860.
        iv. POLLY COOMER, b. 1864.
         v. MARY E. COOMER, b. 1866.

Generation No. 3

    5.  MARY ANN3 COOMER (VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER)2 was born June 16, 1840, and died March 17, 1919 in     Adair Co, Ky..  She married GEORGE WASHINGTON MONTGOMERY COOMER2 November 22, 1866 in Adair Co., KY, son of GEORGE COOMER and SERNA ASHBROOK.  He was born November 22, 1839, and died February 28, 1910 in Adair Co., KY.

    Notes for MARY ANN COOMER:
    MARY ANN COOMER, She married George Washington Montgomery (Mack) Coomer.
    He was the son of George W. Coomer and Serena Ashbrook Coomer.
    Mary Ann, Mack and some of their children are buried in the Antioch Cemetery. Mack served in the Civil War as Union soldier. -     Per Margie Coffey.

    More About MARY ANN COOMER:
    Burial: Antioch Cemetery Adair Co.

    More about George Washington Montgomery (Mack) Coomer.
    His tombstone at Antioch Cemetery has Washington W. "Mack" Coomer, Co E. 3 Ky Inf.
    11-22-1839 - 2-28-1910.
    Per Carlis B. Wilson

    Burial: Antioch Cemetery Adair Co.

        Children of MARY COOMER and GEORGE COOMER are:
         i. THOMAS4 COOMER, b. November 11, 1870; d. August 05, 1947; m. MARY M. COOMER, 1895.
         ii. JAMES CLYDE COOMER, b. 1873, Adair Co, Ky.; d. January 30, 1961, Adair Co, Ky.; m. VIOLA SNEED, 1894.
         iii. BETTIE JANE COOMER, b. March 30, 1874; d. December 21, 1951; m. MOSE SNEED, 1899.
         iv. SLAUGHT COOMER, b. March 15, 1885; d. January 14, 1957; m. IDA HUDDLESTON.
         v. ETTA MAE COOMER, b. April 17, 1885; d. December 24, 1970; m. RONERT LEE SEED, 1908.
         vi. MATTIE COOMER, b. February 04, 1882; d. January 28, 1973; m. ULYSSES B. SCOTT, 1900.
         vii. LOU BELLE COOMER, b. 1889; d. 1975; m. JOE CRAWHORN, 1920.

     6.  GRIFFEN3 COOMER (VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER) was born 1858.  He married JUDA C. SNEED2.

    Notes for GRIFFEN COOMER:
    I Think Griffen Coomer left the county before the 1900 census. I was reading in an old newspaper in Gradyville letter and it stated that Griffin was here from Lincoln county visiting.
    Per Margie Coffey.

        Child of GRIFFEN COOMER and JUDA SNEED is:
         i. PATSY4 COOMER.

    7.  WILLIAM GRADY3 COOMER (VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER) was born 1858.  He married (1) MARY         BEASLEY.    He married (2) NANCY SCOTT 1877.    He married (3) MARY JANE COOMER GILPIN2 1888, daughter of WILLIAM COOMER and MARY WETHERFORD.  She was born 1867.

    WILLIAM GRADY COOMER  He had children by his last
    wife. Grady lived at Red Lick in Adair County close to Metcalfe County line. He was a horse trader. it is said that Grady is buried in the same cemetery as his mother, on Hwy, 80 beside the road.
    Per Margie Coffey and Doris Butler.

        Children of WILLIAM COOMER and MARY GILPIN are:
    11. i. EZERA KAY4 COOMER, b. November 02, 1885.
        ii. ALLEN GILFORD COOMER2, b. July 05, 1894; d. June 29, 1955; m. JANE ROGERS.
         iii. ANNIE PEARL COOMER2, b. March 05, 1892; d. December 23, 1969; m. LESLIE CRENSHAW.
         iv. GLADYS COOMER2, b. May 04, 1897; d. April 04, 1924; m. LUTHER GRIDER.

    8.  NELSON3 COOMER (VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER)3 was born 1860, and died 1949.  He married SALLIE         COOMER 1879.  She was born 1859, and died 1922.

    Notes for NELSON COOMER:
    He is buried in Turk Cemetery.  He married SALLIE COOMER the daughter of Leander Coomer
    and Eleanor Marshall.
    Note: Nelson and Sallie had eight children of which there are seven listed.

        Children of NELSON COOMER and SALLIE COOMER are:
         i. MILLIE4 COOMER.
         ii. HATTIE COOMER.
         iii. MATTIE COOMER.
         iv. WILLIAM COOMER.
         v. EDWARD COOMER.
        vi. GARFIELD COOMER.

    Notes for GARFIELD COOMER:
    The only Uncle Jim remembers is Uncle Garfield.  Jim remembers him sitting under a shade tree whittling.  Had a beard down to his waist, snow white  and all the kids loved him to death.  Very jovial soft spoken man, and every thing you said to him he'd say "Oh Pshaw!"  Every car that went by he's say, "Thar she goes."  Jim thinks they identified him with Santa Claus  Ha.  Pat

        12. vii. JOHN MOSES COOMER, b. May 26, 1885; d. April 26, 1930.

    9.  LEMUEL3 COOMER (AMON2, JOHN1) was born 1871, and died July 17, 1910.  He married NANCY BELL TABOR.

    Notes for LEMUEL COOMER:
    Adair Spanish-American War Veteran-Lemuel Coomer, better known as Lem, was a Spanish American War Veteran of         Company E, 8th Infantry.  Per; Margie Coffey

        Children of LEMUEL COOMER and NANCY TABOR are:
        i. DOLIE F4 COOMER.
         iii. ORLENA COOMER.
         iv. MINNIE COOMER.

    10.  AMERICAN AMMON3 COOMER (MARY ANN2, JOHN1)4 was born 1860.  He married MARY YARBERRY4 November 09, 1905.

        Children of AMERICAN COOMER and MARY YARBERRY are:
        13. ii. ALMA COOMER, b. June 23, 1884; d. July 08, 1937.

Generation No. 4

    11.  EZERA KAY4 COOMER (WILLIAM GRADY3, VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER)5 was born November 02, 1885.     He married MAMIE WOMACK5 December 27, 1906, daughter of JAMES WOMACK and MARTHA GOWEN.  She was born May 26, 1889, and died February 15, 1972.

           Children of EZERA COOMER and MAMIE WOMACK are:
          i. JAMES WILLIS5 COOMER5, b. November 11, 1907; m. LUCILLE ESTES5.
          ii. MARY ELLA COOMER5, b. April 01, 1909; d. February 02, 1921.
         iii. BESSIE PEARL COOMER5, b. October 27, 1914; d. April 19, 1981; m. HERSHEL MCGLESS5, January 21, 1933.
         iv. LAWRENCE GARNETT COOMER5, b. August 09, 1912; d. March 29, 1985; m. MAE ATWELL5, February 08, 1933.
          v. MATTIE BELL COOMER5, b. July 02, 1919; m. JACK JUDD5, December 17, 1938.
         vi. WALTER LEON COOMER5, b. April 11, 1921; d. February 10, 1981; m. LILLIAN NADAME5, December 24, 1953.
         vii. EVELYN COOMER5, b. March 11, 1924; d. May 22, 1990; m. MAXIE W. ATWELL5, January 10, 1942.
        viii. HASKEL OWEN COOMER5, b. November 25, 1926; d. July 01, 1974; m. DIXIE NICKOLS5, October 07, 1950.
         ix. HAROLD THOMAS COOMER5, b. February 14, 1929; m. LOLA WOOD5, December 17, 1949.
          x. FRANCES MARIE COOMER5, b. April 26, 1933; m. EARL BROWN5, December 17, 1949.

    12.  JOHN MOSES4 COOMER (NELSON3, VILETTA2 COOOMER, JOHN1 COOMER)6 was born May 26, 1885, and died April 26, 1930.  He married MATTIE FLORENCE HARPER.  She was born July 04, 1882.

    More about JOHN MOSES COOMER:
    Note: They are all from around Columbia, Ky, in Adair Co.
    Source Patricia Coomer

        Children of JOHN COOMER and MATTIE HARPER are:
        14. i. ROLLIN5 COOMER, b. 1902, Adair Co, Ky.; d. 1950, Jefferson Co..
        15. ii. ALBERT "ELBERT" COOMER, d. Abt. 1984, Louisville KY..
        16. iii. ROBERT LEE COOMER.
        17. iv. LAURA HELEN COOMER.
        19. vi. JOHN LAWRENCE COOMER.
        20. vii. MARY CATHERINE COOMER.
        21. viii. WILLIAM RAYMOND COOMER, b. October 14, 1909; d. February 26, 1986.

    13.  ALMA4 COOMER (AMERICAN AMMON3, MARY ANN2, JOHN1)7 was born June 23, 1884, and died July 08, 1937.  She married JOSHUA BRYANT WILSON7, son of GWINN WILSON and MARTHA WILSON.  He was born July 06, 1887, and died February 19, 1946 in Adair Co, Ky.

    Notes for ALMA COOMER:
    Alma, died outside of Columbia Ky, just past the sowing factory on Highway 61. The old house was just raised in 1999. she died of pneumonia, July 08 1937 after her son LESLIE WILSON died the same year in the same house, March 15, 1937 in Adair Co. KY.

    Joshua "Josh" lived in the Sparksville and Columbia of Adair County KY.
    I remember in the late thirties, he worked for the WPA.  Since my father Leslie Wilson, died when I was less than three years old. I had the privilege of living with him and his youngest daughter. We lived in Columbia and Sparksville Ky. My first trip out Kentucky was with Poppy and aunt. We visited with his daughter Alice "Allie" Wilson Coomer in Chicago, IL.
    Per Carlis B. Wilson

        Children of ALMA COOMER and JOSHUA WILSON are:
              i. ZADA5 WILSON, b. June 19, 1905; d. December 12, 1927, Adair County KY.
        22. ii. INISHIA WILSON, b. August 27, 1908, Springfield, IL.; d. December 04, 1999, Columbia Ky.
        23. iii. ADA WILSON, b. September 10, 1908, Adair Co., Ky; d. November 26, 1989, Chicago, ILL.
        24. iv. ALICE "ALLIE" WILSON, b. May 07, 1911; d. Unknown.
        25. v. LESLIE WILSON, b. February 17, 1913, Adair County KY; d. March 15, 1937, Adair County KY.
        26. vi. Daughter-Private
        27. vii. VALDA MAE WILSON, b. July 13, 1919, Adair Co., KY; d. February 28, 1959, Chicago, Il.
        28. viii. REV. T J WILSON, b. Abt. 1921, Adair County KY; d. April 23, 2001, Knoxville, TN.
        29. ix. Daughter-Private


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