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Submitted & © by: Cheryl Travis

Hermosa Cemetery
San Bernardino County,California

Submitted & © by:
Cheryl Travis

The information contained on this web page was provided by the person whose name appears with the listing, and was obtained by using one or more of the following information sources: walking the cemetery and recording the headstone information, and in many cases photographing them, talking to family members, area residents, and others that stop and talk while the cemetery is being surveyed, family bible entries, memorial cards, caretaker records, funeral home records, court house records, and newspaper archives.

We also off for a fee,Stone cleaning and polishing (flat stones),Flower bouquet delivery to grave site(digital picture will be sent via email). The bouquets may vary in style.We take paypal,check(check will have to clear first) and money order. Please email for the prices and put in the subject line "plot cleaning".

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