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BASS Wills Vincennes, Knox Co. IN early 1800's

These wills have been transcribed as exactly as possible the way they were written. Please note that BAFS=BASS - when a typewriter was used in Vincennes "s" was typed "f" in these documents. These BASS were from Bullitt Co., KY. Cira dates were calculated assuming they were 21 at time of marriage and that the marriage record found was the first marriage for the couple. William and Dred are probably brothers along with Mathew and possibly Drury who were on the 1807 Census of Knox Co. IN. Mathew returned to Bullitt Co., KY after his son John T. was born (probably around 1811). See also Early BASSes in Knox Co., IN for a partial compilation of this family. If anyone has any information that may help us locate their ancestors, PLEASE contact Becky Bass Bonner

James BASS (cir 1789 - 1815)

Etheldred T. BASS (cir 1776 - 1818)

William T. BASS (cir 1789 - 1824)

John FLORER (? - 1816)

Jacob Tevebaugh the Elder (? - 1815)

James BASS (? - 1815)

James BASS died intestate Knox Co., IN. The following is what appears to be a typed form document dated 16 Jan 1815 with the blanks filled in as indicated by the underscores:

KNOW all men by thefe prefents, that we Etheldred T. Bafs, John Thickston, William Bass all of the county of Knox in the Indian Territory, are held and firmly bound unto Isaac Blackford, Daniel Sullivan & James B. McCall Efquires, Judges of the circuit court in and for faid county, in the juft full fum of Eight hundred Dollars,good and lawful money of the United States to be paid to the faid Isaac Blackford Daniel Sullivan & James B. McCall their heirs and fucceffers: To which payment will and truly be mad, we bind ourselves, ad every of us, our and every of our heirs, executors and adminiftrators, in the whole, and for the whole, jointly and feverally, firly by thefe prefents, feeled with our feals, and dated this sixteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundered and fifteen.

THE CONDITION of this obligation is fuch, that if the within bounden Etheldred T. Bafs adminiftrator of all and fingular, the good, chattels and credits of James Bafs late of Knox county, deceafed, do make, or caufe to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and fingular the goods chattels and credits of the faid deceafed, which have or fhall come to the hands, poffeffion or knowledge of him the faid Etheldred T. Bafs --------- or into the hands and poffeffion of any circuit court at or before the sixteenth day of July next enfuing, and the fame goods, chattels and credits, and all other the goods chattels and credits of the faid deceafed, at the time of his death, which at any time hereafter fhall come to the hands or poffeffion of the faid Etheldred T. Bafs or into the hands or poffeffion of any other perfon for him do well and truly adminifter according to law, and further do make, or caufe to be made, a true and juft account of his faid administration, at or before the sixteenth day of January next, and all the reft and refidue of the faid goods, chattels and credits, which fhall be found remaining upon the faid adminiftrators account, the fame being firft examined and allowed of by the faid circuit court and fhall deliver and pay unto fuch perfon or perfons refpectively, as the faid court by their decree or fentence, purfuant to the true intent and meaning of law, fhall limit and appoint, --- And if it fhall hereafter appear, that any laft will and teftament was made by the faid deceafed, and the executor or executors therein named, do exhibit the fame into the faid circuit court, making requeft to have it allowed and approved accordingly, if the faid Etheldred T. Bafs within bounden, be thereunto required do render and deliver the faid letters of adminiftration approbation of fuch teftament being firft had and made in the faid circuit court then this obligation to be void and of none effect or elfe to remain in full force and virtue.
Etheldred Bafs
John Thickston
Wm T Bafs

Signed, fealed and delivered
in the prefence of
C. H. Tillinghurst [spelling? difficult to read]

Estate papers include

The inventory of the Estate of James Bafs was made by Etheldred T. Bass and certified by Solomon Teverbaugh and Jacob Thorn 25 Jan 1815. The appraisal certified by Wm. Gamble.

A Sale bill of the personal Estate of James Bafs late of Knox County:

Names PropertySum
William Bafs1Small Kettle 1.12
Moses Raulins1Oven 3.37½
John McBain1Small pot , water buckets 1.12½
Etheldred Bafs1pail 0.50
Delila Bafs1Coffe pot 1.00
Benjamin T Beckes1Do 0.1&¾
Elizabeth Wilmore1pitcher and tea pot 1.25
Levi Sanders3plates and three bowls 0.62¼
Ethedred Bafs3Tin cups 0.40
William Bafs2plates, one dish of beason, four spoons 2.50
Sally Patterson4croks 2.62
John Thikston2salt cellars & pepper base 1.20
William Shook2Bottles 0.50
Elizabeth Wilmore1Set of knives & forks 2.37
Sally Patterson1Churn and tray 1.00
William Bafs2Tubs 0.76
John Thikston1chest 0.26
Etheldred Bafs1do 4.12
Walter Wilson6chears 4.00
Benjamin T Beckes1.Bed and bedding & bedstead 19.75
Delila Bafs1do and bedstead 15.12
Joseph Harber1paire of tougs & pot tramble 2.00
Hugh Nolholleis1Ax and hammer 2.00
Jefse Thomas1do 2.00
Babtist Patterson1Logg chain 5.07½
Joshua Thorn1paire of traise chains 3.13½
Delila Bafs1Spinning wheel 3.25
" "1paire of cotton cards 1.25
" "1Womans side saddle 16.00
Jacob Thorn1Lantern two barrels 1.00
Hette Small1paire of saddle bags 1.25
Jefse Thomas1sleate of candle stick 2.05
William Whealey1Riefel gun & shot pouch 21.13
Etheldred Bafs1Loof & tacklins 11.00
Soloman Tevebaough1Smoothing iron & toppster 2.27
Sally Patterson1cow & calf 20.00
John Reel1steer calf 2.25
William Bafs1greay mare 41.00
Etheldred Bafs1Bay horse 40.00
James Ashby1stud horse 48.00
Etheldred Bafs1Reed & geers 1.25
Peatsu Cunningham5Shuttler 0.50
John Thikston1curry comb & card 0.66
Jacob Teverbaugh1Tin canteen & tom hawk 0.69
Leonard R. Sander ?1 pair of shue brushes & inkstained0.51
John Thksten1small bucket and cooler 0.75
Levi Sanders1Bosc of Tous bridle & whip 1.25
Etheldred Bafs1old table & churn 0.06¼
Levi Sanders1plom & tacklins 12.00
Soloman Tevebaugh1hoe 0.17
Walter Wilson1padlock & cifter 0.50
John McBain1Soop spoon 0.67
John Reel1small paper of powder 0.54
Baptist Patterson1cabbage cutter 3.00
Etheldred Bafsa small quantity of corn 2.00
Daniel Sullivan1Baull horse 96.00

I do hereby certify that the within is the true sale bill of the personal Est of James Bafs late of Knox County dec - given under my hand this 4th day of Feb 1815. Signed Eth. T. Bafs

Apparently one silver watch appraised at 18.00 appeared June 7th 1815 appraised by Solloman Tevebaugh and Jacob Thorn witnessed by Eth. T. Bafs.

Misc Papers:

note dated May 7th day 1813 James Bafs Dr. to Lanard R. Snider for Smith Work $0-87½

On demand after date me or either of us do promise to pay or cause to be paid unto Sally Patterson administrator of the est of Squire Patterson decd her heirs or afsigners the sum of twentwo dollars and twenty five cents it being for vallue recd as witnesfs once hands and seals this 15th day of April 1814.

Test Wm. Gamble James Bafs

Docket of The Estate of James Bafs dec 1815 contains two interesting items:

Etheldred T. BASS (? - 1818)

Estate Settlement of Etheldred T. BASS of Knox Co., IN dated 10 Dec 1818. Catherine Bass, widow designated adminstratrix, signed by Catherine Bass, Jacob Thorn, Jacob Pancake and William Bass. Witnessed by Francis White and R Buntin (?). Similary form document as James BASS above except that now using "s" instead of "f" where appropriate. His estate was inventoried by Jacob Thorn and Jacob Pancake - (not transcribed) includes 8 books Profession [these are likely law books].

Last will and testament of Etheldred T. BASS date 12 Aug 1815

Be it Remembered that I Etheldred T. Bass Being in perfect mind and sense Do make this my last Will and Testimony after Recommend my boday to the Earth and my Sole to God that give it Do Requesting personally propperty So mutch as will pay my just deats to be sold or so mutch as my Deare Wife may think propper and all the Rest of my Estat personally or Rale to be hears So Long as She Remains my Widder and at her Death or marrage to be Equally divided between my dware Children given under my hand this 12th of August 1815. Signed Eth T. Bafs witnessed by Wm T. Bafs

Bill of Sale of the Personal Estate of E. T. Bass decs'd dated 24 Dec 1818.

Samuel Risley6Pewter Plates 2.00
John Thickston6do 3.00
Abraham Rediner6spoons 0.2½
Wm Gamble1Soup spoon 0.20
Catherine Bass1Bason 0.25
Philip Cat1(do) dish 1.00
Job Wease1dish 1.12
Catherine Bass1dish 0.57
Catherine Bass1sett cups & saucers 0.31
Catherine Bass1sett knives & forks 1.00
John Thickston1sett razors & boel 2.75
David Webb1Looking glass 0.62
Solomon Tevebaugh1Tcane (?) 3.31
Catherine Bass1Smoothing Iron 0.50
Catherine Bass1Coffee pot 0.31
Catherine Bass1Chain 0.81
Jacob Hecks1do 0.50
Catherine Bass2Keelerg 0.50
David Reas1griddles 3.62
Catherine Bass1oven 1.37
John Fitz Patrick1do 2.12
Catherine Bass1pot 1.50
Catherine Bass110 gall kettles 5.00
John Fitz Patrick1do 8.18
George Stearns1pot 4.68
Catherine Bass1chopping ax 1.50
Tamy thorn1sett ploughs trong 2.20
Jacob Pillow1shovel plough 1.00
Jacob Pancake1drawing knife & Clevig 0.62
Catherine Bass1Clevig 0.46

Misc Papers

Etheldred T. Bass Will signature and handwriting proven December 10th 1818 by Wm Gamble and John Knox & Jacob Pancake - Wm Bass the only subscribing witness proved this will.

Cash paid to the following in the settlement of Etheldred's estate:


Jesse Barlow

William Burtch

F. Coleman

David Bron

James Lemmon

F. Greater Esq. (sp?)

ch F. White

John Decker

F. Coleman

L. Almy

Ja Thorn

Tho Westfall


Moses Tabb Esq

TCo Johnson

E. Stout

Joseph Wilmore

William Gamble

James Thorn

Wm Muer

Wm Gamble

S. Teverbaugh

James Thorn


James Thorn

Hugh Shaw

Wm. Lindsey

John Decker*

Jno Decker

James Thorn

Wm.L Withey

Joshua T Band

Acct of money received by Catherine 14-17 Dec 1818 include Nathan Frederick, Jacob Hick, James Thorn, Wm Gamble (cash totalling $41.00).

Acct of Sals Wm Gamble Esq which was left with E. T. Bass for collection:

David Reed Vs TC Purtle 18 Dec 1817

A. Claycomb Vs F Averlin 26 July 1818

Wm H. Beedle Vs J. William 4 Aug 1818

Ja Jordan Vs Jn Evans 24 Jun 1818

Wm Knox Vs. J Reel 18 Feb 1818

S Setzen Vs. B Godfrey 27 Nov 1818

Wm Knox Vs. G Vankirk 21 Jan 1818

Catherine continued to pay off Etheldred's debts at least until 1824. Some of the misc notes infile are included herein.

25 July 1816 Note: Mr. James Walker or Mr. Willis Boon old friends please let Mr. Sollomon have two Dollars and I will pay you the same the firs time I see you. I am youres HC signed Eth. T. Bass

Ledger Dr. Etheldred Bass of what appears to be from a general store beginning 10 May 1817 through Oct 1818 totally $111.2½ purchasing approximately monthly probably charged to his account with Wm Busteh for whiskey, rum, cakes, powder, bread, cheese, coffee, spices and tobacco. [Note the majority of Etheldred's purchases were some form of alcohol often by the case. Was he selling it? See Brunswick Co VA Order Book 11 p. 254 Grand Jury indiated Drury Bass for retailing liquors without license. May 1770. ]

23 July 1818 Dred Bass sir pease to pay Mr. Joseph Willmore the just and full sum of fore dollars and you will oblige your friend John Berlin.

9 Nov 1818 Note signed by Etheldred T. BASS to Moses Tabbs

1 Dec 1818 E Bass Esq to David Brown Dr. 1818 July 9 1 piece India Muslin 6.00, 9 yds Tickling 5.62 total 11.62½.

29 April 1819 Record of payment by Catherine Bass to James Lemmon to settle debt of Etheldred T. Bass with Richard Bowman decd witnessed by Wm. Gamble and D. Webb.

5 Sept 1820 Received of Catharine Bass Adm of E T. Bass decd five dollars in full of a judgement that was in my favour on Esquir Bass Dockett ??? this Life time agains Samuel Adams. This 5 September 1820. Signed Thomas Westfall; witness James House.

9 July 1821 Knox Co Harrison Twp James BONER Justice of Peace for Knox Co.

1823 Catharine Bass paid two dollars tax on 100 acres of land for the present year to John Decker.

22 Sept 1824 note signed by Joshua Bond Justice of the Peace, Knox Co., IN - Catherine BASS appeared before him to satisfy a judgement obtained by James Walker against Etheldred T. BASS.

William T. BASS (? - 1824)

William T. BASS deceased Knox Co., IN intestate? Assignment of administrator Dorothy BASS with Jacob Pancake, and V. James Thorne owing $600. Witnessed Ho. Johnson. Dated 14 May 1824.

4 Feb 1843 Knox Co., IN Received of ? owens administrator of the estate of our deceased father Wm T. Bass deceased late of said county and State of Indiana thirty five dollars in full of our legacy due each of us from said estate. Signed Samuel Coleman, Charlotte Coleman, Faye M. Coleman, Mary T. Colleman. In the presence of J. S. Pancake.
I think Samuel Coleman wrote this note: - "in right of my wife" - but it is difficult to tell by whose signature it belongs.

Jacob Tevebaugh the Elder (? - 1815)

Jacob Tevebaugh the Elder will handwritten, dated 24 June 1815 signed by his mark, witnessed by Etheldred T. BASS and Philip WEASE; names son Sollomon, George, Abraham, daughter Mary, Barbary. "And to my son Jacob Tevebaugh the younger and Nimrod Tevebaugh one hundred acres of land that I bought of the hears of Jacob Tevebaugh Deceased which was granted to him for Milita Serves and my Mar to my loving wife Mary." Names Drucy my youngest daughter and one cow to my Daughter Mafsa.
Note: The Tevebaugh's were from Frederick/Hampshire VA arriving in Knox Co., IN by 1785. Jacob lived next door to Etheldred T. BASS.
See L. A. Huckaby ancestors on Traveller Southern Families

John FLORER (? - 1816)

Etheldred T. BASS bound with William Florer (adm) and Walter Wilson in the estate of John FLORER dated 20 Feb 1816. Witness C. H. Tellingbark. John Flores signed his very brief will with his mark appointing William Florer and wife Elizabeth executoers. Test: James Johnson, Wm Shaw, Jonas Hatfield. Etheldred T. BASS appraised the property totaling $85.31. Property sale bill includes the following names: William Miner, Elizabeth Florer, John B. Drinning, Moses Bollins, Samuel Legg, John McBeau, John Dolin, John Mau, Leonard R. Snider, Isaac Miner, Jacob Pancake, William Partlow, William BASS, David Ray, Etheldred BASS and Edward Legg.
Compiled by Becky Bass Bonner
Last Updated: 08 Feb 1998
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