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[S6] Circuit Court of Fauquier Co., Warrenton VA. Clerk's Office, Fauquier Co VA Will Book 4, 4 (n.p.: Hereinafter cited as Fauquier Co. Will Bk 4.

[S20] Cummins/Eskridge Papers, Microfilm #4737. Hereinafter cited as Cummins/Eskridge Papers.

[S21] Circuit Court of Fauquier Co., Warrenton VA Clerk's Office, Fauquier Co VA Will Book 1 ., reel 31 (n.p.: Hereinafter cited as Fauquier Co. VA Will BK 1.

[S22] Fauquier Co., Virginia Marriage Records Vol 1, 1). Hereinafter cited as Fauquier Co. VA Marr Rec Vol 1.

[S36] Julie Lund Personal Research
, Julie Lund, e-mail address. I met Julie in the Stanton Query list and had asked her for information on George Cummins. She did not have a connection but gave me the address of Bettie Cummings Cook. In contacting Bettie, she connected George to John Cummins who Julie had information on. Her information filled in a lot of blanks in the Cummins/Cummings line. I am in the process of verifying this information but Bettie has verified some and she has very good documentation on her resources.

[S37] Bettie Cummings Cook Personal Research
, Bettie Cummings Cook, Bettie is a Professor and a published Genealogist with her own publishing company, Cook Publications. According to Julie Lund, she is a stickler for authenticity and references. I am not including her email here yet as I have not cleared that with her. Anyone wanting more information on Bettie or her works can visit her web site. We will welcome any future contributions from Bettie graciously. Thank you Bettie!!!!

[S54] Crown Hill Cemetery, Carmel, Hamilton Co, IN, Samuel Webster Sutton, Transcription; IN Genealogy Society Hamilton Co..

[S55] Cindy Shirar Personal Family Information, Cindy Shirar, e-mail address.

[S59] Susie Martin-Rott Personal Research, Susie Martin-Rott, e-mail address. I met Susie through the Bethesda Cemetery listings. She was in need of pictures of some Titus graves and she has since been kind enough to update some of the information on the Titus and Gaumer lines.

[S67] Terry Phillips Litvan Personal Research, Terry Phillips Litvan, e-mail address. I haven't been able to contact Terry but her research comes to me by way of her cousin Shirley Cummins Wolfe e-mail address and was done some 25 years ago.

[S69] 1969-1991 Patron sheets, LDS Microfilm 1553646 Patron sheets, 1969-1991 ). Herinafter cited as LDS Microfilm 1553646 Patron sheets, 1969-1991.

[S70] Carroll County, Indiana Index to Marriage Records 1850-1920, Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940). Hereinafter cited as Carroll Co., IN Marriages.

[S74] Iowa WPA Cemetery Records, Ancestry.Com, WPA, 1930s). Hereinafter cited as Iowa WPA Cemetery Records.

[S77] California Death Index: The California Department of Health Services Office of Health Information and Research
vital Statistics Section, California Death Index (Rootsweb). Hereinafter cited as California Death Index.

[S81] Peggy Hurdle Finney Personal Research, Peggy Finney, e-mail address. Peggy's maiden name is Hurdle and she descends from Leonard Hurdle of Madison Twp, Muskingum Co., OH late of Loudoun Co., VA. The Hurdles have a few connections with the Shirers, Kings and Hanks.

[S93] 1991- Official temple record for deceased individuals, Official temple record for deceased individuals, 1991- ). Herinafter cited as Official temple record for deceased individuals, 1991-.

[S126] Ohio Marriages 1803-1900 - Muskingum Co., unknown repository, unknown repository address. Hereinafter cited as Ohio Marriages 1803-1900, Musk. Co..

[S141] Louise J. Shirer's Personal Research, Louise J. Shirer, e-mail address.

[S142] Dorcas Beaver Personal Research, Dorcas Beaver, e-mail address.

[S150] Germany Marriage Ancestral Search. Hereinafter cited as German Marriage Ancestral Search. During the Nazi regime in Germany, those who wished to marry were forced to do an ancestral search of their family to prove that they had no Jewish blood in them before thay would be granted the right to marry. Most searches went back 10 generations or close to 200 years.

I was fortunate to come into the possesion of these search documents for the Nelischer family that were approved with stamps by the German government assuring that each ancestor was not Jewish.

[S171] NDIANA STATE LIBRARY, Genealogy Division, Database to an Index of Indiana Marriages Through 1850, online Hereinafter cited as Indiana State Library, Genealogy, Marriages.

[S172] Carroll Co., IN GenWeb Cemetery Listings, Shirar-Landis Cemetery, online Hereinafter cited as Carroll Co., IN Cem. Landis.

[S175] Herm Shirar Personal Research, Herm Shirar, e-mail address.

[S191] Richard Lee Shirar Personal Research, Richard Lee Shirar, e-mail address.

[S224] Unknown author, "Harter/Fulk Family History" (unknown compiler address). Unknown comments. Hereinafter cited as "Harter/Fulk Family History".

[S253] Interview with Hazel Harter (Newark, OH.), by Thelma Nelisher (neice). .

[S266] History of Coshocton County Ohio, Its Past and Present, 1740-1881.
, N. N. Hill Jr., (Newark, Ohio:, A. A. Graham & Co., Publishers, 1881). Hereinafter cited as History of Coshocton Co.,

[S269] The Family Records of Kenneth Harold Starling, James Carl Starling, and Joan Gertrude (Shirar) MacKenzie, Ken Starling, e-mail address.

[S276] Ellis Island Foundation Database, online Hereinafter cited as Ellis ISland.

[S292] Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900, online Hereinafter cited as Illinois Marriage Index, 17631900.

[S308] J. F. Everhart, History of Carroll county, Indiana, with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers (1882; reprint Chicago, IL: Kingman Brothers, Helm, Thomas B). Hereinafter cited as History of Carroll county, Indiana.

[S313] History of Butler County, Kansas, Mooney, (Lawrence, Kansas: Standard Pub. Co., 1916). Hereinafter cited as History of Butler County, Kansas.

[S338] Bob "Buck" Walters, Family History, Hugh King Family Bible, Bob Walter, e-mail address.

[S390] Washington State Digital Archives, online Hereinafter cited as Washington Digital Archives.

[S577] The History of Edgar County, Illinois, (Chicago, IL.: Wm. LeBaron Jr. & Co., 1879). Hereinafter cited as History of Edgar Co., IL.

[S578] Edgar County, Illinois ILGenWeb Archives, online Hereinafter cited as IL, Edgar ILGenWeb.

[S606] Barbara Elischer Mudry Personal Information, Barbara Elischer Mudry, e-mail address.

[S611] The Hoosier Democrat, Flora, Carroll Co., Indiana, Flora, Carroll Co., IN.. Hereinafter cited as The Hoosier Democrat, Flora, IN.

[S612] News Bank, online unknown url, unknown author (unknown location).

[S732] Virginia. Overwharton parish register, 1720 to 1760 (@, William Fletcher Boogher, (Washington, D.C.: The Saxton Printing Co., 1889). Hereinafter cited as VA, Overwharton Par Register 1720-1760.

[S774] Facebook Personal, online Hereinafter cited as Facebook.

[S838] Texas Deaths 1890-1976 - (LDS), online Hereinafter cited as Texas Deaths 1890-1976.

[S845] Elsa Haupt Family History, Elsa Haupt.

[S905] Indiana Marriages, 1811-1959. Hereinafter cited as Indiana Marriages, 1811-1959. Unknown comments.

[S997] Iowa County Marriages, 1838-1934. Hereinafter cited as Iowa County Marriages, 1838-1934. Unknown comments.

[S1401] Washington, Marriage Records, 1865-2004 (Ancestry), online Hereinafter cited as Washington, Marriage Records, 1865-2004.

[S1581] History of Champaign County, Ohio, its people, industries and institutions (Volume 2), Evan P. Middleton, (Indianapolis, IN: B.F. Bowen, 1917). Hereinafter cited as History of Champaign Co., OH.

[S1582] A memorial of the one hundredth anniversary of the marriage of Philip Schoff, Mrs. Fanny Ramsay (Wilder) Winchester Mrs. Eloise (Walker) Wilder: Wm. Mitchell Printing Co, 1922). Hereinafter cited as Phillip Schoff Memorial History.

[S1641] Pima County, Arizona Clerk of Courts, online Hereinafter cited as AZ, Pima Co. Clerk of Courts.

[S1974] Pennsylvania Death Certificates 1906-1963 (, . Hereinafter cited as Pennsylvania Death Certificates 1906-1963.

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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