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Isabella McKey1

b. circa 1846, d. 31 December 1925

Father John McKey b. circa 1797, d. 21 October 1879
Mother Sarah Huston b. 1808, d. 10 December 1873
Pop-up Pedigree

Birth* circa 1846  Ohio Twp., Beaver Co., PA2,3 
Census* 1860  1860 Federal Census, Ohio, Coshocton County, Tiverton Township, Series: M653, Roll: 950, Page: 218A, June 20
(enumerated with father, John McKey)
08, 144, 146, McKey, Isabella, 14, F, , , , Penn, , , ,2 
Census 1870  1870 Federal Census, Ohio, Coshocton County, Tiverton Township, Series: M593, Roll: 1185, Page: 237B, July 16
(enumerated with father, John McKey)
36, 151, 151, McKey, Isabella, 20, F, W, Milliner, , Penn, 1, 1, , , , , , , ,4 
Census 1900  1900 Federal Census, Ohio, Coshocton County, Tiverton Township, ED: 16, Series: T623, Roll: 1250, Page: 193B, June 9
Sheet 3B
(enumerated with sister, Letitia McKey)
37, 61, 61, McKey, Isabella, Sister, W, F, June 1845, 54, S, , , , Pennsylvania, Ireland, Ireland, , , , , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, , , ,5 
Census 1910  1910 Federal Census, Ohio, Coshocton County, Tiverton Township, ED: 17, Series: T624, Roll: 1163, Page: 18B, April 26
(enumerated with sister, Lizzie McKey)
99, 111, 112, McKey, Belle, Sister, F, W, 64, S, 64, , , Pennsylvania, Ireland, Ireland, , , English, None, , , , , Yes, Yes, , , , , , , ,6 
Biography* 12 January 1916  Personal Letter, The following is a letter written to Sarah Lawyer from Isabella McKey, 12 Jan 1916, Syntax and spelling are true to form.

Jan 12, 1916
Mrs Sarah Lawyer,

Dear Niece,

We recieved your good letter holiday week and was very pleased to here from yous and wish yous all good time through the year 1916 every thing was the Old way here and we were not any place during the holidays, did not have any big dinner and no Company we had butchered the week before and we had all the chicken we wanted before Christmas we have had alott of verry damp weather rain & rain snow and sleet snow and rain last nieht and some rain to day but the snow is all gone

Well I have not been any place for more than a year. Elizabeth has been two times to go to Coshocton for some we have not got the Tax paid they will have to be paid soon as thiy will be up the 20th It is something of a job to get them in the winter here as It does not get to our Box after dark Joe Elder has his store In Walhonding he soald It some timeago but bought It again when he soald he got out of the post ofice I think he lost a good thing with the post ofice we have our old white horse Cows tow that we >> to milk this sppring about fifty Chickens one dog one cat one dog one hog It gives elizabeth lot of excercise I look after wood and coal water and eggs we get from two to eight eggs a day we do not get up early and we have very short days do you have plenty of neighbors close that you can visit or are they Indians Chestnuts here were scarse Wild grapes no good many walnuts we have plenty of apples and cherries few peaches as we have not manny peach trees
Thoes glass globes Mother and sister Jane Cummings bought them from Pittsburg when the three month soldiers returned during the war with north & south That must have been In 1862

Litisha died In September 27 1908 sabath evening

I have written you all the little bit of news I have By The way we got some candy ?? and letters wishing yous all well and will be pleased to here from yous soon

Love to all asever Isabella McKey
Walhonding Coshocton Co Ohio7 
Census 1920  1920 Federal Census, Ohio, Coshocton County, Tiverton Township, ED: 36, Series: T625, Roll: 1357, Page: 164A, January 2
Sheet 1A
(enumerated with sister, Elizabeth McKee)
16, 4, 4, McKee, Isabelle, Sister, , , F, W, 74, S, , , , , Yes, Yes, Penn, , Ireland, Irish, Ireland, Irish, Yes, None, , ,8 
Death* 31 December 1925  Newark, Licking Co., OH9 
Death Cert 31 December 1925  Licking Co., OH, MCKEY, ISABELLA
County Name: LICKING
Date of Death: 12/31/1925
Volume Number: 4909
Certificate Number: 706139 
News/Obit* 3 January 1926  Obituary,

Friends and relatives in this county have received the news of the deaths of Misses Isabelle and Elizabeth McKey, both of Newark, which occurred Thursday morning, the latter dying four hours after Miss Isabelle was found dead. Both were former Tiverton-tp residents.

Miss Elizabeth McKey found her sister dead at 4 o'clock Thursday mroning and the shock of her sister's death caused the other to die.

They were born in Pennsylvania and came to this county when they were quite young. The family settled on a farm near Tiverton Center.

Two years ago the two aged women moved to Newark from Tiverton-tp.

Funeral services were held yesterday for both and burial was made in Cedar Hill cemetery.

Several nieces and nephews survive. Mrs. Josephine Lawrence of Keene and Miss Lenora Elder, this city, great nieces are the only close relatives in this county surviving.

Appeared in the Coshocton Tribune, 3 Jan 1926

, Principal=Elizabeth McKey10,7 

Last Edited 9 Jun 2005

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