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John Mullen

b. circa 1785, d. circa 1837

Family Elizabeth Firestone b. circa 1780, d. 13 October 1855
Marriage*   Principal=Elizabeth Firestone1 
Children  1. James Mullen b. 26 Nov 1804, d. 1853
  2. John Mullen b. 31 Oct 1806, d. 5 Apr 1809
  3. Matilda Mullen b. 16 Apr 1809
  4. Eliza Mullen b. 16 Apr 1811, d. 1865
  5. Cynthia "Synthey" Mullen b. c 1812
  6. Margaret "Peggy" Mullen b. 28 Apr 1815
  7. Thomas Mullen b. 15 Mar 1817, d. 8 Apr 1817
  8. Lucinda Mullen b. 26 May 1820, d. b 1858
  9. Jane Rositha Mullen b. 22 Aug 1824, d. 23 Dec 1910

Land*   Tuscarawas Twp, Stark Co., OH, South west quarter of section No two in Township No 12 of Range No 10 containing on hundred and sixty acres.

Land now situated being that found east of Kenyan Ave. NW, South of Wooster Ave NW, West of Deermont Ave NW and Section 2 south border. The land was split by a railroad right of way after the Mullens disposed of it. 
Name Variation   John Miller1 
Marriage*   Principal=Elizabeth Firestone1 
Birth* circa 1785   
Census 1810  1810 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Beaver County, Little Beaver Township, Series: M252, Roll: 45, Page: 16
Line 05, Mullin, John, 10010-10010-00

1 male 0-10 James 5
0 male 10-15
0 male 16-25
1 male 26-44 John 25-26
0 male 45+
1 female 0-10 Matilda 1
0 female 10-15
0 female 16-25
1 female 26-44 Elizabeth 30
0 female 45+
0 Other
0 Slaves2 
Note* May 1813  From the History of Wayne County, Ohio (1878)

May 1813 (Page 253-254):
In the case of Wayne County, Ohio vs Jacob Mathew, whereas the defendant was charged with larceny, a jury, which included John Mullen, found the defendant not guilty.

1819 (page 726-727):
Trustees of Wooster Twp included John Mullen.

Census* 1820  1820 Federal Census, Ohio, Wayne County, Franklin Township, Series: M33, Roll: 93, Page: 190
12, Mullen, John, 010011-41010-0-3-0-0-0
0 Male 0-10
1 Male 10-16 James 16
0 Male 16-18
0 Male 16-26
1 Male 26-45 John 35
1 Male 45+ John's father?
4 Female 0-10 Lucinda 0, Peggy 5, Cynthia 8, Eliza 9
1 Female 10-16 Matilda 11
0 Female 16-26
1 Female 26-45 Elizabeth 40
0 Female 45+4 
Census 1830  1830 Federal Census, Ohio, Clermont County, Franklin Township, Series: M19, Roll: 128, Page: 256
Line 16: Mullen, John, 1000100100100-1012001000000

1 male 0-5 Robert ? (grandson)
0 male 5-10
0 male 10-15
0 male 15-20
1 male 20-30 James 26
0 male 30-40
0 male 40-50
1 male 50-60 John 45
0 male 60-70
0 male 70-80
1 male 80-90
0 male 90-100
0 male 100+
1 female 0-5 Jane 5
0 female 5-10
1 female 10-15 Lucinda 10, Peggy 15,
2 female 15-20 Cynthia 18, Eliza 19
0 female 20-30
0 female 30-40
1 female 40-50 Elizabeth 50
0 female 50-60
0 female 60-70
0 female 70-80
0 female 80-90
0 female 90-100
0 female 100+

Missing family members:

Matilda 21 married 1830 and in husbands household

Given that the birth dates of some of the girls put them on the cusp of one age range or the other, it is likely that the 15-20 range is populated by Peggy and either Cynthia or Eliza and the other is working out or attending school neither of which has been proven but it would appear one of the girls is not living at home. Neither Cynthia or Eliza are yet married and it is more likely that either school or work is involved. All the females mentioned above were alive in 1830 so death is not the reason one is missing although infirmity is a possibility.5 
Probate* 30 September 1836  Clermont Co., OH, Last Will & Testament
of John Mullen I John Mullen of the county
of Clermont in the state of Ohio
do make and publish this my last will and testa-
ment in manner and form following that is to say

First it is my will that my funeral expenses and
all my just debt be fully paid

Second I give devise and bequeath to my beloved
wife Elizabeth Mullen all the moneys and credits now
due and owing to me and also my live stock
horses cattle sheep hogs and grain also the house-
hold furniture and other items not particularly named
not and otherwise disposed of in this will during
her natural life she however first disposing of a
sufficiency thereof to pay my just debts as aforesaid
and at the death of my said wife all the property
hereby devised or bequeathed to her as aforesaid
or so much thereof as may then remain unexpanded
to be equally divided shared alike amongst my seven
children that is to say James Mullen, Matilda
Mullen, Eliza Mullen, Cyntha Mullen, Margaret
Mullen, Lucinda Mullen and Jane Mullen.

Third I give and devise to my Grand son
Robert Mullen now living with me and in my
family the sum of three hundred dollars to be
paid to the said Robert when he is twenty one years
of age, if he so long lives.

Fourth I give and to my said children
James Matilda Eliza Cyntha Margaret Lucinda
and Jane the following tract of land situate &
being in the county and state aforesaid being a
part of that land called by the Benjamin Mar-
ley survey No Eleven hundred and two contaning
about one hundred and sixty nine acres and also
the South west quarter of section No two in Town-
ship No 12 of Range No 10 containing on hundred
and sixty acres lying and being in the county of
Stark in the State of Ohio aforesaid which said
lands is to be equally divided amongst my said
children James Matilda Eliza Cyntha Margaret
Lucinda and Jane Said lands being subject
to my said wifes dower.

Fifth it is also my will and wish that if my
said wife Elizabeth shall marry that then and in
that case she shall not have or hold any of my
Estate but her right by dower. And lastly I hereby
constitute and appoint my said wife George Firestone
and Thomas Mullen to be the executors of this my
last will and testament revoking and annulling
all former wills by me made and notifying and
confirming this and no other to be my last will
and testament.

In testimony whereof I have herewith
set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of Sep-
tember in the year of our Lord one thousand eight
hundred and thirty six. John Mullen
Signed published and declared
by the above named John Mullen
as and for his last will and
testament in presence of as
who at his request have signed
as witness
Samuel Orr
Solomon Firestone6
Death* circa 1837   

Last Edited 1 Oct 2012

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