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David Daniel Gaumer

b. 1 March 1918, d. 25 September 1919

Father Bruce Barton Gaumer b. 9 September 1881, d. after 1932
Mother Mary Dennis Kirby1 b. circa 1878
Pop-up Pedigree

Birth* 1 March 1918  Marysville, Union Co., OH2 
Death* 25 September 1919  Marysville, Union Co., OH 
News/Obit* 26 September 1919  Obituary,

    It is a sad, sad duty the editor of the Journal has to perform today in chronicling the death of his youngest child, David Daniel Gaumer who quietly and peacefully passed away Thursday morning at 7:30 o'clock. We have been in the valley of the shadow of death and there we left our little boy sleeping in the all embracing arms of the all-loving Father, until Jesus calls him in the Resurrection. And this we know that somehow, some time, he will have his part in the Resurrection promised to all mankind in God's Holy Word.

    Little David was the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Gaumer. He came into the world March 1, 1918 and remained with them until September 25, 1919. Beside the parents, a brother, Frank Thomas, aged six, and a sister, Mary Elisabeth, aged three are left, neither old enough to quite comprehend the great loss they have sustained. Two grandmothers are living, Mrs. A. G. Kirby, the mother's mother, and Mrs. E. M. Gaumer, of Urbana, the father's mother. Four uncles are living, Charles L. Kirby, of Youngstown, A. G. Kirby, Jr., of Marysville, Charles E. Gaumer, of Columbus, and Frank C. Gaumer of Urbana.

    David was taken ill Sunday monring. He came to his father with his sweet smile to be taken up, as was his way and soon fell asleep. His childish moans apprised the family that he was seriously ill. One of those nervous convulsions so common in childhood followed. Dr. C. D. Mills and Dr. H. G. Southard were summoned and Mrs. Ed Turner , through her great kindness, came to nurse him. Monday morning he seemed a little better. Mrs. Elva Cook of West Mansfield kindly acted as nurse. Monday night was followed by serious convulsions Tuesday morning. Dr. Opham, a noted specialst was called Tuesday afternoon and through the kindness of Dr. Eugene McCampbell, Miss Trusler, a specialist nurse, trained in caring for infants' diseases, was secured. The condition continued grave until the end. From the moment he was taken ill with the disease, enterocolitus, until the end he had every care and attention that human power could give. Wednesday evening he seemed a little brighter. From another room we heard the mother call to him in a voice of sublime love and tenderness. "O David," and little David answered her with one word; and then went to sleep and slept on until God took him away, as the sun came up on the morning.

    We know now that it was not intended in the all seeing love of God that he should stay with us. It seems to us now, that it was not the purpose of God that he should remain long in this world. He was one of the sweetest babies that ever lived. As a baby he was unusually appealing to those who lived with him and his short life was one continuous song of joy and happiness and all those attributes that make childhood that wonderful time of love. O ineffable memory of sweetness. This we have to carry with us through life, and so we tender our thanks for the supreme love of the Heavenly Father that He let us have him a little while. It seems to us now that God sent him to us for some good purpose and then in His divine wisdom and love took him away from this world of pain and sorrow and death. It seems to us now that he came with a sweet message that we shall know in due time. In that heavenly moment of sweetness when his mother poured out her heart to her baby boy and when he looked up at her and spoke to her with a voice that seemed to come from Heaven, the one word spoken in that wondrous moment was "What?" O Lord God, if it is Thy will, teach us Thy ways, that we may follow in the footsteps of the Lord all the days that are granted to us.

    "O David," good-bye! Every evening as the father carried him upstairs to place him in his little bed, it was little David's wish that he stop on the stairway while he waived his little hands to his mother and with that sweet smile said "Good-bye." Never "Good-night," but always "Good-bye." "O David," good-bye! O blessed memory! Good-bye, little David until that time when we shall see thee again sweet child, when "God shall wipe away all tears and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain."

    The funeral will be held Saturday morning at ten o'clock at the residence of the parents and Mrs. A. G. Kirby, 871 West Seventh conducted by Rev. Hugh B. Evans, pastor of the Presbyterian church, of which church both parents are members. /p>

Appeared in the Adamsville Register, Friday, September 26, 1919


Last Edited 8 May 2013

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  2. [S1582] Phillip Schoff Memorial History, Mrs. Fanny Ramsay (Wilder) Winchester Mrs. Eloise (Walker) Wilder.

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