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Robert Phillips1


Father Robert Phillips2 b. 12 September 1585
Mother Charles W. "Charley" Lane3 b. circa 6 November 1606
Pop-up Pedigree

Family Margaret Ann Solomon F. b. circa 4 November 1638
Child  1. Joseph Phillips b. 29 Nov 1667

Note   On 9 Aug. 1637, John Graves patented 600 acres in Elizabeth City County near the upper end of the Back River, "due in right of descent upon his father Thomas Graves who transported at his own costs himself, Katherine Graves, his wife, sons John Graves, the patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons, Henry Singleton, Thomas Edge, Robert Phillips, Thomas Griggs, Thomas Phillips, Francis White, William Symber, Jone Packett." This patent is proof that Capt. Thomas Graves did not bring his family until after 1616, for had they come earlier they would all have been "Ancient Planters" and entitled to 100 acres each instead of 50 acres. This patent was near the lands of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood and east of the dwelling of Ohner Van Kirk. In 1638 and 1639 he received additional patents. These eight people, amongst them Robert Phillips and his brother, are to be considered the earliest founders of Virginia, following the signing of the Third Charter of Virginia (by Sir Edward Phillips, in his home at Monta cute House, and other signatories) in 1816.

Robert Phillips owned a ship called 'The Phillip", which made regular passages from England to Virginia. From a rare passenger record, "...Langford, Murcie, age 24, imbarked in the Phillip, to be transported to VA, Jun 20, 1635 (Ref . 30); with "Lawters, John, age 17, imbarked in the Phillip, to be transported to VA, Jun 20, 1635 (Ref. 30)"

As with others in this early group of settlers, these individuals maintained homes in England as well as Virginia. Virginia was a place of escape for the Cavaliers after the execution of their benefactor, King Charles on I January 30, 1649, until after the Restoration of (his son) King Charles II in May of 1660. By this time, the settlers had established solid second homes in Virginia, and for the next century, the wealthier amongst them travelled freely back and forth - until the stresses and separation pressures began, and finally culminated with the Revolutionary War, which started in 1776. Edward Bennett had a hand in settling over 600 people in Isle of Wight County. Bennett and his associates, Richard Wiseman, and Thomas Wiseman, were members of the Virginia Company in London and often sided with the faction led by the Earl of Warwick. The Wisemans were from the County of Essex and owned the manor of Rivenhall in Witham Hundred on the Blackwater River. Boddie, supra, speculates that the Blackwater River in Isle of Wight County may have derived its name from the Essex river since both flow generally east and southeast. Richard Wiseman was the leader of the Puritan uprising in London in 1641. In addition to his position as a wealthy London merchant, Edward Bennett was the owner of a large fleet of ships which traded with Virginia. He was also Commissioner of Virginia at the Court of England. He came to Virginia at times but apparently did not become a resident, leaving the management of his lands to his nephews, Richard and Robert. Edward Bennett also had two brothers to die in Virginia, Robert and Richard. The brothers and nephews are often confused. When Edward Bennett returned to England shortly after 1628, his nephew, Richard, became the leader of the Puritans in Virginia. Richard Bennett and the Puritan colony moved to Nansemond which was largely populated by Puritans. It can be assumed that there were many undocumented passages of these personal ships, upon which Phillips and other connected family members were transported, with ease, to and fro. In 1635, Richard Bennett patented 2,000 acres on the east side of the Nansemond River on a creek still called Bennett's Creek. Robert Bennett, cousin of Richard, and Philip Bennett, brother of Richard, also patented large tracts in the vicinity.2 
Note*   (Courtesy of:
Marriage 1: Mary SKINNER b: 8 Sep 1639 in Barnstaple, Devon, England
Married: 15 Jan 1653/1654 in Sandford, Devon, England

1. Thomas PHILLIPS b: 28 Jun 1655 in Northam, Devon, England
2. John PHILLIPS b: 17 Jun 1656 in Sandford, Devon, England
3. Mary PHILLIPS b: 17 Dec 1657 in Sandford, Devon, England

Marriage 2: Margaret Ann COLLYNS b: 4 Nov 1638 in Honiton On Otter, Devon, England
Married: 11 Sep 1660 in Sandford, Devon, England

1. Robert PHILLIPS b: 2 Feb 1661 in Sandford, Devon, England
2. Margaret PHILLIPS b: 6 Mar 1662 in Saint Edmunds, Exeter, Devon, England
3. Mary PHILLIPS b: 12 Dec 1663 in Sandford, Devon, England
4. Joseph PHILLIPS b: 29 Nov 1667 in Kingsbridge, Devon, England
5. Edward PHILLIPS b: 3 Feb 1669 in Pontesbury, Shropshire, England2 
Birth 18 November 1632  Pontesbury, Shropshire, England2 
Marriage* 11 September 1660  Sandford, Devon, England, Principal=Margaret Ann Solomon F.1,2,4 

Last Edited 17 Mar 2010

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