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Van Everett David Emmons1,2,3

b. 14 July 1868, d. 29 November 1936

Mother Mary Alice Whiteleather1 b. 18 August 1851, d. 11 August 1912
Father David Emmons1 b. 12 March 1843, d. 12 December 1920
Pop-up Pedigree

Family Lilly M. Williston b. 19 October 1871, d. 30 May 1951
Marriage* 18 August 1893  Columbiana Co., OH, Principal=Lilly M. Williston3,5,4 
Children  1. Roscoe McKinley Emmons b. 9 Jul 1896, d. b 1978
  2. Judge Clande V. D. Emmons b. 25 Nov 1898, d. bt 1958 - 1995
  3. infant Emmons b. a 1900, d. b 1910
  4. Myrtle Lorraine Emmons b. 29 Sep 1900, d. 3 Aug 1955
  5. Paulyne Drabelle Emmons b. 9 Apr 1908, d. 31 Jul 1995

Biography*   This Bio was taken from Akron and Summit County by Karl H. Grismer, pub in the early 1900's

VanEverett David Emmons was born in Rochester, O., July 9 1867. He taught school there and also in Duff's mercantile College in Pittsburgh where he taught penmanship, accounting and telegraphy.

Coming to Akron in 1899, he headed the accounting department of Werner Printing Company for 12 years and then liquidated the assets of the company. In 1914, in partnership with Aaron Wagoner, he formed the Wagoner-Emmons Realty Co. and opened three allotments in the Arlington road section, one on the Canton Road and four in Springfield Heights.

After the death of Mr. Wagoner he went into partnership with his brother, E.F. Emmons and they opened and sold Clearview Allotment, Emmons Small Farms and Swinehart Allotment.

Mr. Emmons too an Active part in politics. He served three terms on the Akron city council, three terms in the State House of Representatives and six terms in the Ohio State Senate and was still senator when he died on Nov 29, 1936.

He was the clerk of the Modern Woodmen of America for 28 years and was a member of the Junior Order of American Mechanics, Eagles, Moose, D. of A., Izaak Walton League, local and State real estate boards and the High Street Church of Christ.

On Oct 16 1891, he was married to Lilly M. Williston, of New Alexandria, O. They had four children Roscoe, Clande, Myrtle Zahn and Pauline Robertson. 
Birth* 14 July 1868  East Rochester, Columbiana Co., OH1,3,4 
Census* 1870  1870 Federal Census, Ohio, Columbiana County, West Township, New Alexandria, Series: M593, Roll: 1184, Page: 435A, June 6
(enumerated with father, David Emmons)
08, 112, 112, Emmons, Everett, 2, M, W, , , , O(hio), , , , , , , , , ,1 
Census 1880  1880 Federal Census, Ohio, Columbiana County, West Township, ED: 63, Series: T9, Roll: 1002, Page: 713B, June 4
(enumerated with father, David Emmons)
09, 95, 95, Emmons, Van Everett, W, M, 12, , Son, 1, , , , Farm Laborer, , , , , , , , 1, , , Ohio, Ohio, Ohio2 
Marriage* 18 August 1893  Columbiana Co., OH, Principal=Lilly M. Williston3,5,4 
Census 1900  1900 Federal Census, Ohio, Summit County, Akron Township, Akron, Ward 1, ED: 57, Series: T623, Roll: 1323, Page: 29A, June 12
Sheet 16A, 118 Ohio Street
44, 317, 353, Emmons, Van Everett, Head, W, M, July, 1870, 29, M, 5, , , Ohio, , Ohio, , , , Book Keeper, 0, , Yes, Yes, Yes, R, , H,
45, 317, 353, Emmons, Lilly, Wife, W, F, Oct, 1871, 28, M, 5, 2, 2, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , , , , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, , , ,
46, 317, 353, Emmons, Roscoe, Son, W, M, July, 1896, 3, S, , , , Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ohio, , , , , , , , , , , , ,
47, 317, 353, Emmons, Claude, Son, W, M, Nov, 1898, 1, S, , , , Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ohio, , , , , , , , , , , , ,5 
Census 1910  1910 Federal Census, Ohio, Summit County, Akron Ward 1, ED: 124, Series: T624, Roll: 1233, Page: 75A, April 21
Sheet 8A, 152 Forge Street
25, 139, 155, Emmins, Van Everette, Head, M, W, 42, M1, 14, , , Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , , English, Book Keeper, Printing Establishment, W, No, 0, Yes, Yes, , O, M, H, 10, 5, 7, 1
26, 139, 155, Emmins, Lily M, Wife, F, W, 38, M1, 14, 5, 4, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , , English, None, , , , , Yes, Yes, , , , , , , ,
27, 139, 155, Emmins, Roscoe M, Son, M, W, 13, S, , , , Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ohio, , , English, None, , , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, , , , , , ,
28, 139, 155, Emmins, Claude W, Son, M, W, 11, S, , , , Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ohio, , , English, None, , , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, , , , , , ,
29, 139, 155, Emmins, Myrtle L, Daughter, F, W, 9, S, , , , Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , , English, None, , , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, , , , , , ,
30, 139, 155, Emmins, Pauline D, Daughter, F, W, 2, S, , , , Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , , , None, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,6 
Census 1920  1920 Federal Census, Ohio, Summit County, Akron Township, Akron, Ward 1, ED: 126, Series: T625, Roll: 1437, Page: 119A, January 2
Sheet 1A, 103 Adolph Street
01, 1, 1, Emmons, Van Evart, Head, O, M, M, W, 50, M, , , , , Yes, Yes, Ohio, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, Real Estate, Houses, Em,
02, 1, 1, Emmons, Lilly M, Wife, , , F, W, 48, M, , , , , Yes, Yes, Ohio, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, None, , ,
03, 1, 1, Emmons, Roscoe, Son, , , M, W, 23, S, , , , , Yes, Yes, Pennsylvania, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, Real Estate, Houses, W,
04, 1, 1, Emmons, Claude, Son, , , M, W, 21, S, , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, Pennsylvania, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, None, , ,
05, 1, 1, Emmons, Myrtle, Daughter, , , F, W, 19, S, , , , No, Yes, Yes, Ohio, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, None, , ,
06, 1, 1, Emmons, Pauline, Daughter, , , F, W, 11, S, , , , Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohio, , Ohio, , Ohio, , Yes, None, , ,7 

As one carries his researches into the records of Akron's past and investigates its present conditions, he learns of the close connection of Van Everett David Emmons with interests which have had to do with the city's upbuilding and development for many years and, moreover, he comes of a family whose association with the progress of eastern Ohio compasses more than a century. His great-grandparents settled in Columbiana county during the earliest period in the pioneer development of that region and their son, Enos Emmons, was born in Leetonia, Columbiana county in 1808. He wedded Catherine Reamer and their son, David Emmons, was born near Bayard, in Columbiana county, in 1843. Reared in that locality, he had not yet attained his majority when he responded to the country's call for troops to aid in the preservation of the Union, joining the boys in blue of Company D, One Hundred and Fifteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, while later he served with Company D, One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Ohio Volunteers, and Company I of the Eighty-sixth Ohio Infantry. When the country no longer needed his aid he returned home and devoted his life to farming and to merchandising. He was also appointed postmaster of East Rochester and continued to capably fill that position for a number of years, being accounted one of the valued residents of his part of the state. He wedded Mary A. Whiteleather, who was born near East Rochester in 1851, a daughter of David Whiteleather, whose grand-father was a soldier of the Revolutionary war, having been hired as one of the Hessian troops by the king of England to help subdue the colonies. As his regiment was marching through Pennsylvania he stepped out of the ranks to light his pipe and the troops passed on, leaving him behind. He had come to the new world not because of any interest in the cause of England but because he had been hired to do so, and during his stay here his sympathies had gone out to the colonists. When his comrades passed on, he decided not to rejoin them and soon settled down in Pennsylvania. A little later, however, he enlisted in the American army and served under General Washington in defense of national liberty. It was his son, David Whiteleather, who removed from Pennsylvania to Columbiana county, Ohio, in pioneer times. He married Elizabeth Firestone and they became the parents of Mary A. Whiteleather, who on reaching womanhood was married to David Emmons. Her death occurred in 1912, while Mr. Emmons survived until December 12, 1919. They were parents of five children : Van Everett, of this review ; Frank A., who is living in Alliance, Ohio; Emmett F., of Akron; Ralph W., of the Ohio Civil Service Commission of Columbus, Ohio; and a daughter, now deceased.

The birth of Van Everett D. Emmons occurred at East Rochester, Columbiana county, July 14, 1868, and he was reared in the usual manner of farm lads, attending the district schools and working in the fields until he reached the age of eighteen years, when he suffered an injury in a railway accident that necessitated the amputation of his left leg. Later he assisted his father in the store at East Rochester, the family removing to that town, and for eight years he was a teacher in the rural schools. He soon gave demonstration of his ability to impart clearly and readily to others the knowledge that he had acquired and he had no difficulty in obtaining positions as a teacher. He was also clerk of the board of education and likewise served as township clerk, and while living in Columbiana county he became identified with the Eastern Ohio Telephone Company and also with the Eastern Ohio Creamery Company at East Rochester, serving as secretary and treasurer of the latter. To further qualify for business life he pursued a course of study in Duff's Commercial College at Pittsburgh in 1896 and there became professor of bookkeeping, serving both before and after his graduation. He also filled a position as bookkeeper and telegraph operator with the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange and in 1897 went to New York city, where for two years he was at the head of the bookkeeping department of the International Society.

The year 1899 witnessed Mr. Emmons' arrival in Akron, where he became accountant and correspondent with the Werner Publishing Company, filling that position for twelve years. Throughout his connection with this city his progress has been continuous. His constantly expanding powers have enabled him to cope with intricate and involved business problems and situations and his labors have been most effective in the attainment of success. In 1911 he became one of the organizers of the Akron Adjusting and Sales Company and three years later he aided in organizing the Wagoner-Emmons Realty Company, which was capitalized for fifty thousand dollars and of which he became president and general manager, although at the outset his position was that of vice president and general manager. From the beginning he has done much to further real estate operations in and near Akron and among the important subdivisions which he has placed upon the market are Springfield Heights Nos. 1, 2 and 3, containing over fifteen hundred building lots. He is also president of the Emmons Realty Company and the allotments which he has marketed as representative of these two companies include Eastholm, Arlington Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4, Emmons small farms and others, whereby Akron's growth, progress and beauty have been greatly enhanced. Mr. Emmons likewise became one of the incorporators of the Akron Real Estate Mortgage Company, capitalized at five hundred thousand dollars, and was chosen its vice president and a member of its executive committee. He is a director of the Rubber City Real Estate Company, was also identified with the Mason Tire & Rubber Company and with the Akron Savings & Loan Company and Equity Savings & Loan Company. The Wagoner-Emmons Realty Company has promoted the Ellet subdivision, in which ten hundred and fifty lots were sold, also the Ellet subdivisions Nos. 3 and 4, and Casper Farms. The Emmons Realty Company is now developing Mogadore and the Ellet and Springfield Lake property. There is today no man more thoroughly informed concerning real estate conditions or more able to speak with authority upon realty values and opportunities than in Mr. Emmons. He is an active member of the Akron Real Estate Board and has served as chairman of its local tax committee. He has membership on the Ohio Real Estate Board and has served on its legislative committee. He also belongs to the National Real Estate Board and has thus come into close touch with the men who are most prominent in that field, gaining new ideas through the interchange of thought and experience, while his own initiative has been continuously manifest in the originality and progressiveness of his methods.

In the 18th of August, 1893, Mr. Emmons was married at East Rochester to Miss Lilly M. Williston, a daughter of John and Louisa (Liber) Williston, of New Alexandria, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Emmons have four children. Roscoe McKinley, who was born in Pittsburgh, July 9, 1896, and was formerly with the Ajax Rubber Company of Cleveland, is now with the Miller Company, manufacturers of lighting fixtures at Meriden, Connecticut. He married Miss Rea Bowers, of Akron, and has one son, Roscoe McK., Jr., born November 15, 1923. Claude V. D., born in Pittsburgh, November 25, 1898, was in training at Camp Gordon during the World war. In 1921 he was graduated from the University of Akron and in June, 1924, from the law department of Western Reserve University, being admitted to the bar June 23, 1924, since which time he has engaged in practice. He married Miss Thelma McClister, of Akron. Myrtle Loraine, born in Akron, September 29, 1900, is the wife of Wilbur Marquardt and has two children, Wilbur B., Jr., born October 8, 1922, and La Jeanne, born February 25, 1925. Pauline Drabelle, born in Akron, April 9, 1908, is now a sophomore in the University of Akron, pursuing a liberal arts course, and is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Mr. Emmons has always been keenly interested in the welfare and progress of his city and for two terms served as a member of the city council, where he was active on the finance, city property and education committees. His labors were a potent force in eliminating the grade crossings of Akron and in promoting various other progressive measures. He has long been recognized as one of the republican leaders of the state and served on the county central committee and has been a delegate to various party conventions. He was elected to serve in the eighty-fifth and eighty-sixth general assemblies from Summit county as state representative and made so creditable a record that he was chosen to represent the district comprising Ashtabula, Geauga, Portage, Lake and Summit counties in the state senate, Eighty-seventh General Assembly and was nominated for state senator to the Eighty-eighth General Assembly. He took active part in promoting much valuable legislation both in the senate and the house, serving on the finance committee and aiding greatly in obtaining the appropriation for beautifying the lakes and streams of Summit county. He was the co-author of the bill that secured the purchase and development of a state park at Gillford, Ohio, comprising five hundred acres, this being used as a fish and game preserve. He was the author of the real estate license law. He holds Real Estate License No. 1. He was the author of the bill permitting a municipality to take over townships or parts of townships and making division of funds on hands and debts. This resulted in Akron acquiring Goodyear Heights and the bill is of great benefit in the development of larger cities. Mr. Emmons' labors have been particularly beneficial along the line of welfare work for the state in the improvement of rivers, in the preservation of timber tracts, in the reforestation and in the prevention of stream pollution. Fraternally Mr. Emmons is connected with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the Junior Order of United American Mechanics. He also belongs to Akron Camp of the Sons of Veterans, the Portage Fish and Game Club, the Municipal Golf Association and the Ohio Sportsmen's League. There is no one who more thoroughly advocates clean sportsmanship and conformity to law in preserving the game of river and forest. Mr. Emmons also has membership in the new High Street Church of Christ. His entire life has been characterized by a progressive spirit that has ever been manifest in constructive measures and activities. As the architect of his own fortunes he has builded wisely and well and he has also been the builder of much of Ohio's greatness. His business activities have been a large contributing factor to the improvement of Akron and his legislative service, both in the house and in the senate, has had much to do with Ohio's welfare along many lines. His labors have been far-reaching and resultant and have gained for him the respect and honor, the good will and confidence of his fellowmen. Residence, 103 North Adolph avenue., Principal=David Emmons4 
Census 1930  1930 Federal Census, Ohio, Summit County, Copley Township, ED: 77-231, Series: T626, Roll: 1881, Page: 19B, April 14
Sheet 6B, 43 Overwood Road (Now called Emmons Avenue)
76, 137, 149, Emmons, Van, Head, O, 16000, Yes, No, M, W, 61, M, 22, No, Yes, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , 59, , , , , Yes, Real Estate, Homes, 8286, W, Yes, , No, ,
77, 137, 149, Emmons, Lilly, Wife, , , , No, F, W, 59, M, 20, No, Yes, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , 59, , , , , Yes, None, , , , , , , ,
78, 137, 149, Emmons, Pauline, Daughter, , , , No, F, W, 22, S, , Yes, Yes, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, , 59, , , , , Yes, None, , , , , , , ,8 
Death 29 November 1936  Akron, Summit Co., OH3 
Death Cert* 29 November 1936  Akron, Summit Co., OH, Name: Van Everett D. Emmons
Death date: 29 Nov 1936
Death place: Akron, Summit, Ohio
Birthdate: 14 Jul 1868
Estimated birth year:
Birthplace: Columbiana Co., Ohio
Age at death: 68 years 4 months 15 days
Gender: Male
Marital status: Married
Race or color: Caucasian
Street address: Overwood Rd.
Occupation: State Senator
Residence: Fairlawn Hts.
Burial date: 02 Dec 1936
Burial place:
Cemetery name: Rose Hill
Spouse's name: Lily M.
Father's name: David Emmons
Father's titles:
Father's birthplace: Columbiana Co., Ohio
Mother's name: Mary Alice Whiteleather
Mother's titles:
Mother's birthplace: Columbiana Co., Ohio
GSU film number: 2022733
Digital GS number:
Image number: 2693
Reference number: fn 72467
Collection: Ohio Deaths 1908-1953, Informant=Lilly M. Williston3
Burial* 2 December 1936  Rose Hill Cemetery, Akron, Summit Co., OH, Inscription: Senator V. D. Emmons
July 14, 1868
Nov. 29, 19363,9

Last Edited 6 Oct 2009

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