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George Soule Sr.

b. 1593, d. before 22 January 1679

Family Mary Becket b. 1593, d. 22 January 1679
Marriage* circa 1623  Principal=Mary Becket 
Child  1. George Soule Jr. b. 1639, d. 17 May 1704

Note*   Children:
     Zachariah (1627-1663)
     John (1632-1707)
     Nathaniel (1637-1699)
     George (1639-1704)
     Susanna (1642-1684)
     Mary (1644-1720)
     Elizabeth (1645-1700)
     Patience (1648-1705)
     Benjamin (1651-1676) 
Note   Southworth Genealogy, S.G. Webber, 1905 - George Soule came in the "Mayflower," was entered as a manservant to Edward Winslow and counted as belonging to his family. In 1623, he received in his own right an acre of land as the others. In 1627 he took part in the division of cattle; in 1633 he was made freeman of the colony, and was rated as 9s., corn 6s. per bushel. In 1637 he volunteered as private to go against the Pequot Indians. In 1638 he moved to Duxbury. He was among the selectmen chosen in that town; was deputy to the General Court in 1642, 1645, 1650, 1651, 1653, 1655; was put on the committee for revision of the Colonial laws. He was also one of the signors of the Mayflower Compact of 11 Nov 1620. 
Note   Notes from other researchers:

The parentage of George Soule remains unknown. Several published ancestries have subsequently been disproven, such as that in "The
English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers", by Charles Banks, 1929.

There are three George Soule baptisms listed in the I.G.I. parish register abstractions:

* February 9, 1595, Tingrith, Bedford (son of William)
* April 21, 1605, All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk (son of Robert)
* February 28, 1615, Flitwick, Bedford (son of George)
_________________________________________________________________ _________ ________________________________
The Tingrith, Bedford record should definitely be investigated further. It should be noted that George Soule, Jr. named his second son William- - perhaps after his grandfather. The 1605 and 1615 record are certainly not those of the Mayflower passenger, because George Soule would have been of legal age when he signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620.SOULE, GEORGE - A 1620 Mayflower passenger, George Soule arrived as a servant to Edward Winslow. He became a Purchaser and was on the 1633 list of freeman. He moved to Duxbury and acquired considerable amounts of land in other places. Soule was a volunteer in the Pequot War and in 1642 was a duputy for Duxbury. He married a Mary, whose surname possibly was Becket. He died in 1679. His will, dated 11 August 1677, with codicil 20 September 1677, proved 1679, named his sons Nathaniel, George, and John, and his daughters Elizabeth, Patience, Susannah, and Mary. He also had sons Zachariah and Benjamin who predeceased him. MF 3, with its necessary Addendum, gives his first five generations. The Soule family history compiled by Gideon T. Ridlon is not reliable.

Source: Plymouth Colony Its History & People 1620-1691 by Eugene
Aubrey Stratton

from "The Great Migration Begins" Anderson pg 1704

ORIGIN; Unknown
MIGRATION: 1620 on Mayflower
REMOVES: Duxbury
FREEMAN: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freeman, ahead of those admitted on 1 January 1632/33 [PCR 1:4], On list of 7 March 1636/7 freemen [PCR 1:52]. On the 29 May 1670 list of freemen of Duxburrow [PCR 5:275].
EDUCATION: Signed his name as witness to the will of John Barnes of Plymouth 6 March 1667/8 [MD4:98, citing Scrapbook 56].
OFFICES: Deputy (for Duxburrow), 27 September 1642 (special deputy in case of
war with the Indians). 7 June 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 6 June 1654 [PCR 2:45,3 31, 44, 49]. Committee (from Duxbury), 28 October 1645, 3 March 1645/6, 7
July 1646, 4 June 1650 (to consider the making and repealing laws), 5 June 1651 [PCR 2:94, 95, 104, 154, 167, 11:155]. Grand jury, 7 March 1642/3, 6 June 1643 [PCR 2:53, 56]. Jury 3 June 1656, 3 March 1662/3 [PCR 3:102, 7:108]. Petit jury, 1 June 1647 [PCR 2:117]. Lot viewer, 4 June 1645 [PCR 2:88]. Committee to draw an order concerning the disorderly drinking of tobacco [!], 20 October 1646 [PCR 2:108]. Viewer of meadows, 5 May 1640 [PCR 1:151]. Committee to set the range, 1 June 1658 [PCR 3:138].
One of the "voluntaries," soldiers "that willingly offer themselves to go upon ... service" 7 June 1637 [PCR 1:60].
ESTATE: In the 1623 Plymouth division of land received one acre as a passenger on the Mayflower [PCR 12:4]. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle George Sowle, Mary Sowle and Zakariah Sowle were the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth persons in the ninth company [PCR 12:12].
Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 March 1633 and 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:10, 27]. He was on the list of purchasers [PCR 2:177].
On 1 July 1633 he was granted "mow for a cow near his dwelling house" [PCR 1:15]. On 20 March 1636/7 he was allowed the hay ground where he got hay the year before [PCR 1:56]. On 4 December 1637 George Soule was granted a garden place on Ducksborrow side [PCR 1:69]. On 7 May 1638 one acre of land was granted to George Soule "at the watering place" in liew of another acre which was taken from him for other use, and also two acres of stonly marsh at Powder Point were granted to him [PCR 1:83]. On 13 July 1639 George Soule sold to Robert Hicks two acres at the watering place on the south side of Plymouth [PCR 12:45]. On 2 November 1640 he was granted "the meadow he desires" at Green's Harbor [PCR 1:165].
On 4 May 1658 George Soule was granted five acres of meadow [PCR 3:134]. On 22 January 1658 and 17 July 1668, George Soule gave his Dartmouth propriety to his sons Nathaniel and George as a single undivided share [PCLR 3:123, 245].
On 23 July 1668 George Soule, with "consent of my wife Mary," gave land to Francis Walker "husband to my daughter Elizabeth" [MD 27:39-40, citing [PCLR 3:126. On 26 January 1668[/9] George Soule of Duxbury deeded to "Patience Haskall his true and natural daughter and unto John Haskall her husband" his half shareof land at Namassakett [MD27:40, citing PCLR 3:153] On 12 March 1668[/9] George Soule of Duxbury, husbandman, deeded to "my daughter Elizabeth wife unto Francis Walkere" half his share of land at Namascutt [MD 27:40-41, citing PLR 10:2:327].
In his will, dated 11 August 1677 (with codicil dated 20 September 1677 and proved 5 March 1679/80, "G[e]orge Soule Senior of Duxberry ... being aged and weak of body" confirmed that he had formerly given by deeds "unto my two sons Nathanieland G[e]orge all my lands in the township of Dartmouth ... [and] I have formerly given unto my daughters Elizabeth and Patience all my lands in the township of Middleberry"; to "my daughters Sussannah and Mary" 12d. apiece; "forasmuch as my eldest son John Soule and his family hath in my extreme old age and weakness been tender and careful of me and very helpful to me, and is likely so to be while it shall please God to continue my life here, therefore I give and bequeath unto my said son John Soule all the remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever"; to "my son John Soule all my goods and chattels whatsoever"; "my son John Soule to be my sole executor." In a codicil dated 20 September 1677, "G[e]orge Soule" indicated that if "my son John Soule" were to disturb "my daughter Patience or her heirs" in the peacable possession of lands he had given her in Middleborough, then "my gift to my son John Soule shall be void" and "my daughter Patience shall have all my lands at Duxburrey and she shall be my sole executrix ... and enter into my housing lands and meadows at Duxburrow" [MD 2:81-83, citing PCPR 4:1:50].
The inventory of the estate of George Soule of Duxbury, taken 22 January 1679[/80], totalled L40 19s., including L25 in real estate: "dwelling house, orchard, barn and upland," L20; and "meadow land," L5; John Soule appended a long list of charges against the estate, including an item "for diet and tendance since my mother died which was three year the last December" [MD 2:83-84, citing PCPR 4:1:51].
BIRTH: By about 1602 based on date of marriage
DEATH: Between 20 September 1677 (codicil to will) and 22 January 1679[/80]
(date of inventory), and probably closer to the latter date.
MARRIAGE: By 1627 MARY BUCKETT (in the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle George Soule had wife Mary and son Zachariah; Mary has been identified by many writers as Mary Buckett of the 1623 land division on that basis that no other Mary was available in the limited Plymouth population of the earliest years). She died about December 1672 (son John Soule indicated in an account of 1676 that " my mother died which was three year the last December" [MD 2:83-84]).
i ZACHARIAH, b. by 1627; m. by 1663 Margaret _____ [Scrapbook 20].
ii JOHN, b. about 1632 (deposed 8 March 1705/6 aged "about
seventy-four years" [MD 5:46, citing PLR 7:35]); m. (1) by about
1656 Rebecca Simonson, daughter of MOSES SIMONSON (estimated b. of
eldest child [MF 3:7]); m. (2) by 1679 Esther (_____) Samson,
widow of Samuel Samson [TAG 15:165-67; TG 1:233; MF 3:7].
iii NATHANIEL, b. between say 1634 and 1646 (adult by 1667/8 [PCR 3:178]); before 4 March 1673/4 fathered a child with an unnamed
Indian woman and ordered to pay ten bushels of corn to her for the
keeping of the child [PCR 5:163]; m. by 1681 Rose _____ (eldest
child b. Dartmouth 12 January 1681[/2]).
iv GEORGE, b. about 1639 (deposed 1 March 1672/3 "aged 34 years or
thereabouts" [Newport Court Book A30]); m. by 1671 Deborah _____
(estimated birth of first children [MF 3:9]).
v SUSANNA, b. say 1640; m. by 1660 Francis West (estimated birth of
first child [MF 3:10]).
vi MARY, b. about 1642 (in 1653 bound out for seven years or eight if
she did not marry [MD 1:214]); m. by 1667 John Peterson (estimated
birth of first child [MF 3:10]).
vii ELIZABETH, b. say 1644 (fined for committing fornication 3 March
1662/3 [PCR 5:34]; sued Nathaniel Church 5 October 1663 for
refusing to marry her [PCR 7:111]; ordered whipped 2 July 1667 for
committing fornication a second time [PCR 5:162]); m. by 23 July
1668 Francis Walker.
viii PATIENCE, b. say 1646; m. Middleboro January 1666[/7] John Haskell
[MiddleVR 1:1].
ix BENJAMIN, b. say 1652; fell with Capt. Pierce 26 March 1676 during
King Philip's War [Bodge 350]; unm.

COMMENTS: Bradford, in his list of passengers of the Mayflower, included
George Soule as one of "two men-servants" of Mr. Edward Winslow [Bradford 441]. In 1651 Bradford summed up the group headed by Winslow, saying that one of the servants died, "but for his man, George Soule, is still living, and hath eight children" [Bradford 444].
On 3 January 1636/7 George Soule and Nathaniel Thomas sued and countersued each other over two heifers [PCR 7:4].
On 3 June 1662 "Gorg Soule" was on a list of freemen desiring to look for additional land "being the first born children of this government" [PCR 4:19].
On 5 March 1667/8 George Soule Sr. stood surety with his son John for the good behavior of his son Nathaniel Soule who had verbally abused Mr. John Holmes, teacher of the church at Duxburrow [PCR 4:178].
BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: In 1980 the General Society of Mayflower Descendants published a genealogy of five generaions of descent from George Soule as the third volume in its series of silver volumes [John E. Soule and Milton E. Terry, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume Three: George Soule (Plymouth 1980), ed. Anne Borden Harding]. This is a serious flawed volume, which should not be relied upon. George E. McCracken and Neil D. Thompson published lengthy reviews pointing out some of the problems [TG 1:225-5;8; TAG 57:57-58]. 
Birth* 1593  Eckington, Worcestershire, England 
Immigration* 11 November 1620  Mayflower, There were 102 passengers that embarked on the Mayflower, including three pregnant women. The Mayflower left Plymouth, England on 6 September 1620, and sighted land on 9 November 1620. Landfall was made on 11 November 1620.

While the Mayflower was at sea, Elizabeth Hopkins gave birth to the son they named Oceanus. Three days before land was sighted, a young boy named William Butten died. While the Mayflower was in Provincetown Harbor and the Pilgrims were looking for a place to settle, Susanna White gave birth to a son who they named Peregrine (the name means "one who journeys to foreign lands"). The third pregnant woman, Mary Allerton, gave birth to a stillborn son on board the Mayflower, just as the first houses were being built at Plymouth.

What follows is a full and complete list of all Mayflower passengers.

Alden, John
Allerton, Isaac
Mary (Norris) Allerton, wife
Bartholomew Allerton, son
Remember Allerton, daughter
Mary Allerton, daughter
Allerton, John
Billington, John
Eleanor Billington, wife
John Billington, son
Francis Billington, son
Bradford, William
Dorothy (May) Bradford, wife
Brewster, William
Mary Brewster, wife
Love Brewster, son
Wrestling Brewster, son
Britteridge, Richard
Browne, Peter
Button, William
Carter, Robert
Carver, John
Katherine (Leggett)(White) Carver, wife
Chilton, James
Mrs. Chilton, wife
Mary Chilton, daughter
Clarke, Richard
Cooke, Francis
John Cooke, son
Cooper, Humility
Crackstone, John
John Crackstone, son
Doty, Edward
Eaton, Francis
Sarah Eaton, wife
Samuel Eaton, son
English, Thomas
Fletcher, Moses
Fuller, Edward
Mrs. Edward Fuller, wife
Samuel Fuller, son
Fuller, Samuel
Gardinar, Richard
Goodman, John
Holbeck, William
Hooke, John
Hopkins, Stephen
Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, wife
Giles Hopkins, son by first marriage
Constance Hopkins, daughter by first marriage
Damaris Hopkins, daughter
Oceanus Hopkins, born en route
Howland, John
Langmore, John
Latham, William
Leister, Edward
Margesson, Edmund
Martin, Christopher
Mary (Prower) Martin, wife
Minter, Desire
More, Ellen
Jasper More, brother
Richard More, brother
Mary More, sister
Mullins, William
Alice Mullins, wife
Priscilla Mullins, daughter
Joseph Mullins, son
Priest, Degory
Prower, Solomon
Rigsdale, John
Alice Rigsdale, wife
Rogers, Thomas
Joseph Rogers, son
Samson, Henry
Soule, George
Standish, Myles
Rose Standish, wife
Story, Elias
Thompson, Edward
Tilley, Edward
Ann (Cooper) Tilley, wife
Tilley, John
Joan (Hurst)(Rogers) Tilley, wife
Elizabeth Tilley, daughter
Tinker, Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
boy Tinker, son
Trevore, William
Turner, John
boy Turner, son
boy Turner, son
Warren, Richard
White, William
Susanna White, wife
Resolved White, son
Wilder, Roger
Williams, Thomas
Winslow, Edward
Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife
Winslow, Gilbert
Mr. Ely
Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver
Marriage* circa 1623  Principal=Mary Becket 
Death* before 22 January 1679  Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA 
Will* 1 February 1680  r161:1:4:214: [27] 1652 BRADFORD GOVNR
These prsents Witnesseth That George Soule of Duxburrow hath covenanted with Mr John Winslow of Plymouth That; Mary Soule his Daughter shall Dwell abide and continew with him the said Mr John Winslow the full tearme of seaven yeares begining from the first day of this prsent month called January and from the said Day fully and compleatly to bee ended; And in case the said Mary Soule Doe not change her condicon by marriage shee is to Dwell and abide with him the full tearme of eight yeares begining from the first of this prsent month as aforsaid and from thence fully to bee ended acknowlidged before Captaine Thomas Willet asistant and by him appointe(worn) to bee Recorded Memorand the 15 th January That

Literally transcribed from the original records,
George Soule died at Duxbury, probably in the month of January, 1680, since his inventory was taken 1 February, 1680 (new style). His wife died at Duxbury, in December 1676.
The will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part I, page 52.
[p. 52] In the Name of God Amen
I Gorge Soule senir of Duxberry in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England being aged and weake of body but of a sound mind and Memory praised be God Doe make this my last Will and Testament in Manor and forme following Imprimis I comitt my soule into the hands of Almighty God whoe Gave it and my body to be Decently buried in the place appointed for that use whensoever tree shall please to take mee hence; and for the Disposall of my outward estate which God of his Goodnes hath Given mee first I have and already formerly by Deeds under my hand and seale Given unto my two sonnes Nathaniel: and Gorge All my lands in the Township of Dartmouth; Item I have formerly Given unto my Daughters Elizabeth and Patience all my lands in the Township of Middleberry
82 The Will and Inventory of George Soule
Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sussannah and Mary twelve pence a peece to be payed by my executer heerafter Named after my Decease; And forasmuch as my Eldest son John Soule and his family hath in my extreame old age and weaknes bin tender and carefull of mee and very healpfull to mee; and is likely soe to be while it shall please God to continew my life heer therfore I give and bequeath unto my said son John Soule all the Remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever to him his heires and Assignes for ever Item I Give and bequeath Unto my son John Soule all my Goods And Chattles whatsoever Item I Nominate And appoint my son John Soule to be my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament; and lastly I Doe heerby make Null and voyde all other and former wills and Testaments by mee att Any time made; and Declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament In Witnes wherof I the said Gorge Soule have heerunto sett my hand and seale this eleventh Day of Agust in the yeer of our Lord one Thousand six hundred seaventy and seaven;
Gorge Soule and a seale
The above Named Gorge Soule Did signe seale and Deliver this Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament in the prsence
of us Nathaniell Thomas
The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas
Item the twentyeth Day of September 1677 the above Named Gorge Soule Doe heerby further Declare that it is my will that if my son John Soule above named or his heires or Assignes or any of them shall att any time Disturbe my Daughter Patience or her heires or Assignes or any of them in peacable Posession or Injoyment of the lands I have Given her att Namassakett allies Middleberry and Recover the same from her or her heires or Assignes or any of them That then my Gift to my son John Soule shall shalbe voyd; and that then my will is my Daughter Patience shall have all my lands att Duxburrey And shee shalbe my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament And enter into my housing lands and meddowes att Duxburrow, In Witnes wherof I have heerunto sett my hand and seale;
Gorge Soule and A seal
The Will and Inventory of George Soule 83
The above Named Gorge Soule Did Signe and seale to this addition in the prsence of us Nathaniell Thomas
The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas;
[p. 51] An Inventory taken of the estate of the Late Deceased Gorge Soule of Duxburrow in his Maties Collonie of New Plymouth in New England this twenty second of January 1679 by Edward Southworth and Thomas Delano and exhibited to the Court of his Matie holden att Plymouth the fift of March 1679: 80 on the oath of John Soule
Item Dwelling house orchyard Barne and Upland 20 00 00 praised att
Item Meddow Land 05 10 00
Item bed and beding and wearing Clothes 10 00 00
Item a Gun 00 15 00
Item bookes 01 00 00
Item a Chest and Chaire 00 05 00
Item 2 padre of Sheers a tramell and wedge 00 06 00
Item to other old lumber 00 03 00
Item by Debts Due to the estate 23 00 00; 40 19 00
An Acompt of Debt Due Unto John Soule to be payed out of his fathers estate
Anno: 1674 Impr for plowing in one bushell of wheat & one bushel of pease
00 06 02
for reaping Rye and pease 00 7 00
Item one Day plowing Greensword 00 05 00
Item for plowing in weeding 00 02 00
Item 2 Dayes and an half plowing in of Rye 00 08 06
Item to Willam Clarke 00 00 09
Item for Geting and bringing hom 3 load of hay 21 00 00
1675 Item for one Day plowing in of pease & two 00 07 06
Days Reaping of Rye; Item 1 locke for a Barne Dore 00 01 06
Item for Goods taken up att Edmun Mufords att 19 01
Boston viz: 4 yards 2 l Carsey 5
Item for 7 yards of penistone 2s 09 d pr yard 20 19 03
Item for 0 yards of Canves att 1s 6 d pr yard 00 15 00
Item for buttons and silke 00 01 12
Item for blew linnine 20 02 02
Item for thred browne Coullered 00 02 08
Item for four yards of Red Cotton att 2s 6 d pr yard 00 0 20
84 Scituate Births, Marriages and Deaths.
Item for three hundred of shooe Nailes 00 01 02
Item payed to Mr Mumford upon the old accoumpt 00 08 09
1676 for Drawing 13 load of Brush and hedging 00 05 00
about a field; Item for plowing in of pease and wheat 2 Dayes 00 08 00
Item for Makeing a prteing fence between the orchyard 00 08 02
Item for makeing stone wall about the orchyard 22 00 02
Item for 12 yards of teicking of William Vobes 21 0 00
Item for 20 yards of Canvis att 12 9d pr yard 01 15 00
Item for Dowlis of Mr hetman 7 yards att 2 s 3 d 1 00 18 02
pr yard
Item for eight yards of Osenbrigg of mr Thomas 00 09 04
att 1 s 2 d pr yard
Item for serge for a padre of briches 00 10 00
Item for one padre of sheets 00 10 02
Item for Diett and tendance since my mother Died)
which was three yeer the Last December except some
smale time my s ister Patience Dressed his victualls
Item for funerall charges 01 00 002 

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  1. [S636] Mayflower Passenger List, online
  2. [S635] MFFG, Jon Austin.

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