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James Humphrey1

b. circa 1608, d. 12 May 1686

Father Jonas Humphrey Sr.1 b. 9 September 1587, d. 19 March 1661/62
Mother Francis Coley1 b. between 1587 and 1591, d. 4 January 1616/17
Pop-up Pedigree

Family Mary Unknown d. 7 May 1677
Children  1. Isaac Humphrey
  2. Mary Humphrey d. 21 Apr 1676
  3. Hopestill Humphrey b. b 10 Jun 1649, d. 22 Mar 1730

Note*   About 1637, James came with his father to Dorchester, in New England. He was a tanner and was made a freeman in 1645. In 165o he became the Bailiff of Dorchester and was a ruling Elder in the church. In 1686 he asked the church to find another Elder as he had long been lame and considered himself close to his own death of which did occur that year. He asked that he be buried in the same tomb with Rev. Richard Mather, his early friend and Pastor but this was denied as to it's small size and it being stoned up. He was buried nearby in the North Burial Ground, at Dorchester. The stone had been repaired at some point by his grandson Jonas Humphrey. It is unknown what is it's condition today.1 
Marriage*   Principal=Mary Unknown1 
Birth* circa 1608  Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England1 
Will* 16 December 1685  Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA, The last Will and Testament of Elder James Humphrey made the sicteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred eighty & five, I being now aged and weak in Body, and therefore cannot expect to continue in this long life but yet of perfect memory and good understanding the good Lord be blessed and praised therefor. Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth. Imprimis, I commit my immortal Soul into the hands of that Eternal God that made it, And my Body after Death I leave to my Dear Relations and Christian friends to be decently buried in hope of a joyfull Resurection at the last Day.- My Will is that my Body be buried in the same Tomb with Mr. Mather deceased late of Dorchester and formerly the Revd teacher to that Church. Provided that the consent of the Rev.d Mr. Increase Mather be first obtained if otherwise that my Body be buried as near unto it as conveniently as it may be; And also that my grave be dressed up with a Stone and my name and age and day of my Death engraved on it. And as for my outward Estate my funeral expenses being discharged and all just debts paid. I do give to my son in law Obadiah Hawes and his childrem Forty pounds to be divided into six eual parts, one part of it I give to my son Obadiah Hawes, the other five parts to his children, Viz., to his son Obadiah Hawes one part, and to James Hawes one part, to Desire Hawes one part, to Rachel Hawes one part, to Sarah Hawes one part; to be paid unto them when they shall come to be of age of twenty one years. Also I give to Daniel Elders ten shilloings. I give to Joseph Weeks ten shillings, all which legacies are to be paid in Corn or Cattle, or goods or otherwise to their content, Also I give to my son Hopestill that Bed which he now makes use of, and also my bigger brass pot & lesser Brass kettle. I give to my son Isaac Ten acres of land in my Twenty acre lott, of that lott which lyeth nect unto Robert Stiles his lott, beginning at the East end so runing westerly eighty four rods which land I give & bequeath to my son Isaac forever: Also I give him my Bed on which I lye and my bigger brass kettle and my lesser brass pot, & all the rest of my Estate bouth in Houseing Land of all sorts, Goods Chattels whatever else, I do now possess: all the remainder of my Estate my will is that it shall be equally divided between my two sons Hoestill and Isaac Humphreys and in case my two sons should not agree about the dividing of the Estate they shall choose each of them a man to be helpfull to them, who together with themselves, shall divide the said estate as equally as they can which being done that son of mine that will give most for toe choose he shall have it, that so all differences may be prevented.- Also my will is that if my son Isaac be removed by Death before he hath any child that that share of the land which falleth to him by division after his Death shall be the inheritance of my grand child James Humphrey the son of Hopestill Humphreys, and in case my grand child should die before my son Isaac then I give my said land unto my son Hopestill his next son if he have any, If otherwise, and if it so be that he have no more sons I give it unto his eldest daughter and my Will is that my son Hopestill shall have no more of my Estate than is expressed in this Will. Notwithstanding any writing that may appear formerly givin under my hand not for any disrespect to my eldest son Hopestill or his wife Elizabeth, for they have carried as dutifully to me as any of my children which I hope Godd will reward them for, but it is for some other reasons best known to myself of weight to me whereby I am moved thus to do: Ans do make and appoint my two sons Executors of this my last Will and Testament. And I do entreat my loving friends James Blake and Obadiah Hawes to be the Overseers of this my Will to see that it be fulfilled and performed.

In Witness here of I have here unto
set my hand and Seal
In presence of Samuel Clap,
John Blake


Exam'd per John Bagdell,Reg'r
A tru copy as of record John Bagdell Reg'r1 
Death* 12 May 1686  Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA1 
Burial* after 12 May 1686  North Burial Ground, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA, Here lyes Interres ye Body
of Mr. James Humfrey Here-
tofore one of ye Ruling
Elders of Dorchester. who
Departed this life ye 12th
of May 1686 in ye
78th year of his age

Inclosed within this shrine is precious Dust
And only waits for th' rising of ye Just
Most usefull while he lived adorn's his Station
Even to old age he Served his Generation
Since his Decease tho'tof with Veneration

How great a Blessing this Ruling Elder he.
Unto this church & Town & Pastors Three
Mather he first did by him help Relieve
Renowned Danforth he did assist with skill
Esteemed high by all; Bear fruit untill
Yielding to Death his Glorious seat did fill 

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  1. [S35] Humphreys in America, Sarah M. Churchill, Otis Milton Humphreys, Henry Reed Stiles F. Humphreys.

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