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Johann Mathias Feuerstein1,2

b. 5 April 1744, d. 1829

Father Nicholas (Hans) Feuerstein1 b. 25 March 1712, d. before 11 January 1768
Mother Anna Catharina Nonnenmacher1 b. 2 August 1711, d. circa 1760
Pop-up Pedigree

Family Anna Maria Bieber b. 15 July 1752, d. 12 February 1827
Marriage* 4 April 1774  Paradise Twp., York Co., PA, Principal=Anna Maria Bieber1 
Children  1. Jacob Firestone b. 15 Aug 1775, d. 12 Apr 1830
  2. Catherine Firestone b. 21 Mar 1777, d. 11 Nov 1857
  3. Sarah Firestone b. 4 May 1778, d. 12 Sep 1854
  4. Elizabeth Firestone b. c 1780, d. 13 Oct 1855
  5. Margaret Firestone b. 1781, d. a 11 Sep 1814
  6. John F. Firestone b. 16 May 1782, d. 13 Dec 1849
  7. George Washington Firestone b. 22 Apr 1784, d. 22 Apr 1851
  8. Solomon Bieber Firestone b. 4 May 1786, d. 1841
  9. Anna Mary Firestone b. 9 Oct 1789, d. 15 Sep 1869
  10. Nancy Firestone b. a 1790
  11. Mathias Firestone Jr. b. 2 Nov 1794, d. 5 May 1871
  12. Daniel F. Firestone b. 31 Mar 1797, d. 27 Dec 1864
  13. Hannah Firestone b. 29 Nov 1799, d. 10 Jul 1887
  14. Joseph Firestone b. 20 Sep 1806, d. 4 Oct 1888

Biography   From the book "Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland, 1775-1783" By Henry C. Peden

FIRESTONE, Matthias (April 5, 1744 - 1829). Matthias Feuerstein [Firestone] married about 1774 Mary Ann Beaver (Bieber). During the Revolution he served in the militia of York County, Pennsylvania. They settled on a farm in Frederick before 1787. In 1790 Mathias and Mary Ann were living in Frederick County with the following of their 14 children. Later the family except for Jacob moved to southwestern Pennsylvania and Ohio: Jacob Firestone (1775-1830) married Mary Mohl (1780-1832), both buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery at Frederick; Sarah Firestone (born 1778) married Daniel Perky (died 1854) and lived in Holmes County, Ohio; John F. Firestone (born 1782, Frederick Lutheran Church) married Rachel Rowler (died 1848) and lived in Columbiana County, Ohio; George Firestone (born 1784) married Rebecca Karl (died 1851) and lived in Wayne County, Ohio; Solomon Firestone (born 1786) married Elizabeth Baird (died 1841) and lived in Stark County, Ohio; Mary Firestone (born 1788) married Richard Karl and lived in Columbiana County, Ohio; and, Daniel F. Firestone (born 1796). "Descendants of Jacob Firestone made notable contributions to Frederick, Maryland, but now the name has almost disappeared from the county." [Ref: 0-46, U-2593]. 
Note*   He was baptized Johann Mathias Feuerstein on April 8, 1744 at Berg Evangelical Lutheran Church in Alsace. Witnesses to his baptism were Martin Nunnenmacher and Anna Elizabeth Persch (wife of Christian Persch, weaver), Johann Mathias Dormeyer (son of Johann Mathias Dormeyer, an estate keeper), and Anna Elizabeth Heckel (daughter of the late Peter Heckel, farmer).

He immigrated Sept 24, 1753 to Philadelphia aboard ship "Peggy" when he was 9 with his parents. His family was indentured in Lancaster, PA. He lived in New York for a while. He lived with his parents until 1760.

He was a private in Captain Thomas White's Co., York Co., PA militia in the Revolutionary War.

Before Mar 31, 1787 he settled on a farm near Frederick Co., MD This farm may have been at Trapp (now Jefferson) on Mill Creek, ten miles from where his older brother Nicholas settled in 1786.

He was listed as head of family in Frederick Co., MD in the 1790 census.

In 1799 he lived at New Georgetown, OH or resided in Beaver Co., PA along the border of Ohio.

References on him include NGSQ article, Vol. 52, "Founders of the American Firestone Family" by George Ely Russel. Also the book "Eighteen Century
Emigrants from Northern Alsace to America" by Annette Kunselman Burgert, Picton Press, Camden, ME.

The veteran's book says he died in Maryland.

The children of Mathias and Ann Firestone were:

1. Nancy Firestone
2. Jacob Firestone b: 15 AUG 1775 in Paradise Township, York Co., PA
3. Catherina Firestone b: 21 MAR 1777 in Northumberland Co., PA
4. Sarah Firestone b: 4 MAY 1778 in Pennsylvania
5. John F. Firestone b: 16 MAY 1782 in Frederick Co., MD
6. George W. Firestone b: 22 APR 1784 in Frederick Co., MD
7. Solomon Firestone b: 4 MAY 1786 in Frederick Co., MD
8. Mary Firestone b: 9 OCT 1789 in Frederick Co., MD
9. Elizabeth Firestone b: BEF. 1790
10. Margaret Firestone b: BEF. 1790
11. Mathias Firestone b: 2 NOV 1794 in Beaver Co., PA
12. Daniel Firestone b: 31 MAR 1797 in Columbiana Co., OH
13. Hannah Firestone b: 29 NOV 1799 in New Georgetown, OH
14. Joseph Firestone b: 20 SEP 1806

From Russell's Firestone Genealogy (1993):
Mathias Firestone, son of Nicholas and Catharina (Nunnenmacher) Firestone, was born at Thal 5 April 1744. He was named among the heirs of Nicholas Firestone of Paradise Township, York County, Pa., 1768-1770. During the Revolutionary War he served as a private in Captain Thomas White's York County Militia Company. Before 1774 he married Anna Maria Bieber, also known as Mary Beaver. Before 1782 they settled in Frederick County, Maryland. They had children baptized at the Frederick
Town Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1782, 1786, and 1789. They were also named in the register of the New Jerusalem Lutheran Church at Lovettsville, Loudoun County, Virginia, before 1790. By bill of sale dated 28 March 1787 Matthias Firestone of Frederick County paid £16 to Richard Wood for a horse, a cow, two beds, and some kitchen utensils. In 1790 Mathias was head of household in Frederick County, with four boys age under 16 and five females.

Before 1800 they moved to Beaver County, Pennsylvania, where he was head of family in South Beaver Township in 1800, he and a woman age over 45, with two males and one female age 16 to 25, one boy and one girl age 10 to 15, and two boys and two girls age under 10. Mathias is said to have died in 1829.

Children of Mathias and Anna Maria (Bieber) Firestone3 [order uncertain]:
i. Jacob Firestone, b. 15 Aug. 1775.
ii. Sarah Firestone, b. 4 May 1778; d. 12 Sept. 1854; m. 31 Aug. 1796 Dan Perky; res. Holmes Co., Ohio; ten children.
iii. Johannes F. Firestone, b. 16 May 1782; bp. Frederick Town Evangelical Lutheran Church 25 Dec. 1782; sponsors: Jacob and wife Catharina Biber; d. 13 Dec. 1849; buried Lucas Cemetery near Lattasburg, Ohio; m. Columbiana Co., Ohio, 18 Feb. 1806 Rachel Rowler/Roller (1788-1870); purchased U.S. land in Knox Twp., Columbiana Co. 12 Oct. 1804; taxed there in 1810; head of family Knox Twp. 1820; settled on a farm 2 miles north of New Pittsburgh, Chester Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio; head of familr. Chester Twp. 1830; purchased 135-acre farm there in 1831; issue: Nancy, Margaret, John B., David Roller, Matilda, Annie, Alice, Mary, Elizabeth, Susan, Rachel, Dianna.
iv. George W. Firestone, b. 22 April 1784; d. E. Union Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio, 22 April 1851; m. June 1812 Rebecca Karl/Carroll 1786-1869); entered U.S. land in E. Union Twp. 23 April 1813; taxed there 7 Feb. 1814 for 160 acres; head of family there 1820 and 1830; issue: Mary, Judy Ann, Elizabeth, John, Harriet, Daniel; Eleanor, Rebecca, George, Solomon Beaver.
v. Solomon Firestone, b. 4 May 1786; bp. Frederick Town E-L Church 4 June 1786; sponsors: Jacob and Magdalena Medart; d. Wayne Co., Ohio, 1841; m. Stark Co., Ohio, 19 May 1817 Elizabeth/"Betsy" Baird; bought U.S. land in Salt Creek T-7 Wayne Co., Ohio, 8 March 1814; head of family there 1820 and 1830; issue by Christina McEntaffer: George Samuel (b. 1811).
vi. Anna "Mary" Firestone, b. 9 Oct. 1789; bp. Frederick Town EL Church 18 Oct. 1789; sponsors: John and Louisa Lieblich m. Columbiana Co., Ohio, 17 Dec. 1807 Richard Karl/Carle.
vii. Margaret Firestone, m. Charles Golding.
viii. Mathias Firestone, Jr., b. 2 Nov. 1794; d. Waynesburg, Sandy Twp., Stark Co., Ohio, 5 May 1871; buried Reformed Church Cemetery; m. (1) Stark Co. 28 Jan. 1819 Catherine Worley (d. 1847); m. (2) c1849 Ann (Fullmer) Wilson (1818-c1901); head of family Pike Twp., Stark Co. 1820; Sandy Twp. 1830 ; issue
by first wife: Mary Ann, Hannah L., Matilda, Harriet, Catherine, George Washington, Daniel Webster, John Franklin, James Madison; issue by second wife: Catharine, Louisa Maria, Corwin, Christine Mariila, William, Isaac Hudson.
ix. Daniel F. Firestone, b. 1796-1797; d. Knox Twp., Columbiana Co., Ohio, 1864, age 67 yrs.; m. (2) Columbiana Co. 16 July 1829 Nancy Lower 4 (b. 1811); issue: Leander, John Lower, Solomon J., Daniel W, Susan, Harriet, Joseph, Perry, David.
x. Hannah Firestone, b. 29 Nov. 1799; d. Zeliency, Pa. 10 July 1887; m. 9 Dec. 1818 Hyacinth Wiehl; nine children.
xi. Elizabeth Firestone, m. John Miller.
xii. Catherine Firestone, m. Daniel Fidler of Harmony, Pa.
xiii. Joseph Firestone, b. 20 Sept. 1806; d. 1888; m. Wayne Co., Ohio, c1832 Joanna Fredericks; res. Fredericksburg, Salt Creek Twp., Wayne Co; issue: Frederick Wallace.Adaline, fohn S., George C.
xiv. Nancy Firestone, m. [--] Mullins.1 
Biography*   From the "FOUNDERS OF THE AMERICAN FIRESTONE FAMILY By GEORGE ELY RUSSELL" which appeared in the "National Genealogical Society Quarterly":

"MATHIAS FIRESTONE was born Johann Mathias Feuerstein on 5 April 1744 at Berg, Alsace, a son of Nicholas and Catharina (Nunnemacher) Feuerstein.* During the Revolutionary War he served as a private in Captain Thomas White's company, York County, Pennsylvania, militia. In about 1774 he married Anna Maria Bieber (Mary Ann Beaver) , possibly a daughter of Jacob and Catharina Bieber who witnessed the baptism of their son John in 1782 at Frederick, Maryland. They settled on a farm in Frederick County, Maryland, before 31 March 1787 when he was deeded land there by Richard Wood, and where in 1790 he was head of a family with his wife, four sons under age sixteen, and four daughters.** Head of family at South Beaver twp., Beaver Co., Pa., said to have died in 1829, possibly in Columbiana County, Ohio."

* Lutheran Church Records, Berg, Alsace, Copied by E. P. Buchanan.
** First Census of the United States. Washington. 1908. 
Name Variation   Johan Mathias Feuerstein1 
Name Variation   Mathias Firestone 
Birth* 5 April 1744  Thal, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France1,3 
Baptism 8 April 1744  Berg Evangelical Lutheran Church, Berg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France1,3
Marriage* 4 April 1774  Paradise Twp., York Co., PA, Principal=Anna Maria Bieber1 
Census* 1790  1790 Federal Census, Maryland, Frederick County, No Township, Series: M637, Roll: 3, Page: 256
Firestone, Mathias 1-4-5-0-04 
Census 1800  1800 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Beaver County, South Beaver Towsnhip, Series: M32, Roll: 36, Page: 164
Firestone, Mathias 21201-21101-005 
Death* 1829  Columbiana Co., OH1 

Last Edited 3 Apr 2016

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