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Phillip Hoff1

b. circa 1743, d. 1796

Family Rosina Feuerstein b. 13 March 1741 or 13 March 1742, d. after 1810
Children  1. Elizabeth Hoff b. 17 Mar 1773
  2. Heinrich "Henry" Hoff b. bt 1775 - 1780
  3. Susannah Hoff b. 23 Mar 1775 or 24 Mar 1775, d. 1 Jan 1853
  4. Phillip Huff b. 9 Mar 1777, d. 4 Sep 1852
  5. George Huff b. 28 Nov 1779, d. 15 May 1839
  6. Peter Hoff
  7. Solomon Bernhard Huff b. 17 Apr 1786, d. c 1814

Note*   Phillip (or Philipp) and Rosina, by 1774, were living in Frederick Co, MD. There they were members of the St Peter's Lutheran Church of Woodsboro. Births of three of their children were recorded there.

In 1778, a Philip Hoff took the Oath of Allegiance in Frederick Co, along with Jacob Hoff.

Soon afterward, Phillip moved to Loudoun Co, VA, where he was reimbursed for his contributions to the Rev. cause about 1782. He was on tax rolls 1782 through 1787. He apparently squatted on land owned by Hon. Henry Astley Bennett, agent of Tankerville who took Philip to court. The case was settled in 1790, when Philip obtained a lease from Bennett for 50 plus acres for the natural life of Phillip Hough, Jr, then 13 and George Huff. 11. A second lease for 84 acres, "now occupied by the sd. Philip Hough," for the natural life of Peter Wertz, Jr, then age 15, and John Wertz, then age 13. (Deed Book S pgs 211, 214) Both deeds suggest that Philip squatted on this land as the deed states, "Wheras Philip Hough has made it appear that he had a right..." The second deed appears that Phillip Hoff and Peter Wertz were brothers-in-law. In 1793, Peter Wertz, Sr, and Phillip Hoff got permission to assign the leases to William Williams. (Deed Book V, pg 142)

In 1794, Phillip was overseer of roads. He was in court many times as witness for Shover (or Shafer, or Shaver), Stoneburner, and Stouseberger, of the German community. This suggests his German origins in Maryland or Europe. In the settlement of his will it was also found that he still owned land in Maryland and some of his debts were paid off in Maryland currency. His wife, Rosina, was appointed to administer his estate in 1796, but was replaced by son Henry by 1805. Exectorial records were made by Adam Shover and others and some indicate that Philp Hough Jr., was being trained as an apprentice, taxes were paid on the Maryland land, and that the doctors bill be paid in Maryland currency. At his point in time the name is mostly recognized as Huff.

There were four children in various court documents, and two others are known from church records. Philip and Rosina had other children but they are not confirmed. Here are those that qualify:

Lowry Hough b. circa 1778/1782, d. after 1820, possibly in Belmont Co, OH. The relation ship is based on a lawsuit by Mary Miller against Philip and Lowry jointly. Lowry had previously been sued in 1806 by the French Flowerie. In 1810, he was in Loudoun Co with an apparent wife and four probable sons. In 1820, he was in Belmont Co, OH. It is possible that Rosanna was with this family in 1820 as a female over 45.

Mary Miller who in 1807 sued Henry and Lowry Huff jointly might have been a sister to Lowry.

Samuel, b. between 1780 and 1790, d. after 1820, was in 1820 in Belmont Co, OH, along with Lowry Hough. The census for that year showed 011101-10001. He was not identified as Huff earlier in Loudoun Co, VA, so may not be related.

Other records where Phillip appears are:

1778 Frederick Co, MD, Phillip and Jacob Huff took Oath of Allegiance (p 23, Brumbaugh, Revolutionary Records of Maryland.)

1778 Frederick Co, MD, Phillip and Rosina Hoff sponsored bap of Samuel Emig, son of Phillip and Magdalena Emig, born 27 Nov 1778.

1780-82 Abercrombie and Slatten, "Loudoun County," Virginia Revolutionary Publick Claims shows Phillip Hough as a contributor.

On April 28 1784 Phillip witnessed a Becker-Hamann wedding in Loudoun Co., VA

1782-1787 Loudoun Co, VA, Phillip Huff on tax lists.

1790, 1 Mar, Hon. Henry Astley Bennt, Esquire, of the Kingdom of Great britain leases to Philp Hough of Co. of Loudoun 50 1/2 acres..."Catocton Manor" now accupied by the sd Hough for 3 pounds per annum per 100 acres for the Term of 3 lives. Wheras Philip Hough has made it appear that a certain Adam Vincell had a right to a lease the he (Hough) had purchased the said right to a lease of a certain lott of land to contain 100 acres promised to the said Vincell for the term of three lives by John West, former agent of Tankerville, at annual rent of 3 pounds per annum per 100 acres, adj. to Firestone, Adam Wolf.... 50 1/2 acres for the natural lives of Philip Hough, Junior, aged 13 years, and George Hough aged eleven years (the other expired aged nothing, or the longest livier of them), leases to the sd Philip Hough, his heirs, etc., etc., for 30 shillings, 6 d annually. Philip to keep up a dwelling house 26' x 22' of square logs. Signed/dated ipo: Reubin Hixon, George Muir, Adam Shover Dec. 13, 1790 ack. & recorded. Chas. Binns. (Deed Book S, pp 211-214)

1790, 1 Mar, (Similar to above) Wheras Philip Hough has made it appear that he has a right to lease of a lott of land purchased by him of a certain Abraham Carnes, assignee of a certain David Troxal who had a promise od a lease of a certain lot of land to contain 100 acres promised to him....for the term of the lives of..........John Patterson, former agent to the late Earle of Tankerville, at (continued on next page which I am missing)

1793, 8 Mar, Philip Hough (Huff) and Peter Wertz given permission to assign the within lease to William Williams. Signed R. V. Townshend Hooe, (Agents for Charles Little),H. A. Bennet
For 128 pounds currency, we do make over and assign all our right, Title, etc., in and to the within lease to William Williams, but on this express proviso we and our heirs are to enter and hold the premises again, unless William Williams does truly make payment of the several bonds he has passed to us for payment of 128 pounds. Signed Philip Huff, Peter (his "X" mark) Wertz. Oct 14, 1793 ack. & recorded, Chas. Binns.

1794 Loudoun Co, VA, Phillip Huff overseer of roads.

1796 Loudoun Co, VA, Phillip Huff d. intestate and Rosina apt admin.

1796, 17 Sep, Philip Hough (Huff) Inventory, No Date. Previous date was Sept. 18, 1796. A schedule of appraisement of the personal estate of Philip Huff, decd. (Will Book E. pp 209-10

1796-1799, Philip Hough Estate accounts. In the Estate of Philip Hough in account with Henry Huff acting administrator. These accounts start 1796 and continue through 1799. Involves numerous debits and rent credits. Of interest are: To John Miller for taking Philip Huff as apprentice $20.00. To Dr. Sim: Doctor's bill 2-18-6 Maryland Currency. To sheriff of Maryland for taxes 0-10-11 in Maryland currency. To balance the estate of Philip Hough decd. 44-10-61/2. We the subscribers have examined the accounts and papers of Henry Huff the acting administrator of Philip Huff deed, and do find them as within stated. Given under our hands this 6th day of Feb. 1805. Signed Adam Shover, John Stonesburger, Terence Tigh, Isaac Laverow. Fe. 11, 1805 recorded J. Binns. (The names of creditors, etc. usually found in Hough estate accounts seemed to be totally absent.)

1806, 14 Jun, Philip Hough vs Michael Towerhower (Court Minutes Order Book 2, p 27)

1807, 15 Nov, Thrasher vs Philip Hough and Henry Huff $65.00 (Court Minutes Order Book 2, p 171)

1813, 14 Aug, Mary Shover vs Philip Hough (Court Minutes Order Book ?, p 104)

1813, 14 Aug, Mary Shaffer vs Philip Hough. Judgmnt secured (Court Minutes Order Book ?, p 112)
Birth* circa 1743  Frederick Co., MD1 
Marriage* before 1 June 1768  MD, Principal=Rosina Feuerstein2 
(Sponsor) Baptism 6 February 1779  Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick Town, Frederick Co., MD, Principal=Samuel Emigh3 
Death* 1796  Loudoun Co., VA1 

Last Edited 3 May 2016

  1. [S82] Max Huff's Huff/Hough/Hoff Journal, Max Huff.
  2. [S658] Firestone Family of Frederick Co. MD (1993), George Ely Russell.
  3. [S2049] MD, Frederick Evang. Ch Register V2 1762-1811, Frederick S. Weiser.

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