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Benjamin Franklin Sager1

b. 12 August 1800, d. 9 June 1889

Father George Sager b. circa 1779, d. 26 March 1838
Mother Christiana Firestone b. circa 1778, d. 1804
Pop-up Pedigree

Family 1 Deborah Duvall b. 22 November 1797, d. 2 August 1842
Marriage* 12 June 1823  Union Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGAR & DEBBY ROSSEL, 12 Jun 1823, Union, Ohio, Principal=Deborah Duvall3,2 
Children  1. Sarah Ann Sager
  2. Malinda Sager
  3. Alice Louisa Sager b. Mar 1829, d. b 1910
  4. Minerva Sager b. c 1831
  5. Benjamin F. Sager b. 13 Aug 1833, d. 21 Mar 1915
  6. Mary Sager b. c 1834
  7. Lucas L. Sager b. 1 Jan 1837
  8. Henry Sager b. c 1839, d. bt 1860 - 1865
  9. Anna Eveline Sager b. c 1841, d. a 25 Oct 1859

Family 2 Sarah Cursey
Marriage* 28 April 1844  Marion Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGER & SARAH GALE, 28 APR 1844, Marion, Ohio, by JP James Chard, Principal=Sarah Cursey3,2 
Divorce* before 1850  Marion Co., OH, Principal=Sarah Cursey3,2 
Child  1. Elijah Sager b. c 1845, d. 27 Apr 1918

Family 3 Mary Ann Stiner b. circa 1813
Marriage* 26 November 1852  Marion Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGER & MARY ANN STINER, 26 NOV 1852, Marion, Ohio, by Alexander Porter, Principal=Mary Ann Stiner7,8,2 
Children  1. Elizabeth Sager b. 10 Nov 1853
  2. Marquis L. "Mark" "Marcus" Sager b. 23 Mar 1857

Birth* 12 August 1800  Loudoun Co., VA2 
Marriage* 12 June 1823  Union Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGAR & DEBBY ROSSEL, 12 Jun 1823, Union, Ohio, Principal=Deborah Duvall3,2 
Census* 1830  1830 Federal Census, Ohio, Union County, Darby Township, Series: M19, Roll: 141, Page: 282
Sager, Benjamin (Line 9) 0000100000000-2100100000000- 000000-000000-000000-000000-1 4-00000-00004 
Census 1840  1840 Federal Census, Ohio, Marion County, Bowling Green Township, Series: M704, Roll: 411, Page: 99
Sager, Benjamin (Line 15) 2100010000000-0230001000000-000000-000000-000000-000000-10 2-0100000-0-0-000-000-00-00-0000000005 
Marriage* 28 April 1844  Marion Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGER & SARAH GALE, 28 APR 1844, Marion, Ohio, by JP James Chard, Principal=Sarah Cursey3,2 
Divorce* before 1850  Marion Co., OH, Principal=Sarah Cursey2 
Census 1850  1850 Federal Census, Ohio, Marion County, Bowling Green Township, Series: M432, Roll: 708, Page: 30B, September 26
21, 452, 456, Sager, Benjamin, 49, M, , Farmer, 1000, Va, , , ,
22, 452, 456, Sager, Manerva, 18, F, , , , O, , , ,
23, 452, 456, Sager, Benjamin, 16, M, Laborer, , , O, , , ,
24, 452, 456, Sager, Mary, 15, F, , , , O, , , ,
25, 452, 456, Sager, Lucas L, 13, M, , , , O, , 1, ,
26, 452, 456, Sager, Henry, 10, M, , , , O, , 1, ,
27, 452, 456, Sager, Eveline, 8, F, , , , O, , , ,
28, 452, 456, Sager, Elijah, 4, M, , , , O, , , ,6 
Marriage* 26 November 1852  Marion Co., OH, BENJAMIN SAGER & MARY ANN STINER, 26 NOV 1852, Marion, Ohio, by Alexander Porter, Principal=Mary Ann Stiner7,8,2 
Census 1860  1860 Federal Census, Ohio, Marion County, Bowling Green Township, Series: M653, Roll: 1006, Page: 325B, July 20
11, 843, 832, Sager, B, 58, M, , Farmer, 3000, 575, Virginia, , , , ,
12, 843, 832, Sager, Mary, 46, F, , , , , Ohio, , , , ,
13, 843, 832, Sager, Eliza, 14, F, , , , , Ohio, , , 1, ,
14, 843, 832, Sager, Elizabeth, 6, F, , , , , Ohio, , , , ,
15, 843, 832, Sager, Marqus, 3, M, , , , , Ohio, , , , ,
16, 843, 832, Stiner, Elizabeth, 73, F, , , none, , Ohio, , , , ,7 
Census 1870  1870 Federal Census, Ohio, Marion County, Bowling Green Township, Series: M593, Roll: 1240, Page: 19A, July 23
11, 91, 91, Sager, Benjamin, 68, M, W, Farmer, 1560, 650, Virginia, , , , , , , , , 1,
12, 91, 91, Sager, Mary A, 55, F, W, Keeping House, , , Ohio, , , , , , , 1, , ,
13, 91, 91, Sager, Elisabeth, 16, F, W, At Home, , , Ohio, , , , , 1, , , , ,
14, 91, 91, Sager, M L, 13, M, W, At Home, , , Ohio, , , , , 1, , , , ,
15, 91, 91, Stephens, William, 65, M, W, Farm Laborer, , , Ohio, , , , , , , , , ,9 
Census 1880  1880 Federal Census, Ohio, Marion County, Bowling Green Township, ED: 88, Series: T9, Roll: 1046, Page: 35A, June 16
(enumerated with son-in-law, James Safford)
19, , 82, Sager, Benjamin, W, M, 79, , Boarder, , , , , Retired M??, 12, Well, , , , , , , , , Va, Va, Va10 
Biography* 1883  (From the book "The History of Marion County, Ohio", 1883 - By Leggett, Conaway & Co.)

BENJAMIN SAGER (Bowling Green Township) was born in Loudon County, Va., August 12, 1800; his parents, George and Cbristenia (Firestone) Sager, emigrated with their family to New Salem, Jefferson County, Ohio, in 1803, where Christenia, the mother, died in 1804. His father, George Sager moved to Darby Township, Union County, in 1808, where he died in 1824, aged eighty-five years. Benjamin Sager was married in June, 1823, to Deborah Duvall, a daughter of William and Sarah (Hinton) Duvall. By this marriage there were ten children, three sons and seven daughters. Deborah, his wife died in 1844, and he, in 1845, was married to Sarah Cursey, who was a widow of Samuel Gale. By this marriage there was one child--Eliza. Benjamin Sager was divorced from his second wife, and he was married November 23, 1852, to Mary Ann Stiner, a daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Lewis) Stiner, of Union County. Two children were born by this marriage, viz., Elizabeth, November 10, 1853; and Marquis L., March 23, 1857. Of Mr. Sager's children eight are living, as follows: Louisa, Minerva, Benjamin F. (1907), Mary, Lucas L., Elijah, Elizabeth and Marquis. Mr. Sager is still quite vigorous and resides on the 200 acres of land in Bowling Green Township that he purchased in 1834. He has been a longer resident of the township than any other person within its boundaries, and claims to have been the first citizen of the township that purchased land within its limits, and voted when there were but fifteen votes cast in the township. He was a licensed minister in the Christian Church for about four years, and has been a member of that church for over fifty years. Politically, he is a Democrat. He is one of the very few pioneers still living, and is honored and respected by all as an honest man and a good citizen.2 
Death* 9 June 1889  Marion Co., OH1 
Biography 1907  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SAGER, (SAGER) vice-president of the Campbell National Bank at LaRue , is one of the leading citizens and capitalists of Marion County, where he owns 1,200 acres of valuable land. Mr. Sager enjoys the distinction of being the first white child born in Bowling Green township, where he has always; made his real home. His birth occurred August 12. 1833, in a little log cabin on the banks of Rush Creek, in Bowling Green township. two miles southeast of his present home. He is a son of Benjamin and Deborah (Duvall) Sager.

Benjamin Sager, father of Benjamin F., was born in 1800 in Loudoun County, Virginia, and was about four years of age when, his parents, moved to the southern part of Union County, Ohio, and settled on Darby Creek He had three sisters, namely: Mary, who married a Mr. Simpson and settled in Illinois near the Mississippi River: Elizabeth, who married William Reed and lived on the home place until her death, at the age of 101 years. leaving a large number of descendants; and Margaret, who married Lucas Low and resided in Union County, dying in the town of Raymond. Benjamin was the only son and the second child. It is probable that the German language was used in his father's family from his youth, as he was so well acquainted with it in later years that he was chosen as interpreter for German colonists. He remained in Union County until after the birth of three children, moving to Bowling Green township, Marion County, in February, 1831, and settling in the deep forest. It was then a part of Grand township, and Benjamin Sager was the first settler. He purchased land of the old General Taylor military reservation. John Dixon, his brother-in-law, is said to have brought $400 in silver for Mr. Sager to turn over to General Taylor, but did not make the purchase. The latter held 87,000 acres of land in Marion, Logan, Hardin and Union counties for sale.

Benjamin Sager acted as interpreter for the German settlers who formed what is known as the Kersey settlement. Samuel Kersey, of Muskingum County, came to, Marion County and purchased a large body of land in the southwestern part of Green Camp township. The Germans became dissatisfied and all left except a Mr. Cooper, whose descendants still reside in that section. While Benjamin Sager was the first settler in Bowling Green township, others soon came, among whom were Jonathan Johnson, Abraham Kitelinger, Aaron Bell, Edward Williams, William Graham and others whose names appear in the local records. Mr. Sager was a minister in the Christian Church and traveled over a great extent of country as a missionary, being at home only for short intervals. His farm was situated two and a half miles south of what was known as the "Windfall" and was a wild tract of land.

Benjamin Sager was thrice married. His first marriage was to Deborah Duvall, of French descent. who, died August 2, 1842, aged 44 years, 8 months and 10 days. Benjamin Sager married (second) Mrs. Sarah Gale, a widow. They had one child. Elijah, who married Sarah Duvall and resides at Marion. Mr. Sager married (third) Mary Ann Stiner, and they had two children: Marcus, who married Ella Temple and resides at LaRue; and Elizabeth, also a resident of LaRue.

The children of the first marriage were: Sarah Ann, Malinda, Louisa, Minerva, Benjamin F., Mary, Lucas L., Henry and Eveline. Sarah Ann married (first) Samuel Marks and they moved to Kosciusko County, Indiana, where Mr. Marks died and she married (second) Capt. Wales Wilber, who was killed at Petersburg in the Civil War and was interred in the Bonner Cemetery near LaRue; Mrs. Wilber is also deceased and her remains rest by his side. Malinda died at the age of 18 years. Louisa, who is the widow of William Comstock, resides in White County, Indiana. Minerva, who is the widow of Stewart Tonguet, resides at Indianapolis. Mary, residing in Illinois, is the widow of Julius Baker, who was a member of the Fourth Regiment, Ohio Vol. Inf., during the Civil War, and was killed in Franklin County, Virginia. Lucas L., who has resided on his farm in White County, Indiana, for the past 18 years, was reared in Bowling Green township and here married Lydia Godfrey. Henry, who died in the army in the Civil War, was a member of the 64th Regiment, Ohio Vol. Inf. he had previously married Emma Johnson. Eveline died soon after her marriage to Samuel Johnson. Benjamin Sager, the father of the above named family, died June 9, 1889.

Benjamin F. Sager, our subject, can remember when the Wyandot Indians would come to his father's farm to trade for salt and how he would hide from them. Until the age of 11 years he worked on the home farm as hard as his boyish strength would allow, occasionally attending the Bell school which was built on his father's land and was the first in the township. In 1844 his father broke up housekeeping and hired his soil out to David Bibler, in Wyandot County. This employer worked the boy very bard and as he paid him only in homespun clothing, the latter left him and engaged with Jonathan Neal, in Grand township, Marion County, where he attended a school taught by a Miss Parrish, through a winter, which was the longest single period he had ever enjoyed in school. In the spring of 1845 Mr. Sager assisted Daniel Sorden to clear some land on the Ridgway farm and after harvest that year he worked for other farmers, receiving 25 cents a day. The winter of 1845 was that of the great flood in the Scioto River; he worked on the old home farm and went to school on the days when the water was too high to permit of labor. In the following year, with the loss of but three days, he worked for eight months for Isaac F. Guthery, of Bowling Green township, and worked also for him through the succeeding summer, for $8 per month.

In the following fall, Mr. Sager with Durias Williams, started for Iowa, on foot, taking in Lima, Delphos and Van Wert on the way and passing through a body of woods that then stood nine miles across. By the time the youths had reached Fort Wayne, Mr. Williams had given out and they took a canal boat from there to Logansport, 80 miles farther west. There they secured work at cutting timber for Green & Baker, who conducted iron works in that vicinity, and remained until the following spring, when Mr. Sager hired out as a driver on the canal and made his home at Logansport. He remained on the boat three years, in various capacities, managing to save some money from his salary. He was on the boat on one occasion when its freight out of Toledo was valued at $60,000. During all this time the youth had never had even one letter from home and considering everything it was very creditable that he could have accumulated, with no encouragement or help, the sum of $600, in addition to a horse, saddle and bridle. he was 19 years old when he returned and took charge of his father's farm and ran the sawinill. The father gave him a half interest and he made money both for himself and his father. While contemplating a trip to Minnesota, about this time, Isaac F. Guthery prevailed upon him to work for him for the next year and in the summer of 1856 he farmed on shares with this employer. A serious illness came upon him and he was under the care of Dr. Ross at Richwood, but after recovery returned to Guthcry's employ. After his marriage in the following year, he rented land from the Guthery brothers for two years and in the spring of 1859 purchased 125 acres of land, to which he has been adding ever since. He now owns over 1,200 acres, more than 1,000 acres being in one body. He started out in life entirely dependant on his own resources and has never received one dollar except what he has earned through industry, good judgment and foresight. For the past 40 years he has been In the banking business and holds thousands of dollar's worth of notes. He loans money throughout Marion, Hardin and Logan counties and never without good collateral. His land is all cleared and he has made all the improvements. For many years he has been one of the largest stock-raisers in the county.

On February 8 , 1857, Mr. Sager was married to Sarah C. Cowger, who was born in Pendleton County, Virginia (now West Virginia), and is a daughter of Abel and Phebe Cowger, and a niece of Noah Cowger, Shobe Judy and Emanuel Trumbo, who owned 1,100 acres of land. The father died when Mrs. Sager was 11 years of age and the mother some years later. Mr. and Mrs. Sager have had the following children : William Alden, Abel Franklin, Henry Wilber, Edward Truman, James Delmar and Minnie Elzina. All the sons were educated in the public and normal schools.

William Alden Sager, the eldest of the family, was born May 13, 1858, attended school at Delaware and Ada, and commenced teaching school when but 16 years of age. He married Flora Gump a daughter of Philip Gump, of Waldo township, and has three children living-Earle, Maud and Prudence; Carl aged 13 years and Marion died aged 11 months Abel Franklin Sager, born May 29, 1860, is engaged in a coal and real estate business at Gladwin, Michigan, where he taught school three years. He married May Harris, of Union County, Ohio, and has had six children, of whom two are now living-Dwight and Kenneth. Dr. Henry Wilber Sager, proprietor of a private sanitarium at Marion, graduated at the National Normal University at Lebanon, and attended Starling Medical College for two years. He is a prominent physician and surgeon at Marion. He was born July 4, 1862, and married Flora Longstaff. Edward Truman Sager was born November 13, 1866, attended school at Ada and Valparaiso and both he and his wife are graduate physicians of the Ohio Medical College. He owns property on Mount Vernon avenue, Columbus, and practices in that city. He married Ora Parrish, a daughter of Thomas Parrish, of Union County. They have two children: Opal May and Stella Daisy. James Delmar Sager, born February 8, 1869, was educated at the Ohio Normal University at Ada and took a commercial course at Fowler's College of Phrenology, at New York City. His death occurred October 20, 1895. He married Ida Jones, a daughter of A. J. Jones; she still survives, with their one child, Marjorie. Minnie Elzina, born May 13, 1872, attended the public schools, the LaRue High School and then entered the Ohio Normal University. She married John Zieg, then of Green Camp township; they now reside four miles southwest of Bellefontaine. They have four children: Wilber, Benjamin, Vernon and Leon.

Mr. Sager is a Democrat in his general political views, but he exercises the right of supporting the best man for any office. He belongs to LaRue Lodge, No. 463, F. & A. M. He has always been an active supporter of the public schools and is a member of the School Board of Bowling Green township. For nine years he served as justice of the peace and takes pleasure In the fact that he never had a case reversed and that many cases of litigation were settled by him without court fees. He is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church, but has always been liberal to all religious bodies.1 

Last Edited 31 Mar 2006

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