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William B. Maple1

b. 16 July 1778, d. 6 March 1848

Father Jacob Maple1 b. circa 1735, d. after 11 May 1813
Mother Elizabeth Stanford1 b. circa 1735
Pop-up Pedigree

Family Mary (Polly) Fuller b. April 1782, d. 9 April 1850
Children  1. Sarah Maple b. a Sep 1800
  2. Joseph Maple b. a Sep 1800
  3. Anne Maple b. 7 Jan 1801
  4. William Henry Maple b. 7 Nov 1802, d. 21 Mar 1874
  5. Isaac Maple b. 12 Dec 1804, d. 20 Mar 1884
  6. Rebecca Maple b. 27 Dec 1806
  7. Margaret Maple b. 23 Oct 1808, d. 13 Mar 1851
  8. Abraham Maple b. 1 Feb 1811
  9. Mary Maple b. 4 Dec 1812
  10. Olima Maple b. 1814

Note*   A book by T. Grant Maple has different birth date and more information as follows: born July 16, 1778, N.J. This family moved from Washinton Co. MD to Jefferson Co., Ohio in 1802. Then moved to Guernsey Co. Ohio in 1812. In 1826 with sons Isaac and Abraham moved to Peoria Co., IL In 1838 son William followed. They bought government land and settled in region known as "Maple Ridge".

William fought in the War of 1812.

Excerpt from an E-mail dated February 17, 1999 from Kathy Maple ( to Connie Maple:

Mapleton is a small town about 20 miles from Peoria, IL. Books say that in 1838 our William, with his sons, Abraham and Isaac settled in Hollis Township and founded the town. They called it Maple's Town. I have found a grave in Maple Ridge that proves that date wrong. There is a daughter of William buried there in 1832. So I assume they found it a little sooner than the book says. 1838 there were about 100 people (mostly related) living in Maple's Town. Then the nearest church was 12 miles away.

On Oct. 27, 1838, William and his 2 sons organized the LaMarsh Baptist Church. They had no formal church, so they held their services in barns and homes of the 22 members. In 1849, after a revival that lasted for several months, they decided to build a church. It would be 30 feet by 45 feet, costing them $1000. They used the surrounding timber to build the frame. You can still see the rough hewn logs in the basement. Abraham and his wife Rhuhamy, donated the land. The original copy of the deed is still proudly displayed in the church.

In 1853, Joseph C. Maple began preaching part time. He studied at Shurtleff College. In 1854 they had another revival which reported 40 baptisms bringing the membership up to 155. By 1880 only 2 of the original church members were still alive. Abraham and Isaac. On the 100th anniversary of the church Albert Maple was the member that had been there the longest. Later they ended up having to raise the church because the foundation was too low and they added a porch. Other than that, all is still original. Beside the church is a wealth of genealogy info. It is Maple Ridge Cem. This is the place that got me started on genealogy! I was there for a funeral and got told the story of how his family had settled the town and it really was named after his family. I had heard it before but didn't really believe it till I saw all them Maple's in that one cemetery all together! It has William and Mary there and quiet a few of their descendants, including Isaac and Abraham. They also built a school, built furniture, owned a grist mill, a saw mill, and 3 coal mines. Was even rumored that they helped hide slaves and the town found out and burnt down Williams house. Can't prove that though. I did find out that his house did burn down, though he saved his family bible(saw it!!). Up to about 5 years ago Isaac's house was still standing but can't even tell what it was. So sad.

In 1959 the town was incorporated by William Maple's grandson, William, and the name was changed to Mapleton.
Kathy Maple1,2 
Birth* 16 July 1778  Washington Co., MD1 
Marriage* 4 January 1800  VA, Principal=Mary (Polly) Fuller1 
Burial* 1848  La Marsh Baptist Church Cemetery aka Mapleridge Cemetery, Maple Ridge, Peoria Co., IL1 
Death* 6 March 1848  Maple Ridge, Hollis Twp., Peoria Co., IL1 

Last Edited 29 Oct 2013

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  2. [S68] Kathy Maple Personal Research, Kathy Maple.

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