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Lyman Ross1

b. 28 January 1785, d. 1830

Family Judith Frazier b. 6 June 1787, d. 11 July 1847
Child  1. Dennison Ross b. 1 Nov 1807, d. 4 Dec 1880

Note*   The following information comes from the book "Ross Family Records" Written by Seaver J. Montgomery and published in 1929.

KI69 LYMAN ROSS: b, in Westerly, R.I. 1785; m. Judith Frazier,
(1) Denison: b. 18O7; d. 1880; m. Cynena ——; m. (2) Elizabeth Adams.
(A) Catherine: b. 1833 in Salem Township, Muskingum Co., Ohio.
(B) Eliza Ann: b. 1834; m. E. A. Conrad ; 2 ch. : Cliff and Mayme.
(C) Lyman: b. 1836.
(D) William: b. 1837.
(E) Judith: b. 1839.
(F) Thomas: b. 1840.
(G) Sidney: b. 1842.
(H) Susan: b. 1846; d. in Ontario, Calif.; m, Moses Buffington.
(a) Charley Buffington: married and lives at 1319 1/2 S. Van-
Ness Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
(b) Frank Buffington: married and lives at Upland, Calif.
(I) Christiana: b. 1848; m. Charley Brown; one child, now Mrs.
George E, Estes; 1. at Glenwood, Iowa.
(J) George Denison: b. 1851; d. 1914; m. Laura Frances McCarty,
(a) Lloyd D.: b, 1876, in Des Moines, Iowa; m. Martha I.
Adair (b. 1875).
1. Adair Denison; b. 1905; m. Mabel Millison.
(b) Charles Will: b. 1878; m. Leanore Allen; now l. in
Seattle, Wash. Ch.: Francis, Hoyt and Wilma,
(c) Fred Raymond: b- 1881; m. Nellie Tracy. Ch.: Clara,
George, Edward, Laura, Fred Raymond, Lloyd; now 1.
at Houston, Texas.
(d) Edna: b. 1885; m. Clarence Ratliff. Ch.: Marion and
Marjorie; now 1. at Houston, Texas,
(K) Mary; b. 1853; m. ——— Garrett.
(a) Mrs. Cora Garrett Lloyd.
(b) Mrs. Esther Garrett Fox.
(L) Conrad: b. 1855; m. Ruth —— .
(a) Conrad, Jr
(M) Charles William: b. 1858; m. Sarah Parkhurst.
(a) Cliff: m. and has three children.
(b) Rhea: m, —— Sappington; and has one child.
(N) Albert: b. 1861; m. Peusa Brown.
(a) Ralph: m. and has a dau., Elizabeth.
(b) Beuford: m. and had 3 ch., incl. a son named Lloyd.
(O) Frederick: b. 1864; d. 1929; m. Cora Himnan,
(2) Eliza Ann: b. 1810, in Hopkinton, R. I.
(3) John Edmond: b. 1819, in Salem Township, Muskingum Co., Ohio.
(4) Lyman Riley: b. 1822, Salem Township, Muskingum Co., Ohio.
(5) Loas: b. 1825; m. Dr. Conn; a son now lives at Oskaloosa, Iowa.1 
Birth* 28 January 1785  Westerley, Washington Co., RI1,2 
Marriage* 8 January 1807  Charleston, Washington Co., RI, Principal=Judith Frazier1,2 
Death* 1830  Salem Twp., Muskingum Co., OH3 
News/Obit* 10 June 1890  News Article,

Tuesday, June 10, 1890 Chapter XLI:

Biographical Sketches and List of the First Land Holders

The first owner of the northwest quarter of Sec. J, now occupied by O.A. Adams, was Lyman Ross, a Jerseyman. Mr. Ross, with his family and three brothers, emigrated to Ohio about the year of 1818. Lyman settled in Salem township, but his three brothers settled in Adams township, as follows: Daniel Ross settled on the Coshocton road, on the farm adjoining the Stoner farm on the north, and there he died and was buried. He had but one son, Franklin, who married a Miss Bell, and is also dead. David Ross settled on what afterwards became the Knicely farm. He died and was buried in Fairview cemetery, at the age of 82 years. His four children were Avery, Gilbert, John and Maria, all of whom were well-known and respected citizens. They also have been gathered to their fathers. Most of their children and grand-children still reside in this county. Maria Ross, Nathan's only daughter, married John Brannon and resided near Marquand's Mill.

Nathan Ross lived for a number of years near the present residence of George McDowell, in Adams township. He afterwards removed to Millersburg, Ohio, where he died and was buried. His sons Daniel, Edward and James went to California. His daughter Lydia, married a Mr. Lawrence of near Millersburg.

Lyman Ross and Family

Lyman Ross, who settled in Salem township, died in 1830, at the age of 45 years, and was buried on his farm. His death was caused by a rose cancer, which first made its appearance on one of his toes. It spread until twice he suffered amputation of a part of his foot and then of one of his legs; but again it made its appearance on one of his thighs, finally causing his death from hemorrhage. Lyman Ross was the father of five children: Denison, Eliza, Edmon, Riley and Lois. (1) Denison Ross first married Cyrena Spencer, by whom he had 8 children: Eliza, Catharine, Lyman, Thomas, Judith, Sidney, Cyrena and William. All are dead except Eliza and Thomas. Eliza is the wife of Mayor John W. Conrade of Zanesville, and Thomas resides in Nebraska. Catharine died at the age of 22 years. Lyman married and served in the Union army during the war, returned to his home in Illinois, and died in 1867. Judith died in Adamsville at 15 years of age. Sidney married Asa Nims and died at 18 years of age. Cyrena died at the home of her uncle L.R.'s home in Adamsville in July, 1861, at 17 years of age. William died in childhood of flux. Denison Ross remarried to Miss Elizabeth Adams, who survives him in Henderson Co. Ill. He was the owner of the first saw mill on Symmes Creek in this township, and built the Adamsville hotel in 1836 and 183?. This he continued to own for several years, and about the same time he also built the residence now occupied by John Prince and M.F. Tomlinson. For some years he and Patterson Cunningham kept a store in a part of what is now the Prince residence. He returned to the farm entered by his father, and again removing to Adamsville he kept a store for a time in the room now occupied by Elsea & Winn. About 1850, he removed to Illinois, where several years ago he died and was buried. (2) Eliza Ross, a daughter of the pioneer, Lyman Ross, married Dr. Jared Cone, and died in the west. (3) Lois married Holly Cone and survives him at Downing, Missouri. (4) Lyman Riley Ross, married Miss Mary A. Smoot, and at present resides with his daughter Carrie, in Zanesville, spending much of his time in Adamsville. His wife died and was buried here in 188-. (5) Edmon Ross married Elizabeth Fisher, served in the Union army in the War of the Rebellion, and died soon after the close of the war in Meigs Co. Ohio.

Appeared in The Adamsville Register, June 10, 1890


Last Edited 17 May 2014

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