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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Mary Ann to Alexander, Josephine G. "Jo"
Alexander, Justin L. to Alvarez, Tammy Michelle
Alverson, Karen Sue to Anderson, William Roger "Billy"
Andlauer, Anna Statia to Arnold, Scott N.
Arnold, Sharon K. to Bailey, Lucy J. "Jenny"
Bailey, Lulu D. to Baker, Matthew "Matt"
Baker, Maude Lucretia to Barnes, Wayne R.
Barnet, Charles J. to Baughman, Wilbur F.
Baugous, Birdie Marie to Beavers, Shirley
Beaverson, Kathleen R. to Benson, Vera Jean
Benson, Vickie to Black, Spencer C.
Blackburn, Alex to Boettler, Sarah Arnet "Nettie"
Boger, Betty Katherine to Botts, Thomas "Tommy" Jr.
Boucher, Malinda A. to Bradford, Zella I.
Bradley, Bonnie Lee to Brienza, Michael Vincent
Briggs, Aarin B. to Broughton, William "Bill"
Brouse, Martha to Brunson, Nanette
Brust, Kristi Jo to Bull, Wendall
Bullard, Bertha B. to Burns, William "Willie"
Burnside, Shirley E. to Cacy, Velma M.
Cacy, William "Willie" to Candland, Stacy Jo
Canfield, Elnora J. to Carpenter, Hayley
Carpenter, Iva Eileen to Chaney, Wilber B.
Chapin, Annette to Christy, Tillie
Christy, Trophia to Cline, William Henry
Clingenpeel, Ada Maxine to Coleridge, Pat
Coletti, Tiffany A. to Cook, Edward "Edd"
Cook, Elizabeth A "Beth" to Costello, May E.
Cota, Adriana Elizabeth to Cronkwright, Ray E.
Cronoble, Christina Lee to Cummins, Zina Marie
Cuney, Angeline to Davis, Cyrus Cross
Davis, Dale Franklin to Decker, Eugene
Decker, Eva H. to Desensi, John V.
Desimone, Ann M. to Disch, Russell Elmer III
Discolo, Anthony V. to Doughty, William R.
Douglas, Anna Ethel to Dunman, Brenda
Dunn, Adaline to Edwards, William Orren
Eeten, Martha Kathryn to Emmons, Emma Ellen
Emmons, Emmet F. to Evarts, Wilbur Edward
Eveland, Elizabeth A. "Lizzie" to Ferenzi, Julie A.
Fergus, Alice M. to Fiore, Tara D.
Fiorito, John to Firestone, Charles William
Firestone, Charlotte to Firestone, Emily Margaret
Firestone, Emily R. to Firestone, Hoyt M.
Firestone, Hudson to Firestone, Kristin
Firestone, Kristin to Firestone, Mary Jane
Firestone, Mary Jane to Firestone, Richard J.
Firestone, Richard James to Firestone, Virginia Lee
Firestone, Virginia M. to Flory, Wallace Raymond
Flotow, David Russell to Frame, Thomas
Frampton, Danica to Fulk, Daisy Belle
Fulk, Daniel to Fuller, Verna Jean
Fullmer, Ann to Garretson, Phoebe Ann
Garretson, Raymoth Wiona to Gaumer, Johann Frederick
Gaumer, Johann George to Geiger, Michael E.
Geisberger, Charles to Gilstrap, Unknown
Giltner, Anne Louise to Goodyear, Sarah
Gookin, Ancil E. to Graybill, Mary Kate
Graybill, Matt to Groben, Stella
Groet, "Sis" to Hahn, Robert K.
Haidle, Hilda Katherine to Hammond, Violet Jean "Jeannie"
Hammons, Jody L. to Harbaugh, Phyllis Carol
Harbaugh, Rachael Flossy to Harrison, Mary Ellen
Harrison, Mary Maude to Hartzler, Sharon
Harvey, Alice to Hazen, Kim
Hazlett, Amy to Hendrix, William Cloyce "Willie"
Hendrixson, Betty Mardell to Hess, Virginia F.
Hesse, Elizabeth to Hileman, Mark Steven
Hileman, Mary A. to Hinkle, Lisa K.
Hinkle, Lyn M. to Hogge, Marie
Hogge, Mary Emma to Horn, Unknown
Horner, Alfaretta Emmaline "Retta" to Hudkins, Shana
Hudnall, David to Huffman, Wendy E.
Hufnagel, Kaci L. to Humphrey, Katie
Humphrey, Kenneth D. to Huntley, Willard J.
Huntoon, Brenda Jane to Jackman, Tami Marie
Jackson, Abigail to Johns, William N.
Johnson, Ada to Jones, Orville Elwood
Jones, Patricia Joyce to Kealey, Minnie "Micki"
Kearns, Benjamin Franklin "Frank" to Kenney, Unknown
Kennington, Mary Joyce to King, Hugh
King, Ida L. to Kitchen, Unknown
Kite, Cora to Kovacs, Michael John "Mike"
Koval, Francis E. "Frank" to Lacy, Unknown
Ladkrood, Brian Phelps to Larsen, Zigrid
Larson, Alma to Lee, Ethel Maxine
Lee, Franka Lynette to Leonard, Rebecca Lynn "Becca"
LePage, Emma Jane to Lipovsky, Nathan Robert
Lipperd, Wilma Jean "Terry" to Long, Julia Myrtie
Long, Katherine to Lowe, Sherri Ann
Lowe, Sherry Lee "Sis" to Maddock, Theresa Michelle
Maddox, Jane Kathryn to Maple, William Henry
Maples, Sandra K. to Martin, John
Martin, John to May, Juanita Elizabeth
May, Judith Ann to McClanahan, Rodman P.
McClean, Dylan Ray to McDiffett, Lori Ann
McDiffett, Margaret JoAnn to McKernan, Kathleen H.
McKernan, Kati to Mehrens, Phillip James "Phil"
Meinart, Eva to Middaugh, Pearl Eva
Middleton, Alan to Miller, Robert D.
Miller, Robert Edward to Mock, Harold Amos
Mock, Harriet to Moore, Helen Louise
Moore, Hester A. to Mountz, Harold Richard
Mountz, Harvey G. to Mustone, Judith Ann "Judy"
Mutchel, Nola M. to Nelisher, Vivian A.
Nell, Catherine to Nicholson, Wade Herbert
Nick, Lori to O'Roark, John P. "Jack"
O'Toole, Shannon to Osborne, Samantha Jo "Sam"
Osbourne, Brandon Ross to Parker, Thomas "Tom"
Parker, Timothy Allen to Pazel, Virginia L.
PaŘer, Anna to Perky, David F.
Perky, David W. CPA to Philbin, Michael Jr.
Philips, Lucy Jennifer to Polyblank, Timothy "Tim"
Pomerene, Annie Laurie to Price, Zelima E.
Prickett, Jean Louise to Quint, Lyle L.
Quintrall, David L. to Reade, Teresa M. "Terry"
Ready, Carol A. to Retlich, Rosina
Retzsch, Melanie Ann to Richer, Unknown
Richey, Albert Marrietta to Riley, George D.
Riley, George Washington "Wash" to Roach, Unknown
Roadgap, Martha Jane to Rogers, William John
Rohlen, Angela L. "Angie" to Rowland, Wanda
Rowlands, Gary C. to Rummell, William W.
Rumsey, Harold Jackson to Salter, Susan
Saltsgaver, Casiah Victor "Cossie" to Sawvel, Betty Lee
Sawyer, Lottie May to Schultz, Unknown
Schulz, Geraldine C. to Selby, Stacey
Seleszki, Ida to Shaw, George A.
Shaw, George Enos H. to Shiflett, Shirley
Shinkle, Clarice Etna to Shirar, Nancy
Shirar, Nancy Elizabeth to Shirer, Lance Michael
Shirer, Larry Thomas to Shoop, Lucindy
Shopbell, Nancy Jeanne to Shutta, Michael E.
Shuttleworth, David D. to Skinner, William H.
Skipper, Bryan Mathew to Slocum, Ruth Elizabeth
Sluman, Anna to Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Mary Ann to Solomon F., Margaret Ann
Solomon, Catherine Shan to Springer, Wanda Lucille
Springer, William Frederick to Starrett, Margaret J. "Maggie"
Staten, Dorothy Lee to Sterling, Nancy
Stern, Rebecca to Storkel, Twila
Story, Michael David "Mike" to Stull, Matilda Jane
Stultz, Angelia K. to Swain, Unknown
Swalling, Mina to Tate, Virginia Sue
Tatman, Bertha to Thomas, Deborah A.
Thomas, Deborah Brooks to Tipton, Warren
Tish, Evelyn Diane to Tucker, Virgil T.
Tuell, Michelle Leigh to Unknown, Amanda M.
Unknown, Amber to Unknown, Clara R.
Unknown, Clara S. to Unknown, Evelyn
Unknown, Evelyn to Unknown, Judith A. "Judi"
Unknown, Judith A. "Judy" to Unknown, Margaret A.
Unknown, Margaret A. to Unknown, Nelle G.
Unknown, Nellie to Unknown, Susan
Unknown, Susan "Susie" to Van Wy, Jane M.
Van Wy, Jill to Vinsel, Hazel Marie
Vinsel, Helen Carma to Wagoner, Loretta
Wagoner, Lula F. to Ware, Mary Ellen
Ware, Mary Evelyn to Weaver, William F.
Webb, Clyde to Wenner, Nellie
Wenner, Nellie Effie to Werts, William
Werts, William Clement to White, Nicholas D.
White, Nita June to Wiles, Taylor Danielle
Wiley, Alvin Roger to Wilson, Ida E.
Wilson, Irva Idella to Wisecarver, Richard Allen
Wisecarver, Ronald Allen to Wortman, Warren A.
Wortmann, Diane Marie Rose to Young, Harriet M.
Young, Heather Marie to Zimmer, Winnie O.
Zimmerlee, Katherine Mary to Zufall, Sherri

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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