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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to Adams, Minnie May
Adams, Mira E. to Alexander, Martha M.
Alexander, Martha M. to Amore, Deb
Amore, Delores to Angle, Wendy June
Anglemeyer, Elsie to Aspinall, Living
Aspinwall, Aaron M. to Bainter, Margaret C.
Bainter, Margaret Elizabeth to Balsky, Wilhelmena A. "Minnie"
Balsley, Beatrice Victoria to Bartley, Ruth Nalley
Bartok, Edith to Beard, Cynthia
Beard, Cynthia J. to Bell, Margaret
Bell, Margaret Idessa to Bigney, Sue Ellen
Bilbrey, Tammi Lynn to Bloom, Zakary
Bloomer, Anita Christine to Boucher, Pauline May
Boulais, Joann E. to Bradley, Wendy Christine
Bradley, Wilbur Gene to Britton, John Henderson
Britton, Joyce to Brown, Lizzie
Brown, Lola to Buffington, Susannah Castena "Susan"
Bugg, Claude W. to Burlew, Melissa Ann
Burlew, Patricia Elaine to Buzan, William Patrick
Buzzard, Ada Dell to Campbell, Mary C.
Campbell, Mary Ellen to Carmack, William L.
Carman, Cynthia Arlene "Cindy" to Chapman, Seely B.
Chappell, Andrew Jackson to Church, Ruth
Churchill, Marian to Clinker, Susan Lavera "Vera"
Clinker, Susanna to Collins, William S. "Willie"
Collinwood, Lillie M. to Coomer, Paula Marie
Coomer, Phillip Everett to Craig, Theodore J.
Craig, Tillie Jane to Cummings, Francis
Cummings, Francis Hadden Spurgeon to Dandrea, John Anthony Jr.
Danell, Denna to Dayhuff, Beulah
Dazey, Eldred Eileen to Delossantos, Marta Laura
Delp, Blanche to Diller, Sallie W.
Dilley, Anthony "Tony" to Doty, Wanda
Dougal, Dora L. to Dull, Wayne William
Dulong, Nancy Jean to Edwards, William Orren
Eeten, Martha Kathryn to Emmons, Jessie Elias
Emmons, Jessie Howard to Ewals, Jane Lucille
Ewan, Alice Nadine to Ferrill, Teresa L.
Ferris, Richard J. to Firestone, Amsy
Firestone, Amy to Firestone, David N.
Firestone, David Roller to Firestone, George Valner
Firestone, George W. to Firestone, John F.
Firestone, John F. to Firestone, Marjorie
Firestone, Marjorie "Margy" to Firestone, Pearl Blanche
Firestone, Pearl E. to Firestone, Unkown
Firestone, Uthel G. to Flory, Raymond Vernon
Flory, Ruth to Frampton, William Arlin
Franca, Margaret A. "Peggy" to Fulk, Eliza
Fulk, Eliza to Fulton, William James
Fultz, Bertha Maebelle to Garris, Wanda M.
Garrison, Cynthia to Gaumer, Leanna Pearl
Gaumer, Lebanon to Gennett, Robert
Gennings, Katherine E. to Glass, Tanya Ann
Glassburn, Ann Marie "Annie" to Goughenour, Thomas Doug
Goughenour, Thomas Edward "Tom" to Greer, Unknown
Greg, Ashton Chance to Gund, Elizabeth "Bessie"
Gunn, Barbara Kay to Hall, Nancy Ann
Hall, Nancy Lynn to Hanshew, William Franklin
Hansman, Ursula F. to Harnish, Treva June
Harold, Athur J. "Artie" to Hart, William Leonard
Hartenstein, Anna M. to Hawn, Vera
Hawthorne, Dodie to Helwig, Catherine
Helzlsour, Bernadette M. to Herrington, William J.
Hershey, Andi to Hileman, John P.
Hileman, John P. III to Hinger, Myrtle
Hinkle, Barbara to Hogge, Leta Belvia
Hogge, Macie M. to Horner, Uriah R.
Hornett, Sandra to Huff, Doris
Huff, Doris F. to Humphrey, Ann Eliza
Humphrey, Ann Elizabeth to Humphrey, Mary O. "Mayme"
Humphrey, Mary Olive to Hutchison, William Robison
Huth, Carrie Lynn to Jankowski, William "Billy"
Janney, Amelia to Johnson, Ruth Catherine
Johnson, S. Lorin to Kaiser, Shirley A.
Kalaleh, David Christopher to Kelty, Rosa A.
Kelty, Rose Jeanette to King, Lelia F.
King, Lena Arizona to Klinesmith, Jennie
Klinger, Rosa Salome to Kroll, Wendy Christine
Kromarek, Amy L. to Lamphear, Mary E.
Lancaster, Barbara Jo to Lawless, Rachel Lee
Lawlor, Aimee Ann to Legge, Walter Clinton
Leggett, Juanita Maxine to Lewis, Yvonne Danette
Lewison, Cary Jon to LLoyd, Warren H.
Loar, Melvin H. to Lorenson, Sarah Pitner
Lorentzen, Jennifer Renee to Ludlum, Gertrude E. "Girtie"
Ludwick, Judith to Mangiameli, Virginia Lee
Mangin, Marla K. to Marsh, Wallace Michael
Marshal, Melanie Matra to May, Bryan R.
May, Buelah to McCauley, William
McCauley, William F. to McDermott, Stockton Monroe
McDiffett, Alden Dale to McKenzie, Thomas J. "Tom"
McKernan, Alice A. to Meister, Philomena
Meitzler, Catherina to Millard, Shirley Anna
Millea, Viola L. to Minarick, George
Minehart, Cory Seth to Monroe, Ida
Monroe, Ida J. to Moringo, Winnie E.
Morley, Laurie Ann to Mumaugh, Donald Eugene
Mummert, Barbara Ann to Neiswinter, Myrtle
Neiswinter, Nellie to Newman, William
Newsom, Lesley A. to O'Dell, Sharon
O'Donnel, Briana Oma to Ovaitt, Robert Mark
Overbaugh, Allan George to Parmenter, William Arthur
Parmley, Alice C. to Pearl, Mary Virginia "Jennie"
Pearl, Minnie Margaret to Perky, Lillie Belle
Perky, Lisa Ann to Phillips, Patience
Phillips, Phinehas to Pounds, Thomasina
Poundstone, Robin J. to Purington, Thomas William
Pursell, Carolyn to Rauch, Tonya Rae
Raun, Minnie Johansen to Replogle, Rex Wayne
Replogle, Stacy Louise to Richardson, Wendy S.
Richer, Curt to Riley, Harriet
Riley, Harriet Melissa to Robbins, Opal Clarenda
Roberts, Alice Ann to Rohrbaugh, William Owen
Rohrer, Caroline M. to Royce, Shirley K.
Royce, Vivian June to Rush, Nicole L.
Rusher, Edward "Ed" to Sanders, Joseph Arthur
Sanders, Joseph Z. "Joe" to Scheurer, Valentine Sr.
Scheuring, Audrey Elaine to Seals, Susan Diane
Seaman, Alice C. to Shafer, Warren DeBolt
Shafer, Welta Annas to Sheirer, William Wesley
Sheldon, Deborah Joanne to Shirar, James
Shirar, James DeRyee to Shirer, Ernest Logan
Shirer, Estella Belle to Shirey, Evelyn
Shirey, Florence to Shroyer, Wilmer
Shuck, Charlotte to Sisco, Sharon
Siskowic, Arlene R. to Sloan, Pamelia
Sloan, Patrick Scott to Smith, Malinda C.
Smith, Malvina to Somerby, Mary Ellen (Nellie)
Somers, Irene C. to Sproat, William Oliver
Spry, Laura L. to Steele, Whitney M.
Steepleton, Brian Douglas to Stewart, Unknown
Stewart, Welby Earl to Strawn, Vesta
Strayer, Marjorie to Summers, Unknown
Summerville, John F. to Swihart, Walter Howard
Swinehart, Amy L. to Temple, Terry L.
Tenckhoff, Gertrude B. to Thornton, Sarah Jane
Thorpe, Elva Sylvestra to Troutman, Victor William
Troutmann, Daisey E. to Uggen, Vickie J
Uhal, Brenda Susan to Unknown, Catherine
Unknown, Catherine to Unknown, Elsie Mary
Unknown, Elsie R. to Unknown, Jill A.
Unknown, Jill Ann to Unknown, Mable
Unknown, Mable C. to Unknown, Nancy S.
Unknown, Nancy V. to Unknown, Susan C.
Unknown, Susan C. to Van Wy, Virginia M.
Van Zile, Judith "Judy" to Vinsel, Lee Eric
Vinsel, Lee Jared to Walenta, Cindy
Wales, Amelia B. to Warford, Rosalie Isabell
Waring, Amy M. to Webreck, Tracy Elizabeth
Webreck, William Frederick to Werner, Vivian Faye
Werntz, Ida to West, Wayne Lewis
West, William M. III to Whiteleather, William
Whitely, Chadd to Williams, Norraine
Williams, Orliff A. to Winings, Vernon Irwin
Winkle, Brian T. to Wood, Winston D.
Woodard, Dianna L. to Yahraus, George Robert Jr.
Yanick, Amy L. to Ziegler, Cynthia
Ziegler, David Frederick "Fred" to Zufall, Sherri

Main Page - Surname Index - Master Place Index - Historical Sources - Photo Albums - Grave Restoration - Scheurer DNA Project - John Shirer of Somerset Co., PA

Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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