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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to Adams, Rebecca
Adams, Rita A. to Allen, Carol
Allen, Charles Lee to Amore, Penny C.
Amore, Phyllis Kim to Arnette, Mya
Arnold, Alan Keith to Bain, Unknown
Bainter, Ada Dell to Baker, Virgil C.
Baker, Virginia to Barton, Kimberly Ann
Barton, Linda A. to Beard, Loren Emory "Peck"
Beard, Loren Matthew to Bennett, Unknown
Benoit, Helene J. to Blackwell, Wilma K.
Blade, Grace Mae to Booth, Vern L.
Boren, Denise D. to Bradford, John William Jr.
Bradford, John William Sr. to Brillhart, Veda G.
Bringold, Beatrice to Brown, Pearl May
Brown, Pencie May to Bungard, Willis P.
Bunn, Alexander P. to Cacy, Nadeane "Dean"
Cacy, Nancy J. to Carazo, Stephen J.
Carefelle, Beau to Carroll, Rebecca
Carse, Mary to Christy, Denver A.
Christy, Donald S. to Clement, Marlene Jean
Clemm, Augustus to Coe, Ruth H.
Coen, Darlene to Cook, Harry
Cook, J. Lee to Cowsert, Marvin Bruce "Skip"
Cox, Becky to Cruse, Karleen Joy "Kate"
Cruzan, John Wesley to Dague, Lelia E.
Dahlberg, Frances Anne to Deal, Aaron
Deale, Ellen A. to Denne, June Elaine
Denning, Johnathan Winston "John" to Dixon, Wayne Andrew
DiZerega, George Theodore to Draper, Marguerite Jane
Draper, Marian C. to Eckerman, Patricia Catherine
Eckert, Evan L. to Embrey, Pamela Lynn
Emerick, Andrew to Ewan, William Elmer
Ewing, Amos W. to Feuerstein, Theobald
Fewell, Alice Delmira to Firestone, Bryan Kent
Firestone, Bryon Wesley to Firestone, Eugene Trobridge
Firestone, Eugene W. to Firestone, John
Firestone, John to Firestone, Mary Catherine
Firestone, Mary Catherine to Firestone, Samuel
Firestone, Samuel to Flanagan, Unknown
Flannagan, Diana L. to Fox, Wanda
Fox, William P. "Bill" to Fulk, David
Fulk, David "Dave" to Fulmer, Lucy Louise
Fulte, Linda to Gaumer, Arthur
Gaumer, Barbara Rita to Gaumer, Phoebe Rae
Gaumer, Priscilla to Gift, Stephen Charles
Gilbert, Adam James to Goltry, Zella Idella
Gomer, Agnes Barbara to Green, Williard
Greene, Courtney Jane to Gushwa, Suzanne
Guss, Diane M. to Hamilton, William W.
Hamman, Jeffrey L. "Jeff" to Haren, Jason
Harger, Joan A to Harryman, Ruby L.
Harshbarger, Jackie "Jack" Wayne to Hawman, Unknown
Hawn, Betty Jean to Hendershot, Leanne Marie
Hendershot, Lila Bauman to Hicks, Ruth Deanne
Hicks, Stephanie Diane to Hileman, Winfred A.
Hiler, Elizabeth Jane to Hodges, Wallace C. Jr.
Hodgkins, Amanda A. to Hoopes, Jonathan
Hoose, Viola M. to Huff, Bonnie Jean
Huff, Buda to Humphrey, Blanche Louise
Humphrey, Blanche Sarah to Humphrey, Munroe
Humphrey, Murle M. to Hyde, Maude
Hyndman, Amanda L. to John Honts, Elizabeth
John, Elizabeth to Jones, Mary Frances
Jones, Mary Jane to Keller, Marvin Lee
Keller, Mary Jane to King, Eliza
King, Elizabeth to Kleinsteiber, Ralph
Kleitz, Donna Jean to Krontz, Torrie Lynn
Krope, Josephine to Lapp, Vera Blanche
Lappin, Barbara Ann to Lechner, May Bell
Lechner, Michelle R. to Levengood, Warren
Levering, Ashley Janet "Jan" to Little, Robert Valentine
Little, Robin Avonell to Louck, Frank
Loucks, Aaron to Lyman, Mellissa K.
Lynch, Allie M. to Maple, Naomi
Maple, Olima to Martin, William L. Jr.
Martinez, Brenda K. to McCauley, William F.
McCauley, William P. to McDiffett, Stephen
McDiffett, Steven E. to McKey, Sarah Martha
McKibbin, Living to Mercer, Robert A.
Mercer, Russell E. to Miller, Nelson Bradley
Miller, Nicholas Lynn to Mock, Theron Clay
Mock, Theron Clay Jr. to Morris, Kenneth L.
Morris, Kyle to Murphy, Unknown
Murr, Corliss Ann to Nelson, Viola Marie
Nelson, Wendy Gale to Noel, Robert
Noland, Grace Ellen to Orr, Tony
Ortego, Arthur to Parrott, Winona Arlene
Parry, Billy Kenneth to Peels, Willis W.
Peffer, Donald Lee to Phillips, Esther
Phillips, Evelyn to Powell, Zora Catherine
Powellson, Amy Loreen to Pyeatt, Winfred Jack
Pyers, Leona Leota to Reed, William
Reeder, Ethel M. to Richards, Sarah E.
Richards, Sarah E. to Riley, Marion Francis
Riley, Marlyn to Rockwell, Phillip S.
Rodarte, Jo Ann to Ross, Frederick Raymond
Ross, George Dennison to Rummel, Richard
Rummel, Richard Harold to Sager, William Earle
Sagmiller, Elizabeth Ellen to Scheller, Stanley
Schenke, Alex to Seaman, Jane
Seaman, Jane Frances to Sharpless, Vida
Sharrock, Alveretta to Shields, Madison
Shields, Marilyn to Shirar, Patsy Leona
Shirar, Paul Atlee to Shirer, Lilly Ann
Shirer, Lily Myrtle to Shore, Priscilla May
Shorey, Eric Gene to Simmons, Joseph Cain
Simmons, Lavina to Sloan, Dennis
Sloan, Dennis John to Smith, Keith L.
Smith, Kelly to Solomon, Lorna C.
Solomon-Oyarce, Lorna C. to Spurgeon, William M.
Spurlin, Delilah to Steier, Vincent J.
Steigerwald, Geraldine S. "Geri" to Stocker, Sarah
Stockin, Myrtle to Stull, Matilda Jane
Stultz, Angelia K. to Sweeney, Robert W. "Wes"
Sweet, Carol Jane to Tegreeny, Jacob "Jack" G.
Tegtmeyer, Joanne to Thozeski, Todd M.
Thrasher, Margaret "Peggy" to Tullos, Ursula W.
Tullos, Winifred to Unknown, Betty A.
Unknown, Betty A. to Unknown, Elizabeth
Unknown, Elizabeth to Unknown, Jennifer G.
Unknown, Jennifer Lynn to Unknown, Margaret "Peggy"
Unknown, Margaret A. to Unknown, Paige
Unknown, Pam to Unknown, Vera I.
Unknown, Vera Marie to Vaughan, Troy S.
Vaughn, Andre to Vollnogle, Wilmer Ray
Von Trebra, Albert Edward to Wantz, Woody D.
Wappes, Joan to Weatherford, Unknown
Weatherington, Elizabeth Ruby to Wenzel, Theresa M.
Werbe, Barbara to Wesolek, William Frederick
West, Ada Pearl to Whiteleather, William
Whitely, Chadd to Williamson, Unknown
Willing, Howard W. to Wisehart, Ruth
Wiser, Carrie to Wright, Zella A.
Wuertz, Nancy Jane to Zeigler, Melissa Goehring
Zeisel, Eva to Zuartzell, Clyde

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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