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(?), (?) (Gaumer) to Adams, Omer Emmett
Adams, Patricia to Alfred, Vicki L.
Algood, Alta M. to Amore, Kristin Nicole
Amore, Kyle to Argo, Opal Lee
Argo, Robert Dale "Bob" to Bagent, Wilbur H.
Bagley, Ada to Baker, Kellie N.
Baker, Kenneth Wayne to Barnhart, Unknown
Barnhill, Geneva Ruth to Baxter, Ray Daniel
Bayes, Sue Karen to Begany, Bryanne Kathryn
Begert, Donald R. to Biastro, Patricia J.
Bibbee, Deborah L. to Bleess, Todd Napoleon
Blew, Pearl to Bowden, Esther L.
Bowden, Eva I. to Brandon, Tabitha
Brandt, Anna Marie to Brock, William
Brockman, Mandy to Brubaker, Wilma Lorene
Bruce, Birdella F. to Burlew, Marwin Hale
Burlew, Mary Louise to Calhoun, Ora Jane
Call, George Wayne to Carey, Timothy Lee "Tim"
Cargill, Lucy Caroline to Carson, Tony A.
Carter, Benjamin Ray to Christman, Rolland James
Christner, Bobbie Lee to Clayton, William
Claytor, Ester to Coblentz, Robert C.
Coblentz, Rochelle C. to Connor, Unknown
Conrad, Ann Marie to Cosart, Zerma I.
Cosgrove, Alice to Crossen, Walter Malone
Crossen-Link, Dee Ann to Curry, Theresa
Cursey, Sarah to Davis, Roberta C.
Davis, Rosalie Ann to DeClouet, Sherry R.
Decoite, Alfred Melvin to Dilley, William "Billy"
Dilling, Susan to Doughty, Lillian Louise
Doughty, Louisa Jane to DuPont, Virginia
Dupuis, Alice P. to Elder, Thomas McKey III M.D.
Elder, Thomas McKey IV to Epstein, Ryan Nathaniel
Erb, Beverly Lorraine to Fath, William Robert "Bill"
Faulhaber, Alice Celina to Figgins, Valentine
Filippi, Aimee Ann to Firestone, Cleone
Firestone, Cleora E. to Firestone, Geren M.
Firestone, Gertie to Firestone, Kathleen
Firestone, Kathleen T. to Firestone, Michelle Renee
Firestone, Michelle Renee to Firestone, Susanna "Susan"
Firestone, Susanna Gearhart to Flory, Ruth
Flory, Sarah Magdalena Delia "Dell" to Frank, William Cleveland
Frankel, Anne to Fulk, Frank
Fulk, Frank to Furney, William
Furst, Kristine M. "Kris" to Gaumer, Carra
Gaumer, Carrie Alyson to Gaumer, Robbin Irene
Gaumer, Robert Arvine Jr. to Gift, Stephen Charles
Gilbert, Adam James to Goldstine, Susan
Gollen, Henrietta to Green, Rylee
Green, Stacey to Guillory, Sonya Denise
Guinther, Rose A. to Halsey, Tonna
Halvorsen, Alice to Hardin, Wildia B.
Harding, Ashley S. to Harrold, Myrtle Irene
Harrold, Naomi to Havens, Teresa E.
Haver, Donna Jean to Heinrich, Unknown
Heinz, Phillamina K. to Hesla, Syvert Andreas
Hess, Alan J. to Hileman, Lula
Hileman, Lula L. to Hisey, Rebecca J.
Hisey, Rosa to Hollinger, Willard Vernon
Hollis, Stephanie J. to Howell, Wendy
Howerton, Diana F. to Huff, Warren L
Huff, William to Humphrey, John
Humphrey, John to Hunter, Unknown
Huntington, Donna Collette to Jackson, Yvonne Danette
Jacob, Cara Elizabeth to Johnson, Lori
Johnson, Louisa R to Kahle, Samuel Paul
Kain, Abby Jo to Kelty, William Wesley
Kemeny, Gladys to King, Sarah H.
King, Shawn Marie to Knights, LuWayne D.
Knittle, Andy to Kuhn, Ty A.
Kuhns, Julia Esther to Larason, Virginia L.
Larey, Alice Leslie to Lechner, William Michael
LeCount, Pearl May to Leslie, Vern G.
Lesniak, Terri Leigh-Filler to Little, Lavon
Little, Leah J. to Lordi, Thomas "Tom"
Lorenson, Ann "Annie" Catherine to Luker, Samuel Alton "Llon"
Lukowski, Living to Mankey, William Albert
Mankey, William Duane to Martin, Fredric C. "Fred"
Martin, Gayla L. to Mazier, Lisa Lynette
Mazzioti, Adeline Marie to McCoy, Mary Ann
McCoy, Mary Ruth to McGuire, Virginia
McHenry, Lillie Belle to Medley, Harriett M. "Hattie"
Mee, Lee Young to Millard, Shirley Anna
Millea, Viola L. to Mintz, Unknown
Miracle, Dorothy Lee to Montgomery, Nancy Lynn
Moock, Brian Jay to Moses, Ida E.
Mosgrove, Maude L. to Myers, Living
Myers, Living to Nesbitt, Lydia Ann
Nesbitt, Mabel to Noragon, Madge Myrna "Maggie"
Nordlund, Julie B. to Osborn, William SilverHawk
Osborne, Garrett J. to Parrish, Melodi Sue
Parrish, Melvin R. to Peel, William Edward
Peels, Bertha Edna to Peters, Tracy Lynn
Petersen, Charlotte to Poharesky, Verna N.
Pohlman, Jack Richard to Proch, Mathew A.
Proctor, Michael to Rang, Walter Robert "Walt"
Rankin, Altha E. to Replogle, William S.
Reppuhn, Alma Jane to Ridenbaugh, Kenneth M.
Ridenbaugh, Lester F. to Riley, Thelma
Riley, Thelma Lavonne to Roe, William Gary
Roebuck, Amelia to Ross, Pensa Elizabeth
Ross, Phidelia to Rummel, Sherman
Rummel, Shirley D. to Sagmiller, Steven M.
Sahrbach, Catherine to Scheggart, Jennecke "Henrietta" "Jenny"
Scheggert, Caroline "Carrie" to Scroggins, Ruby
Scroggy, Harriett to Shafer, Sarah Jane
Shafer, Unknown to Shelker, Raymond D.
Shell, Almeranda to Shirar, Joshua E.
Shirar, Joshua Ryan to Shirer, Georgia May
Shirer, Gerald Gibbs to Shirey, Lois Rachael
Shirey, Margaret to Shumaker, William Jenning Jr.
Shumate, Fern to Slater, Eliza J.
Slater, Eliza Jane to Smith, Betty Lou
Smith, Beuhla B. to Smith, William Roy
Smith, William Roy "Billy" Jr. to Sperlin, Susan Ann "Susie"
Spicer, Anna Maud to Starkey, Erne
Starkey, Francis Grainger to Stephenson, Paul Warren
Stephenson, Pauline H. to Stotts, William H. Jr.
Stough, Charles to Sullinger, Unknown
Sullins, James L. to Taft, Flora
Takacs, Debra Mae to Thallman, Lauri Ann
Thallman, Marjorie A. to Tittle, Opal Clarenda
Titus, Catherine to Tunis, Shirley Phyllis
Tupy, Alma Elizabeth to Unknown, Betty
Unknown, Betty to Unknown, Effie M.
Unknown, Effie M. to Unknown, Janet M.
Unknown, Janet N. to Unknown, Luella O.
Unknown, Lula to Unknown, Nancy Marie
Unknown, Nancy May to Unknown, Tabitha
Unknown, Talethia to Vanderburg, Ursula F.
Vandercook, Doris Marie to Vinsel, Zella Idella
Vinson, Brenda Joyce to Wallace, William W.
Wallar, Mary to Watson, William D.
Watt, Barbara Catherine to Wells, Linda P
Wells, Lisa Ellen Esquivel to Werts, Mabel Eliza
Werts, Malinda to White, Marilyn Sue
White, Marion F. to Williams, Charlotte Lucille
Williams, Chris A. to Winkle, Thomas J.
Winland, Janet L. to Wooden, William Lowell
Woodfield, Lucy Viola to Yaw, William Rumer
Yeager, Amber Jo to Ziegler, William Harrison
Zier, Eva Rebecca to Zuartzell, Clyde

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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