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(?), (?) ((Gaumer)) to Adams, Ruth Elaine
Adams, Ruth P. to Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Elizabeth to Amore, Shirley Jean
Amore, Shirley May to Arnold, Wallace
Aro, Ilkka Toivo to Bainter, Margaret
Bainter, Margaret to Barnard, Sophonia
Barnas, Amanda to Baum, Rosetta
Baum, Sarah to Bensinger, Susan Lavera "Vera"
Benson, Alan E. to Blair, Sarah
Blake, Adoniram Judson "Add" to Boswell, Margrit Rosa Unknown
Boswell, Marilyn R. to Brady, Richard A.
Bragg, Alma to Brooking, Vickie C.
Brooks, Daniel Allen "Dan" to Buchanan, Walter Firestone
Buchholz, Margaret Susan to Burris, Willis
Burrows, Robert to Cameron, Mary Jane
Cameron, Mathew Bruce to Carlson, Wilma M.
Carlton, David E. to Chaney, Wilber B.
Chapin, Annette to Clancy, Mildred Maria
Clapham, Carrie Belle to Clites, Silas C.
Clites, Simon C. to Cone, William H.
Coney, Deborah L. to Correll, William D.
Corson, Clarence True to Crossen, Walter Malone
Crossen-Link, Dee Ann to Curtis, William Richard
Custer, Sarah "Sally" to Day, William E. "Billie"
Dayhuff, Beulah to Denny, W. L.
Deplaye, Karen Jean to Dodson, William H.
Doe, Martha Lois to Duhe, Georgette
Duhs, Carolyn to Egbert, William Christian
Eggleston, Anna L. to Entz, Margeurite P.
Enzor, Ephraim Emanuel to Fay, Nicholas Augustine
Fazzio, Nancy to Firestone, Aletha B.
Firestone, Alfred to Firestone, Della M.
Firestone, Della May to Firestone, Helen Beryl
Firestone, Helen E. to Firestone, Linda
Firestone, Linda A. to Firestone, Onez M.
Firestone, Opal to Firestone, Wilda R.
Firestone, Willa Fern to Foster, Lee
Foster, Lewis Jack to Frommel, William Terry
Fronk, Mary Lou to Fulk, Sandra
Fulk, Sara Lue to Gascon, Mary Theresa
Gase, Caroline L. to Gaumer, Mary
Gaumer, Mary to Gibson, Unknown
Gidley, Ethel L. to Golden, Sandra Lee "Sandy"
Goldenberg, Brandy S. to Green, Williard
Greene, Courtney Jane to Hackenbracht, Winnifred Corrine
Hacker, Elizabeth to Hancock, William Henry
Hand, Elizabeth to Harrington, Thelma
Harris, Ada to Hartman, Michael Allen
Hartman, Michael L. to Headley, Living
Headley, Marilyn Leora to Herd, Thomas C.
Herd, Vera C. to Hileman, Horrace
Hileman, Ida Pearl to Hirsch, Virgil Herman
Hisey, Adale M. "Ada" to Hollinger, Jason March
Hollinger, John Buford to Howell, Wendy
Howerton, Diana F. to Huff, William Harold
Huff, William Henry to Humphrey, Jonah
Humphrey, Jonas to Huntington, Melinda Kay
Huntley, Arla Anne to Jenkins, Wanda Laverne
Jennings, Cecil J. to Jones, Laura Myrtle
Jones, Lauren K. to Keller, Wayne Edward
Kellison, Reynolds to King, Harmon
King, Harold R. to Knicely, William Howard
Knickerbocker, Barbara K. (Heatley) to Kusmierz, Unknown
Kuster, Autumn to Lattimore, William Herschall
Lau, Eleanor T. to Leibovitz, Lori A.
Leidick, Catharine to Liles, Otho
Lillibridge, Ramona to Long, Lillian Louise
Long, Lillias K. to Lower, Wanda Lee
Lowery, Bryan T. to Mankey, William Duane Jr.
Manko, Barbara J. to Martin, Isabella
Martin, Jack to McCarley, Julia Myrtie
McCarthy, Cindy to McDermond, Sarah A.
McDermott, Blaine Monroe to McKinney, Sarah Elaine
McKinnon, Florence to Merkle, Unknown
Merkt, Mary to Miller, Wilhelmena A. "Minnie"
Milleson, Charlotte May to Monroe, Martha J.
Monroe, Mary B. to Moter, Scott
Motherspaugh, Irene to Near, Virgil D.
Needham, Allee M. to Nichols, Sarah A.
Nickeas, Denise to Olson, Unknown
Olver, Unknown to Parrott, Winona Arlene
Parry, Billy Kenneth to Peffly, Jesse C.
Pegan, Misty to Phillips, Lettice "Lettie"
Phillips, Lisa Marie to Powelson, Zola Zane
Power, Louisa M. to Radcliffe, William
Raddatz, Jean E. to Replogle, Vivian W.
Replogle, Wayne Fordyce "Bill" to Ridenour, Hazel Justina
Rideout, Alan Dale to Riney, Amanda D.
Ringle, Evelyn to Rogers, Walter Scott
Rohlen, Angela L. "Angie" to Rufer, Susan E.
Rugee, Leigh "Lee" to Sager, Mary M.
Sager, Mildred to Scheggert, Johanna Gertrude
Scheibe, Betty Jean to Seaman, Jennie M.
Seaman, Joseph S. to Shattuck, William John
Shaull, Alice B. to Shifflett, Claudia
Shiflett, Albert William to Shirar, Philip Lee
Shirar, Philip Sheridan to Shirer, Lydia "Ledda" Ellen
Shirer, M. Josephine to Shotwell, Violet C.
Shoup, Annarine "Anna" to Simon, William S.
Simonetti, Renee A. to Sloan, Goldie T.
Sloan, Harold D. to Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard Leroy to Spencer, Mary Bertha
Spencer, Nathalie to Starkey, Edith Jean
Starkey, Edward to Stetler, Roy H.
Stevens, Almeda to Strate, Lasonya Faith
Stratford, Amanda R. to Swalling, Mina
Swan, Flora May to Taylor, Orville W.
Taylor, Paul to Thompson, Zella Elizabeth
Thomson, Deanna Camilla to Tullis, Viola L.
Tullos, Ann to Unknown, Betty A.
Unknown, Betty Ann to Unknown, Elsa L.
Unknown, Elsie to Unknown, Karen L.
Unknown, Karen L. to Unknown, Mary Evelyn
Unknown, Mary F. to Unknown, Shelly M.
Unknown, Shelly M. to Vance, William J. "Bill"
VandenBerg, Ruth Joan to Voight, Timothy Scott
Voirol, Joyce to Walton, Martha Ann
Waltz, Linda Joyce to Waymire, Ronald Andrew
Weaks, Curt Michael to Wenzel, Theresa M.
Werbe, Barbara to West, Drexel
West, Felton Eber Jr. to Whiting, Lillian Belle
Whitmarsh, Andrew Glenn to Wilson, Edith G.
Wilson, Elden Ritchie to Wolfe, W. P.
Wolff, Brian D. to Wysong, Vertrice W. "Terry"
Wyss, Adrienne F. to Ziegler, Robert Lee
Ziegler, Rose Ada to Zuartzell, Clyde

Main Page - Surname Index - Master Place Index - Historical Sources - Photo Albums - Grave Restoration - Scheurer DNA Project - John Shirer of Somerset Co., PA

Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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