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    the Dungan Ancestry of the Descendants of William Dungan & Frances Latham



as compiled by:

Alfred Rudolph Justice in his work, Ancestry of Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy.











ii. William Dungan, Gentleman and Perfumer, son of (4) Thomas Dungan, gentleman, b. circa 1607, died at St. Martins in the Fields, London, and was buried according to




the Church Warden's account, Sept. 20, 1636. He married 1626, Frances Latham, bapt. Feb. 15, 1609, (12) died Sept. 1677 at Newport, R. I., daughter of Lewis Latham, Gentleman, by his first wife Elizabeth.


He was supposed to have been the son of Sir Walter Dungan, Bart. by his wife Jane Rochfort and the collateral evidence had made the writer a convert to this probable line of descent, but the finding of a record in the Lincoln's Inn Admission Register, Sept. 16, 1639, folio 163, p. 240, that William Dungan was the 6th son of Sir Walter Dongan, Knt. and Baronet, deceased, eliminates him as William, the Perfumer, who died in 1636. 


The intimacy and intermarriages between the Dungans and Nettervilles and Westons and Nettervilles, is a connecting link which would account for the marriage of Frances (Latham) Dungan and Jeremy Clarke, son of Mary Weston, and nephew of Sir Richard Weston, Earl of Portland and Lord Treasurer of England.


The writer can state definitely that the Dungan family, of whom were the Earls of Limerick, was the only manorial family into which Frances Latham could have married, her father being the King's Sergeant Falconer, and a member of his household. There is no doubt in the writer's mind after an extended search, that William Dungan was a grandson of Sir John Dungan by his wife Margaret Forster, and this conclusion was arrived at by Mr. Howard O. Folker and an Irish genealogist in Dublin, who conducted their investigations without consultation with the writer.



As has been previously shown in this sketch, Sir John Dongan and Margaret Forster had four sons (1).


1. Sir Walter Dongan, who had a son William, as stated above.


2. William Dongan, Recorder of Dublin, whose will proves he had but one son, John Dongan, of Curryhill, Gentleman.


3. Edward Dongan, Gentleman, who left a will which shows he left no male issue.


4. Thomas Dongan, of Lincoln's Inn, Gentleman, died intestate. (See 8, Vol. 4).


Hence by a process of elimination, if he belongs to this family, he must have been a son of Thomas, of Lincoln's Inn.


This conjecture (as the writer does not claim it is proved) is strengthened by the fact that William and Frances (Latham) Dungan, named a son Thomas, and their second son William.



*Referring to the parish register of St. Martin's‑in‑the‑Fields there is no mention made of William or Frances Dungan or their children1, but we find recorded the burial of Ri'cus Dungan, Dec. 20, 1609, and in the register of St. James Clerkenwell, two entries of marriages as follows: May 18, 1601, Richard Dungan to Elizabeth Brook. April 30. 1581, Thomas Dongan to Catherine Brangan.


The following records are all that the writer has found concerning them:


From Chancery Town Depositions (Hil. 19 James I, Bundle 486) we learn that Elizabeth Brookes, widow of Richard Dungan, was the widow of William Brookes when she married said Richard. An inventory of the goods of Richard Dungan was made January 26, 1609, and that Elizabeth was adm'x. He had the lease of a house on Little Britian St., and also one on Aldergate St., St. Botolph without Aldersgate, London.


Testimony was given by Gertrude Osborne, wife of Robert Osborne, of the parish of St. Brydes, London, aged 44 years, that the said Richard Dungan was her father‑in‑law, and at the time of his marriage he had said, "that he intended to leave a ' maynteyne' to his mother then bedridden and living in Ireland, and the balance of his estate was to go to his wife Elizabeth."


Agnes Dungan, daughter of the deceased (then wife of Patrick Megram) was the disputant.


Testimony was given by several others which indicates that the estate was in chancery for many years.


Richard Browne, of the parish of St. Pancrasse, near Cheapside London Plaisterer, aged 68 yrs., or thereabouts testified "that Elizabeth had been subjected to considerable expense; she paid out £5 for a ' carpitt' which Richard had bestowed on the Company whereof he was free with the Plaisterers and that said Richard was buried as a gentleman with his Arms in eecotchones on his coffin, which could not be but a great charge to the said Elizabeth."


Christopher Tamworth, of Grays Inn, Co. Middlesex, aged 60 yrs. Feb. 9, 1621, testified: "He leased a. house in Little Britian St. for lives of Richard Dungan Elizabeth his wife and Priscilla his daughter. (I. E. step‑daughter.)


As none of these names, Richard, Gertrude or Agnes, appear among the children or grandchildren of William Dungan, the Perfumer, there is no likelihood that Richard was his father or grandfather. He was possibly a son of Richard, who left a will dated 1574, and Richard was probably a brother of Sir John.


Richard Dungan received the grant in reversion of the office of Master Plasterer to the Queen, after the death or surrender of John Symonds and Tho. Kelley, the former partner of the deceased. The document is in Latin (Calendar of State Papers, p. 714, 1581‑1590). He held the offce July 4, 1597. (State Papers Domestic, Elizabeth, Vol. 5).


Thomas Dungan, who married Catherine Brangan (1581) was possibly a brother of Richard, and the improbability of his being the father of William born circa 1606, will be apparent.



1 At the time AR Justice published his research, 1921, those records pertaining to William & Frances Dungan and their children were not available and were not published until 1936. Found in The Register of St. Martin in the Fields, London 1619-1636, Part II are the following entries:

  • Baptismus...
    Junii 1628...15 Guillielmus Duncan fs. Thome et Marie
    28 Sep 1630: Barbarea Dunken filia Guillelmi et Franciscae
    12 Nov 1632: Frances Dungan filia Willimi et Frannciscae
    13 Dec 1633: Elizabetha Dungan filia Guillelmi et Francesscae
    13 Feb 1634/5: Thomas Dunkin fillius Guillelmi et Franscescae

  • Sepulturae...1636...Sept. 20 W'mus Dungham vir.

  • Nuptiae...1629...Aug. 27 Guillielmus Dungan & Francisca Ladham L.

The information in this footnote was gleaned from an article in Volume VIII, No. 4 of The Colonial Genealogist , pages 208- 212; author and date of publication unkown to me. The article was written in defense of Justice's undocumented claim that the Dungans herein were of royal descent. 


I am convinced otherwise.....mj. 







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