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128. Henry V Applewhite , son of Henry IV Applewhite and Mary Council, died on 11 May 1783 in Southampton Co, VA.

Henry married Ann Harris on 11 May 1756 in Isle Wight Co, VA.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Mary Mollie Applewhite ()
         ii.  Arthur Applewhite ()
        iii.  Benjamin Applewhite ()
         iv.  William Applewhite ()
          v.  Living
         vi.  Priscilla Applewhite (died in 1848 in Madison, Georgia)
        vii.  Nancy Ann Applewhite (died on 23 Mar 1803 in Edgecombe, North Carolina)
       viii.  Hardy Applewhite (born in 1758 Southampton Co, VA - died on 26 Aug 1809 in Richaland, South Carolina)
64       ix.  John Applewhite (born in 1760 Southampton Co, VA - died on 6 Mar 1812 in Southampton Co, VA)
          x.  Jane Applewhite (born on 24 Jul 1773 Southampton Co, VA - died in Feb 1853 in Nash Co, North Carolina)
         xi.  Rebecca Applewhite (born on 24 Jul 1773 Southampton Co, VA - died on 24 Dec 1863 in Peytonsville, Wmson Tennessee)
        xii.  Thomas Applewhite (born in 1775 Southampton Co, VA)
       xiii.  Sallie Applewhite (born in 1861 IL)

129. Ann Harris , daughter of Edward Harris and Mary Harris, was born in 1735 in Isle Wight Co, VA and died on 3 Feb 1795 in Southampton Co, VA, at age 60.

Ann married Henry V Applewhite on 11 May 1756 in Isle Wight Co, VA.

130. Thomas Moore .

Noted events in his life were:

He had an estate probated on 8 Dec 1774 in Southampton Co, VA.

Thomas married Sarah Wainwright in 1762 in Isle Wight Co, VA.

Children from this marriage were:

65        i.  Rebecca Moore (born on 11 Sep 1766 - died on 4 Jan 1835 in Southampton Co, VA)

131. Sarah Wainwright .

Noted events in her life were:

She had an estate probated on 10 Jan 1785 in Southampton Co, VA.

Sarah married Thomas Moore in 1762 in Isle Wight Co, VA.

192. Samuel Jones , son of Samuel Jones and Abigail Rogers, was born on 11 Dec 1762 in Pemberton, New Jersey and died on 28 Sep 1849, at age 86.

General Notes: Samuel Jones the younger married Elizabeth Woolston 7 Dec 1786. He may be the Samuel Jones who was a Captain of the New Jersey Militia in the War of 1812 or the Samuel Jones who was an officer of the borough when it was incorporated in 1827. Samuel and Elizabeth moved to West Jeffer son, Ohio in 1819 but later moved back to New Jersey. He died 28 Sep 1849 probably in New Jersey. According to the article below Elizabeth died in Ohio in 1823. FROM THE HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY, OHIO 1883 p100 Charles C. Jones, banker, Jefferson, is a grandson of Samuel and a son of Issac Jones, who were both natives of New Jersey, where the former matured and married. In 1819 , he, wife and several children came to Ohio, locating in Jefferson township, Madison County, purchasing land now occupied by Jefferson. His land joined Samuel SEXTON's land out of which two pioneers, on July 5, 1822, laid out New Hampton, just south of the present residence of John HEATH. On Sept 15, 1823, Samuel Jones buried his wife, in the fifty fourth year of her age. He soon after returned to New Jersey, where he married his present wife. On Nov 17 1830 he and wife, Mary deeded 110 acres of land on the National road, just west of Little Darby, to his son Isaac. Isaac was born in New Jersey in 1802 but from seventeen years of age was a resident of Ohio. In 1821 he married Eliza, daughter of John MILLS. She was born in New York, April 30, 1804. Isaac and wife settled in New Hampton. The north line of the 110 acres deeded to him by his father was the northern limit of Jefferson, which town he had laid into 64 lots in the fall of 1831. Early in life he joined the Babtist Church and during the third decade of the present century, he was ordained as a minister in that church. Through his efforts the original church was organized at New Hampton. He labored long and faithfully and on the 22 of Sept 1842 he died. (other records say June). He was a zealous Christian worker of unwavering fidelity and unswerving integrity. He was licensed to solemnize marriages on July 9, 1830 and on March 20 1840, William SHANNON, Govenor of the State, appointed him Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for the county of Madison, in which capacity he served until his death. He was interred in the Hampton Cemetery where a suitable monument has been erected in his memory. His widow survived him several years. They had born to them eight children, viz: Sarah, wife of Dr. Col. Crabb, of York, Neb. an infant deceased Samuel, who died in 1842, aged nine years, J.M., who left Oberlin College and enlisted in the late war, but now is a resident of Clark County, Charles C., Thomas P. who served as Quatermaster of the Ninety-fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the late war, Col William Jones whose biography appears in Union Township, Isaac C. Jr. also a student in the same college, but seeing the need of men to protect our country left school and at Cincinnati, Ohio enlisted in Co. C. seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He rose to Lieutenant Colonel, participating in some of the severest battles, but on November 27, 1863 while engaged in the battle at Ringgold, was mortally wounded, and while lying in the last agonies of death, he said to his comrades, "I am happy to die for my Country". Of the entire family of Rev. Isaac Jones four are now living , William and Charles in Madison Co. The latter was born in New Hampton, October 7, 1826. He grew up in his native county, where he has always resided. He started in life with no means but is now among the wealthiest citizens of Jefferson. He has devoted thirty two years to auctioneering, in which he has been successful. He connected himself with the Baptist church many years ago and is now one of the Trustees. He has been associated with the interests of the township in various capacities, since 1874 he has been a Republican. He and wife had a family of eleven children, seven of whom are now living. p630 Subsquently New Hamptons population was increased by the coming of Samuel SEXTON, Sr., wife and son-in-law, William JONES, eldest son of Samuel JONES. They remained a few years, when both families became dissatisfied and returned to New Jersey from whence they had migrated. Samuel JONES emigrated to Ohio about the same time (1818) with his wife and nine children, viz., William (married as given above), Abigail, Mary A., Abraham, Samuel Jr., Isaac, Sarah A. (died in New Hampton) as did also Thomas, and Susan, who after buring her mother in 1823, returned to her native state with her father. Of Mary and Abigail we can learn nothing, but Samuel Jr., Abraham and Isaac remained in Jefferson Township where in fact the former and latter ________. Abraham subsquently settled near Sandusky, Ohio where he resided until death. p631 In 1823 Mr. BURNHAM (James Burnham) married Mary Ann Jones whose family was from Pemberton, New Jersey and who was a sister of Rev. Isaac Jones so widely known throughout that region. Mr. BURNHAM died January 6 1857 leaving his widow who survived him nine years and three sons and a daughter, James S., Lester A., John, Emma. p634 [:BOLD] Along about the beginning of the present century, Nehemiah GATES came into the township and remained until after the War of 1812 when he returned to Virginia, his native State and married a Miss Johnson and again came to Madison County. She bore him nine children, viz., Ezra, Miar, Jacob, Henry, Mary, Eliza, Olive, Rebecca and Harriet. His wife died and he was subsequently married three times. The second and third wives left no issue, but his fourth wife was Susan JOHNSON a sister of his first wife, who bore him two sons. Mr Gates was a native of New York and after the final settlement on Little Darby he assisted in erecting a mill on that stream. He was an industrious hardworking man and was much respected by the pioneers of his time. We find his name among the first juries of Madison County. p632 About 1825 there was a wolf den near the residence of the late A.B. HAYNES. The animal made its usual visits south to the plains on the ROBERTS and HEATH farms to catch sheep. A large pit was dug in the ground near his path, covered over with a board arranged on a pivot, and bait suspended in the air. The animal scented it and became the desired victim. Rev Isaac Jones was called to the scene. A forked stick was procured and placed over the animals neck. Mr. Jones then had some one hold the stick, keeping the wolf close to the ground and he desended, chained and gagged the animal, came out and took the wolf to John MILLS grist mill where he was kept to fight dogs for a long time. The wolf trap was thoughtlessly left open and subsequently a neighbors cow became a victim of the same trap. After several long and continuous searches she was given up as being strayed off but was finally found after a long while in the wolfpit, in almost a decomposed condition. Rev. Jones seems to have been much given to hunting. In 1835 when game was becoming scarce, a large crowd assembled for a wolf hunt and such other animals as might be within their intended circle. Rev Jones was appointed to climb a tree and when the game was driven near him to do the shooting. As he was ascending the tree, a Mr. PITCHER handed him his gun and the hammer caught on Pitchers sleeve, resulting in firing off the gun and the ball passing through Jones wrist, crippling him for live. The accident badly affected the hunt but still a few wolves and some deer were caught. p637 The Baptist Church of Jefferson. [:BOLD] Among the early settlers of New Hampton we find the most of them from New Jersey and the majority of them clinging to the persuasion of the Baptist Church. The date we are unable to give but during the early part of the third decade of the present century, Rev Isaac Jones
labors resulted in organizing the first society of Baptist in this township. They first worshipped in a very plain log hut, which stood about twenty paces west of the gate entering the Hampton Cemetery. Its ceiling was only about eight feet high, covered with clapboards. Subsquently, however of brick as they thought of modern style was erected and if now standing would be near the center of the cemetery. It was 20x32 and twelve feet high ceiling which served them until about 1848 when they built their present frame building in the village of Jefferson, but now a new and handsome church edifice is expected in the near future. Rev Jones labored hard in the cause of Christianity in his chosen church, possessing unwavering fidelity. The people were industrious and determined to sustain the cause. Rev. Jones continued his ministerial labors here until his death in 1842. p641 New Hampton Cemetery containing about two acres and located near the village of Jefferson was laid out and granted by Samuel JONES in the year 1823 and in the same year he dedicated it by the interment of his wife. Among a few other early interments we find Daniel SEXTON in 1823, Sarah, ect. This cemetery contains the remains of Rev. Isaac Jones who was interred in 1842. The grounds were never regulary laid out, hence no systematic order was maintained and under the years it has been managed by the official of the township to which it belongs. p641 Jefferson (formely New Hampton) In an early day the settlers needed a point closer that Franklinton for some one to keep in store such necessaries as were likely to be handled by the pioneer merchant. In consequence on July 5, 1822, Samuel JONES and Samuel SEXTON acknowledged the original plat of New Hampton and signing of deed before Justice A Burnham. There were three streets east and west, viz; Main, North and South Streets, each sixty feet wide, two alleys east and west, viz; Jones and Sexton. The streets north and south were five in number and the first three were sixty feet in width and the last two mentioned were forty nine and a half. Friend Center, Pearl, Union and Prairie. There were ninety three lots, mostly four by ten poles in size. The town was laid out in September 1831 by Rev Isaac Jones who owned the land. p644 About 1814 Nehemiah GATES erected a grist mill on Little Darby about one mile above Jefferson, but little of the early history of it is known. However, in 1817 he was succeeded by John MILLS, and in 1819 he attached a saw mill, on which it is believed the first lumber was sawed in the township, and was used for the first frame house of the territory in question. Next in order comes the sawmill of Isaac JONES, which he comtemplated building where the present gristmill stands, but form a little unpleasanness arising between him and the National road in regard to the race crossing the road, he abandoned the location and erected it in Jefferson, on Little Darby and it was known as a flutter mill. p703 [:BOLD] Madison County, Pleasant Twp Businessmen of the town Physician, Dr. Emery, gunsmith, Joseph JONES, blacksmith, W.J. Hodges. p704 Churches The first religious society to enter this twp was known by the name of Christian. On June 30 1812, a few people entered into compact. Samuel POWELL and Betsey POWELL. Later called Anticoch Christian Church.

Noted events in his life were:

He appeared on the census in 1830 in Harlem Twp, Delaware Co., OH.

He appeared on the census in 1840 in Harlem Twp, Delaware Co., OH.

Samuel married Elizabeth Woolston on 7 Dec 1786 in Burlington Co., NJ.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Samuel Jones (born on 29 Sep 1788 - died on 6 Sep 1823)
         ii.  William R Jones (born on 7 Nov 1789 - died on 15 Aug 1846)
        iii.  Sarah Jones (born on 30 Mar 1792 - died on 12 Sep 1821 in Newhampton, Madison Co., OH)
96       iv.  Abraham Jones (born on 16 Mar 1794 NJ - died on 4 Mar 1866 in Delaware Co., OH)
          v.  Abagail Jones (born on 27 Oct 1796)
         vi.  Mary Ann Jones (born on 18 Jun 1798 - died on 10 Jan 1865)
        vii.  Isaac Jones (born on 20 Apr 1802 - died on 18 Jun 1842 in New Hampton, Madison Co Ohio)
       viii.  Thomas Jones (born on 8 Nov 1804 - died on 6 Oct 1823 in New Hampton, Madison Co Ohio)
         ix.  Elizabeth Jones (born on 5 May 1807 - died on 2 Sep 1839)
          x.  Susan Jones (born on 20 Jun 1811)

193. Elizabeth Woolston , daughter of William Woolston and Martha Parke, was born on 6 Oct 1769 died on 9 Oct 1823 in Madison Co., OH, at age 54, and was buried about 1823 in Newhampton-Cem, Madison Co., OH.

General Notes: Vol 59 The Gen. Mag. of New Jersey pg 41. MONMOUTH CO. MARRIAGE RECORDS. Job Deacon and Rebecca Wolston both of Burlington County, 29 May 1810. pg 95 Sussex Co. Delinquent Tax Payers, Mansfield twp- Uriah Johnson, Newbold Wolston .76. pg 132 John Woolston, Elder in the Meth E. Church. pg 144 Sarah Woolston named in the 1745 proved 1747 will of John Stocton. Sarah was his stepdaughter. her parents were John Ogborne Jr. and Ann Knott Ogborne..

Elizabeth married Samuel Jones on 7 Dec 1786 in Burlington Co., NJ.

194. Samuel Lewis , was born on 16 Jul 1889 in Auburn, IL and died in Nov 1798 in NJ, at age -91.

Samuel married Rachel about 1785.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Joseph Lewis ()
         ii.  Samuel Lewis ()
97      iii.  Sarah Lewis (born on 25 Jan 1797 NJ - died on 27 Jun 1873 in Delaware Co., OH)

195. Rachel

Noted events in her life were:

She had a residence.

Rachel married Samuel Lewis about 1785.

196. David Gates , son of Robert Gates and Dorothy Parker, was born about 1723 in Malden, Essex, England and died on 9 Aug 1809 in Athens Co., OH, about age 86.

General Notes: David Gates moved to what is now Lancaster, NJ in 1784, then to what is now Athens Co., OH. athens was once a part of Washington Co., OH formed in 1805

Noted events in his life were:

He immigrated about 1763 to Lancaster, NJ.

David married Anna Hale on 28 Nov 1773 in Cornbury, Middlesex, CT.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Sarah (Sally) Gates ()
         ii.  Anna Gates ()
        iii.  David Jr. Gates (born about 1775)
         iv.  Samuel Gates (born about 1778)
          v.  Timothy Gates (born about 1780)
         vi.  Steven Gates (born on 7 May 1783 Middlesex, CT)
98      vii.  Abel H. Gates (born about 1784 Lancaster, NJ - died on 19 Oct 1864 in Decatur, IN)
       viii.  Lee Gates (born about 1786)

197. Anna Hale , was born about 1755 died on 4 Jan 1823 in Athens Co., OH, about age 68, and was buried in Jan 1823 in Family Cemetery, Athens, OH.

Anna married David Gates on 28 Nov 1773 in Cornbury, Middlesex, CT.

198. John Callahan .

General Notes: Lived in New Castle Delaware. The Callahans came down the Ohio River on a flat boat or raft and settled at Marietta, Washington Co. in late 1799 or early 1800. Purchased land in 1800 in Washington Co., OH. Vol 8 p70, 71, Vol 9 p447. In 1805 purchased 100 acres in Salem twp.

Noted events in his life were:

He appeared on the census in 1790 in New Castle, DE.

John married Esther Coffman Widow Of John Staats ? about 1783 in Delaware.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Lydia Callahan (born on 31 Dec 1783 New Castle, DE - died on 23 Mar 1881)
99       ii.  Anna (Nancy) Callahan (born about 1786 New Castle, DE - died on 23 Jun 1865 in Delaware Co., OH)
        iii.  William Callahan (born about 1787 New Castle, DE)
         iv.  Nathanial (Nathan) Callahan (born about 1788 New Castle, DE)
          v.  Mary Callahan (born about 1803)
         vi.  John Callahan (born about 1805 Washington Twp., Delaware Co., OH)
        vii.  Rebecca Callahan (born about 1807)
       viii.  Emery H Callahan (born about 1815)
         ix.  Dorcus Callahan (born about 1818)
          x.  Susan Callahan (born about 1820)

199. Esther Coffman Widow Of John Staats ? , daughter of Jacob Coffman and Unknown.

Esther married John Callahan about 1783 in Delaware.

200. Joseph Brackney , son of Joseph Brackney and Abigail Borden, was born in 1759.

Joseph married Rachael Middleton on 6 May 1782 in NJ.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  John Brackney ()
         ii.  Marmaduke Brackney ()
100     iii.  Hudson Brackney (born about 1788 PA)
         iv.  Eli Brackney (born in 1795 VA)

201. Rachael Middleton , daughter of Hudson Middleton and Unknown.

Rachael married Joseph Brackney on 6 May 1782 in NJ.

220. John Markwell , son of William French Markwell and Mildred Amelia Hurst, was born about 1772 in VA and died about 1850 in Rush Co., IN, about age 78.

John married Jane Faris on 12 Sep 1799 in Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., KY.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Wallace Markwell ()
         ii.  Polly Markwell ()
        iii.  Joseph Markwell ()
         iv.  Elias Markwell ()
          v.  Martin Markwell ()
         vi.  Thomas Markwell ()
        vii.  Lewis Markwell ()
       viii.  Juliann Markwell ()
         ix.  James Markwell (born about 1800 Fleming Co., KY - died about 1870 in Nodaway Co., MO)
110       x.  John Markwell (born about 1807 Fleming Co., KY - died after 1852 in Paris, Edgar Co., IL)
         xi.  Hiram Markwell (born about 1813 Fleming Co., KY - died on 20 Jul 1893 in Maryville, MO)

221. Jane Faris .

Jane married John Markwell on 12 Sep 1799 in Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., KY.

222. William Hurst , was born about 1790 in Fayette Co., KY.

General Notes: William Hurst came to Edgar County Illinois at least as early as 1833 as his son Henry was born there ca1833. In 1850 they lived next door to their daughter Emily and her husband John Markwell. William Hurst came to Edgar County Illinois at least as early as 1833 as his son Henry was born there ca1833. In 1850 they lived next door to their daughter Emily and her husband John Markwell.


Noted events in his life were:

He appeared on the census in 1850 in Edgar Co. IL.

William married Sarah about 1808 in Fayette Co., KY.

Children from this marriage were:

111       i.  Emily Hurst (born about 1808 Fayette Co., KY)
         ii.  Henry Hurst (born about 1833 Edgar Co. IL)

223. Sarah , was born about 1788 in Fayette Co., KY.

Noted events in her life were:

She appeared on the census about 1850 in Edgar Co. IL.

Sarah married William Hurst about 1808 in Fayette Co., KY.

234. William Norton , died on 11 Mar 1868 in IL.

General Notes: Per Childs ged com.

William married (name unknown).

Children from this marriage were:

117       i.  Mary A. Norton (born on 17 Mar 1818 KY - died on 23 Mar 1890 in Anderson Twp., Clark Co., IL)

William married Elizabeth. Elizabeth died on 30 Oct 1852 in IL. Another name for Elizabeth was Norton.

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