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Descendants of James Phipps

This page last modified August 25, 2004

I only have information on a few of the sons of James and Martha (ROUTH) Phipps, and nothing at all on any of their daughters. If you can help fill in some blanks here, please do. If you see something that is incorrect, please let me know that too. I'm always appreciative of new data! Click here to email me.

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James PHIPPS was born about 1808 in Tennessee. He married Martha ROUTH in Grainger Co.TN on 9 Aug 1832. James was a farmer.

Their children were:

  1. Jacob PHIPPS: b. about 1833, unknown location, d. unknown. He married Delia ATKINS.
  2. Elizabeth PHIPPS: b. about 1836, unknown location, d. unknown.
  3. Joseph P. PHIPPS: b. 18 Mar 1838 in TN, d. 28 Aug 1915. Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Paul's Valley, Garvin Co. OK. Headstone He married Adaline CANTRELL and Salley Gibson (HAMLET) SHEPHERD.
  4. Rebecca PHIPPS: b. about 1843, unknown location, d. unknown
  5. Susanah PHIPPS: b. about 1844, unknown location, d. unknown
  6. William PHIPPS: b. about 1845, unknown location, d. unknown
  7. Martha PHIPPS: b. about 1849, unknown location, d. unknown
  8. Sarah PHIPPS: b. about 1850, unknown location, d. unknown
  9. Eliza PHIPPS: b. about 1852, unknown location, d. unknown
  10. Benjamin PHIPPS: b. 14 Oct 1854 in Overton County, TN, d. 18 Mar 1938 in Overton County, TN. Burial unknown. He married Martha STEPHENS and Cora Belle Norrod SAMS.
  11. Thomas PHIPPS: b. about 1855, unknown location, d. unknown
  12. Francis Marion PHIPPS: b. 13 Sep 1857 in Grainger County, TN, d. 25 Jun 1955, Cumberland County, TN. Buried at Woody Cemetery, Cumberland Co. TN. He married Martha Jane MILLER.
  13. Mary PHIPPS: b. about 1861, unknown location, d. unknown
  14. James Henderson PHIPPS: b. Feb 1862 in Overton County, TN, d. 22 Aug 1923 in Overton County, TN. Buried at Pineridge Cemetery, Overton Co. TN. He married Nancy Jan MILLER.

Family of Joseph P. Phipps

Joseph was born 18 Mar 1838 in TN. He farmed most of his life, and fought in the Civil War as a Private with Company I, 15th TN Infantry (Confederacy). He was first married to Adaline CANTRELL. Date and location unknown, but probably in TN (Overton or Jackson County?) about 1859. They had at least five children together before Adaline died. Afterwards, Joseph married Salley Gibson Hamlet-Shepherd. They were married 27 Jul 1877, probably in TN. Salley had been married previously and had a daughter from that marriage, and Joseph and Salley had one child together. Sometime between 1905 - 1910, Joseph and Salley moved to Garvin County, Oklahoma along with some of his sons and their families. Several generations of PHIPPS who descended from Joseph have lived in or near Garvin County ever since. Others have scattered all across the United States. Joseph died in Garvin County, OK on 28 Aug 1915, and his wife, Salley followed just over a year later, on 4 Sep 1916. They are buried side by side at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Paul's Valley, Garvin Co., OK. Headstone

Children of Joseph and Adaline (CANTRELL) PHIPPS:

  1. Isaac PHIPPS: b. 25 Sep 1860 in TN., d. unknown. He married Dosha? (PHIPPS) about 1879.
  2. Alexander PHIPPS: More info b. 4 Nov 1863 in TN., d. 24 Jun 1942. Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Paul's Valley, Garvin Co., OK. Headstone He married Jennie Armel Shepherd.
  3. Thomas S. PHIPPS: b. 9 Jun 1866 in TN., d. unknown. Married Belle (PHIPPS).
  4. Tyllia? PHIPPS: b. about 1869 in TN., d. unknown.
  5. Jacob Bedford PHIPPS: More info b. 19 Apr 1872 in TN., d. 15 Nov 1948 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO. Buried unknown. He married Antha RICHARDSON and Martha (HANSEN).

Children of Joseph and Salley Gibson HAMLET-SHEPHERD:

  1. Jennie Armel Shepherd: (stepdaughter) b. unknown d. 1909 Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Paul's Valley, Garvin County, OK. Headstone She married Alexander PHIPPS.
  2. John Oliver PHIPPS: b. 19 Jan 1879 in TN., d. 7 Aug 1967 (probably in Okmulgee Co., OK) Burial unknown. He married Mary (PHIPPS).

Family of Benjamin Phipps

Benjamin Phipps was born in Overton County, TN on 14 Oct 1854. Benjamin was first married to Martha J. STEPHENS. Martha was born about 1859 in Overton County, TN and died about 1900 in TN. Benjamin and Martha were married about 1876. They had eight children together. After Martha died Benjamin re-married. His second wife was Cora Belle NORROD SAMS. Cora Belle and Benjamin had ten children. He died 18 Mar 1938 in Overton County, TN. His burial place is unknown to me at this time.

Children of Benjamin and Martha:

  1. Patsy Ann PHIPPS: b. 15 Feb 1878, d. 18 Apr 1952. She married Matt RAY.
  2. Talty Elizabeth PHIPPS: b. 154 Apr 1880, d. 3 Oct 1917. She married Robert MILLER.
  3. Malissa PHIPPS: b. 11 Feb 1883, d. 5 Aug 1938. She married Mack MILLER.
  4. Virgil Dean PHIPPS: b. 11 Oct 1885, d. 5 Feb 1963.
  5. Liza Jane PHIPPS: b. 15 Jul 1887, d. 24 Jun 1946.
  6. Bertha L. PHIPPS: b. 18 Sep 1891, d. 31 Aug 1964. She married Carmon CLARK.
  7. James M. PHIPPS: b. Jun 1894, d. 3 Sep 1974. He married Effie BILBERY.
  8. Emma C. PHIPPS: b. 12 May 1899, d. 22 Mar 1987

Children of Benjamin and Cora Belle:

  1. Zelma PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  2. Stanley PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  3. Fate PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  4. Edna Etta PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  5. Lora Velma PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  6. Charlie Paul PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown
  7. Dessie Zelma PHIPPS: b. 15 Feb 1911, d. 27 Jan 1981. She married Carson BEATY.
  8. Ulysses Stanley PHIPPS: b. 5 Sep 1915, d. 20 Feb 1974. He married Bertha Lou BEATY.
  9. Dallas PHIPPS: b. 2 Jun 1917, d. 18 May 1967.
  10. Unknown PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown.

Family of Francis Marion Phipps

Francis Marion PHIPPS was b. 13 Sep 1857 and d. 25 Jun 1955 in Cumberland County, TN. He is buried at Woody Cemetery in Cumberland County, TN. Benjamin married Martha Jane MILLER on 3 Mar 1878 in TN. Martha was b. 1 Oct 1859 and d. unknown. They had six children together.

Children of Francis Marion and Martha:

  1. William Andrew PHIPPS: b. 14 Feb 1879, d. unknown. He married Lillie Ann WILLIAMS.
  2. Cora Bell PHIPPS: b. 11 Feb 1881, d. unknown. She married James McCORMACK.A
  3. Perry Burton PHIPPS: b. 29 May 1883, d. unknown. He married Francis _____?.
  4. Mack Henry PHIPPS: b. 14 Nov 1884, d. 7 Feb 1964. He married Ellen BURNETT.
  5. Dora Ethyl PHIPPS: b. 21 May 1887, d. 9 May 1983
  6. Charlie Dow PHIPPS: b. & d. unknown

More information coming soon!

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