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The Woolman's of Leicestershire England

Descendants of Edward Woolman (b.1570)

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Major Updates 29 June 2009

1. Edward Woolman-2782 (b.1570;d.1638) sp: UNKNOWN 2. John Woolman-2780 (b.1600;d.1638) sp: Alice wife of John Woolman-2783 (m.1627) 3. Martin Woolman-2785 (b.1628) 3. Rebeccha Woolman-2786 (b.1630) 3. John Woolman-2055 (b.1630;d.1715) sp: Ann Hollidge-2056 (b.1630;m.1654;d.1666) 4. Hannah Woolman-2060 (b.1655) 4. Ann Woolman-2061 (b.1665) 4. John Woolman-2053 (b.1666;d.1728) sp: Ann wife of John Woolman-2054 (m.1691) 5. Bartholomew Woolman2051 (b.1692;d.1765) sp: Elizabeth Cumberlidge2052 (b.1705;m.1727;d.1775) 6. Ann Woolman-2069 (b.1729) sp: Robert Dolby-2074 (m.1775) 6. Elizabeth Woolman-2070 (b.1731;d.1817) 6. Bartholomew Woolman-2071 (b.1733;d.1791) sp: Elizabeth Chapman-2075 (m.1774) 6. John Woolman-1993 (b.1736;d.1809) sp: Ann Neal-1994 (b.1753;m.1773) 7. William Woolman-2044 (b.1774) 7. Mary Woolman-2045 (b.1775) sp: John Sharp-2082 (b.1775;m.1796) 7. Thomas Woolman-2046 (b.1777;d.1839) sp: Alice Green-2083 (b.1775;m.1799) 8. Sarah Woolman-2221 (b.1800;d.1841) 8. John Woolman-2217 (b.1803;d.1889) sp: Elizabeth Barwick-2256 (b.1803;m.1827;d.1891) 8. John Woolman-4786 (b.1803;d.1841) sp: Sarah Smeeton-2758 (b.1800;m.1820) 8. Ann Woolman-2214 (b.1804;d.1806) 8. Ann Woolman-2215 (b.1806) 8. Elizabeth Woolman-2216 (b.1806) sp: Benjamin Marshall-4785 (m.1834) 8. Mary Woolman-2218 (b.1806;d.1809) 8. Mary Woolman-2219 (b.1809;d.1852) 8. Rebecca Woolman-2220 (b.1811) sp: John Barfoot-1802 (m.1832) 8. Amy Woolman-2213 (b.1813) 8. William Woolman-2222 (b.1816) sp: Ann wife of William Woolman-2733 (b.1816) sp: Matilda Duval- (m.1836) 7. John Woolman-2047 (b.1777;d.1848 sp: Elizabeth French-2084 (b.1776;m.1802;d.1841) 8. Mary Woolman-2226 (b.1804) 8. William Woolman-2227 (b.1806) sp: Sarah Jelley-4787 8. Ann Woolman-2224 (b.1810) 8. Elizabeth Woolman-2225 (b.1810) sp: John Holyoak-4784 (b.1808;m.1830) sp: John Linnet-4783 (b.1809;m.1849) 8. John Woolman-2251 (b.1825;d.1894)Three Brothers sp: Hannah Lenton-2454 (b.1826;m.1851;d.1899) 9. Henry Woolman-1526 (b.1852;d.1932)Family Photo sp: Elizabeth Jane Hunt-2520 (b.1853;m.1876;d.1942) 10. Florence Rose Woolman-2739 (b.1877;d.1958) sp: Harry Statham-2719 (b.1894;d.1965) 11. Winifred Statham-2720 (b.1906;d.2006) sp: George Proud-4761 (b.1896;m.1928;d.1982) 12. Colleen Proud-4833 (b.1932) sp: Harry Myskiw-4834 (b.1924;m.1982) 13. Lorna Myskiw-5015 (b.1956) 13. Fred Myskiw-5016 (b.1957) 11. Frank Statham-4819 (b.1909) sp: Myrtle Eaket-4828 (b.1907;m.1934;d.1982) 12. Ted Statham-4830 (b.1935) 12. Bette Statham-4831 (b.1941) sp: Larry Wendelburg-5017 (m.1961) 12. Ken Statham-4832 (b.1945) sp: Carole Holtby-5018 sp: Agnes Linberg-4829 (m.1985;d.1989) 10. Elizabeth Jane Woolman-4882 (b.1879;d.1880) 10. Harry Woolman-4795 (b.1883;d.1926)Photo sp: Rohda Emily Shepherd-4820 (b.1891;d.1929) 11. Marjorie Florence Joan Woolman-4821 (b.1913) sp: William Stevens-4835 (b.1901;m.1936) 12. Derek Stevens-4836 (b.1939) sp: Hazel Ann Ward-5019 (b.1941;m.1961) 13. Nigel Stevens-5020 (b.1965) 13. Gail Stevens-5021 (b.1966) 13. Richard Stevens-5022 (b.1968) 13. Ann Stevens-5023 (b.1970) 12. Martin Stevens-4837 (b.1945) sp: Isabel Briscall-5024 (b.1943;m.1967) 13. Helen Stevens-5025 (b.1970) 10. Beatrice Myra Woolman-4796 (b.1884;d.1978) sp: Thomas Henry Tredwell-4822 (b.1882;m.1903;d.1945) 11. Jack Tredwell-4823 (b.1904;d.1979) sp: Josephine Burgess-4838 (m.1940) 12. Mark R. Tredwell-4839 (b.1945) 12. John R. Tredwell-4840 12. Jannina J. Tredwell-4841 10. John Woolman-1659 (b.1887;d.1973)Photo sp: Edith Victoria Smith-4824 (b.1887;m.1913;d.1977) 11. John Frederick Woolman-1256 (b.1919;d.2001)Photo sp: Enid Mary Goffe-4842 (b.1920;m.1945) 12. John Goffe Woolman-1007 (b.1948)Photo 12. Elizabeth Violet Woolman-4843 (b.1950) sp: George Brian McNamara-4845 (b.1947;m.1971) 13. Alison Enid McNamara-5026 (b.1978) 13. Philip John McNamara-5027 (b.1981) 13. David Francis McNamara-5028 (b.1984) 12. Charles Henry Woolman-4844 (b.1953) sp: Julie Ann Roberts-4846 (b.1954;m.1976) sp: Cecil Anita Trottier-4847 (b.1957;m.1984) 13. Megan Margaret Woolman-4915 (b.1984) 13. John Woolman-4916 (b.1987) 13. Michael Lefe Woolman-4917 (b.1989) 11. Doreen Amy Woolman-4825 (b.1923;d.1999) sp: John Statham-4848 (b.1921;m.1948;d.2002) 12. John Charles Statham-4849 (b.1955) sp: Nadine June Hornby-4850 (b.1961) 10. Frederick Woolman-4799 (b.1892;d.1893) 10. Lilian Marie Woolman-4797 (b.1894;d.1989) sp: Walter Jackson-4826 (b.1894;m.1921;d.1973) 11. Philip Henry Jackson-4827 (b.1922) sp: Audrey Hilda King-4851 (b.1924;m.1947) 12. Paul Jonathan Jackson-4852 (b.1951) sp: Claire Victoria Hall-4854 (b.1953;m.1975) 12. Elizabeth Ann Jackson-4853 (b.1959) sp: Michael Ivan Charles Pickman-4855 (b.1955;m.1979) 13. Charles Edward Pickman5029 (b.1982) 13. James William Pickman-5030 (b.1985) 10. George Woolman-4798 (b.1895;d.1896) 9. Frederick Woolman-2527 (b.1853;d.1921) sp: Sarah Ann Ashley-2515 (b.1855;d.1917) 10. Ruth W. Woolman-2607 (b.1878;d.1896) 10. Frederick Woolman-2608 (b.1879;d.1936) sp: Edith Hill-5031 (m.1916) 11. Frederick Woolman-5489 (b.1921) sp: Unknown wife of Frederick Woolman-5490 (b.1912) 12. Jacqueline Woolman-3031 (b.1926) 10. John H. Woolman-1255 (b.1885;d.1981) sp: Leah Herbert-2740 (b.1909;m.1943;d.1996) sp: Emily Simmions-4800 (b.1887;m.1915;d.1941) 10. Sarah Woolman-4801 (b.1889;d.1970) 10. Henry Woolman-4802 (b.1889;d.1964) sp: Lizze wife of Henry Woolman-5495 (b.1891) 10. Hephzitah Woolman-4803 (b.1891;d.1892) sp: Ivy Crooks-5496 (b.1893;d.1993) 10. Frank Woolman-4804 (b.1892;d.1984) sp: Lily Agnes Narvin-5497 (b.1892;d.1988) 11. Archibald Frank Woolman-4805 (b.1918;d.1944) sp: Lavina Linekar-4856 (b.1922;m.1940) 12. Michael Woolman-4857 (b.1941;d.1941) 12. Lavina Mary Woolman-4858 (b.1943) 11. Betty Ruth Woolman-4806 (b.1927) sp: Peter John Douglas Varlow-4859 (b.1926;m.1950) 12. Andrew David Varlow-4860 (b.1954) sp: Cynthia Elizabeth Smith-4862 (b.1953;m.1977) 13. Neil Simon Varlow-5032 (b.1984) 12. James Anthony Varlow-4861 (b.1958) sp: Julie Dawn Eliott-4863 (b.1959;m.1983) 9. Maria Woolman-2528 (b.1856;d.1871) 9. Catherine Woolman-2523 (b.1861;d.1862) 2. John Woolman-2277 (b.1863;d.1923) sp: Agnes Gray-2455 (b.1865;m.1887;d.1933) 10. Ebenezer Woolman-2161 (b.1888;d.1970) sp: Dorothy Evans-2518 (b.1892;d.1974) 11. Harry Woolman-4807 (b.1915) sp: Eve Catchpole-4864 (b.1917) 12. Lewis Harry Woolman-4865 (b.1940) 12. Thomas Woolman-4866 (b.1942) 11. Dorothy Mary Woolman-4808 (b.1916) sp: Leonard Charles Esnouf-4867 (b.1914;m.1938;d.1988) 12. Donna Lucile Esnouf-4868 (b.1939) sp: Robert Douglas Thornton-4869 (m.1956) 11. Gwendolyn Woolman-4809 (b.1919;d.1919) 11. Thomas John Woolman-4810 (b.1921) sp: Mildred Kehough-4813 (b.1916;m.1946) 11. Robert Woolman-4811 (b.1922) sp: Evelyn Little-4870 (b.1918;m.1947) 12. Llana Louise Woolman-4871 (b.1948) sp: Anthony Monk-4874 (b.1944;m.1967) 13. Lisa Monk-5033 (b.1972) 13. Robert Monk-5034 (b.1974) 12. Leonard Arthur Woolman-4872 (b.1953) sp: Merva Muyco-5494 (b.1967) 12. Lawrence Robert Woolman-4873 (b.1958) sp: Janice D. Parr-5493 (b.1951) 13. Smantha Lee Woolman-5491 (b.1991) 13. Sandy Lynn Woolman-5492 (b.1993) 11. Eric Woolman-4812 (b.1926) sp: Jeannette Cora Veins-4875 (b.1931) sp: Genevieve Beall-4876 (m.1946) 12. Douglas Paul Woolman-4877 (b.1947) sp: Hazel wife of Douglas Woolman-4883 (m.1966) 12. Nancy Lynn Woolman-5036 (b.1948) sp: Marvyn Glenn Bishop-5038 (b.1947;m.1970) 13. Kevin Glenn Bishop-5039 (b.1971) 13. Alvin Lee Bishop-5040 (b.1973) 12. Judith Jane Woolman-5041 (b.1948) sp: John Bell-5042 13. Jessika Bell-5043 (b.1975) 13. Jeffrey Bell-5044 (b.1978) 12. Bradford John Woolman-4880 (b.1950) sp: Debbie wife of Bradford Woolman-4886 (m.1980) 13. Misty Woolman-4906 (b.1979) 13. Cassy Woolman-4907 (b.1981) 13. Twyla Rae Woolman-4908 (b.1983) 12. Gwendolyn Ruth Woolman-5046 (b.1951) sp: Thomas Sterling Hall-5051 (b.1950;m.1980) 13. Jason Hall-5052 (b.1981) 13. Kimberley Ann Hall-5053 (b.1982) 12. Terri Ann Woolman-5054 (b.1953) sp: Arthur Pottery-5055 (b.1946;m.1971) 13. Arthry Pottery-5056 (b.1972) 13. Randy Pottery-5057 (b.1975) 13. Scott Pottery-5058 (b.1977) 10. Mary Woolman-2516 (b.1890;d.1896) 10. John Woolman-2506 (b.1892;d.1893) 10. Mark Woolman-2456 (b.1894;d.1988) sp: Agnes Annie Rogers-2457 (b.1895;m.1919;d.1972) 11. John Hedley Woolman-2549 (b.1920;d.1941) 11. Hope Barbara Woolman-2550 (b.1922) sp: Harry Lawrenc-2552 (b.1916;m.1945) 12. David Kenneth Lawrence-4891 (b.1946) sp: Catherine Isobel Marshall-4895 (b.1946;m.1969) 13. Jennifer Hazel Lawrence-5064 (b.1973) 13. Ruth Margaret Lawrence-5065 (b.1975) 13. Hugh David Lawrence-5066 (b.1979) sp: Marion Lynne Evans-4896 (b.1946;m.1994) 12. Mary Frances Lawrence-4892 (b.1949) sp: Eric David Franklin-4897 (b.1949;m.1994) 13. Timothy David Franklin-5067 (b.1981) 13. Karen Joy Franklin-5068 (b.1982) 13. Helen Judith Franklin-5069 (b.1984) 12. Gillian Margaret Lawrence-4893 (b.1951) sp: Richarde Ian Midmer-4898 (b.1945;m.1974) 13. Jonathan Paul Midmer-5070 (b.1977) sp: Asuman Gezer-5072 (m.2002) 13. Catherine Emma Midmer-5071 (b.1979) 12. Paul John Lawrence-4894 (b.1959) sp: Jane Parry-4899 (b.1962;m.1985) 13. Esther Simhah Lawrence-5073 (b.1995) 13. Sophia Charis Lawrence-5074 (b.1997) 13. Daniel Shalom Lawrence-5075 (b.2000) 11. Henry Woolman-2551 (b.1924;d.1924) 11. Marcus Kenneth Woolman-2458 (b.1931) sp: Mary Winifred Plummer-2459 (b.1928;m.1964(Div)) 12. Timothy Christopher Woolman-2460 (b.1968) sp: Juliet Emma Munday-4900 (m.1997) 13. Alice Bethany Woolman-4918 (b.2001) sp: Jean Kergon-1660 (b.1929;m.1980) 10. John Gray Woolman-2519 (b.1897;d.1918) 10. Harry Woolman-2526 (b.1899;d.1902) 10. Agnes Mary Woolman-2525 (b.1901;d.1951) sp: Ernest Hawkes-5079 10. Florence Ruth Woolman-2514 (b.1902;d.1976) sp: William James Clemow-2548 (b.1896;m.1925;d.1976) 11. Philip Clemow-4816 11. Christopher Clemow-4817 10. Ada Woolman-2517 (b.1906) sp: UNKNOWN 11. Jeremy Woolman-4818 (d.1958) 9. Charles Woolman-5115 (b.1870;d.1870) 7. Ann Woolman-2077 (b.1780) sp: William Capell-2079 (m.1799) 7. Elizabeth Woolman-2078 (b.1782) sp: William Cappel-2080 (b.1780;m.1804) 7. Francis Woolman-1528 (b.1784;d.1806) 7. Samuel Woolman-1529 (b.1790;d.1875) sp: Jane Shipley-1992 (b.1790;m.1810;d.1851) 8. Sarah Ann Woolman-1998 (b.1806;d.1872) 8. Richard Woolman-2212 (b.1809) 8. Hannah Woolman-1991 (b.1811;d.1816) 8. John Woolman-4794 (b.1813;d.1875) sp: Jane wife of John Woolman-4909 (b.1817) 9. Harriet Woolman-4910 sp: Eli Kitchen-4913 9. Caroline Woolman-4911 (b.1840) sp. William Danbury-4914 (m.1861) 9. Ellen Woolman-4912 (b.1848) 9. Mary Ellen Woolman-5311 (b.1857) 8. Mary Woolman-1996 (b.1815) sp: Unknown Bloxam-2049 (m.1847;d.1851) 9. Ann Bloxam-2050 (b.1850) 8. William Woolman-1997 (b.1816) sp: UNKNOWN 9.Elizabeth Woolman-2731 (b.1827 9. James Woolman-2252 (1829 sp: Caroline Bott-5520 (m.1875) 9. Thomas Woolman-2253 (b.1833;d.1868) sp: Sarah Ann Collins-2792 (b.1845;m.1866;d.1868) 9. Sarah Woolman-2768 (b.1835) 9. Samuel Woolman-2254 (b.1837) 9. William Woolman-2255(b.1840) sp: Teresa Linnett-5351 (b.1867;m.1889) 10. Kate Woolman-5253 (b.1888) 10. John Woolman-5352 (b.1890) 10. James Woolman-5354 (b.1892) 10. Wilfred Woolman-5358 (b. 1894) 10. Maggie May Woolman-5355 (b.1896) 10. Fred Woolman-5356 (b.1899) 10. Maude Woolman-5357 (b.1900) 8. Hannah Woolman-1995 (b.1816) sp: Thomas Pope-2043 (m.1836) 8. Ann Woolman-2048 (b.1816) 8. John Woolman-38 (b.1817;d.1888)Photo sp: Harriet Rowe-39 (b.1812;m.1838;d.1891) (see descendants of Thomas Rowe) 9. Joseph ROWE-109 (b.1835;d.1907) (see descendants of Thomas Rowe) (Harriet's son before her marriage to John Woolman) sp-Mary W. WHATTON-110 (b.1835;m. ;d.1904) 9. William O. WOOLMAN-40 (b.1839;d.1912) sp: Jemima TIBBLES-46 (b.1839;m. ;d.1913) 9. Alfred W. WOOLMAN-41 (b.1842;d.1921) sp: Emma SMITH-59 (b.1840;m.1860;d.1918) sp: Sarah Maria EAYRES-230 (b.1844;m.1919;d.1932) 9. Isaac Thomas Woolman-42 (b.1844;d.1921) sp: Mary Ann Stephenson-917 (b.1843;m.1861;d.1914) 10. William Thomas Woolman-5477 (b.1859;d.1862) sp: Hannah Weston-5478 (m.1883) 11. Rupert Woolman-5316 (b.1883) 11. Leonard Woolman-5317 (b.1884) sp: Maria Richards-5479 (b.1858;m.1883) 11. Ellen Woolman-548 (b.1883) 11. Thomas Woolman-5769 (b.1885) 11. Harry Woolman-4792 (b.1888) 11. Maria Woolman-5767 (b.1890) 11. Lilly Woolman-5765 (b.1893) 11. Margaret Woolman-5766 (b.1895) 11. Louisa Woolman-5768 (b.1897) 11. William Thomas Woolman-5770 (b.1900) 10. Joseph Woolman-5208 (b.1861) 10. Alfred Woolman-3017 (b.1863) sp: Elizabeth Emily Johnson-5326 (b.1862;m.1884) 11. Hettie Woolman-5339 (b.1885;d.1920) sp: Joseph Cocker-4782 (b.1868;m.1905;d.1918) 12. George Cocker-5772 (b.1906;d.1980) sp: Unknown 13. Neville Cocker-5779 13. Yvone Cocker-5780 13. Pam Joan Cocker-5781 13. Lynnette Cocker-5782 13. Georgina Cocker-5783 12. Samuel Newton Cocker-5773 (b.1910;d.1988) 12. Pattie Cocker-5774 (b.1915;d.2003) 12. Leonard Cocker-5775 (b.1918;d.2006) 11. Harry Woolman-5340 (b.1890) 11. Albert Woolman-5341 (b.1891;d.1917) 11. Alfred Woolman-5342 (b.1894) 11. Joseph Woolman-5343 (b.1896;d.1916) 11. Arthur Woolman-5344 (b.1899) 10. Elizabeth Woolman-3018 (b.1866) sp: John Birkett-5785 (b.1866;m.1886) 11. Gertrude Ellen Birkett-5788 (b.1888) 11. Martha Jane Birkett-5787 (b.1893) 11. Leonard Birkett-5786 (b.1898) 10. William Woolman-4902 (b.1868) 10. Martha Jane Woolman-1525 (b.1871) sp: John Grundy-1990 (b.1870;m.1891) 11. Percy Grundy-5396 (b.1894) 11. Edwin Grundy-5397 (b.1899) 9. Emma Woolman-43 (b.1847;d.1881) sp: Charles Burdett-214 (b.1835;m.1865) 10. Sarah Jane Burdett-1959 (b.1857;d.1863) 10. Child Burdett-5047 (b.1866;d.1866) 10. Son 1 Burdett-5050 (b.1870;d.1870) 10. Son 2 Burdett-5049 (b.1870;d.1870) 10. Sarah Jane Burdett-1960 (b.1873;d.1874) 9. Harriet Woolman-44 (b.1850;d.1875) sp: Richard Hall-58 (b.1850;m.1866;d.1889) 10. Emma Hall-1956 (b.1867;d.1867) 10. Henry Hall-1957 (b.1869;d.1869) 10. Harry Hall-1058 (b.1869;d.1869) 9. Sarah Lane Woolman-1807 (b.1853) 9. Maud Elizabeth Woolman-45 (b.1854;d.1910) sp: John Bent-215 (b.1854;m.1873) 10. Maude Elizabeth Bent-1242 (b.1874;d.1875) 10. Isaac Wilfred Bent-1243 (b.1876) sp: Julia wife of Isaac Bent-5243 (b.1875;m.1895) 11. Glady J. Bent-5244 (b.1896) 10. Alfred Alexander Bent-1244 (b.1877) 10. Maud Elizabeth Bent-1641 (b.1881) 10. Sydney Bent-1828 (b.1884) sp: Rhoda May Ivy Miles-5283 11. Sydney John Rawson Bent-5295 (b.1909;d.1972) sp: Kathleen Bagnell-5301 (b.1916;m.1939) 12. Sydney John Brian Bent-5302 (b.1940) sp: Diane Evens-5304 (b.1943) 13. Tracey Ann Bent-5305 (b.1964) sp: Mark Stephen Anthony Smalley-5306 (b.1953) 14. David Mark Anthony Smalley-5307 (b.1986) 14. James Alexander Smalley-5308 (b.1988) 12. Living Bent-5303 (b.1942) 11. Clarance Bent-5294 (b.1913) 11. Constance Bent-5292 (b.1915) 11. Douglas Bent-5293 (b.1920;d.1920) 11. Dorothy Bent-5298 (b.1921) 11. Joan Bent-5299 (b.1927) 11. Living Bent-5300 (b.1926) 10. Gertrude H. Bent-1829 (b.1886) 10. Bertha L. Bent-5242 (b.1892) 10. Rupert Bent-5238 (b.1896) 9. Henrietta Woolman-1806 (b.1857) 8. Samuel Woolman-2000 (b.1823) sp: Emma Dexter-2013 (b.1825;m.1844) 9. Samuel WOOLMAN-2014 (b.1845) sp: Annie wife of Samuel WOOLMAN-2016 (b.1849) 10. Arthur WOOLMAN-2017 (b.1870) sp: Kate wife of Arthur WOOLMAN-5004 (b.1872) 11. Albert WOOLMAN-5005 (b.1892) 11. Arthur WOOLMAN-3895 (b.1893) photo sp: Elizabeth Ann JAKINS-4166 (b.1890) 12. Peggy WOOLMAN-4167 (b.1920) sp: Walter Ernest HARRIS-4170 sp: David Gordon Alexander DUNCAN-4151 13. David John DUNCAN-4171 13. Barbara DUNCAN-5239 sp: Unknown MACINTOSH-5326 13. Stanley MACINTOSH-5240 13. Leslie MACINTOSH-5241 12. Barbara Ann WOOLMAN-4154 sp: Unknown LUMB-4168 11. Elsie WOOLMAN-5002 (b.1896) 11. Lydia WOOLMAN-5003 (b.1900) 10. Walter WOOLMAN-2018 (b.1871;d.1888) 10. Henry WOOLMAN-3996 (b.1873;d.1881) 10. Albert WOOLMAN-2019 (b.1873;d.1937) sp: Maria Helen wife of Albert WOOLMAN-5119 (d.1930) 10. Solomon WOOLMAN- (b.1883;d.1884) 10. Hephzibah WOOLMAN-5117 (b.1891;d.1892) 9. Sarah WOOLMAN-2015 (b.1849) 9. Ann WOOLMAN-5216 (b.1852) 9. Dinah WOOLMAN-5217 (b.1857) 9. Jane WOOLMAN-5218 (b.1858;d.1942) 9. James WOOLMAN-5219 (b.1864;d.1900) 9. Emma WOOLMAN-5226 (b.1866) 9. Mary Ann Woolman-5221 (b.1869) sp: Sarah wife of Samuel Woolman-2020 (b.1789;m.1851) 6. Edward Woolman-2072 (b.1739;d.1814) sp: Ann Weston-4392 (m.1783;d.1803) 7. Mary Woolman-4762 7. John Woolman4391- (c.1787) 7. Ann Woolman-4390 (c.1788) 7. Lydia Woolman-4763 7. Frances Woolman-4764 7. Edward Woolman-4765 6. William Woolman-2073 (b.1744;d.1817) sp: Ann Green-2076 (b.1752;m.1772) 7. William-4766 Woolman 7. William Woolman-4767 7. Mary Woolman-4768 7. John Woolman-4769 (d.1841) sp: Mary Cox-5080 (m.1801) 7. Ann Woolman-2759 (b.1784;d.1784) 7. William Woolman-4770 7. James Woolman-4771 sp: Mary Wells-4779 (m.1806) 8. Sarah Woolman-4780 7. Matthew Woolman-4772 sp: Elizabeth wife of Matthew Woolman-5081 5. Ann Woolman-2062 (b.1695) sp: William Beasley-2068 (m.1727) sp: UNKNOWN 6. Jepthah Woolman-2105 (b.1721;d.1792) sp: Ann Goodman-2106 (b.1719;m.1744;d.1753) 7. William Woolman-2114 (b.1750) sp: Mary Hodgkinson-2134 (b.1750;m.1772) 8. Mary Woolman-2135 (b.1773;d.1774) 8. William Woolman-2136 (b.1774;d.1774) 8. John Woolman-2747 (b.1775) sp: Mary Cox-2745 (b.1780;m.1801) 8. Sarah Woolman-2137 (b.1776) 8. Ann Woolman-2746 (b.1777) 8. William Woolman-2757 (b.1779) sp: Elizabeth Green-4773 (b.1776;m.1804) 9. Sarah Ann Woolman-4774 (d.1882) 9. Thomas Woolman-4775 9. Thomas Woolman-4776 (b.1805;d.1863) sp: Dorothy Jelley-5113 (b.1806;m.1826) 10. John Woolman-5819 (b.1827) 10. William Woolman-5820 (b.1828) 10. George Woolman-5821 (b.1831) 10. Eliza Woolman-5822 (b.1833) 10. Thomas Woolman-5823 (b.1836) 10. Charles Woolman-5824 (b.1838 10. Henry Woolman-5825 (b.1841) 9. Elizabeth Woolman-4777 9. William Woolman-2001 (b.1819) sp: Mary Loveday-4793 (b.1831;m.1859) 10. George Woolman-4904 (b.1860;d.1929) sp: Jane Smith-5332 (b.1856;m.1883) 11. William Woolman-5338 (b.1885) 11. Ethel Woolman-5333 (b.1886) 11. Bertha Woolman-5334 (b.1888) 11. Eva Woolman-5430 (b.1892) 11. Vera Maria Woolman-5431 (b.1894) 11. William Woolman-5486 (b.1868) 9. Mary Ann Woolman-4905 (b.1862;d.1862) 9. Fanny Woolman-4903 (b.1864;d.1901) sp: Joseph Fisher-5448 (b.1856;m.1886) 10. John Fisher-5453 (b.1887) 10. Charles Fisher5450 (b.1891) 10. Mary A. Fisher-5454 (b.1893) 10. Arthur F. Fisher5449 (b.1895) 10. Thomas H. Fisher-5455 (b.1896) 10. Frank R. Fisher5451 (b.1899) 10. Infant Fisher-5452 (b.1901) 9. Sarah Ann Woolman-4901 (b.1866;d.1891) 9. William Woolman-3019 (b.1869;d.1922)Photo Soldier sp: Amelia Clarridge-3097 (b.1878;m.1895;d.1923)Family 10. Cecil William Woolman-5361 (b.1896)8. Ann Woolman-2048 (b.1816) 10. Arthur James Edward Woolman-5362 (b.1899) sp: Larua M. Patten-5475 (m.1919) 10. Amy Woolman-4365 (b.1901) sp: Roland Illston-5474 (m.1900) 10. Edith Mary Woolman-1647 (b.1903;d.1994) sp: Horace James Green-5471 (b.1900;m.1929;d.1994) 11. Michael Green-5472 (b.1936) sp: Susan wife of Michael Woolman-5473 10. Walter Woolman-5470 (b.1905) 10. Frances May Woolman-3893 (b.1909;d.1916) 9. Thomas Woolman-5309 (b.1870;d.1891) 9. Arthur Woolman-5409 (b.1873;d.1901) sp: Ann Johnson-4781 (m.1845;d.1861) 9. John Woolman-5312 (b.1848;d.1891) sp: Sarah Carruthers-5438 (b.1858;m.1879) 10. William Henry Woolman-5439 (b.1880) 10. Edgar Reginald Woolman-5441 (b.1886) 9. Ann Woolman-5012 (c.1850) 8. James Woolman-2744 (b.1782) sp: Mary Well-2710 (b.1787;m.1806) 9. Sarah Woolman-2692 (b.1807) 7. Edward Woolman-2115 (b.1753;d.1753) sp: Mary Gamble-2107 (b.1720;m.1753;d.1791) 7. Edward Woolman-2108 (b.1754) sp: Ann Noble-2116 (b.1759;m.1785;d.1811) 8. Mary Woolman-2243 (b.1785;d.1788) 8. Ann Woolman-2241 (b.1787) 8. John Woolman-2117 (b.1789;d.1811) 8. Lydia Woolman-2242 (b.1792;d.1793) 8. Frances Woolman-2118 (b.1795;d.1796) 8. Edward Woolman-2772 (b.1800;d.1802) 7. Ann Woolman-2109 (b.1756;d.1784) 7. Mary Woolman-2110 (b.1759) sp: Richard Lenton-2553 (b.1760;m.1783) 8. John Lenton-2750 (b.1789) 8. Elizabeth Lenton-2751 (b.1791) sp: John Warner-5230 (m.1814) 9. Sarah Warner-5231 (b.1814) sp: Joseph Sturgess-5232 (m.1843) 10. Mary Ann Sturgess-5233 (b.1843) 8. Mary Lenton-2752 (b.1793) 8. Hester Lenton-2753 (b.1796) 8. Rebecca Lenton-2754 (b.1799) 8. Sarah Lenton-2755 (b.1801) 8. Hester Lenton-2756 (b.1805) 7. Hester Woolman-2111 (b.1762;d.1803) sp: William Markham-2605 (b.1760;m.1786) 7. Jepthah Woolman-2721 (b.1764) 7. Richard Woolman-2113 (b.1767;d.1816) sp: Ann Storer-2119 (b.1763;m.1790;d.1832) 8. John Woolman-2120 (b.1790) 8. Mary Woolman-2121 (b.1792) 8. Edward Woolman-2122 (b.1793;d.1870) sp: Charlotte Hart-2138 (b.1792;m.1818;d.1854) 9. Richard Woolman-1999 (b.1817;d.1885) sp: Frances Craythorne-2003 (b.1818;m.1840) 10. Olive Woolman-2004 (b.1840;d.1851) 10. Rowland Craythorne Woolman-2006 (b.1844;d.1890) sp: Elizabeth Allen-2005 (b.1842;m.1866;d.1929) 11. Rowland Craythorne Woolman-2033 (b.1866;d.1867) 11. Elizabeth Woolman-2009 (b.1870;d.1905) sp: Unknown Birkett-2030 12. Florence Evelyn Birkett-2031 (b.1905;d.1962) 11. Rowland Allen Woolman-2012 (b.1872;d.1909) sp: Maria Lillian Simpson-2035 (b.1874;m.1898) 12. Charles Craythorne Woolman-2034 (b.1880;d.1880) 11. John Edwards Ted Woolman-2011 (b.1877;d.1915) sp: Florence Elizabeth Riley-5325 (b.1876;m.1899) 11. Florence Edith Woolman-2010 (b.1880;d.1967) sp: Henry Collin-2032 (b.1879;d.1945) 10. John Woolman-2007 (b.1847;d.1877) sp: Sarah Ann Hill-1918 (b.1849;m.1866;d.1927) 11. Franny Elizabeth Woolman-2171 (b.1866;d.1924) sp: William Wye-2182 (b.1856;m.1888) 12. Gertrude Wye-2183 (b.1884) sp: Jo Cambridge-2603 13. Betty Cambridge-2602 11. Rowland Hill Woolman-2036 (b.1868;d.1894) 11. John Woolman-2037 (b.1870;d.1890) 11. Olive Elisabeth Woolman-2038 (b.1872;d.1924) sp: Joseph Vaughan Clist-2184 (b.1871;m.1896;d.1952) 12. Olive Maria Vaughan Clist-2187 (b.1898;d.1988) sp: Frank Hancock-2556 (b.1901;m.1922;d.1986) 13. Dennis G. Hancock-2559 (b.1923) sp: Dorothy Elizabeth Willey-2563 (b.1924;m.1946;d.1985) 14. Neil Hancock-2564 (b.1953) sp: Susan Washington-2595 (b.1954) 15. Louise Elizabeth Hancock-2597 (b.1981) 15. Stephen David Hancock-2596 (b.1983) 13. Mary Hancock-2560 (b.1926;d.1926) 13. Jean Hancock-2561 (b.1927) sp: John Burns Bamkin-2565 (b.1923;m.1947) 14. Valerie Jean Bamkin-2568 (b.1949) sp: Robert Clive Slade-2573 (b.1946;m.1969) 15. Dawn Elizabeth Slade-2574 (b.1969) 15. Timothy David Slade-2575 (b.1977) 14. Clare Patricia Anne Bamkin-2569 (b.1951) sp: David John Kelb-2578 (b.1945;m.1972) 15. Pamela Elisabeth Kelb-2581 (b.1971) sp: Andrew John Hemsill-2583 (b.1971;m.1994) 15. Sarah Jane Kelb-2582 (b.1974) 14. Paul Rodney Bamkin-2570 (b.1953;d.1953) 14. Roger John Bamkin-2571 (b.1955) sp: Marian Ruth (Marianne) King-2584 (b.1955;m.1977) 15. Lydia Katherine Bamkin-2585 (b.1981) 15. James Morgan Bamkin-2586 (b.1985) 15. Tessa Bamkin-2587 (b.1992) 14. Keith Michael Bamkin-2572 (b.1959) sp: Sylvia Elizabeth Ellis-2588 (b.1957;m.1981) 15. Alice Elizabeth Bamkin-2589 (b.1986) 15. Samuel John Bamkin-2590 (b.1987) 13. Ann Lesley Hancock-2562 (b.1943) sp: John Tyers-2598 (m.1969) 14. Mark John Tyers-2599 (b.1969) 14. Rachel Marie Tyers-2600 (b.1973) 12. Albert Vaughan Clist-2185 (b.1900;d.1983) 12. Frances Gertrude Minnie Clist-2186 (b.1911) 10. Robert Woolman-2008 (b.1851;d.1878) sp: Elizabeth Abbott-5519 (m.1872) 10. Olive Elizabeth Woolman-3993 (b.1853;d.1869) 10. Alice E. Woolman-2734 (b.1854) sp: Alfred Manger-2173 (b.1843) 10. Edward Woolman-3151 9. Elizabeth Hart Woolman-2140 (b.1821) 9. Thomas Woolman-2141 (b.1823;d.1839) 9. John Woolman-2142 (b.1825;d.1883) sp: Charlotte Tailby-2161 (b.1826;m.1847;d.1897) 10. James Tailby Woolman-3101 (b.1849) 10. Thomas Woolman-5676 (b.1850;d.1898) sp: Sarah Ann Johnson-2776 (b.1846;m.1871;d.1901) 11. Mary Elizabeth Woolman-2775 (b.1872) sp: George Johnson Smith-5674 (b.1872;m.1898) 11. Samuel Woolman-2778 (b.1874;d.1901) 11. Ernest John Woolman-4130 (b.1880;d.1943) sp: Fanny Freer-5675 12. Thomas Henry Ernest Woolman-5677 (b.1912) sp: Vera Elizabeth Page-5678 (b.1913;m.1937;d.1995) 13. Colin Tom Woolman-5679 (b.1938) sp: Linda Cooper-5680 (b.1941) 14. Steve Woolman-5681 (b.1964) 14. Paul Woolman-5688 (b.1965) sp: Diane Warren-5699 (b.1966) 15. Rebecca Woolman-5700 (b.1996) 15. Joshua Woolman-5701 (b.1996) 14. Mark Woolman-5689 (b.1967) sp: Ruth Bainbridge-5702 (b.1974) 15. Elizabeth Woolman-5703 (b.1996) 15. Victoria Woolman-5704 (b.2000) 14. Julie Woolman-5690 (b.1969) sp: Christopher Hill-5707 (b.1972) 15. Joseph Hill-5706 (b.1999) 15. Luke Hill5-709 (b.2003) 11. Charles Woolman-5687 10. Jonathan Woolman-5769 (b.1852;d.1854) 10. John Woolman-3103 (b.1853;d.1857) 10. Samuel Woolman-3104 (b.1855) 10. Samuel Woolman-3900 (b.1857) sp: Fanny Garrett-5328 (b.1858;m.1878) 11. Eleanor Milly Woolman-2261 (b.1880) 11. Elizabeth Woolman-5329 (b.1882) 11. Arthur Woolman-5330 (b.1885) sp: Clara wife of Arthur Woolman-4778 (b.1892) 11. Sarah Woolman-5331 (b.1888) 11. Agnes Woolman-5350 (b.1900) 10. Mary Elizabeth Woolman-2260 (b.1860;d.1897) sp: John W. Merriman-5818 (b.1861;m.1884) 11. Bertie J. Merriman-5817 (b.1885) 11. Ethel M. Merriman-2166 (b.1887) 11. Norman W. Merriman-5836 (b.1889) 10. Charlotte Ann Woolman-3106 (b.1864;d.1917) 10. Sarah Ann Woolman-3107 (b.1866;d.1909) 9. Isaac Woolman-2143 (b.1827;d.1903)) sp: Ann Goodman-2162 (b.1825;m.1845;d.1850) sp: Elizabeth Litchfield-3108 (b.1826;m.1846) 10. Charles Litchfield Woolman-5485 (b.1849) 10. Elizabeth Alice Woolman-3109 (b.1851) Photo sp: Alexander Brakey McCauley-5856 (b.1842;m.1868; d.1924) 11. James Isaac Isaiah McCauley-5869 (b.1869) 11. Ann Jane Elizabeth McCauley-5870 (b.1870) 11. Alexander William John McCauley-5871(b.1873) 11. George Andrew Francis McCauley-5872(b.1874) 11. Alfred Henry Woolman McCauley-5873(b.1877) 11. Charles Anson Litchfield McCauley-5858 (b.1878) 11. Henry Stanton Brook McCauley-5874 (b.1881) 11. Clarence Stanton Brock McCauley-5875 (b.1881) 11. Samuel Harvey Perdue McCauley-5861 (b.1883; d.1978) sp: Hattie Ethel Eaton-5863 11. Clarence Thomas Emerson McCauley-5876 (b.1885) 11. Lilly May McCauley-5877 10. Ada Ann Woolman-3110 (b.1853) 10. Alfred John Woolman-3111 (b.1854) sp: UNKNOWN 11. William Woolman-3997 (b.1873) 11. John Woolman-3995 (b.1877) 10. George Woolman-5878 (b. 1857) sp: Emily J. wife of George Woolman-5881 (b.1858) 11. Clifford A. Woolman-5882 (b.1895) 11. Chester C. Woolman-5883 (b. 1898) 10. Charlotte Woolman-5879 (b.1860) 10. Harvey Woolman-4995 (b.1863) sp: UNKNOWN 11. John Woolman-4996 (b.1896) sp: UNKNOWN 12. Gerald Woolman-4997 (b.1945) sp: UNKNOWN 13. Vivian Woolman-4998 10. Addison Woolman-5880 (b.1866) 9. Uzziah Woolman-2144 (b.1829;d.1890) sp: Ann Gibbins-2163 (b.1832;m.1853;d.1906) 10. William Woolman-3153 (b.1847) 10. Sarah Woolman-2209 (b.1854;d.1854) 10. William Gibbins Woolman-2208 (b.1856) sp: Lucy Anderson-4138 (b.1858;m.1877) 11. Harry Woolman-4137 (b.1879) 11. Horace Woolman-4136 (b.1880) 11. Herbert Woolman-5335 (b.1883) 11. Ethel Woolman-5336 (b.1885) 11. Annie Elizabeth Woolman-5337 (b.1888) 11. Grace Woolman-5359 (b.1895) 11. Alice Woolman-5360 (b.1896) 10. Alice Woolman-2202 (b.1860) sp: Charles Martin-3144 (m.1880) 10. Emma Woolman-2204 (b.1861;d.1899) 10. Susanna Woolman-2805 (b.1863) 10. Charlotte Woolman-2203 (b.1865) 10. Sarah Elizabeth Woolman-2207 (b.1867;d.1936) 10. Martha Woolman-2205 (b.1870;d.1870) 10. Mary Woolman-2206 (b.1870;d.1870) 10. Ada Ann Woolman-2268 (b.1875;d.1950) 10. Grace Woolman-2269 (b.1875) 10. Lucy Woolman-2270 (b.1878) 10. Elizabeth Woolman-5345 (b.1882) 9. Charlotte Woolman-2145 (b.1831) sp: Charles Grant-2164 (b.1830;m.1854) 9. Samuel Hart Woolman-2146 (b.1833) 9. Edward Woolman-2147 (b.1835;d.1886) sp: Louisa Lee-2165 (b.1841;m.1873;d.1934) 10. Betsy Woolman-2272 (b.1874) 10. Louisa Woolman-2271 (b.1879;d.1959) 10. Rowland Edward Woolman-3148 (b.1882;d.1928) sp: Ethel Mary Toone-3145 (b.1889;d.1947) 11. Edward Woolman-3060 9. George Woolman-2148 (b.1837;d.1862) sp: Mary Jane Sims-4881 (b.1839;m.1858) 10. John Thomas Woolman-5776 (b.1860) 11. George Woolman-5813 (b.1902) 12. Raymond Woolman-5814 (b.1930) 13. Paul Woolman-5815 (b.1961) 10. Charlotte Woolman-4887 (b.1862) Photo sp: Joseph William Fry-4879 (b.1860;m.1878) 11. Edith A. Fry-5407 (b.1880) 11. Lillian K. Fry-5408 (b.1880) 11. Emma Jane Fry-4885 (b.1891) 9. Thomas Woolman-2149 (b.1840;d.1841) sp: Sarah Bull-5778 (b.1806;m.1856) 8. William Woolman-2123 (b.1795;d.1862) sp: Elizabeth Gibbson-2150 (b.1802;m.1821;d.1880) 9. Benjamin Woolman-2151 (b.1822;d.1879) sp: Sophia White-2237 (b.1821;m.1849;d.1862) 10. John Henry Woolman-2238 (b.1853;d.1853) 10. John Henry Woolman-2802 (b.1855) 10. Harriet Woolman-2244 (b.1857;d.1900) 10. Lucy Anne Woolman-2239 (b.1859;d.1862) 10. Mary Jane Woolman-2240 (b.1861;d.1862) sp: Sarah Clark-5209 (b.1825;m.1869) 9. Sarah Woolman-2152 (b.1823) 10. Innocent Woolman-3152 (b.1843;d.1844) 9. Christopher Woolman-2153 (b.1826;d.1886) sp: Agnes Ada Robertson-5085 (b.1836;m.1870;d.1911) 10. Nathan Robert Woolman-5416 (b.1866) 10. Christopher Eli Woolman-5084 (b.1869) 10. Erica Eleanor Woolman-5417 (b.1870) 10. Nephi Woolman-5086 (b.1871) 10. Agnes Rebecca Woolman-5091 (b.1874) 10. Hyrum James Woolman-5083 (b.1876;d.1957) sp: Sarah Ann Scovill-5093 (b.1884;m.1902;d.1918) 11. Sarah May Woolman-5094 (b.1903;d.1920) 11. Ila Woolman-5095 (b.1905;d.1986) sp: John Alfred Jensen-5103 (b.1897;m.1925(Div);d.1972) 12. Barbour Florence Jensen-5106 (b.1912;d.1989) 12. James Alfred Jensen-5421 (b.1926) sp: Elaine wife of James Jensen-5422 (b.1927;m.1948;d.2008) 13. Renee Jensen-5711 (b.1948;d.1960) 13. John Ernest Jensen-5423 (b.1950) sp: Laura Dawn Morley-5434 (b.1954;m.1974) 11. Arvilla Woolman-5096 (b.1907;d.1994) sp: William James Potter-5104 (m.1925) 11. Lucy Woolman-5097 (b.1908;d.1911) sp: Fenjia Saurdinn Fanny Van Otten-5098 (b.1905;m.1944;d.1969) 11. James Richard Woolman-5099 (b.1943) 11. Hulda Woolman-5100 (b.1944) 11. Larry Dennis Woolman-5101 (b.1947) 10. Lucy Hulda Woolman-5092 (b.1878) sp: John Wesley Norton-5414 (b.1862;m.1895;d.1905) sp: Frederick Walter Cox-5415 (b.1858;m.1907;d.1937) 10. John William Woolman-5090 (b.1881) sp: Sarah Ann Sturgess Hill-5102 (b.1832;d.1903) 10. Eliza Jane Woolman-5784 (b.1867) sp: Lydia Tullington-5415 (b.1826;m.1855) 9. James Woolman-2154 (b.1828;d.1836) 9. Harriet Woolman-2155 (b.1831;d.1841) 9. Lucy Woolman-2156 (b.1834) sp: Unknown (m.1855) 9. Ruth Woolman-2157 (b.1836;d.1841) 9. James Alfred Woolman-2158 (b.1839;d.1841) 9. Eli Woolman-2159 (b.1841;d.1908) sp: Alice Marriott-3075 (b.1834;m.1860;d.1862) 10. Elizabeth Ann Woolman-3076 (b.1861;d.1862) 10. Elizabeth Ann Woolman-5297 (b.1862) sp: Fanny Perkins-3077 (b.1845;m.1867;d.1870) 10. Ruth Woolman-3014 (b.1867) 10. George William Woolman-3079 (b.1869;d.1869) sp: Mary Hawes-2174 (b.1844;m.1874;d.1930) 10. Eli Hawes Woolman-2175 (b.1875;d.1952) sp: Ellen Lilleyman-2167 (b.1873;m.1894;d.1954) 11. Eva E. Woolman-5346 (b.1895) 11. Percy Woolman-2139 (b.1895;d.1967) sp: Florrie Nix-2189 (b.1895;m.1914;d.1967) 12. Queenie May Woolman-2190 (b.1915;d.1917) 12. Florence Ellen Woolman-2191 (b.1916;d.1930) 12. Percy Douglas Woolman-2192 (b.1920;d.1989) sp: Winnie Kemp-3087 (b.1923) 13. John Percy Woolman-3088 (b.1952) sp: Joan Lesley Nunn-3090 (b.1957) 14. Christopher James Woolman-3092 (b.1983) 14. Lindsay Joan Woolman-4311 (b.1987) 13. David Edwin Woolman-3089 (b.1955) sp: Caroline Meller-3091 (b.1961) 14. Emma Clare Woolman-4309 (b.1991) 14. Mark David Woolman-4310 (b.1995) 12. Eric Eli Woolman-2193 (b.1923;d.1949) sp: Joyce Margaret Measures-2196 (b.1923;m.1945) 13. Eric Ivan Woolman-2197 (b.1946) Photo Group Photo1 Group Photo2 sp: Susan Norah Horton-2198 (b.1946;m.1965) 14. Richard Woolman-3055 (b.1965;d.1965) 14. Jeffrey Stuart Woolman-3056 (b.1967) 14. Roger Ivan Woolman-3057 (b.1970) sp: Heather Mary Mc Lean-3059 (b.1972) 15. Richard Ivan Woolman-3058 (b.1994) sp: Valerie Furlong-4279 (b.1970) 12. Kenneth Edward Woolman-2194 (b.1926;d.2006) sp: Joyce Margaret Measures-2196 (b.1923;m.1953) 13. Michael Woolman-2199 (b.1954;d.2006) sp: Carol Jones-3063 (m.1985) 14. Kevin Michael Woolman-3064 (b.1987) 14. Steven Neil Woolman-3065 (b.1989) 14. Leanne Woolman-3066 (b.1994) 13. Paul Stephen Woolman-2200 (b.1957) sp: Julie Armstrong-3067 (b.1963;m.1987) 14. Gavin Armstrong Woolman-3068 (b.1993) 14. Annie Armstrong Woolman-3069 (b.1995) 14. Sarah Armstrong Woolman-3080 (b.1997) 13. Jill Christine Woolman-2201 (b.1959) sp: Garry Frederick Shortland-3070 (b.1958;m.1978) 14. Daniel Mark Shortland-3071 (b.1985) 14. Thomas James Shortland-3072 (b.1987) 12. Ronald Woolman-2195 (b.1929) sp: Patricia Smith-3149 (m.1955) 11. Leonard Eli Woolman-5347 (b.1898) sp: Henrietta Whitworth-2604 11. Robert Gillespie Woolman-2179 (b.1900;d.1926) sp: Clara wife of Robert Woolman-3025 12. Robert Gillespie Woolman-3026 (b.1920) 12. Charles Woolman-3027 12. Doreen Woolman-3028 sp: Unknown Baines-3039 11. George Woolman-2178 (b.1901)) Wedding Photo Family Photo Family photo 2 sp: Violet Theresa Sharp-3029 (b.1905;m.1923;d.1978) 12. Eileen Violet Woolman-3034 (b.1925;d.1996) sp: Stanley Cordery-3038 (b.1921;d.1987) 12. George Woolman-3030 (b.1927;d.1995) sp: Hilda Marriott-5838 (m.1930) 12. Raymond Victor Woolman-3033 (b.1930;d.1998) Photo sp: Freda Parkinson-5839 (b.1928;d.1957) sp: Diane Capenhurst -5840(b.1942) 12. Margaret Sylvia Woolman-5837 (b.1932;d.1934) 12. June Patricia Woolman-3035 (b.1934) sp: Alfred Corderoy-5841 12. Michael Alan Woolman-3032 (b.1937) sp: Jill Elizabeth Stewart-5842 (b.1938;d.2009) 12. Judith Ann Woolman-3036 (b.1942) sp: William Smith-3024 12. Yolande Woolman-3037 (b.1943) sp: Alan Unknown-3023 12. Robert Woolman-5696 (b.1944;d.1996) sp: Joy Stewart-5943 11. Leonard Woolman-2179 (b.1902) sp: Ethel wife of Leonard Woolman-3034 11. Eva Woolman-2180 (b.1902) sp: Walter Bent-3085 11. Doris Woolman-2181 (b.1904) sp: Sam husband of Doris Woolman Unknown-3086 10. Maud Mary Woolman-3015 (b.1877) 10. Joseph Christopher Woolman-3015 (b.1878) sp: Sarah Ann Jones-5314 (b.1880;m.1901) 10. Eva Harriet Woolman-5290 (b.1882) 11. Harold Woolman-5284 (b.1905) sp: Ellen Roome-5285 (b.1903) 12. Christine Mary Woolman-5286 (b.1933) sp: Derek Simpson-5287 (b.1930) 13. Janet Christine Simpson-5288 (b.1955) sp: Unknow Garrett-5289 10. George William Woolman-5296 (b.1884;d.1916) 10. Benjamin Charles Woolman-2176 (b.1888;d.1969) 9. Rebecca Woolman-2160 (b.1843) sp: Daniel Shelton-3094 (m.1870) 9. George Woolman-4588 (b.1851) 8. Ann Woolman-2124 (b.1797;d.1804) 8. Elizabeth Woolman-2125 (b.1799) sp: John Hack-2130 (b.1800;m.1827) 8. Thomas Woolman-2126 (b.1800) sp: Martha Clarke-2131 (b.1810;m.1832) 8. Isaac Woolman-2127 (b.1802;d.1802) 8. Hester Woolman-2128 (b.1803) sp: Isaac Clarke-2132 (b.1800;m.1832) 8. Isaac Woolman-2129 (b.1805) sp: Ann Farmer-2133 (b.1805;m.1828;d.1844) 5. John Woolman-2063 (b.1697;d.1697) 5. Thomas Woolman-2064 (b.1700;d.1766) sp: Hannah Frances Cumberlidge-2250 (b.1707;m.1727;d.1774) 6. Ann Woolman-2085 (b.1728) 6. Thomas Woolman-2086 (b.1729;d.1757) 6. Hannah Woolman-2087 (b.1732) sp: John Smith-2098 (b.1730;m.1751) 7. John Smith-5082 6. John Woolman-2088 (b.1735;d.1757) 6. Katherine Woolman-2089 (b.1737;d.1748) 6. Edward Woolman-2091 (b.1739) 6. William Woolman-2092 (b.1740;d.1741) 6. Martha Woolman-2093 (b.1743;d.1746) 6. Matthew Woolman-2094 (b.1748;d.1834) sp: Elizabeth Towell-2249 (b.1750;m.1779;d.1811) 6. Joseph Woolman-2095 (b.1748;d.1766) 6. Mary Woolman-2096 (b.1751;d.1752) 6. Catherine Woolman-2097 (b.1756;d.1757) 5. Edward Woolman-2065 (b.1702;d.1784) sp: Frances Maidwell-2090 (b.1708;m.1724;d.1790) 6. Mary Woolman-2099 (b.1728) sp: William Goodman-2210 (c.1734;m.1760) 7. Ann Goodman-2211 (b.1765;d.1812) 6. John Woolman-2100 (b.1729;d.1800) sp: Lydia Smeeton-2774 (b.1738;m.1758;d.1791) 7. John Woolman-2761 (b.1759;d.1764) sp: Mary wife of John Woolman-5107 7. Mary Woolman- 2763(b.1762) sp: William Farmer-2760 (b.1730;m.1785) 7. Edward Woolman-2764 (b.1765) 6. Frances Woolman-2101 (b.1732) sp: John Chapman-2606 6. Margaret Woolman-2102 (b.1741;d.1815) 6. Elizabeth Woolman-2103 (b.1742;d.1775) 6. Edward Woolman-2104 (b.1747;d.1763) 5. Mary Woolman-2066 (b.1705) 5. Hannah Woolman-5087 (b.1705) sp: Thomas Dunckley-5254 sp: Joana Good-2057 (b.1630;m.1666;d.1713) 4. Elizabeth Woolman-2058 (b.1667;d.1668) 4. Elizabeth Woolman-2779 (b.1668) 3. Elizabeth Woolman-2779 (b.1632;d.1637) 3. Frances Woolman-2784 (b.1633) 3. Elizabeth Woolman-2781 (b.1637) 3. Thomas Woolman-2787 (b.1638) sp: Anne Daindy-2795 (m.1675) 4. John Woolman-2791 (b.1676) 4. Thomas Woolman-2794 (b.1678) 2. Edward Woolman-2789 (b.1605) sp: UNKNOWN 3. Unknown Woolman-2788 (b.1625) 3. Edward Woolman-2790 (b.1628) 3. Martin Woolman-2793 (b.1629)

Alfred Woolman William Woolman Thomas Rowe
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