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Census Information

1850, Oneida Co., NY
1850, Herkimer Co., NY
1850, other
1860, Oneida Co., NY

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Web sites concerning Coffin family history

The Eliza Starbuck Barney Genealogical Record - "the most reliable genealogy for Nantucketís families for the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, contains vital information on more than 40,000 Nantucketers. This nineteenth-century manuscript comprising more than one thousand pages has been entered into a searchable computer database and is now presented here online."

My Coffin Shoes - Our Coffin Story, by Ross Coffin. Excellent, descriptive narrative of Coffin family history through Tristram -> James -> James -> Benjamin -> Elisha -> Elisha -> William -> William Montague -> Dr. Joseph -> Robert Fisher. It is fun to read, and includes a very good description of the whaling industry as practiced by the Coffin family.

The Coffin Family of Martha's Vineyard - From the book, "The History of Martha's Vineyard", by Dr. Charles Banks. Shows the lineage of part of the Coffin family that settled on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The GenWeb page of Nantucket County, Massachussetts, where Tristram Coffin and many of his descendants lived. These pages are currently run by the Massachusetts state GenWeb Coordinator.

Ancestry of Abner Coffin of Falmouth, Maine - Very well referenced and anotated genealogy showing the line of Peter -> Nicholas -> Peter -> Tristram (immigrant) -> Tristram -> Stephen -> Abner. (as archived on

Family History Archives - Coffin family resources - family histories scanned by BYU which contain reference to the Coffin Family, including "The Life of Sir Isaac Coffin" These are now part of Family History Books collection.

Nantucket Biographies - Coffin Family - Coralynn Brown has transcribed several of the biographies from "The History Of Nantucket, County, Island And Town : Including Genealogies Of First Settlers" (by Alexander Starbuck, 1924). This page contains information on the first four or five generations from the immigrant Tristram.

Vital Records of Nantucket, Massachusetts - (scroll down to Nantucket County section) Includes many birth, marriage, and death records of the Coffin family and related families.

Descendants of Tristram Coffin - 1,304 page Adobe Acrobat file listing very many descendants of Tristram.

Coffin Quest - Extensive genealogical data for Coffin families, compiled by Cherie Logan, especially census info from Illinois and Indiana.

A Page for my Family and Yours - The family page of Judith Maria Oxholm Villafañe Coffin, which includes many lists of Coffin family members from mostly upstate New York, from censuses, military lists, cemeteries, and other resources. Much of the Coffin family information can be found HERE.

Indiana's Popular History: Levi Coffin - a brief biography of Levi Coffin

Coffin Family - Scraps of Family History - brief history of the Coffin Family, concerning chiefly Tristram Coffin.

Coffin Family - Web page by Holly Timm showing primarily the Coffin line of Nicholas -> Peter -> Tristram -> Peter -> Tristram -> Jane, including some other of the families of Tristram's children.

Descendants of Peter Coffin (archive) - as they relate to the Moores Clan. Web pages of Chuck Campbell, showing various select lines of Tristram Coffin and his sister Mary.

Katie Bond's Coffin surname page (archive) - Tracing the line from Peter - Nickolas - Peter - Tristram - Mary & her brother James.

Coffin Family 1280-1740 (archive) - Web page by Tristran Williams showing what may be the line from Richard Coffin in the year 1280 down through the U.S. immigrant Tristram Coffin.

Descendants of Richard Coffin - Web page by Ross Kenzie showing same lineage as above. Interestingly, he includes part of an article from the Coffin Family Newsletter (Aug 1994) showing an alternative parentage for Tristram's grandfather Nicholas Coffin. See also his descendant listing.

Glenn Gohr's home page - Coffin Genealogy - direct line listing from Peter -> Nicholas -> Peter -> Tristram -> John -> Deborah Austin -> to the Swain family in McNairy County, Tennessee.

Our Coffin Family History - Narrative history of the Coffin family, specifically the line from Tristram to John to Samuel to William, progenitor of many North Carolina Coffins. Compiled by Christie Ann (Hill) Russell, she also mentions several notable Coffin descendents.

My descent from Nicholas Coffin (archive) - James True traces his Coffin roots from Nicholas through Tristram and his daughter Elizabeth down to the present day True family.

Tom's Hobby - Tom Barber, both of whose parents descend from Tristram Coffin, relates the story of Tristram and Dionis Coffin, and the court case concerning the selling of beer.

The Ancestry of Coffin-Hutton-Hammer-Akhurst and other related families - Sheri Akhurst's Ancestry includes the following Coffin family lineage: Nicholas -> Peter -> Tristram -> John -> Samuel -> William -> Libni -> Libni -> Samuel -> Joseph.

Coffin History - Information from Anne Patten Oliver tracing a different Coffin family from England through Newfoundland, Canada. (This is the page as archived on

SEARCHING: Coffin [Coffyn], Stevens, Starbuck, Gardner, Severance, Macy, Gayer - fairly extensive listing of several generations of Coffins.

The P.E.I. Coffin Families Index - giving an extensive listing of the descendants of Elisha Coffin and Eunice Myrick, and of Uriah Coffin and Hepsabeth Bunker.

Cece Bibby's Coffin page - photo of 1992 Coffin reunion at "Oldest House" in Nantucket, and photo of "Coffin House" in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Darcy Coffin's Coffin Page - Darcy includes some birth, death, and marriage records from Maine at the following links (links not working): Maine Delayed Marriage Records; Maine Delayed Birth Records; Maine Delayed Death Records

Coffin Family Biography - From James H. Smith's "History of Dutchess County, New York". Bio of the family of Abishai Coffin, 4th generation from Tristam, who went to Dutchess County shortly before the American Revolution.

Damen's Ancestors - Coffin Family (archive) - Family of Tristram Coffin Jr.

The Coffin Family - Coffin family lineage through Tristram -> Tristram -> Nathaniel -> John -> Nathaniel -> Nathaniel -> Eleanor Foster Coffin, down through the Purdons of Massachusetts. See also Tristam Coffin Notes, showing a short bio and timeline of Tristram Coffin.

Bill Putman's Coffin family - 8 page pdf file gives a narrative of the early generations of the Coffin family in the U.S.