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John Angier Whitney

John Angier Whitney, son of George Whitney and Esther Morse, was born December 20, 1817 in Natick MA. In the Whitney Genealogy by Pierce his middle name is misspelled as "Aniger" and so the misspelling has made its way into many of the online Whitney geneologies. The family pronounced it "an-jur." But even his son Waldo on several occasions spelled it "Anger" with no i at all. Considering that Waldo only had a 6th grade education his spelling was not terribly reliable, although like all the Whitney children, his handwriting was exquisite. John Angier Whitney died August 21, 1899.

John Angier was married twice, first to Emily WALKER on May 27, 1839 in Natick, Massachusetts. She was born Abt. 1818 in Natick, and died there in 1844. He married a second time to Sarah Elizabeth [Lizzie] THOMSON Aft. 1850 in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of William THOMSON and Emily COXETTER. She was born February 26, 1819 in St. John and died April 26, 1904 in Natick, Massachusetts.

John Angier and Emily Walker had one child, George Burgess WHITNEY, born April 09, 1844 in Dedham, MA; died July 23, 1878 in Natick. In the 1850 census, John A. and George B. are listed as living, no mother is listed. George was hit and killed by a steam engine on the railroad.

Sometime after 1850 John A. married Lizzie Thomson in Canada. They had 8 children:

1. Herbert Thomson WHITNEY, born January 20, 1854; died March 21, 1880.

2. John Coxetter WHITNEY, born August 08, 1855; died January 1935.
He married Flora S. Matherson November 11, 1880 in Unitarian Church, Natick, MA; born Abt. 1859. Occupation: Shoe Clerk

3. Louis Mitchell WHITNEY, born June 14, 1857.

4. William Oscar WHITNEY, born November 12, 1859.

5. Emily Blanche WHITNEY, born October 05, 1861; died April 17, 1880.

6. James Coxetter WHITNEY, born September 05, 1863; died November 27, 1893.
He married Maria Louise HORTON September 18, 1890 in St. John, New Brunswick Canada; born May 02, 1863. Occupation: Lawyer in Boston; Residence: Needham, MA

7. Waldo Orville WHITNEY, born January 03, 1865 in Natick, Middlesex, MA; died November 09, 1945 in Boston City Hospital.
Occupation: Shoe factory worker, later carpenter for Boston Superior Court. He married Alice Perry of Natick September 12, 1899.

8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maud WHITNEY, born August 31, 1869.

John Coxetter Whitney, Haverhill, MA

James Coxetter Whitney

Waldo Orville Whitney, my great-grandfather (Waldo on right in uniform)

Lucille Doris Whitney, Waldo's daughter, my grandmother

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