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Mike's Family  - When I research Mike's family I sometimes forget that I am married into this family.  I know the names of the ancestors so well I feel as if I knew them personally.  It makes my connection to Mike and the kids that much more special and I am grateful to God for giving me this curiosity to find out more about our family history. 

Mike's family has been fun to research.  When I started my family history project, my plan of attack was to follow the path of least resistance and his family was it.  That is why during the early years of my research I accomplished the most with the Von Behrens and the Rolfings.  But I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Let me explain the family structure.

Mike's grandparents on his fathers side are Erwin and Lottie (nee Pehle) Von Behren.  For those who are not hip to the genealogy lingo "nee" refers to the wife's maiden name.  Erwin and Lottie grew up in rural Missouri where most everyone at the time were  3rd or 4th generation German-Americans, many of whom still spoke only German.  Their newspapers were German and their churches were German.  They only married other German-Americans.  That is why it has been so easy to trace this group.  Their immigrant ancestors traveled together (all of them came from within a 50km region in Germany), They settled in the same rural area, and stayed together for generations, never forsaking their German heritage.

Grandpa Von Behren's family  

Grandma Lotte Pehle's Family  

On Mike's mother's side, his grandparents are George and Lucille (nee Bujnak-Noblot) Traxel.  They were 2nd and 3rd generation Americans descended from Eastern Europe and Germany.  They were city folk living in St Louis embracing the American way of life by "melting" into the fabric of urban society.  This family is much  more difficult to research and to this point I haven't been able to discover the exact towns in Europe they came from.  An added problem was that Lucille's mother died shortly after her birth and she was raised by  different families and an orphanage.  Uncovering the history of these families has been challenging but also filled with mystery and intrigue. 

Grandpa Traxel's Family

Grandma Lucille Bujnak-Noblot's family

Michele's Family  -  Being an only child I have always longed to be in a big family.  Researching my family history has made me realize that I am part of a big family.  Although most of the people I research have long since passed from this world I feel a special connection with them because they are all a part of me.  Their experiences influenced the succeeding generations which have influenced me.  And Mike and I will add our part to our combined heritage to influence future generations. It's all part of God's plan. 

My ancestors are the most diverse bunch of people that I have encountered in my research.  Some are immigrants from the 20th century some are American Colonists.  Some are city dwellers, some are rural farmers.  Their origins are from many countries in Europe (France, England, Germany, Ireland, and Poland (or Russia depending on the date).  

My mother's parents are Owen and Olga (nee Roeder) Amore.  I have always been very close to this side of the family.  I spent a lot of time during my childhood with Grandma and Grandpa and as a result I got to know a lot of my extended family.  I knew grandma's sister Helen and adored Grandpa's brother Bob.    I have known Uncle Bob's children, my mother's cousins (my 1st cousins once removed) most of my life and am still in contact with some of them.  While Grandma Olga's parents immigrated to this country from Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, Grandpa Owen's family has been in America for quite some time.  My current project is researching grandpa's grandfather Lanam's family who I suspect were American Colonists. 

Grandpa Amore's family  

Grandma Olga Roeder's Family  

My Father's side is complicated.  I actually have two fathers.  One that  God chose for my creation and one that God chose to raise me during my formative years.  I feel I have a little of both of them in me therefore I will include both of their genealogies as my own.

My biological father Richard Doppke's side of the family - His parents are George and Gladys (nee Manske) Doppke.  I have only started on this side of my family so I don't have much information compared to what I have collected on everyone else.  I'm hoping to find more in the coming months so stay tuned!

Grandpa Doppke's family 

Grandma Gladys Manske's family  

My adoptive father Jay Emerson's side of the family - His parents are Warren and Virginia (nee Coleman) Emerson.  Grandpa Emerson is the one who started my interest in genealogy because he did it himself.  All of the research I have on this family came from him.  He wrote it all in a manuscript in 1974 and I remember looking at it as a child with fascination as he was able to trace his ancestors back to Charlemagne (not that I knew who Charlemagne was back then) !  I will share with you what he has discovered on the following page.  I plan to do more research on this family in the future.

Grandpa Emerson's family