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I divided our family into nine groups, one for each of our grandparents (includes  grandpa Emerson's family).  Below is a table of surnames related to that family and the places they lived in the United States  .  Click on the grandparent's name to go to that family page.

  Grandparents  Surnames Places
Mike's Family Lucille Bunjak Brunat, Bujnak, Kitchen, Noblot Masek St Louis, MO
  George Traxel Brown, Traxel St Louis, MO
  Lottie Pehle Pehle, Koppelman, Niemeyer, Taake, Withaus Franklin Co. MO
  Erwin Von Behren Sr. Rohlfing, Kuhrtz, Koenig, Meier, Telljohann, Von Behren Franklin Co. MO, Louisville KY, Randolph CO. IL
Michele's family Olga Roeder Buetler, Hermann, Roeder Chicago, IL, Glidden WI
  Owen Amore Amore, Dunn, Grothouse, Harold, Kirk, Lanam, Luken,   McBride, McCay, McCall, Michaels,  O'Connor, Shorter, Thiebaut, Tyrell, Wabol, Wheeler, Chicago, IL,         Pulaski Co., IN, Montgomery Co, IN, Coshocton Co. OH
  Gladys Manske Manske, Meyer Chicago, IL
  George Doppke Doppke, Rosinke Chicago, IL
  Warren Emerson Emerson, Wheeler, Williams, Noyes Chicago,IL and others