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Welcome to my/our Carolina Cousins family tree

The who's and why's of this database. The data contained on the following pages is a culmination of more than sixty years of research. Not all of the research has been directly accomplished by me. Please see the tab contributors for a list of fellow researchers.

Please feel free to send additions and corrections.

My first tree was completed when I was 12 years old. The tree contained only my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. My mother, Betty (Muha) Baker and father, Henry Ford Baker helped me and have continued to do so over the last thirty years. My mom with her roots stemming from Czechoslovakia, (as of 1993 Slovakia or the Slovak Republic) my dad and his kin from North Carolina.

After attending several family reunions and having my dad tell me this is your cousin, and this is your cousin, and so on and so on,,,, I could hardly keep my aunts and uncles straight, yet alone all of my cousins. My dad is one of 15 children, 13 of which survived to adulthood. Thus at least twenty-six aunts and uncles and more than fifty first cousins.
My interest is genealogy began as a way to record all of my cousins. Then with my dad by my side,,, till 5 a.m. many a night I soon learned how vast his knowledge of his family was and how much more I needed to record. As soon as I had one line nearing completion, my dad would ask me, "Do you have cousin Sidney in there?" I'd look and sure enough, No, then we'd end up adding another thirty or so names before daybreak.

In 1995 I began to publish my data on the web. From those publishing's I've had many cousins write and say, "You have my great grand(parent) on your site but you are missing their spouse and descendants. Would you please add them, I'd really like to see them on the web
Thus my data is not focused on my own ancestry. But OUR ancestry. Instead of a one name or ancestral family research my database has evolved into a regional historical site. That region runs from Jamestown, the first permanent English settle to Edenton, North Carolina. Edenton, the site of Edenton Tea Party and first capital of North Carolina.

The database is:
My ancestors ancestors, their siblings, their children and their children's children.
So as the Banyan tree grows, it's branches drop to roots. It roots grow, intertwine and grow.

Welcome to the Carolina Cousins. My cousins; and my cousins cousins.