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Verne Alfred Earle


Submitted by Lisa Hoffius and Bill Moore


Co-Partner, The EARLE Press

915 Pine Street, Muskegon, Michigan


Verne Alfred EARLE, son of Frank L. and Lillie May (KRAFT) EARLE; was born in Greenville, Michigan, June 13, 1890.


Frank L. EARLE, son of Alfred and Caroline (MILLS) EARL (name later changed to EARLE), was born at Gloversville, NY, October 6, 1865, and in 1866 accompanied his parents to Michigan.  In 1912 he came to Muskegon.  He was a miller by trade.  He died May 25, 1935.  He changed the family surname from EARL to EARLE.  His wife, Lillie May (KRAFT) EARLE, daughter of George and Mary Ann (MULL) KRAFT, was born in Dayton, Ohio, June 22, 1865.  Two children were born to Frank L. and Lillie May (KRAFT) EARLE:

(1)    Verne Alfred.

(2)    Hugh, who was born in 1896.  He died in 1908, and is buried in Greenville, Michigan.


George KRAFT, father of Lillie May (KRAFT) EARLE, was born at Madison, Ohio, April 10, 1834.  He died in 1908.  He was a farmer.  His wife, Mary Ann (MULL) KRAFT, who was born September 14, 1842, died in 1869.  They are buried near Dayton, Ohio.


Alfred EARL, father of Frank L. EARLE, and son of Oliver and Lydia EARL, was born November 20, 1820.  He resided at Galway, New York, and in 1866 moved to Michigan.  He was a glovemaker and tanner.  He died in 1903.  His wife, Caroline (MILLS) EARL, was born February 20, 1830.  Both are buried in Greenville, Michigan.


Oliver EARL, father of Alfred EARL, and son of Paul and Hannah (HICKS) EARL, resided, with his wife, Lydia EARL, at Galway, New York.  Paul EARL was twice married, his first wife being Hannah (HICKS) EARL.  He married, second, Mrs. Elizabeth (BETTS) HICKS, on November 26, 1786.


The EARLE* family surname has been spelled variously through the ages, the original spelling having been DeErleigh.  This was changed to DeErle, and subsequent changes have been as follows: ERLE, EARLE, EARLL, EARL, and EARLE, the present spelling.


Verne Alfred EARLE, the subject of this sketch, attended school in Greenville, Michigan, and later became a printer’s apprentice in the plant of the “Daily Call,” where he continued from August 5, 1907 to 1910.  He then was employed on the “Ontonagon (Michigan) Herald,” until 1911, following which he came to Muskegon, and was employed on the “Muskegon Morning Times.”  He subsequently returned to Greenville, and again was employed on the “Daily Call.”  In 1912 he began work on the “Muskegon Chronicle,” and in May of that year became foreman of the Andrews Printing Company, In Muskegon.  In 1917 he organized the Co-operative Press, Inc., which in 1923 became known as the EARLE Press, Inc., and since January 1939, has been known as the EARLE Press.  Mr. EARLE operates the business in partnership with O.G. CADERQUIST.  The firm engages in general printing and publishing, and in advertising printing, and also prints religious publications.  Fourteen persons are employed in the business.  In 1924 the firm purchased the Paris Printing Company, and merged it with the EARLE press.  Mr. EARLE, who is a Republican, is a member of the following: Noachite Lodge No. 507, F. and A.M., Muskegon Chapter, R.A.M, Muskegon Council, and Muskegon Commandery (K.T.); Benevolent and Protective order of Elks, No. Club; Muskegon Chapter of the Citizens Historical Association; and First Baptist Church.


On June 15, 1914, Verne Alfred EARLE married Grace Eugene HOSKINS, daughter of Harry J. HOSKINS.  Mrs. EARLE was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1890.  She died in 1935, and is buried in Muskegon.  Children:

(1)    Marvel, born May 7, 1921.  She married Norris E. MARCH, Jr., who is employed as an engineer by the Chrysler Corporation, in Highland Park, Michigan.

(2)    Verna Mary, born November 21, 1923.


On September 21, 1935, Mr. EARLE married Mrs. Rosey (EMENS) MARCH.  Her parents, Victor and Mary EMENS, are deceased.  By a former marriage, Mrs. EARLE is the mother of a son, Norris E. MARCH, Jr., who married Marvel EARLE.



Source:  Citizens Historical Association, Indianapolis  2 D20 E61 F147  September 13, 1941


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