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Tiede Clock


Submited by Robin Lacey VanderKooi and Bill Moore


Proprietor, Clock Funeral Home

Sanford Street at Grand Avenue, Muskegon, Michigan


Tiede Clock was born in Muskegon, Mich., Sept. 27,1874.He attended the public schools of Muskegon, and when a boy was employed in woodworking factories.He later operated a band saw in a furniture factory.He studied embalming in Lansing, Mich., one week, and in 1897 became an embalmer and funeral director.On May 17,1897, he established his present undertaking business, and in 1901 received and embalmerís license.His first equipment was purchased at a cost of $125.Since 1920 he has engaged in business on Sanford St. at Grand Ave., in Muskegon operating under the name, Clock Funeral Home.Mr. Clock employs 12 persons.In 1940 the Clock Funeral Home answered 1,640 ambulance calls, and handled 42 per cent of all funerals in this community and the surrounding vicinity.Mr. Clock maintains 2 funeral cars, one ambulance, and 9 passenger cars.The building in which his business is located, is 132 by 264 ft. in extent and contains 3 slumber rooms (2 for adults, and one for children), a rest room, chapel, office, and garage.Each Sunday at 5:00 P. M. a sacred concert is presented in the chapel, which contains a piano, and a large pipe organ.The concert is broadcast over Radio Station WKBZ.The Clock Funeral Home is one of the best equipped in the state of Michigan.Mr. Clock is a member of the following:Natíl††††††††

Selected Morticians; National Funeral Directors Association of the U.S., Inc.; Michigan Funeral Directors Assn.; Kiwanis Club; Greater Muskegon C. of C.; and Muskegon Chapter, Citizens Hist. Assn.His favorite recreation is playing horseshoes.


Tiede Clock married Anna Builthuis, who was born in the Netherlands.Eight children, 2 of whom died in infancy were born to Mr. and Mrs. Clock.Those living are as follows; (1) Henrietta, who married Leighton H. Armstrong.He operates a parking lot at Mona Lake, Muskegon Twp., Muskegon County.Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong reside at Mona Lake.They are the parents of 2 children, Leighton H., Jr. and Ann.(2) Theodore, who is associated with his father in business.He married Lois Bridges. (3) Thomas C., who also is associated with his father in business.He married Addie Patteninger.They are the parents of 4 children:Thomas Jr., Wayne A., Jack, and Ruth Ann.(4) Clarissa, who married D. J. Hollar.They reside at Northville, Mich., and are the parents of 2 children, Darrel, Jr. and Valerie.(5 and 6) Twins:Bertha and Jessie.Bertha married Dr. H. B. Loughery.They reside in Garbor Woods, on the shores of Bear Lake, Muskegon County.They are the parents of 2 Children, Mary Ann and Loys.Jessie, twin sister of Bertha, married John Stuit.He operated a gasoline station in Muskegon, where they reside.They are the parents of one child Gayle.


Tiede Clock later married Mr. Irene Tribe, who was born in Muskegon.There are no children by this marriage.


Source: Citizens Historical Association, Indianapolis†† Number: 2 D20 E61 F32-HML/DHL†† August 30,1941


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