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John H. Moore


†††††††††††††† The city of Muskegon has been fortunate in having gained the interpostition of so able and progressive a chief executive as itís present mayor.Mr. Moore, who is giving a most effective and bussiness-like administration of muninciple affairs and whose policies are marked by distincti ve progressivness and public spirit, as well as by their element of wise conservation.The mayor is rated among the representative busisness men of this section of the state and is one of the leading factors in connection with the lumber business in Muskegon, a city that was long one of the principle centers of the great lumbering industries in Michigan.

Mr. Moore was born in the province of Ontario, Canada, on the 8th of July, 1859, and is a son of Lucian P. and Louisa (Keeler) Moore,the former of whom was likewise a native of Ontario and of staunch German lineage, and the latter of whom was born in the state of NewYork.Lucian P, Moore was reared and educated in his native province and there learned the trade of carpenter.Upon coming to Michigan heestablished his home near Spring Lake, Ottawa county, and he successfully followed the work of his trade at both Spring Lake and GrandHaven.He became one of the leading contractors and builders of Ottawa county, was a man of sterling character and much ability, and he evercommanded the un-qualified esteem of his fellow men.Both he and his wife were most zealous and devout members of the Baptist church, ofwhich he served as an official for many years.His politacal allegiance was given to the Republican party and he was ever true to the bestideals of citizenship.He was a son of Peter Moore, a native of Pennsylvania and of staunch German descent, three brothers of the namehaving been the progenitors of the various branches of this Moore family in America.They immigrated from Germany and one settled inPennsylvania, one in Tennessee and the third in the state of New york, the mayor of Muskegon, as initmated, being a descendent of thePennsylvania pioneer.From the old Keystone state Peter Moore finally removed to the province of Ontario, Canada, where he engaged infarming and where both he and his wife passed the residue of their lives. The maternal grandfather of Mayor Moore was one of the earlyGerman settlers in the Mohawk valley of New York, and in that state he enlisted for service in the Mexican war, in which it is supposed he sacrificed his life, as his family never heard from or of him after the close of that conflict.

J. H. Moore gained his early educational training inthe schools of his native province.For a brief interval after the coming to Michigan he attended the public schools in Muskegon and finally hecompleted an effective course in a busness college in the city of Grand Rapids.When but fifteen years of age Mr. Moore began working in asaw mill, and he has been closely identified with the lumber business throughout his entire active career.His independent operations as adealer in lumber have been attended with marked success and his is interested in the manufacturing of and dealing in lumber not only in Muskegon but also in other places in this section of the state.He has not only won distinctive success but has also ordered his course as tomerit and receive the unqualfied confidence and esteem of those he has come in contact in the varied relations of life.He is one of thestockholders of the United Home Telephone Company, of which he is treasure, and he is also a member of the board of trustees of the HackeyHospital, one of the noble institutions of Muskegon.

In politics, Mr. Moore has been found arraved as a loyal supporter of the principles andpolicies of the Republican party, but in the national election of 1912 he supported the Progressive ticket and its distingushed presidentialcandidate, Theodore Roosevelt.He has not been imbued with any desire to enter the arena of practical politics, but in 1904 his friends inMuskegon placed him in nomination as the Repulican candidate for the office of city treasure, this action having been taken without hisknowledge.He was elected by a majority that fully attested his personal popularity in his home city and as treasure he ably administered thefiscal affairs of the city for a period of eight consecutive years, as he was re-elected at the close of his first term.From this municipal post hewas soon afterward called to the more important one of which he is now the incumbent,as he was elected mayor of Muskegon in the spring of1913.He enteredwith characteristic vigor and earnestness upon the duties of this office, his administration of which is fully justifying thewisdom of the popular choice which gave him the preferment.He is a believer in the expediency of the commission form of municipalgovernment and is putting forth earnest efforts to have the same adopted in Muskegon.He is affiliated with the local lodge and chapter of theMasonic fraternity and has served as junior deacon of the latter.The mayor is liberal in his religious views and is a supporter of the variousdenominations, though not formally identifed with any of them.Mrs. Moore is a member of the Congregational church, is a popular figure inthe social activites of her home city and is well fortified for the upholding of the social duties devolving upon the wife of the mayor of one ofthe most attractive and thriving municipalities of Michigan.

In the year 1888 was solemniezed the marriage of Mr. Moore to Miss Minnie C.Van Zalingen, who was born and reared in this state and whose parents were natives of Holland.Mr. and Mrs. Moore have no children.


Source:History of Michigan by Charles Moore, 1915†††† pages 1087 Ė 1089 Submitted by Janet Brosius and Bill Moore



Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, Michigan, Wednesday, December 5, 1928, page 1

DEATH TAKES FORMER MAYOR†† John H. Moore Was Lumber Inspector Here in Saw Mill Days†† John Henry Moore, 72 years old, three times mayor of Muskegon and for eight years city treasurer, died at Hackley hospital today.He had been critically ill for several weeks.The former mayor was a brother-in-law of O. B. Fuller, auditor general of Michigan.Mr. Moore was born July 8, 1856, at Colburn, Ontario, and he came to the United States with his parents when a boy, the family settling in Spring Lake.It was 39 years ago that Mr. Moore married Miss Minnie VanZalingen of Muskegon and settled in this city.For many years, Mr. Moore was associated with various firms in the lumbering business, being employed as an inspector.Among the concerns with which he was employed were the Salvidge Saw Mill company and the Gow and Campbell interests of Muskegon.Later, Mr. Moore became city treasurer and he served for eight years.In 1913 he was elected mayor of Muskegon and was re-elected in 1914, being succeeded by Arnt Ellifson, who served three terms.James L. Smith was elected then and served one term, being succeeded by Mr. Moore in 1919.It was during Mr. Mooreís last term in office that the commission-manager government became effective, his term being cut short at Jan. 1 by the adoption of the new form of government.Mr. Moore later was employed as an auditor out of the auditor-generalís office and visited the offices of various county clerks in Michigan checking their books.Mr. Moore gained his reputation as mayor here for his economical administrations.Mr. Moore was a member of Muskegon Masonic lodges.He is survived by four sisters, Mrs. Rebecca Smith, Mrs. Martha Berry and Mrs. Frank Yernons of Muskegon and Mrs. Paul Ostholm of Seattle, Wash. and two brothers, James of Nunica and Ralph of Centralia, Wash.

Information donated by Bill Moore


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