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Henry Samuel Cole, MD


Submitted by Lisa Hoffious and Bill Moore


Henry Samuel COLE, M.D.    President of the village of Whitehall, Dr. COLE’S position in the community is exactly measured by his present office.  He is a leader in civic affairs, one of the most successful physicians of Muskegon county, and a citizen whose influence counts for a great deal in connection with any enterprise of cause with which it may be identified.

    Henry Samuel COLE was born in Lafayette county, Wisconsin, July 28, 1879.  He is descended from an old New England family.  His forefathers landed in America from the good ship “Mary and John” in 1692, coming from Wales.  Several of the names were later soldiers on the American side during the Revolution, and the doctor’s great-grandfather, Samuel COLE was a lieutenant in one of the regiments of Green Mountain Boys.  Grandfather Samuel COLE, a native of Vermont, left New England early in life and became one of the pioneers of Wisconsin.  A blacksmith by trade, he acquired material prosperity through that vocation, and as a personality was long a dominant figure in local politics.  In 1860 he was elected to the state senate of Wisconsin on the Democratic ticket, and in 1862 was returned to the same office by the Republicans, and thenceforth his support and allegiance were with the Republican Party.  His portrait now hangs in the Memorial Hall at Madison.  Emmett J. COLE, father of Dr. COLE, was born in Wisconsin in 1853, and is still living.  He was married in 1877 to Dorcy WEBB, who was born in 1858 and died in 1887.  Her father was Henry WEBB, a native of Cornwall, England, who came to America in 1848, went out to California in 1849, and after making a small fortune on the Pacific slope, returned to the middle states and settled in Wisconsin early in the fifties.  From Wisconsin he moved out to Iowa, bought a large farm, and there spent the rest of his days.  Emmett J. COLE and wife had only one child, the Whitehall physician.  Emmett COLE is likewise a physician, having taken his degree from the Hahnemann College of Medicine, in Chicago, in 1896, and since that time has been a successful practitioner at Beloit, Wisconsin.  His earlier years were spent chiefly in the mail service.  The mother was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  The elder Dr. COLE is affiliated with the Masonic Order, having taken the Knight Templar and the Shrine degree, is a Republican in politics, has served as sergeant at arms in the state senate when young, and has been honored with election to the lower house of the state legislation.

    Dr. Henry S. COLE was reared in Wisconsin, was educated in the Platteville State Normal School, and when about nineteen years of age had a brief military career.  He went out as a member of Company F., in the First Wisconsin Regiment of Volunteers, for service in the Spanish-American War.  He joined General Fitzhugh LEE’S Corps at Jacksonville, Florida, and later was sent to Cuba.  Soon after his return to Wisconsin, he entered Hahnemann College of Medicine, in Chicago, and was graduated with his degree in medicine in 1902.  He was awarded the internship in the Chicago Homeopathic Hospital, and with that experience received appointment as surgeon of the Mass Mine, in the northern peninsula of Michigan.  A year later he was promoted to a position with the Atlantic Mining Company, with headquarters at South Range, Michigan.  While there he was elected president of the village of South Range in 1906, and held that office until he left there in 1910.  During that portion of his career Dr. COLE also served as commander of the Houghton Military Company.  A post-graduate course in Chicago in 1910 was followed by his location at Whitehall in 1911, and here he started out with a very large practice almost at the beginning, and at the present time has more than he can attend to.

    In 1903 Dr. COLE married Mary Z. CRAM, a daughter of John F. CRAM of Rochester, New York, her father having been a shipbuilder by trade.  The doctor and wife had two children: Dorcy MacCrystal, aged eight years, and John E., who died February 15, 1914, at the age of six years.  Mrs. COLE, the wife and mother, died February 1, 1914.  Dr. COLE is affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Masonic Order, is a Republican in Politics, served as health officer at South Range for four years, was appointed to a similar position in Whitehall in 1912, and is now president of the village of Whitehall.


Source:  History of Michigan by Charles Moore, 1915     pages 1642  - 1644


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