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George Alexander Hume


Submitted by Lisa Hoffius and Bill Moore


Lumber Broker

4th Floor, National Lumbermans Bank Building


George Alexander HUME, born in Muskegon, Michigan, July 20, 1881, son of Thomas and Margaret Annie (BANKS) HUME.


Thomas HUME*, born in County Down, Northern Ireland, June 15, 1848; son of William and Mary Ann (BAILIE) HUME.  William HUME was a farmer.  His wife, Mary Ann (BAILIE) HUME, was born in 1825, and died in 1862.  They were the parents of 8 children of whom Thomas HUME was the second, and the eldest of 4 sons.  Thomas HUME attended school in County Down, until he was 9 years of age, after which he was a student in the Royal Belfast Academical Institute of Belfast, Northern Ireland, until he ws 14 years of age.  He was then apprenticed to the wholesale and retail firm of John STEVENSON, dealers in hardware and groceries at Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, for a period of 6 years.  He continued to work for this firm until he emigrated to Quebec, Canada, May 17, 1870.  That same year, he came to Muskegon, Michigan, where he immediately became associated with the lumber business, his first position being that of a tallyman for George SELKIRK.   In the fall of 1870, he scaled logs for O.P. Pillsbury & Company and later for T.B. Wilcox & Company.  In the summer of 1871, he was employed as a lumber inspector by Montague & Hamilton, lumber inspectors of Muskegon, with whom he remained until the fall of 1872, at which time he became a bookkeeper for the lumbering firm of Hackley & McGordon.  In June 1881, Thomas HUME and Charles H. HACKLEY purchased the interests of James McGordon in the firms of Hackley & McGordon and C.H. Hackley & Company, and formed the firm HACKLEY & HUME, which was continued until the death of Mr. HACKLEY on February 10, 1905.  From 1886 to 1888, the company purchased timberland in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Louisiana and later purchased land in Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, Florida, and British Columbia, Canada.  They owned a large interest in the Itasca Lumber Company, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, of which Thomas HUME was a stockholder until his death.  He was also a stockholder in the Gardner & Lacey Lumber Co., of Georgetown, South Carolina.  He was president of the Muskegon Telephone Company, and the Sargent Manufacturing Company.  He was president and a director of the Alaska Refrigerator Company, and the Chase-Hackley Piano Company.  He also was treasurer of the Standard Malleable Iron Company, and was vice-president of the following: Shaw Electric Company; and was vice-president of the following: Shaw Electric Crane Company; National Lumbermans Bank; and Hackley National Bank.  He founded and endowed the Old Peoples Home, in Muskegon.  Thomas HUME, who was prominent in the development of Muskegon, Michigan, died January 1, 1920.  He was a Republican, and a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  His wife, Margaret Annie (BANKS) HUME, whom he married January 22, 1873, was born in Marshall, Michigan, July 30, 1848, daughter of Major Bartholomew BANKS.  The following children were born to Thomas and Margaret Annie (BANKS) HUME:  Margaret Bailie, born December 11, 1873; wife of the  Reverend P.W. MOSHER, of Niagara Falls, New York.  Helen Mary, born August 29, 1875.  She resides in Muskegon, Michigan.  Annie Elsie, born March 29, 1877.    She died in infancy.  George Alexander  Florence Virginia, born November 11, 1884; married F.E. McKee.  She died in 1920  Constance Hamilton, born November 25,  1886.  She married E.J. KOEHLER, of Muskegon, Michigan.  Thomas Hackley**, born July 2, 1888; now treasurer, FitzJohn Body Company, Muskegon, Michigan.


George Alexander HUME attended grade schools; graduated Muskegon (Michigan) High School.  He was then employed as a bookkeeper and general office worker in his father’s firm, HACKLEY & HUME.  He moved to Fresno County, California, where he operated a sawmill for the Sanger Lumber company, 10 years, after which he returned to Muskegon, Michigan where he has since been engaged in his present business of a lumber broker.  He is also a director of the Amazon Knitting Company of Muskegon.  Mr. HUME, who is a Republican, is a member of the Citizens Historical Association (Indianapolis, Indiana), and the Episcopal Church.  His hobby is hunting.


On January 13, 1905, George Alexander HUME married Ann L. ABBOTT who was born in Muskegon Michigan, daughter of George A. and Ella (CONKLIN) ABBOTT.  George A. ABBOTT was a cashier in the Hackely National Bank of Muskegon.  Mr. and Mrs. HUME are the parents of 6 children:  George Alexander, Jr.,  who is now superintendent of the Amazon Knitting Company, of Muskegon, Michigan.  He married Harriett WILSON.  Children: George Alexander (III), and Richard  W.  Ella L., who is now at home.  Margaret A., who is the wife of John A. JOHNSTON, Jr.  Address: Grand Haven, Michigan.  Jean S., who is now at home.  Thomas A., who is now at home.  James D.


* For further data regarding Thomas HUME, see the following: “Cyclopedia of Michigan” (Western Publishing and Engraving co., Detroit, 1890), p. 340; Charles Moore, “History of Michigan” (Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1915) vol. 4, p. 1938; and James L. Smith, “Historic Michigan”, vol. 3


** See Citizens Historical Association files, Indianapolis, Indiana, for further data regarding Thomas Hackley HUME.


Source:  Citizens Historical Association Indianapolis  2 B474 D20 E61 F22  June 13, 1936


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