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O'Connor Municipal Cemetery
Thunder Bay District

Gravemarker Cemetery Album Effective - April 2010

*****Important Notes*****

1. Special credit is given to J o h n C o o l e n who did the photography and to the
Thunder Bay Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS).
2. Credit is also given to K a r e n (B e n t l e y) L a w r e n c e who kindly helped out by cropping
and renaming these photographs.
3. Please direct any queries to John C o o l e n or to the Thunder Bay Branch of the OGS.


The cemetery is owned and operated by the Township of O'Connor, and is located on the north side
of Hwy 590 on the northeast corner of Loghrin Rd and about 2 kms west of the village of Kakabeka Falls

Google earth: N48.398470, W89.645407

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