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Laird Cemetery,
Laird Township

Gravemarker Cemetery Album Effective - July 2007

*****Important Notes*****

1. The pictures contained in the pages indexed below have been taken to primarily show the text written
on the headstones. Each page contains approximately 100 thumbnails which take a moment to load.
2. Credit is given to H u g h O r r for his time and hard work to photograph this cemetery.
3. Credit is also given to K a r e n (B e n t l e y) L a w r e n c e who kindly volunteered to
crop and rename these photographs.


Travelling East from Sault Ste Marie on Highway 17, turn left on Pumpkin Point Road which is about
10 kms past the Hwy 638 turnoff. The cemetery is about 1.9 kms on the left.

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