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My family...


My grandmother and great-grandmother Emma CABLE with my mom Eleanor and her twin sister Evelyn in their laps.

My grandmother Lulu Vey FOWLER KREPLEEVER.

This is me, aka

My mother's father. Louis Malcom Krepleever was born in 2/19/1877 in Whitehouse, Ohio to John Wesley and Sarah (Shellhart) Cripliver. Louis lived most of his life in Lucas County area Died 7/27/1939. He was a editorial writer for the Old Toledo Newsbee before he went into the service and served in the Philipines during the Spanish/ American War as a war correspondent writing under the name of "The Crip." When he came back and met my grandmother Lulu Vey Fowler and they were married in 1910. They both sold real estate in the city of Toledo Ohio.

They had 4 daughters:

  • Mary K. born 3/8/1911 d. 5/3/1968 who maried Walter Martin Brimmer 6/3/1933

-- Son Bob married Pat TAYLOR, then Wendy

-- Daugher Dorothy Ann (Sue) married a Bob BEVERSTOCK, had David. Second Sue married Bob TAYLOR and had Mary Beth who married Peter LAWLESS who had Matthew and Brendan. Third, Sue married Wilbur MCCOY

-- Son David married Phyllis TUSSING. Had Deborah who married David FERGUSON, Douglas married a gal from Texas named Bambi; Donald is married and divorced.

-- Daughter Carolyn married Richard BARBER, had Steven who is marrying a girl from France, and Timothy. Steven lives near Washington DC near his cousin David Beverstock who married Katie.

  • Dorothy K. who married Carroll Kenneth Alexander.

-- Daughter Carol Sue married Gail JONES. and had Tammy and Jenny. They all live out in New Mexico and Arizona.

  • Elearnor K. (my mom) born 11/7/1914 who married 9/15/1934 Donald Arthur Garner born 7/4/1910, son of Quinton and Lillie Brunkhorst Garner.

-- My brother Donald GARNER Jr. married Marcia Ida BRUGGEMAN, Had Mark William who married Linda VESPA; Dirk Robert married Karen ELLIS, and had Mitchell Scott ; Pamela married Steven STOTTLER, had Nathan, married Torborn HILLERSTROM of Henan Sweden.

-- I was born 6/12/1938. I married Robert Leo MEIRING 12/7/1963. Greg was born 3/26/1966 m. Dawn HOARD, div. 1992. m. Julie TIMM 4/17/1994 adopted Nicholas Lee, Julie's son. had Alex Timm Meiring; Lee Allen was born 5/30/ 1967 m. Dana ECCLESTON in 1987. she has Matthew LOHR, Lee and Dana had Lauren Ann 11/17/1989; Glen was born 10/26/1969 m. Angela Lynn GAHN 10/14/ 1989, had Allison Kay 4/9/1990 and Adam Christopher 1/4/1997.

  • twin sister Evelyn K. who married Rex J. Shaw.

-- Daughter Evelyn and Rex SHAW had Rex Jr. who married Judy and had Brendan, Erin, Kevin, and Christine (Casey);

-- Son Ken married Sue and Had Heather, and then married Pam and had twins Cara and Lara.

-- Son Bill married Kay had Ryan,Kelly, Amanda.

-- Daughter Barb married Bob.

My mom and her sisters were very popular in school. They lived on Wayne Street, which is now Airport Highway, and attended Burroughs elementary. All graduated from Edward Drummond Libbey High School, which was named after the famed founder of Libbey Glass Company. I believe the company is now known as the Libbey Owens Ford Glass (LOF Glass that is used in automobiles) and also Libbey Glass company the makers of drinking glasses.

My mom was an artist for the Edelian, the school yearbook. She and her twin sister graduated from Libbery High in 1932. Can you believe they attended the 60th reunion of their graduation together. My mom's twin died in 1994 on Valentines day in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida at Indian CreeK Park where she had just given a speech for a scholarship meeting.

So you see a lot of people have come and gone and are still here with us to celebrate my dads 87th birthday July 4th 1997 and Dad and Moms' 63rd Wedding Anniversary Last September 15th 1996.As of July 24, 1997, my father Donald Garner passed away.

New developments of CRIPLIVER/FOWLER/CABLE/SHEPLER family:

  • I have met two new cousins of my family this year on Mom's SHEPLERS on her Mom's side and her Dad's side. Karen Shepler and her sister Marilyn Shepler Simpson found out that:

-- Abraham Shepler of Stark County, Ohio came to Lucas county with his wife Mary Alexander and children, Rachel, Roseann, Abraham Jr. to settle in Waterville Township. Abraham's father was John SHEPLER who married Rachel Case in Westmoreland County Pennsylvania. His father was Matthias SHEPLER who married Mary Houseman.

-- Their daughter Rachel married John Cripliver who had John Wesley who had Louis Krepleever. Louis married Lulu Fowler and had my mom, Eleanor, Evelyn, Mary and Dorothy.

-- Eleanor married Donald Garner and had my brother Don Garner Jr., and me, Nancy Garner. I married Robert Meiring.

-- Now we know that Abraham's other daughter Roseann SHEPLER married Samuel CABLE, They had many children including Harriet Emma Cable. She marrried John Allen FOWLER, they had John Jr. William, Samuel, James, and Lulu. Lulu married Louis KREPLEEVER who had my mom, who had me.


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