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Sends a Welcome Letter from Knoxville.
A "Norther" in the Sunny South --
-- Will Move to Georgia --A Soldier's Wedding

As in last installment, Grandpa Louis, was sent home for sick leave then when he went back his Regiment was in Knoxville, Tenn. instead of Chickamauga Ga. He was supposed to be sent to Chattanooga for hospital work but evidently being sent down to Macon to work there in the new division hospital. Here is what he wrote:

Camp Poland}KNOXVILLE, TENN, Oct. 30, 1898

EDITOR DEMOCRAT: Knoxville is a great town. It is certainly an ideal place for a camp. Its merchants and people have united to make the stay of Uncle Sam's boys very pleasant.

I arrived here last night and found the town had been visited by one of those chilly winds known as a Norther. The weather has become settled again, however, and this country can be truthfully termed the "Sunny South," although the nights are a trifle too cool for comfort.

The Second Ohio has the finest location, and its camp is spread over about 10 acres. The Wood County boys are all looking fresh and healthy, and there are few in the hospital. In Captain Fasig's company Rolla Raub, Milo Brown, John Huffman, Frank Kimball, are in the division hospital and Harry Lawheat has been furloughed.

Company H was on guard Friday. Ray England, Tom Rosendale, George Corey, John Yates, Jim, Bates, and Wm. Mace are on provost guard duty in the city.
Col. Kuert is commander pro-tem of the Second Division; Capt. Fasig is commanding the third battalion while Major Litner is acting as provost marshal.

Winter clothing is being issued and preparations are being made for removal to winter quarters to Macon, Ga. It is expected that most of the division will be started in 10 days. A detail will be started tomorrow from division hospital to establish a hospital at Macon.

Sunday October 23d, at the home of a former Wood county man -- Homer McClary -- 50 Walnut street, occurred a most interesting event, It was the marriage of Comrade Elmer Long to Miss Saphronia Steele of Bowling Green. The ceremony was witnessed by Corporal Leon Myers and a small party of friends. Mrs. Long will remain in Knoxville until her husband goes with his company to winter quarters in Georgia. The boys all join in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Long a happy future.  "Krip"


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Be sure to read the Genealogy Forum News each month!