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The Second Regiment in a New Camp
Transferred to Hospital Corps - 
How our sick Soldiers are Progressing

Camp George H. Thomas
Chickamauga Park; August 7, 1898

EDITOR DEMOCRAT: The Second Ohio moves its camp to-morrow to the Brotherton Field about a mile west of its present location. The camp is laid out in the open field instead of a grove, as heretofore. The field has been surveyed and thoroughly ditched and in a more healthy location than our current location. 

The officers have arranged a number of shower baths at this new camp, using water from the big main that carries water from Chickamauga Park. The Second has a number of plumbers in its ranks and they have been detailed to do the work.  The paymaster comes tomorrow to gladden the hearts of the soldiers, and they will be $15.60 richer after his visit.

My new address will be Second Division Hospital Corps, 1st A.C.
Private Wm. Pelton and myself were transferred to the Second Division Hospital Corps last Friday. We took up our new duties Saturday and find them quite pleasant.

  • Art Yonker is improving rapidly and will be able to leave the hospital this week.

  • Delos Fry is having a seige of typhoid fever. He has passed the critical point.

  • Ed Callin is ready to leave the hospital.

  • Corporal Tom Diehll was taken to the hospital Saturday with fever.

  • James Mapes has about recovered from the measles.

  • Ed Brown is sick at the regimental hospital with fever as is Charley Schueler.

  • Wilbert Caldwell is to receive a disability discharge. He has a stubborn case of rheumatism, which cannot be cured here.

  • Private Billheimer of Co. K is still quite sick at this hospital.

  • Dell Noyes has made several trips to Chattanooga looking after government interests.

There has been no let-up to the rains here and the park is quite muddy.


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Be sure to read the Genealogy Forum News each month!